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Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation


Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber believes that the audience for Sonic related titles is on Nintendo platforms, rather than Xbox or PlayStation.  Webber says that Sonic titles such as Sonic Colours and Secret Rings have historically performed well on Nintendo systems. Webber concluded by saying that when the company has looked at the overall sales figures for Sonic games they realised that Nintendo platforms is where their audience is.

“If we trace Sonic’s third-party roots all the way back to just after the Dreamcast, we released Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube and it did phenomenally well. We think that’s because there was a lot of overlap between the Sonic/Sega and Nintendo crowd at that time, and we just found historically that Sonic performs really, really well on Nintendo platforms. Sonic Colors did great, Sonic and the Black Knight did well and Sonic and Secret Rings did well — all Nintendo. When we look at the numbers, we thought — this is clearly where our audience is.”

Thanks to those who sent this in.

173 thoughts on “Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation”

    1. O.o Um, I don’t think having the majority of autistic, furry fapping, daiper-wearing retards on your side is something to be proud of. If anything, it gives you a worse name.

      1. at least nintendo has real fans who care about good, fun, qulity games where sony and microsoft’s “fans” are just a bunch of graphic whores and gore junkies who need a rehash of the same game every 6 months.

        1. Oh, really? Is that why Wii Utanic has HD? Is that also why Nintendo jumped the graphic bandwagon when naming the N64 & proudly stamping “64” on all its games & why they had their seal of approval on LJN products & games made for them? Gimme a break.

        2. Weren’t Mortal KombatKiller Instinct released in SNES on high demand, too? Apparently fans for those other companies aren’t the only ones w/ a blood fetish. On a seperate note, I hope GTA V comes out for the Wii U soon!!! Know what I’m sayin?

    2. Still, I’d like to see some Sega titles multiplatform. PS Vita could really use HD versions of games like Rhythm Thief or Sonic Generations

      Sega & Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed was great on Vita, and it sold well

    1. It didn’t took them this long to figure it out. They already knew about it around the time Secret Rings was released, seeing as how they continued delivering exclusive Sonic games on the Wii for over 4 years. They just went out with this information now.

      Would also like to point out that during the 6th generation, SEGA was experimenting with which consoles the Sonic games would sell best after the Dreamcast failure. Therefore, they couldn’t have known that Sonic games would sell great on Nintendo consoles THAT early on.

  1. Soooo Sega is admitting they lost the console wars?

    Just kidding, it’s great actually, because I always felt Sega’s “extreme” games were very hit and miss and the audience that actually wanted that wasn’t all that large and really moved over to consoles like the original XBox. Their games like Sonic on the other hand seem right now much more at home on Nintendo consoles, it’s got more of an audience for that type of gameplay especially.

        1. Highly doubt it, because Sonic is SEGA, and if you buy Sonic, you might aswell buy SEGA, but its better if Nintendo bought Platinum Games (or Platinum Games becomes a 2nd party for Nintendo)

      1. What the shit? I was just saying. Look at Ubisoft: Rayman (child like) sell better on Wii U then PS3/360 and Splinter Cell (not so child like) sells way better on PS3/360 and nada on Wii U.

        1. I guess, but don’t forget that Rayman WiiU was also the superior choice with the most features, making it the obvious choice over the others, and Splinter cell was more-or-less just a port with a Map. I wouldn’t really classify Nintendo as a ‘kiddy’ console though, its just a console that’s for everyone, which was what gaming was about in the first place. Sorry if i was slightly rude, it just gets slightly annoying with all these people constantly bashing Nintendo saying its for ‘babies’ and whatnot.

          1. Also, the Rayman Legends Challenge app was being used a lot by Wii U user’s months before the release. That surely effected sales a bit.

          2. “Babies” (or infants) are largely incapable of playing console video games. Anyone who says such a thing is usually a troll trying to get a reaction out of “fanboys” and should be ignored. You shouldn’t even worry about what they say; especially when it’s an obvious untruth.

