Wii U Version Of Watch Dogs Is Between Current And Next-Gen Systems Visually, Closer To Current


Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has revealed that the Wii U version of the highly anticipated Watch Dogs is visually somewhere in-between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. However, Morin says that the game is closer visually to current generation consoles, which is to be expected.

“I think it’s even going to be a bit better. If you pump the PC to its maximum there are things in the filtering and rendering that I think are possible on high-end PCs that are pretty amazing. Wii U is pretty much in-between – it’s neither of them, not current-gen, maybe closer to current-gen than next-gen.”

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      1. Better AI, better character animations, better wind simulation, better textures. All those can add up to a massive difference.

        1. I’m guessing you haven’t seen the likes of LA Noire which uses Full Body tracking which was done on current gen hardware. Plus, better AI? Show me a game that has that. I forgot to mention that MGS4 had “better AI” and again it was developed on Current Gen hardware. The only real thing is better textures because that “Better wind simulation” thing can be done on the Wii U no problem, for example ZombiU with its cloth flowing in the wind. Another thing is that all versions will get the same amount of space as each other.

          Fail troll fail much?

          1. Lmao damage controlling at its finest. Are you forgetting this game has a massive open world? And why bring up other games? We’re talking about watchdogs. And your using current gen games as an argument which further proves my point… Wii U is only comparable to current gen.

            1. How am I damage controlling? I’m merely giving you examples as to why your point is invalid because really most of the AI and Open worlds (San Andreas and GTA V spring to mind). I’m sorry Ness but your trolling is becoming outdated and you really don’t have much going for you.

            2. This Ness guy is my man, he speaks the truth.There ya go Nintendo fanboys, This is what ya get when you don’t make a console neither generation, you make it a failure

                1. No, i’m happy that you’re happy with less then the other people with actuall next gen consoles, and you’ll have to buy 2 consoles if you actually want to play third party games, while they can have both 1st party and 3rd party on theirs

            3. ok this is going to be a long comment so I apologize in advance but bear with me.

              ok first off, the wii u’s power has absolutely nothing to do with devs not making games for it. It has everything to do with the wii u not selling well. They don’t want to make games for it right now because they aren’t going to make enough money. The wii u can run the newest game engine from crytek, can run unreal engine 4, can run frostbite 3, and can run dx11, it has been done by a developer, so the wii u can run the graphics engines that are going to be used in the ps4/xbone, in other words it is not a hardware thing. I guarantee you that if the wii u’s had been flying off of the shelves this year and the install base was 8-10 million and growing instead of 3.5 to 4 million then all of these third party devs would absolutely be making their games for the wii u as well. It is ALL about the money for devs, they could care less about hardware spec as long as the system they are working on can run the graphics engines that they are using which the wii u can. If there is an opportunity to make money then they will make games for the wii u. Second, the xbox 360 and ps3 cannot achieve the same thing as wii u, LMFAO, not even close. Let me break it down for you. Xbox 360 has 512 mb of ddr2, wii u has 2gb of ddr3 (the same ddr3 in the xbone just less), xbox 360 uses an IBM 3 core cpu with 11 mb of non unified eDRAM, meaning it is only available to the cpu not the gpu, it is also an in order execution cpu which causes huge bottlenecks, the wii u uses a power 7 IBM 3 core cpu that is significantly more powerful than the one in the 360 and has 38 mb of UNIFIED eDRAM (same amount as the xbone except the xbones is not unified) meaning the ram is available for the cpu and gpu in the wii u, and the wii u cpu is an out of order execution cpu which means it can process information as it is ready instead of that info having to wait for info in front of it to be processed first which significantly improves performance (the xbone and ps4 both use out of order excecution as well) And now to the point that makes the biggest difference in graphics, the gpu. The xbox 360 uses an amd gpu that has 48 stream processors, and no that is not a typo, it literally has 48 stream processors, the wii u uses a heavily modified gpgpu from amd which has between 500-600 stream processors (the xbone has 750 stream processors), it is important to note that the gpgpu is significantly better than a standard gpu which the 360/ps3 have because the gpgpu in the wii can process info that is normally only able to be processed by the cpu, so in other worlds the gpgpu in the wii u can take some burden off of the cpu by processing physics and such to eliminate bottlenecks.

