Wii U Version Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Is Only $20 At Amazon


The price of the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II has been reduced at Amazon. Originally listed for $59.99, the first-person shooter can be purchased for a discounted price of $19.99 from the online retailer. The next Call of Duty installment – Call of Duty: Ghosts – launches on November 5th for a number of platforms, including Nintendo’s latest console. While most versions of the upcoming title are being developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch is working on Wii U’s edition.


    1. Yes, they are empty, there are no Wii U’s in this world, and for a reason, Nintendo is retarded and needs new leadership, now!

      1. Servers are empty? Ha ha yeah fucking right. Everytime I get on at least 2,000 players are on. Thats all I need.

  1. No problems ever connecting with other players. Ubisoft should take note so they can get Blacklist going. Also, Blops 2 has been on sale at Walmart Canada for $10 along with Nintendoland for about a month. It just reverted back to the original price but on sale for $20 on otehr stores.

    1. Runnin’ around in my banana shoes, flyin’ around in my banana shoes goin’ squish, squish, squish..squish, squish, squish, goin’ squish, squish, squish, knock it out of the park and i say “what’s goin’ on”

      1. MYCARUBA you tard, game grumps related comment, since the one i replied is also game grumps related.

    1. I love single-player experiences in games, but those always end somewhere without the proper replay value. Multiplayer can last as long as you or the community wants; for me, whenever I’m upset or want to unleash my Asian-gaming rage on somebody, I take it online. If I beat tons of people, I’m happy. If I’m defeated, that’s motivation to play even more.

      1. at least it would help the game grow sence theirs not much playing the game sence treyarch fucking lie to the fans..

    2. That’s a problem nowadays. People seem to be obsessed with online gameplay. There is a kind of illusion that the online extends the life of a game by making it more valuable.
      I am still an oldschool offline player.

      1. If you only get 5 hours out of a Mario game, well honestly, I don’t really know what to tell you. You’re doing something wrong. I’d much rather have a new Mario game every year than a new COD every year. Technically I guess there is a new Mario game pretty much ever year, but NSMB, 3D Mario, Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi, Mario Kart, etc. are all very different things. People may say he’s getting milked, but i’ll be goddamned if every one of those series isn’t fun as hell. Especially Mario and Luigi. Dream Team was friggin’ awesome and I got 40+ hours out of that.

  2. Once Ghosts comes out it’ll be mega cheap everywhere. When it hits $10 I’ll pick it up to play through the single player campaign and zombies mode. Call of Duty isn’t really my thing, but if it’s cheap enough…

  3. Why do the writers insist on a journalistic style tht assumes we don’t know what a Wii U is??

    Someone trying to get recognised?

  4. Splinter Cell Blacklist is a far better single player experience, but for those wanting to run-n-gun, this game looks great on WiiU.

    The servers are not empty, I played last week.

  5. Ghosts will be out soon so this is hardly a shock..

    The servers are fine, I played last night and had no problem finding matches.

  6. it should have been never released….the zombioe mode is the worst i have ever seen. the game suckz like donkey ballz at all.

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