New Wii U Deluxe Bundle In Japan Comes Packaged With Wii Party U And NSMBU

instant play bundle

A new Wii U Deluxe bundle will be released in Japan, called the Instant Play Family Premium Set. Nintendo’s latest bundle for its struggling console comes packaged with a host of items, including the standard gamepad, a MotionPlus Wiimote, a 30-day code for Wii Karaoke U, as well as Wii Party U and New Super Mario Bros. U pre-loaded onto the console. Although the Instant Play Bundle does not come with Nintendo Land, it will retail for only 32,800 yen, or $332, which is only 1300 yen ($318) above the standard Wii U Deluxe package. Gamers in Japan will also have the option of spending 34,800 yen to get an Instant Play bundle that comes with Wii Fit U.

Rumors had emerged a week ago about a possible bundle that would include New Super Mario Bros. U, and although this announcement of the Japanese bundle does not explain the supposed European one that also comes with New Super Luigi U, it certainly lends credence to the idea. The news of the Instant Play bundle comes right on the heels of another Wii U bundle release, as the Wind Waker HD Deluxe Wii U Bundle launched on September 20th.


  1. That’s better. Making more bundles available will entice consumers to buy. Similar bundles need to exist in the US and Europe too. The more choice you give the consumer, the more of a chance you’ll convince that consumer to buy.

  2. That is pretty sweet bundle.
    Now if they start marketing like no tomorrow, they have pretty good grounds this holiday season.

  3. 32 GIG WHITE. No, thats fine, keep that over there, we don’t need that… Except me. I need that!! but I guess I’m pretty content with black now… =/

    1. u cannot buy your own games

      zelda bundle mario bundle what more do you want

      wmmplus and gamepad are far far more than casual

      what did you want cod and aq pro pad LOL HARDCORE GUY

      theres no such thing as hardcore you got marketed to and thought it really existed LOL

    2. DK Tropical freeze look’s pretty hardcore to me. I’m so hyped up for it now.On youtube there is 13min’s of game play I just watched.The game look’s like pure gaming gold.And it’s only $50 to boot!To me that show’s the big N is thinking about their hardcore Wii U owners.

  4. Looks like Nintendo is taken the basic model off the market, that’s a good idea Nintendo. Hardly anyone I know of has bought the basic, instead most of them just bought the pro model.

    1. jts,The masses are having enough trouble telling the wii u is something new from their old wii.Bundling wii sport’s a second time would make their tiny brains explode in utter

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