              To summarize:
              Wii u XBOX 360
              500-600 stream processors 48 stream processors
              2gb ddr3 512mb ddr2
              38 mb unified eDRAM 11mb non unified eDRAM
              out of order excecution cpu in order excecution cpu

              Bottom line is the architecture of the wii u is waaay more similar to the xbone than it is the xbox 360. Meaning that it will be significantly easier for devs to port a game to the wii u from the xbone than the xbox 360. The wii u uses an out of order excecution cpu, the xbone uses an out of order cpu, the wii u used 38 mb of super fast eDRAM, the xbone uses 38 mb of super fast eDRAM, the wii u has between 500-600 stream processors, the xbone uses 750 stream processors, the wii u uses ddr3 system ram, the xbone uses ddr3 system ram. The fact that the xbone uses an 8 core cpu and 8gb of ddr3 and the wii u uses a 3 core cpu and 2 gb of ddr3 isn’t that big of a deal. I will give you an example, my old gaming pc was using an old amd 4 core cpu and 4gb of old ddr2 memory, I was running a high end gpu though so I was getting really good gaming performance, the witcher 2 on high was getting between 45-60 fps. I have since upgraded my pc and am now using amd’s newest FX 8 core cpu with 8 gb of 1866 ddr3, but I am using the same gpu, and guess what? my fps in game are EXACTLY THE SAME 45-60. The new 8 core cpu and 8 gb of newer faster ram made zero difference. My point is that the wii u is using a gpu that is comparable to the xbox one (which is the most important thing), so porting to the wii u wont be difficult at all, the wii u isnt using some exotic architecture like the ps3 that is going to have to make devs re code the entire game. The amount of ram and numer of cpu cores will have ZERO effect on in game performance as long as the cpu and ram is fast enough to not bottleneck the system, which it is thanks to the 38mb of UNIFIED eDRAM, and the gpgpu being able to take an overburden off of the cpu. The reason that devs have been saying the ps4 is 40% more powerful than the xbone is because the ps4 is using a gpu that has nearly 1200 stream processors to the xbones 750, the ddr5 vs ddr3 and the cpu’s are a complete wash because the xbone is using the super fast eDRAM to make up for any latency issues produced by the ddr3 so the same goes for the wii u, the cpu is fast enough and the ddr3 memory in conjunction with the 38 mb of super fast unified eDRAM is enough, and is fast enough, so the only issue is gpu performance which the wii u’s is slightly less than the xbones. So to sum up, the wii u can run anything and everything that is multiplat to the 3 systems (PS4, XBONE, and WII U) with just slightly downgraded visuals, example, slightly shorter draw distance, slightly less particle effects, AA running at x4 instead of x8, basically things that you will NEVER notice unless you are comparing direct side by side images of the games running on the different platforms. Also the xbox 360 and ps3 CANNOT run a single game at native 1080p and 60fps, the wii u runs ALL of its games at native 1080p and 60fps. It takes around 16mb of eDRAM to produce 1080p, so it is completely impossible for the 360 to produce the same graphical quality as the wii u, period. Exclusives to the ps4 are a different story, because they are going to be trying to get every last bit of performance out of the system( example, naughty dogs the last of us on ps3) where with multiplats the devs try and give the same experience across all platforms.

              I hope this clears it up, I am not a Nintendo fanboy, but I am a tech junky and am bringing facts to the table and there has been a ton of false info being spread about the wii u’s power that simply isn’t true. Because Watch Dogs may look closer to current gen than next gen in the graphics department doesnt mean a thing, all that means is they wanted to spend as little development time as possible so they took the ps3/360 version and improved it a little which was quicker and CHEAPER than taking the xbone version and tweaking it to get it working on wii u. I am not saying the wii u is some powerhouse because it is not. But neither are the other 2 next gen consoles. Bottom line is the wii u is going to have some graphically stunning games in the future, games that would have been impossible to run on the 360/ps3 because the ps3/360 CANNOT run games at 60fps and 1080p native. So yes, the wii u IS a next gen console. And mark my words, once there is a larger install base for the wii u there will be a lot of third party games that come to wii u and will look great and graphically comparable to the xbone and ps4 versions. Like I said, the games wont look quite as good on wii u but the difference will be minimal, and since the wii u comes with a game for $299 and the xbone is $560 with a game (almost double the price) the wii u will be just fine and is a great deal. The Wii U will prove in time how graphically capable it is, and the only reason the install base is small is because of the lack of games, which will no longer be the case in the next couple months, plus in 2014 you have Mario kart, smash bros, beyonetta 2, X, and possibly the first next gen Zelda. By Christmas time 2014 the wii u I would be willing to bet that the wii u will have a comparable install base to the ps4 and xbox one, and people spelling the doom and gloom now for the wii u will have been proven wrong. Sorry for the loooong rant! Again, I am no fanboy, being a fanboy is completely ridiculous, I have never understood that mentality. Just play games, I mean who cares which platform you prefer. Everyone plays games to have fun, so if you have fun playing on xbox then buy an xbox, if you have fun playing Nintendo exclusives then buy a wii u, or be like me and buy all of the systems and enjoy the exclusives that all the consoles have to offer.

                1. What do you mean by dream on? Are you stupid? He is 10000000000 percent correct. Everything he said is said in NEOGAF too. Developers talk in that forum and confirm this things the poster is saying. So you should dream on…. cause the wii u is not underpowered as the public think.

        2. Yea because better wind simulation definately sells. If you were SOOO correct, wouldnt the vita be crushing the 3ds right now? Better graphics, textures, FPS, blah, blah, blah…

                  1. And the leap in graphics is very minimal, and will offer nothing new I havent had on PC since 3 years ago, thank you “Next Gen”.

