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Doublade Revealed As Honedge’s Evolution In Pokemon X & Y

doublade_pokemon_x_yA new evolution for Pokémon X and Y has been revealed on the Pokémon Company’s Official Facebook fan page as reported yesterday. And although it’s not a mega evolution, it’s just as honed as the rest.  The evolved form of Honedge has surfaced on the social network and it’s named aptly – as they usually are – as Doublade. Honedge swaps its blue scarf for two pink scarves as Doublade and retains the ability No Guard. It’s 2 ft 7 and weighs in at 9.9 lbs. Here’s what the Pokémon Company said for its reveal:

“The evolved form of Honedge has been revealed! Meet Doublade! This Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle. Who’s planning to catch this sharp-looking Pokémon?”

Thanks to all those who sent this in.


  1. I 2013 vil en ypperlig spillmaskin ankomme vår skjøre jord moder terra som spådd i fjernkontrollen. På den skjebnesvangre dag vil det vise seg et mirakel for alle som vier sine kontanter til den gudommelige og yndige lekestasjonen. De troende vil bli båret opp til paradis uten bekymringer i skjøre engle hender med evangeliske vingespenn, de vil se lyset og lyset vil besnære og omsvøpe de troende i dens himmelske varme.
    Men for de uten tro og veiledning i livet venter en verre skjebne,
    Forekommelsen av bortrykkelsen! De ikke troende vil bli dratt hylende ned til den uhellige skikkelsen hvis åsynn skaper fordervelse i kropp og sinn. Hver eneste blasfemiske ikke troende vil møtte vreden til sine egne feil trinn i en rød ring av død, de som slipper unna ondskapens syn vil føle pinsel og fordømmelse fra forekommelsen. De ikke troendes avkom vil bli rivd og slitt i stykker av ufyselige, kvalmende og visnende råtne røtter omvsøpt i blod og torner. Til slutt vil forekommelsen renske alt som finnes av troløse kjettere og ondskapens skikkelse vil svøpe gjennom klodens tapte sjeler i en syklus som repeterer i en bloddrøpende sirkel av hat og fordervelse igjennom tidene.
    Etter forekomelsen vil paradiset returnere til jorden i et gloriøst purt blått lys i en mørk kledd inrettning, slik en så vakker og elegant ridder i skinnende rustning, en elskende og medfølende skapning som vil gjøre alt som er godt mulig i ditt liv!
    Lyset demper og avslører vår messias… playstation 4!

      1. Eller spanska…

        Porque aqui casi todos los que hablan ingles dicen no mas palabras feas…

      2. Vi måste ta över mer och mer så att dessa utesluts så snabbt som möjligt…

      3. Solemente puedo hablar pero soy de Suecia…

        Bueno mis padres son latinos y por eso puedo…

    1. True, but I really don’t like the color. I prefer the blue.
      I hope there is a gender difference for Doublade as well.
      Or else I might just hold B when Honedge evolves…

    1. Yea add this abomination to the pile of shitty pokemon designs. Gen I had Muk except Muk looks badass plus his name backwards is Kum.

      1. You’re a freak! Doublade is an awesome looking Pokémon and no doubt he is also a powerhouse! 💋

    1. Well I have yet to see a sword Pokémon let alone a DOUBLE sword Pokémon… pretty original looking to me. 💋

      1. Yet to see a sword Pokemon?
        Evolves from a sword it should have not evolved this is Fucking stupid

      2. I have yet to see a literal toilet Pokemon either. That ice cream cone w/ a retarded looking face & eyes to match was pretty close, though…

        Heres GREAT more ideas:
        > a tile w/ eyes
        > a piece of paper w/ eyes
        > a pen w/ eyes
        > a fan w/ eyes…oh, wait.

      3. I agree it feels like for the most part after the 2nd generation designs lack creativity.

      4. and I heard the next one will be a bag a chips. and the fan with eyes is rotom flying form.

  2. This PKMN’s critical/physical stats gotta be high based on the design. So Doublade it is. ;3 I’ll be catching and testing this guy.

    And BTW, those same newbie genwenner fags calling this a new Magneton is probably the same brain damaged retards who’s foolish enough to call Trubbish (a fucking living garbage bag which its name/design defines itself: GARBAGE) a better design than Muk/Grimer and even Voltorb. B/ Get real.

    1. Agreed. Since gen 1 had garbage Pokemon, too, that should justify any poorly thought out, half assed designs the future has to offer. Bring in the fillers! Gimme a baby Pokemon of this & a Mega evolution & split gender evoloution! And Why stop there?

  3. So a reference to the coat of arms, magnetic swords, and the two sword fighting style? This would be one of the few conjoined Pokemon designs that I actually like.

    1. Magneton is really cool. Plus it represents “magnets being attracted to each other.” So it is clever… 💋

      1. wow, you really shut me up there…..

        If that is true, which I dont really care either way, why is this site 90% fuckin Pokemon?? That was my point. Maybe a sister site could be organised for all the pokefans who never grew up.

        Please don’t hit me with your pokeballs….

      2. Because the new pokemon game is coming out in less than a month and a ton of info is being released.

  4. ….Wow… when you think pokemon can’t be anymore uncreative… this comes along… thank god its cool looking

  5. Unoriginal design and VERY unoriginal name. They were like “you know, just copy and paste the EXACT same Pokémon, change the color, and there, you have a new Pokémon”. How lame -___-

  6. I feel like they’re running out of ideas. Though I do like the starters and a few of the revealed ones, some are just unoriginal. Black and White Pokémon were just… bland. Ah well, at least the game is sounding friggin’ amazing!

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