              1. Ha, I remember that. Your family sent me that pic of you.
                Too bad you lost that bet, buddy boy, but I hear you kept the crib and binkie and still use them to this day.:P

        2. Wow, you seem to be getting your info from your ass, which isn’t very credible. Rayman Origins sold the worst on the Wii (out of the big 3)

          Rayman Legends sold about the same on (PS360WiiU) the wii u selling a few 1000 more than the other 2. Over all, RL did horrible though.

        3. LoL I own both games and Rayman is the superior game as well. Splinter Cell is great, but man Rayman is addicting. The art style, the gameplay, the multiplayer, the challenges that keep u coming back for more. More content, more fun, Rayman is the clear choice

      2. Idk if Big Time is trolling or not but they do have a good point. I for one like the more child like games a majority of the time.

    1. A bulk of Nintendo gamers were gamers before microsoft or sony even started gaming so nice try. The teen audience that serves those companies and THINKS they are so grown up and cool with their constant shooting games and such are thr real kids. A true adult doesn’t need tits or guns to know if a game is truly good or not. And long time gamers can shift through the crap and know what games are gonna be good from 20+ years of experience without needing sites like IGN to tell them whats ”cool.” All three systems have gamers of all ages. Nintendo probably has the oldest and loyalest fans regardless of what you may think.

  2. Of course Sonic does well on Nintendo consoles, Nintendo players seem to be the only one to remember the characters who made them love video games as a kid.

          1. I guess that’s has a truth to it…

            Sonic games in general have been pretty disappointing since Sonic 2006…

            Until Generations came…

            1. I never played 06, but Heroes was probably my Favourite sonic game growing up though I never got around to finishing it. Afterwards I really enjoyed Advance 3 on my GBA Sp, thoroughly enjoyed Unleashed on the Wii and a few others. Though I must admit I prefer 3D sonic over platform games and in general, I happen to like Sonic more than Mario.

              1. Heroes was pretty decent I must say…

                I’m tied between Sonic and Mario but overall I think Mario games (including spin offs) have been more successful…

          2. Yes and they already had Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Heroes before that. Someway they got 3 horrible Sonic games in row and even Unleashed had better stage design for Wii version than it had for PS3/X360.

  3. Segans, I here by request you to ally yourselves completely to our empire and forget about the other 2 nonsense forces!

      1. By “nonsence forces”, consoles you can play 5 exclusives a year on and games you can play in better quality on PC. So yeah, nonsence forces, pretty much.

        1. *Boom!* That’s the way to smack him in the ass with a green turtle shell. That takes skill because they don’t have homing capabilities.

            1. Just look at the history if all religions towards non believers and you’ll understand…

              Even worse that they try to take credit for everything science and non believers have achieved…

              1. Sorry if you’ve had some not so pleasant encounters with some people who call themselves Christians. I can assure there are some very good Christians out there who simply love God and love all people, regardless of what they believe.

                    1. If that is what you believe then fine but God is not equal religions in any way…

                      Religions are nothing more than man made corrupt system to control the masses…

                    2. Yes, but do YOU know what that means? Or is your level of abstraction too confusing for you as well?

                    3. Did you guys bring a debate about religions here, on a Sonic’s topic ? Wow…
                      Just respect people’s beliefs, ’cause you may disagree with their way of thinking but they may disagree with yours.

                    4. God loves “everyone” except gays, women, left-handed people, curly hair, cattle grazing w/ other cattle, wearing clothes made of more than one fabric, cutting or shaving your hair, flat noses. And he orders you to kill anyone w/a different religion.

          1. I’m a roman catholic (raised at least). The bible is great I hear if not taken literally, but metaphorically. Unfortunately most christians DO take it literally. Just be a good person and respect others is what it all boils down to. And if you can’t laugh at yourself, or your beliefs, I think you are taking them, yourself, and life too serious. Smoke a joint, watch a Bill Hicks stand up, and stop taking life so serious.