                    1. Lately, more and more people I have talked to seem to think that “Next gen” refers to graphics, specs and power. All it refers to is the next group of consoles released. If the PS4, XB1, WiiU, 3DS, and PSVita were all less “powerful” or “graphically capable” than their previous iterations, they would still be part of the next generation of consoles.

                      Extra power is just something that happens naturally as technology advances, but it doesn’t define whether consoles are “next gen”.

        3. As someone who has a little experience in game development I can in all honesty say that there is absolutely no reason why next-gen versions would have better ai. It’s not as if the ai was taking major computing power before.

        4. Higher Texture Resolution with more AA and higher LOD, they didnt make different games for the PS4 / XBone. Just set it to ‘Extreme’ instead of ‘Medium’. Better AI? sigh. makes me sad when people throw terms around.

        5. While i agree the Wii U is current gen (in terms of graphics) i dont agree with the rest…… the only difference between console and PC games (same multiplatform games) is in graphics, not better AI, better animations etc. In multiplatform games, PC or a more powerful system has better graphics, better polygon count, more characters on screen, more vehicles on screen and things like that……. but the animations and AI etc is the same.

    1. You ignorant bellend, he clearly just said it’s between current gen and next gen/high end pc. Which I think you will find is extremely encouraging for Wiiu owners!

      Wiiu is in between current an next gen spec wise and is probably a bit closer to current than it is next. No shame in that at all, infact that’s great when you consider the Gamepad controller, off tv play, miiverse etc.

      You anus.

      1. Well he said it’s closer to current gen. Which obviously means its a current gen version with some improvements like… 1080p and slightly better textures. While ps4 is getting smarter AI, better FPS and better poly count. Have that seat.

        1. Wiiu version will have Off tv play (without the need to own a latency Vita) and hopefully some gamepad hacking functionality which will trump the laptop touchpad that Sony generously duck taped to each DS4 controller.

          Have THAT seat.

          1. Lol a retarded controller will improve the overall experience? HAHAHAHAHA I have a Wii U, and the gamepad is fucking pointless. I would rather just press a button than look down at a crappy 360p screen and switch items. Gamepad hacking is a fucking gimmick.

            1. The only things that’s ”360p” round here is the £3:60, 2-stripe trousers that you’re wearing. lol

              Wiiu version will be great. I can’t wait to play Watchdogs on my Gamepad all tucked up in bed.

            2. Haha ness speaks the damn truth. He owns a Wii U and admits it him self that the gamepad is a shitty gimmick and the ps4 version of watchdogs is going to be better than the Wii U version in every way. The Wii U cannot compare to next Gen it can only compare to 7 year old hardware last Gen sorry to tell you fanboys that

              1. It cannot even be compared to that, it doesn’t get 3rd party games that are coming to that consoles, lololol

                1. Lol yea and all 3rd parties blow on the Wii u anyway. I told these people that Wii U is weak compared to ps4 and x1, I told them that Wii U is WEAK next Gen but they kept denying it because they are fanboys in denial. 3rd party devs dont want to work on a weak console like the Wii U

                  1. Its fucking hilarious that these fanboys bragged about the Wii u being more powerful than ps3/360 yet they got barely any games lmao. Now that Ps4 /xb1 is more powerful than the wii u. Fanboys are now admitting wii u is underpowered and saying graphics don’t matter Lmao

                    1. Hahaaa really and they are a bunch of hypocrites when they say graphics don’t matter since they kept bragging about the WWHD visuals. But graphics don’t matter now to them because they know Wii U has last Gen outdated hardware and graphics

                    2. If you don’t like the Wii U, why posting on a Nintendo fan site, where all the fanboys are?

                      I think you’re just want to see us react with anger towards you.

                  2. Remember the wii? Wasn’t it weaker by FAR to the ps3 and x360…. tell me faggot how did that turn out????????

                    Being weaker doesnt do anything pussy face!!!!

              2. Remember when games used to be about how much fun you could have and not what generation it belonged to?

            3. “retarded controller”

              “crappy 360p screen”

              You have officially revealed your bias and idiocy. Which, I will engage anyway, because I like educating imbeciles on occasion.

              Yes. The Gamepad improves the experience:

              – Off-TV Play. Like that -isn’t- awesome. Also, it’s 480p and scales to 720p. Do your research before you talk. At all. Everyone would benefit.

              – Gamepad hacking is an integral part of the experience. A lot of Ubisoft games are using tablet controls. And it’s NATIVE to the Wii U, unlike any other console. PlayStation and Xbox don’t have that.

              Put plainly: Learn your goddamn shit.

                1. The gamepad screen is a joke too. Why would I want to stop looking at my amazing 1080p visuals for a damn 480p shit screen. Nintendo under powers all there shit and now it’s going to bite them in the ass this time around.

