SnowCastle Games’ Festival Of Magic Looking At Q4 2014 Release, Wants To Add New eShop Features

festival_of_magic_battle_wiiuNorwegian developers SnowCastle Games received the Nintendo nod of approval earlier this year to bring Festival of Magic to the Wii U. In a recent interview with Dromble, the studio’s co-founder Bendik Stang was hopeful for a Q4 2014 release. And while that may seem far off, he insists the team are hotly pursuing a number of options to feature within the game, including the possibility of an in-game shop within downloadable content on the Nintendo eShop.

“At PAX Prime a few weeks ago, we met with Mr. Adelman again, and talked about our need for some extended eShop features. We would like a lot of stuff that the eShop currently does not support; like public beta testing and an in-game shop for the DLCs. He told me that they wanted to accommodate our needs, but it would take some time to get all the features in. So hopefully by the time we are ready with FoM, those features will be added to the eShop.

“While we’re only in early alpha stages of development, we have spent a lot of effort developing the tools and the systems we need for production. If everything goes as planned the first two episodes of FoM should be ready within Q4 2014 – so within a year.”

Festival of Magic is an adventure RPG, where you take on the role of protagonist Amon and his less-than-enthusiastic sidekick Gnart as they travel the lands of Umbra – a mysterious world divided by light and magic. You can check out the early alpha footage in our previous article, or you can visit the game’s homepage, here. Let us know if you’re looking forward to scavenging the desert next year in the comments below.


  1. Was on a seminar lead by one of the sound designers for this game today. the game looks interresting, fun and challenging :)

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