            1. Why bring religion up in the first place lol. If you can’t respect other people’s beliefs because they are ‘annoying’ then don’t go venting your own opinions on matters because why on earth should we give a fuck >_<

              1. Funny how the word bible sparkles a debate but when dozens of people in here uses words to go down on gays like “faggot, fucking cocksucker” etc etc is acceptable at all levels as an example…

                But whatever as barely anybody will learn anyway, Nintendo forever…

                  1. Gentleman calm down, this is, has been, and always will be a sensitive issue but if I may state my opinions on the matter, here goes

                    Nintendo Commander, you seem like a really nice individual whether you like religion or if you be atheist that’s fine too, but, although you find religion tedious, many individuals find comfort in believing a higher power, they may be wrong or they may be right, but believing in god is their… nightlight of sorts, it helps them make way through lifes journey,

                    and to everyone else who criticizes NC’s beliefs, you too have a part in this, although you may have a strong belief in a higher power, many deny the existence of a otherly being, more so believing in cold proof of whether there is a god or whether there is a scientific explanation, but forcing religion to people unwilling to accept it is a complete unacceptable action,, religion does have some gray areas but saying to people, “shut up and just believe” is not going to erase the gray areas but rather darken it.

                    NC I accept your views on religion, but please understand like you (as well as I) who love Nintendo as a religion, don’t insult other religions just to justify your own beliefs, or else we all are not better than the Xdrones and Sonyans

                    1. As much as I agree with you…

                      I personally don’t see God and religion being one in the same category…

                      But anyway back to Nintendo now…

                    2. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Why is God limited to religion? Why in the world does God exist only within the confines of religion, according to many? You shouldn’t have to believe in a religion just to believe in a higher power. That’s a very primitive approach to faith. In the end, if God is truly so important, then He is more important than the religion itself, Which means that whatever religion people use to believe in God must evolve with their understanding of Him; it can’t just stay as just one thing forever just because people don’t want their faith to grow beyond a single point. God is constant, not religion.

                    3. Adam (Why do christians think that their god can sneakily be intejected in a debate abt. the existence of a god in general.Trust me, if U're to mention Ur god's Jehova or a specific name,there wouldnt be a debate,Ur arguement'd be destroyed immediatedly.)

                      Enough w/the nice shit, we’re not talking abt. the general term of god, rather that christians are talking abt a specific god which is the biblical one which talks abt the earth being flat & the Sun relvolving around the Earth & other embarrasments.

        1. Dude seriously what the fuck is your problem? What you just said is a ignorant statement. If you don’t believe in religion then that’s cool whatever man, but don’t be bringing your ignorant hate for religion in a Nintendo article. I use to think you were pretty cool dude. I enjoyed your comments in the past but you’ve become annoying lately and now cause of this I really wish you were off this site. Don’t be bringing that kind of shit in here dude

        2. You’re the annoying and ignorant one. Always acting like a commander when your not and judging people for there beliefs. Smh and there is nothing “annoying” or “ignorant” about the bible. If you took the time to actually study it you would see how inspiring and great it is.

          1. I hope this is subtle sarcasm, BC if U really took the time to study the bible, U’d relise just how vile, sexist, inhumane, homophic, vengful, murderous, hematolagniac, & overall disgusting “God” truly is. I have a hard time telling God & the devil apart.

          2. And what about if you get out of here?…

            You just came from nowhere and started insulting Nintendo fans in the first place…

            This is exactly why you are all hypocrites:

            don’t judge lest ye be judged

    1. Someone tell this “commander” to get off the computer and get a fucking job so he can actually buy a nintendo console. What a fraud

  4. That’s right WII U 4000. Walk worthy of your name and bow down to one empire. Don’t play the whore and give yourself to multiple empires. The Commander is correct in saying that the other two are nonsense forces.

  5. Thanks you. Magi Koopa has personally taken me under his wing and taught me the prophecies concerning the legendary kingdom of Nintendo. Nintendo well arise and conquer and trample his enemies, and they will never rise again. The vastness and quality of the Mushroom Kingdom, yea all the Nintendo empire will excel the golden SNES era.

      1. As in Sonic was the direct opposite and competition because SEGA had their own hardware as well as mascot (Sonic). It’s like saying BMW will be releasing a ford escort, it is just a bonkers concept.

        I had many an argument as to why Mario was better than Sonic, and Nintendo was the best – I guess I was RIGHT for once LOL.