                  1. Sony over powers and look how much rass claat bite them get in their asses?

                    nintendo is the smart company that always make money. Now sony gotta charged for online to offset the massive loss they are gonna incur. You know NOTHING about business.

                    The gamepad screen is BEAUTIFUL for it’s size. Most wii u owners are comfortable playing on the screen while wife and kids watch the tv. So please SHUT THE FUCK UP.

                    Get N or get the FUCK OUT!!!!!!!

          2. Ness is just a butt hurt 14 yo… no need to mind him. He is FPS all the way guys, is a rockstar at CoD. Ness needs to sell his WiiU that I doubt he actually owns and buy some lotion for that hurt butt before going back to playing the one game he only plays.

        2. Oh WOW… “better FPS”…. you have fun with those. Another CoD.. yipee for you… enjoy your multi-plat releases.

        3. Isn’t PS4 version running at 30fps ?

          (I don’t look up info of this game on consoles because I ‘ll play it on a computer.)

        4. 1000 x 3 = 3000

          3000 x 3 = 9000

          Is 3000 is closer 1000 than it is to 9000? Yes. But is 1000 comparable to 3000? No. Have that seat.

      2. Wii U owner since day 1, agree 100%. I don’t own this system for games like Watch Dogs, I do for Nintendo IP in HD, off-screen play and the Mii verse.

        1. We need more people like you because the fanboys are living in a fantasy world when it comes to the Wii U

        2. Same here, but it would be nice if the third party devs didn’t treat Nintendo like the red headed step child. They are continuously offering reduced content on multi-plat releases and bitching when sales aren’t comparable to fuller versions on other systems. Or releasing Wii U versions of games that have already been out for 6-12 months and complaining they barely sell. Either offer full versions or don’t release that game on the system. Nintendo is at fault too. They should have been looking into the upscale for rendering games in HD long before the Wii U launched. Obviously more time and effort would need to go into that and it was announced that the big N didn’t foresee that. How?
          The fact that nearly every game was delayed was an outrage. Especially when lack of software plagued the 3ds and it was declared that they had learned from their mistake and wouldn’t make it with the Wii U.
          They are slowly righting the ship, but it should not of taken this long. They should have acquired altus and a number of other studious (Platinum amoung others), just for the man-power and knowledge on creating HD games.

      3. I agree. If WiiU can produce even high-end PS3 graphics this early, that’s a massive step up from the Wii (another reason I bitch about the WiiU’s name)

        This is actually pretty encouraging news.

        1. They should’ve just named it the “U” or something… adding Wii was a horrible PR move. They were trying to capture the success in hand helds with brand recognition, ala gameboy and the DS… but it doesnt work that way.

        2. Indeed. It’s extremely exciting knowing that Nintendo have a console that is considerably more capable than PS360 which themselves have produced games like Uncharted 3….

          Mario kart 8, X, Smash bros etc is the first glimpse of what to expect from Wiiu. Mario Kart 8 infact is the perfect example of what to expect and that will look even better when it has finished.

      1. i was planning for wii u… btw, my pc specs cant handle anymore of the latest games… and wii u is my first hd console…… ;___;…. this one or AC 4?

        1. Well if you’re not getting the PS4 or XB1, the Wii U version should be great for you then.

          This or AC4? This. I guarantee SC4 is going to PLUMMET in price VERY quickly.

            1. It is but the game sell so well that his price goes down faster cuz after the demand is over a few copies are left. Farcry 3 sold great and I could easy find it at 20$ after just 6 months so don’t let a low priced game is cuz is bad.

                1. Watch dogs looks like a better game but those naval battles just looks like to much fun so in short buy what heck you want with your money :D

        2. Considering you say the Wii U is your first HD console, get Watch_Dogs. There’s no point in jumping into Assassin’s Creed this far into the lore.

            1. Most of the people I know who started with AC 3 were completely lost as to what happened in the previous games and thus what was going on in the game they were playing.

              1. I wasn’t confused, and was really enjoying the game until they jolted me the present. D: I wish I could have just played a game where I was an assassin in the colonial days.

      1. You can’t blame everything on ‘Lazy devs’.

        Whether you like it or not, the Wii U IS in-between. It isn’t as powerful as the PS4, XB1 or a great gaming PC.

        1. They should prove it then. Not saying that they are not right but they haven’t even show even one game with at least the minimal 2 years of development. All wiiu ports have been done in less than 9 months even watch dogs.

            1. Should I start saying calling you improper names now? When have I said something bad about the wiiu console? My opinion about developers not taking the time to atleast optimize some games is legitimate.

              1. They HAVE optimised it. The Wii U IS in-between the Current and Next-Gen. Why is a version of a game on the in-between console performing like the in-between version not optimised.

                It’s like blaming Crytec because your mid-range PC won’t run Crysis at full-spec, when it can run it mid-spec.

                1. We don’t know that for sure. Splinter cell could have been better optimized with a couple of months more but still an amazing game. Hope from now onward development start on wiiu at the same time has the other consoles.

