3ds_xl_pikachuWith this week’s Media Create sales from Japan, the Nintendo 3DS has surpassed the Nintendo Wii in lifetime sales. Nintendo’s 3D handheld has continued to annihilate the competition in the hardware category, as week after week it hangs on to the top spot without a whisper of a refusal to budge. Sales of Monster Hunter 4 over the past couple of weeks have propelled the handheld to further heights as well, but the constant flow and ebb of 3DS games within the charts has also given the hardware a solid platform to rest on.

Currently, the Nintendo 3DS is sitting high and mighty on sales of 12,752,73, while the Wii takes a back seat at 12,698,878 – an incredible feat for a system that’s been on the market for approximately, or just over, 2.5 years when compared to the Wii’s seven, since its launch in 2006. The Nintendo 3DS is sure to reach dizzying sales heights in the future, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. And just wait for Pokemon X & Y to arrive next month and it will definitely distance itself from the Wii. So many more will be sold come October 12th. I am so glad to be an owner of a 3DS. So many high quality games and experiences!


  2. Holy fuck! O.O I knew the 3DS was doing really good but surpassing the Wii in the same lifetime period is ridiculous.
    Also, the 3DS might be my favourite Nintendo handheld ever, I really like it, sorry GBA, you’re still cool :P


  3. I think that 3ds really deserves this. This is an amazing handheld and an amazing console.
    I had a wii u and i didn’t like at all so i get rid of it but 3ds is probably one of the best consoles ever and i’ll still loving nintendo as long as they still making consoles like this.


  4. This can’t be true. I’ve read everywhere that handheld gaming is dying, growing bigger.

    And everything the analyst say must be true, otherwise I don’t know what to believe anymore…


  5. And just think, the 3DS used to be in the same position that the Wii U currently is. I hope the Wii U can turn things around the same way.

    I myself am waiting for something I might be waiting FOREVER for…..a. new color. I’m hoping for a green, red or blue Wii U. Even a silver would be better than the black. I know a color isn’t what makes a console. But Nintendo does this every time. I go out and buy the current color. Then they release cool new colors, and I get ticked off that I didn’t wait.

    This is the first time I’ve EVER held off on buying a Nintendo console. I’m DYING to play Pikmin 3, but I’ll remain patient.


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