  6. It was always known that Sonic was born for Nintendo consoles (ironic, given the fact he was born for the sole purpose of rivalling Nintendo’s own Mr. Mario) PlayStation and Xbox were designed for the people who just like to shoot and observe realistic scenes of blood and gore, therefore the Blue Blur who neither shoots nor bursts into a pool of intestines and blood, was made for a specific audience, The Nintendo Empire, if he lets us down well feed the Nintendragon Hedgehog stew

    1. The Sonyans were on the right path in the beginning, creating mascots like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro…

      But they didn’t bother to make them legendary and so they just went to please the brainless mass instead of the real gamer…

      1. Sad but true, after Dreamcast it came the 1st PS with those cool IPs like Crash or Spyro, and honestly, those were really good rivals indeed, just look them now, every game is about killing, shooting or driving. : /

        1. It’s just sad…

          Games are supposed to be a fun, escaping reality with as much creativity as possible and yet they are all doing exactly the complete opposite today…

          As realistic as possible, no imagination, even the music is non creative…

          Let’s hope our empire never falls because then the gaming era is over…

          1. “…every game is about killing, shooting or driving.”

            “As realistic as possible, no imagination, even the music is non creative…”

            You guys don’t know too much about or follow many games, do you?

  7. That’s because current Nintendo fans are old enough to appreciate quality games back when Nintendo was at war with Sega.

    Most xbox and ps gamers are too young to recognize… or have gotten older and are too afraid to pick up somethig E rated.

    1. Everything today is about mainstream and shallowness…

      Which is why this world bores me more and more for each year…

  8. This is obvious because Nintendo fans appreciate Sonic games, hoping for Sega to become a second party of Nintendo any time soon.

          1. Indeed…

            While we are at it, High Command should try to buy the Bomberman franchise from the Konamis and restore its former glory…

            I miss Bomberman…

            Bomberman 64 is the best 3D game of the series in my opinion…

  9. I grew up as a Sonic fan, and a Mario fan, now I am 20 and own ps,1,2,3, xbox, xbox 360, preordered xbox one, and preordered ps4, own most major consoles other than the early Atari or a Vectrex, and I’ve probably spent more on my gaming computer than I am comfortable calculating, so, Sega, explain me, am I some rare species in the wild forests of video game fanatics? As a Sonic fan still, I have this to say though, I love that you still publish games, among other titles I play like call of duty, world of warcraft, pokemon, gta, I make it a thing to always play Sega games, you recently bought out Atlus, I’ll spare you the details on how the Shin Megami Tensei series is nerdgasmic for any of the right reasons, I just love Atlus. Though, understand this, your Atlus fans play on Playstation too, As it is now for me, JRPG’s > Playstation, Casual games > Nintendo, online FPS > Xbox, MMO/hardcore gamers > PC, albeit I fall under each of these categories, it’s not too hard from a consumers point of view, to come to the same conclusion.

    Sega, my only point, the only point that this new gaming generation, the one which gamers are the most vocal, don’t restrict your games to only Nintendo, I like Nintendo as much as anybody on this website, but even the most fanatic Nintendo fan knows restricting IP’s to one brand actually hurts the brand if it isn’t 1st party titles, ever since the sad and tragic death of the Dreamcast, rest it’s soul, Sega games became a multiplatform company in the eyes of gamers, we just picked up whatever we wanted, Sonic Racing both those titles are awesome, I have 1 for Pc, and 2 for Wii U. I wish I had a larger vocabulary so I could make my point easier to get, just make your damn games for every platform, damnit an start making Android games too, develop for the PSVita, and Wii U, and don’t skip Xbox One and PS4 I got both, and it’d be a shame to not see your releases on them.

    Peace out homies I’ve got some COD and GTAV to get back too, watch some pokemon, finish off Breaking Bads last night episode, get high, and pass out somewhere in between now and then.

  10. AH Sonic Adventure 2:Battle my most played Gamecube game. I loved Dreamcast, but it is kinda cool to have Sonic,Mario and Zelda stuff on same console, now if the WiiU would get new House of the dead game.

  11. Sega: The audience for baby games is on Nintendo platforms. Isn’t that quite obvious, I been saying that for ages lololol.

    Only baby games sell well on the baby consoles. On this site, day after day, the only games that are announced for the underpowered baby excuse of a console Wii U are baby games and mediocre indie games. This site should be called LOLOL! There isn’t any major developer supporting this baby console with games that aren’t meant for their baby audience.