      2. Even sonic colors show how much lies the third party’s where saying about the original power. Sonic colors looks beast.

        1. Sonic colors looked great, but its art direction and graphics can not be compared to games that try to reflect realism or that have a lot more dynamic environments and AI. ;/

          Even Mario Kart and SSBB looked good on the Wii.

          1. But now their is no scuse with the wiiu. It will have both realistic and cartoony art styles looking great. Ill be happy with current gen looking graphics with out the bugs that the wiiu power provides if you know what I mean.also how in the hell journalist say that Diablo 3 on consoles looks ugly Compared to PC ? It dosnt look better than it but is not ugly just not on par with PC.

      3. No, it’s shows the Wii U is a weak piece of dogshit. It’s not their laziness. It’s the hardware. 2GB RAM vs 8GB RAM. lol people actually thought the wii U handle the game at its full potential with those hardware specs? Lmao

            1. The 1080p is just unesesary power comsuption in my opinion but 60 frames that what I prefer in games.

                1. My point is that people claim something is next gen cuz it been coded in 1080p and don’t take into account the importand aspects like world size and characters on screen. If a game comes out looking like red dead and having a million characters on scree but the resolution is in q HD then people will bashed has not being next gen.

            2. Not true actually. I’ve owned a Wii U since launch… All the games I own, as well as all system menus/screens run at 720p, with no upscaling whatsoever, sadly…

              NintendoLand, NSMB: U, CoD: Black Ops 2, NFS: Most Wanted U, Sonic Racing Transformed, Batman Arkham City, and Tekken Tag Tournament ALL run in 720p. No Anti-Aliasing or upscaling, at all. I have a 1080p set, and the jaggies on the Wii U are pretty horrible, I’m sad to say…

              The only things the Wii U has ever output in native 1080p so far is the YouTube app, Netflix app, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Rayman Legends, and LoZ Wind Waker HD. That’s it for 2013. There is nothing else currently on the system that is either native 1080p or 720p upscaled to 1080p.

              I love Nintendo… But them, their in-house devs, and 3rd-party devs need to realize that more than just 500 of Nintendo gamers have 1080p HDTVs, but more like 500,000 Nintendo gamers. I complain about 720p jaggies. Most people who play Black Ops 2 and Most Wanted U complain about 720p jaggies.

              1. That meansjthat your TV is just 720p cuz the console can actually upscale to 1080p even the 360 and ps3 can.

              2. I didn’t say it rendered games in 1080p. Just upscales them.

                You’ll find that your TV will not say it’s in 720p in game. It upscales everything, including Wii mode.

            3. wow, amazing…..

              1080p IS 1080P, end of story, upscaling means stretching the pixels but the pixel count stays the same. Give me a break, 95% Wii U games are rendered in 720p and you will get 30 FPS, the video quality is compared to low settings on PC.

        1. Actually the fact that they said its sort of in between the next and current gen shows it has more power than the current gen but (obviously) less power than the next gen.

          Ness, you are failing

        2. its not mainly on the RAM actually. you cant rely on RAM in terms of power. but yes, wii u is clearly underpowered compared to ps4 and xb1

        3. Biggest moron of the day RAM has nothing to do with graphics smart coding made games like crysis and skyrim possible on ps360 not the RAM that was their biggest limitation and they still pulled it off

          1. Lol, the wii u isn’t only short on ram. It’s also weak on CPU, a 3 core 1.25ghz IBM power PC. LMAO. And we don’t know much about the GPU but we can assume its awful.

            1. Again, I have a Quad Core CPU that still beats the shit out of the PS4 and Xbox One. Also, isn’t assuming something considered ignorant? Yeah because you sound like it kiddo.

              1. Hahahaha I mean.. C’mon do you really think the Wii U has a good GPU? It’s fucking Nintendo. They always had shitty hardwareever since iwata took over.

                1. Yes, the explains why both the N64 and Gamecube were both more powerful than the PSOne and PS2. I’m sorry if you missed out on those kid ;)

                  1. Dont forget about the 3ds. People say the 3ds is underpower but compared to what cell phones that new ones come out every 5 months and a shrink ps3?

                  2. I haven’t missed out on them. I have a ps1, ps2 and GameCube.and I thought you said assuming is being ignorant? EXPOSED.

                    1. hey assclown third party devs will never fully utilize hardware..bayonetta 2 and monolith’s x look absolutely incredible on the wii u.. just because ubisoft isn’t interested in pushing the hardware doesn’t mean the wii u is underpowered and lastly watch dogs graphics aren’t that impressive on any platform anyway

            2. You’re a fucking idiot who ha misinterpreted the face value of the Wiiu’s specs. Manfred linzner of Shin’en has already exposed the shit out of people like you. Wiiu is all about efficient coding between Cache memory and Edram.

            3. so thats your reply ?
              if you can’t bash the RAM you start with something else
              Well let me tell you the Espresso cpu kills the ps360 in integer performance not floating points but thats why they use a gpgpu
              And i wouldn’t talk about the gpu cause you clearly don’t know your shit just talking out of your ass

        4. Also, I have about 4GB of RAM in my PC yet for some reason I can still out perform the PS4 AND Xbox One…. your point is?

        5. Most PC games I know of requires a mininmun requirements of 1-2GB of RAM, but that’s only because the OS takes up a huge space in memory.

          If there’s 1GB dedicated towards gaming (like what the Wii U has), it’ll most likely have the requirements lowered.

        6. Dude you are a truly hardware idiot. Let’s start by really comparing what real amount of RAM is really going to be used for games period which will be only 1GB of RAM against 4.5GB PS4 and 5GB for Xbox One. Not really much difference. You forget the RAM on the Wii U is directly embedded on the MCM which both the CPU and GPGPU have access at incredible high speeds. Nobody really knows what the machine is really capable of, few idiots that claim to know what it can do and the hardware in it which is not accurate just assumptions and lazy retarded developers that just don’t want to re-code their stupid engines for the Wii U memory heavy design. Plain and simple. Just get back to reality.

      4. its true…. wii u is in between. closer to last gen. nintendo themselves said that… “50% more powerful”

        1. Didn’t Sony say that about the PS4 that it would be 50% more powerful than the PS3? So by what you are saying is that the PS4 is also closer to last gen

          1. well i guess sony changed plans?.. even if you compare the specs, you will see that ps3 is far behind ps4…

      5. Why do certain people always play the “lazy devs” card? Seriously… Not everything is because the dev is lazy. The game will look good on the Wii U but not as good as superior hardware. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  1. Show us how it looks at least then? If it looks like the clip from the E3 DIRECT then ill be happy.

  2. Guys who are taking this as negative news need to shut up.This is positive news! the Wiiu is not as powerful as Xbone or PS4, that’s just blatent fact. Also it is more powerful than current gen that is also blatent fact.

    If PS3 is 1 and ps4 is 10 on a scale then Wiiu is about 3/3.5 graphics spec wise. Couple that with the awesome controller and you have yourself a next gen console, albeit a controversial one…

    1. Same thing I was thinking. Somehow some people always have to spin all Nintendo news into negative news.

      There’s nothing wrong with the Wii U’s graphical prowess being between current and other next-gen systems.

      1. I mean that was originally the best we could of possibly hoped for that it would be somewhere in-between current gen and next gen graphics wise, it was NEVER going to match PS4,Xbone and PC….

        People forget how expensive the Gamepad is, that’s the main focus of the console not the specs.

      2. There is no problem with that. The problem comes from the fact that some devs are skipping it because it is not as powerful as the others. They started the spiral hate and then reviewers, analyst, etc. jumped on the hatred for no reason. I don’t mind that it is not as powerful, i want value most games for the least price. Even a game that can’t be too graphically advanced, compared to its FF counterpart, like kingdom hearts is skipping the only company that it has a lot of history with besides sony.

        1. Yeah, I think the only reason KH and FF XV are going to Xbox One is because Microsoft is throwing money at them. It looks like Nintendo is going to need to start doing a bit of that too. ;/

    2. This guy gets it.

      It’s not as powerful as the XB1 or PS4. There is no going around this fact. It’s not devs being lazy, the hardware genuinely isn’t as good as the other upcoming next-gen consoles.

      That said, it being not as powerful gives it a lower standard which games graphically have to be built for it making it the cheaper console to develop for later down the line

      1. The Wiiu’s graphics are good! just not bleeding edge like the other next gen platforms… Again, I’m perfectly happy with that.

        Wiiu can destroy current gen when it reaches full potential and that’s all that matters.

  3. Not a surprise. Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 and 360, but not as powerful as the Xbone and PS4. It will still be a pretty game on the Wii U, and the gamepad features will be great. For everything my Wii U can’t do, I have a PC. Some textures, shading, lighting effects does not equate the best version. Ubi said that there is no difference in versions, other than the graphics, and the PS4 version has an extra hour of gameplay. That exclusive content for the PS4 is plus of course, but isn’t enough for me to go out and get a PS4. I’m happy with the Wii U and my PC.

    1. Well the PS4 version has amazing graphics and if the Wii U version will look something similar to those graphics, probably with less flashy effects, I see it being a great looking game on Wii U so far.

  4. I love how all the trolls are using this to bash the Wii U. Its getting to the point where trolls are now less of a threat and more of a pest that can be easily taken care of.

    Anyway, the fact that Watch_Dogs graphics on the Wii U version is mixed is pretty much showing how Ubisoft are trying to max out the Wii U which is a good thing because after the current gen is dead, more games like Watch_Dogs will start taking full advantage of the hardware instead of making current gen ports. This also means the Wii U is actually more powerful than the current gen and at the same time is cheaper to create games for seeing how the cost of developing games on the PS4 (Which I can’t wait to get) and the Xbox One is going to be much higher than the last gen (PS3, Wii and Xbox 360). Nintendo might just pull through after all and I can’t wait to see more from them.