    1. SEGA begs to disagree with you. U mad because Sonic sells on Nintendo systems… not Sony. The only kiddie games I see on Sony systems are Invisimals, Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Family Game Night 4: The Game Show, Rango: The Video Game, Create, MySims: SkyHeroes, etc.

      1. Pretty much the only barely-successful platformer on either PS3 or 360 is Little Big Planet, and that’s simply because it was overhyped to hell’s end.
        There’s no market for platformers on PS360, or Vita, and there sure won’t be on PS4/XBONE, that’s not what their demographic wants; hell, if it wasn’t for Tales going all Sony fantard I wouldn’t even own a PS3; because I’m not their demographic, I’m Nintendo’s, and I’ll be getting Lost World, but because the game knows it’s audience and appeals to them; not because of some sort of bullshit loyalty to SEGA.

    2. Sonic isnt baby game. Have you ever played Sonic Adventure games? They are dark especially Adventure 2. Remember that part where military killed all those scientist on that space station thing? Or that part where the city got destroyed by chaos? Yeah thousands of people drowned there and its baby stuff, okay. But what would you know? Sonic,Conker,Mario and stuff like that are more mature than the likes of Gears of War. The blood everywhere is typical 7 year olds stuff, because they try to be cool. Actually im sure you are 7 year old since you need to come here as though kid.

  12. I just hope this contributes in Sonic’s chance in being Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, though his move set was not much of my preference. Just imagine the plumber versus the blue blur versus the blue bomber!

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  14. Do not let that statement fool you, that is corporated talk, when the “3 game exclusive contract for sonic games in the nintendo platform” expire, we will se the true behind that statement.

      1. No, I’m saying that statement is pure PR based on the fact that SEGA is in a 3 exclusive game contract for the Nintendo Platforms.

        In fact that statement is so vague and void of content that you will fooling yourself if you think they are saying something in the lines of:

        “Sonic will become a IP we will work exclusive to the Nintendo Platforms”


        “From now on, every multiplatform Sonic Game we make, will be to on a Nintendo Platform”

  15. Well, duh, that’s simply because there’s a larger market for platforming in Nintendo consoles, the demographics are simply better suited for that, it has nothing to do with brand recognition or user loyalty.
    Be real, Sony and Microsoft consoles thrive on FPS, “Adventure” (Which is basically just dumbed down TPS most of the time) and the ocassional RPG; there’s not much more range, maybe racing, but definitely not platforming.
    Different audiences call for different media, that’s why the market of say, Wii U and PS4/XBONE isn’t even comparable, while the former creates a market for itself, the latter will be stuck sharing the same one.

    1. You’re not too far off the mark with your analogy there, bud. That’s been rather reflective, especially of the 6th and 7th generations.

  16. Last sonic game I’ve played was “Sonic and sega all stars racing transformed” before that sonic adventures 2……… Could careless for Sonic

  17. Well, it is true. Sonic just Feels right on a Nintendo console. He always fit in best with the Nintendo crowd. I’m glad Sega’s admitting this.
    I’m hoping for Sega to become first or second party partners with Nintendo if their new Sonic exclusives do well, I’d adore that,

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  19. They’d say the exact same thing if microsoft or sony funded one of their games and signed an exclusivity contract with them. It has nothing to do with how their games sell, they are just trying to kiss Nintendo’s ass because it’s the right thing to do for their situation. Just because a few sonic games are exclusive for Nintendo doesn’t mean anything, they’ll still be 3rd party.

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  21. It’s just unreal! I refuse to believe it! I love Sonic, but I’m not going to buy it because of the consoles from Nintendo. All SEGA!! This was the last straw! You messed up the franchise impossible!!}: ((((((

    1. “When we look at the numbers, we thought — this is clearly where our audience is.”

      Don’t be all jealous just because all Sonic titles sells more on Nintendo systems. Now that Nintendo and SEGA are no longer rivals, they had already made a pact on releasing three Sonic titles exclusively on Nintendo systems. Sonic Lost World and a Mario & Sonic 2014 Winter Olympic game (Nintendo published this time) are just two of the three exclusives.

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