    Though saying that if you look at Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8, both those games look… well pretty much next gen in terms of graphics and frame rate despite what people say. Expect more games sometime in 2016 to actually look better on the Wii U than they are now.

    1. “I love how all the trolls are using this to bash the Wii U.”

      Isn’t that what *trolls* do? You should pay those comments no mind when they’re from obvious trolls.

  5. No shit the wii u isn’t as powerful as the ps4 or Xbox one… The wii u was released first first of all, and was announced a good year or so Before that with almost final specs… But it’s more powerful than previous gen which is 360 ps3 and wii… Definitely wii… And having touch screen functionality is more interesting Pathan anything else… There’s potential for that with watch dogs… Not so much with games like AC… Which will probably get off screen functionality and a Map, maybe have an items function too, and that’s it

  6. Shouldn’t we just be happy that the Wii U isn’t getting a current-gen version? I’m pretty happy with that deal, and will be picking up a copy pretty soon after release!

    1. Yeah, I’m getting Watch_Dogs on PS4 but it’s nice to see that the Wii U version is its own version and not some crappy port

  7. It seems the port is good and it will be more fun to play it in Wii U! That´s enough for me. I live the almost undetectable visual differences for those that will only watch and not play.

  8. “Wii U is pretty much in-between – it’s neither of them, not current-gen, maybe closer to current-gen than next-gen.”

    That’s really going to sell the game to people isn’t it? FFS!

  9. Some people here are idiots. If your not happy with the way the game is going to be, don’t get it. Simple as that. And what’s this shit about “better AI”? How so?

    1. Yep, Either the Wii U or PS4 will be the best version due to there innovations, It’s sad to see people care so much about graphics.

        1. So useless that sony made it mandatory for ps4 games to have vita support. Or so useless that microsoft made smart glass. v,v

          1. Sony didn’t make it mandatory for PS4 games to have Vita support. The PS4 automatically supports remote play with a dedicated chip. It’s built into the hardware.

            They’re only asking devs (and not making it mandatory) that they provide an alternate control scheme for games to work well on the Vita.

        2. So useless that Sony needed to emulate it with the vita and the two home systems plus Microsoft’s emulating it with the smartglass app.

              1. Yeah, but it was a completely different function. No matter of what came first though, saying Sony is ripping off the Wii U specifically with remote play is flawed thinking.

            1. Sony has not been creating the WiiU game play experience.
              The WiiU is the first to commercially offer this kind of game play (unless you count the DS ;) )

  10. Holy shit at the number of comments lol.
    Anyway, we first have to see if the game is any good. If it’s fantastic, then I might be a little pissed….

  11. I already knew that, Wii U is in between current and next-Gen consoles in terms on graphical power, but NOT behind current gen consoles. Also we all need to remember the advantage of the Wii U over current and next-Gen consoles, yes, the controller, the GamePad, don’t forget that. Talking about graphical performance, the 3 consoles are not even close to the graphical power of a mid-range gaming PC, and obviously the 3 of them are far behind to a High-end PC.

      1. Meh, he will not listen, I tried many time in the past, and is pointless, just a waste of my time and patience. He is just the typical clown who loves doing flaming comments in this blog.

  12. I like how even though this news update gives a more solid placement for the system people who love negativity will still come and waste their time putting down the system.

  13. Don’t talk just show.

    The only significant things that actually matter are that the Wii U version should not have:

    +muddy textures
    +unstable framerate
    +sub HD resolution
    +long load times

  14. Ok, how about that rumor that the Wii U version of this game is delayed until Q1 of 2014 (saw this on Neogaf).

  15. I don’t see it as a bad thing. I prefer in between, honestly. I don’t care about power, as long as it can run the games I want, I don’t care about the Wii U version missing a few things because I’m not a picky little prick. It’s not like I’m out to look for little mistakes or noticing lower textures or anything because I’ll be too busy running around and fucking playing the game.
    Either way, Third party isn’t important to me, ESPECIALLY not on Nintendo consoles. I go for exclusives and soon, I’ll just be using a PC for third parties, because hey, if you’re gonna be a power whore, you’d get your third parties on PC anyway, because inevitably, PC is going to beat out PS4 and Xbox One as well.

  16. ” Watch Dogs is visually somewhere in-between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.”

    Umm.. that’s not what he said. He doesn’t mention XB1 and PS4 at all. He’s comparing the Wii U version to a high end PC “pumped to the Maximum” and saying that the Wii U in somewhere in between THAT and the current gen. Not between current gen and a PS4/XB1.

  17. PS fanboy – “Ha! The PS4 is more powerful than the XboxOne!”

    Xbox fanboy – “No it isn’t, the XboxOne is more powerful than it sounds!”.

    Nintendo fanboy – “Hey guys whats up?”

    PS & XB fanboy – “HAHAHA! Look at you, with your outdated hardware, how can you call yourself a gamer?”

    Nintendo fanboy – “Thats not cool, i like gaming just as much as you guys”.

    *PC fan walks up*

    PC fanboy- “Hey guys, why are you picking on the Nintendo fan? Hardware? HA! You want to make fun of this guy for liking a system that is outdated? Your next gen consoles are outdated before release! PCs will always be more powerful.”

    PS & XB fanboy – “Shut up! Graphics do not mean everything! Its all about the games!”

    Rinse and repeat.

  18. Pretty much what I expected, a comment section full of fanboys and trolls at each other’s throats. Now back to the topic at hand, there is a big difference between both versions we’ve seen. I say we wait until actual footage of the Wii U version to see what “closer to current gen” actually looks like. It could still look noticeably better.

  19. Better graphics doesn’t make a game next-gen. Higher specs makes a game next-gen.

    All those recent games will have other things in common aside from the visuals. With higher specs, not only you can reproduce better quality images, but the whole processor works more smooth, and you can advantages like less loading time screens, 60 fps, etc.

    If the Wii U can run games with better graphics that current-gen consoles with their max capacity, and yet run those games in 60fps without any problem like next-gen consoles, I wonder how much more better the Wii U games can get with such pricey specs.

  20. There you have it. This underpowered joke of a toy console is utter garbage. Look at the Nintendo fanboys trying to spin it. The Wii U is built on 7 year old hardware. It is a joke of a console. It already almost ONE YEAR!!!!!! since it launched and we are yet to see a game that looks next gen. But the fanboys will spin it and say they need more time. How much longer, 2 years, 3 years to finally see a game that looks next gen. No wonder this Mario Wii U game that came out at lunch was running at 720p.

    “…it’s neither of them, not current-gen, maybe closer to current-gen than next-gen.”

    He is saying the Wii U is closer to current gen than next gen. Tired of all the spin from these fanboys.

  21. Fucking idiot. He means closer to last gen, cause the 8th gen IS CURRENT GEN. Xbox 360 and PS3 are LAST GEN. And looks like Ubifail really is starting to lose its grasp on its grand illusion of making Nintendo fans think they are supporting Wii U to the best of their abilities. Disgusting Ubifail.

  22. The Wii U version of Watch Dogs is in between the current gen and next gen versions. it’s just that it’s closer to current gen than it is to next gen. The Wii U version of Watch Dogs isn’t even being ported from current gen consoles.

    1. Never mind you answered my question. The Wii U version is a special version and Ubisoft made it from scratch.They must have did it that way for GamePad functions.

  23. He said that Wii U is somewhere between current gen and HIGH END PC’S. Well guess what?! PS4 and XB1 are ALSO somewhere between current gen and high end pc’s. This guys is equating high end pc’s with PS4 and XB1, which I highly doubt is true. High end PC’s will always have better everything than consoles, hence the skyhigh price of high end pc’s.

    1. So is the Wii U using a PS3/360 port or is this special Wii U port made from scratch which is between current and next generation?

      1. I’d assume they’ve ported it from the 360/ps3 as that’s their current experience in porting. Plus that comment makes it seem more that way.

  24. Why do all you zombies think that next gen hardware means a measure of power? Generation is a measure of time! Except some moronic marketing has created zombies everywhere having flame wars about power. Wii U is next gen hardware albeit not as powerful as it’s competitors.

    If you want all the power you can get, please drop a couple of thousand on a PC and find a new message board to talk on.

    If your here just to flame nintendo please find better things to do with your time.









    no doubt the wiiu version controls like a dualshock too ubisoft love there blocky clunky unrefined dualshock like twin stick standards



    fuck off ubishit


  28. Why is this news? We all know Wii U is not as powerful as Xbone or PS4 but is more so than PS360. Wii U is next-gen, as it’s not from the Wii/PS3/360 generation. Obviously the graphics are between PS360 and Xbone/PS4.

  29. so much crap over graphics all you sony and microsoft fucks will see that your next gen is going to be the same shit with a new face alot of you wont even notice the changes. its not worth the money i rather buy a gaming rig


    But my dog plays Smash Bros and Zelda so….

  31. I’m not the kind of guy who’s picky with graphics. If I see a good game with great graphics (TLOU, Galaxy 2, Battlefield 3, etc), great, I don’t care for it, but it’s a nice touch. A game like Link to the Past is graphically inferior to games like Crysis 3 and Halo 4, but I prefer LTTP to those games.

    I’m getting AC4 on PS4 and I’m getting Watch Dogs on Wii U.

  32. Should this come as a surprise? The Xbox One and PS4 are so close to modern PCs that their power will be made use of so much quicker. We’ll only be able to tell how powerful the Wii U actually is much later in its life.

    And anyway, we get the gamepad controls.

  33. At this point all I want to see is a trailer or a demo where they show the game on the Wii U hardware, so I can judge to see if it looks good enough. To me graphics isn’t everything but it still needs to look nice.

  34. if a game is current gen/next gen, wouldn’t it be a current gen that game ported to next gen? If it was truly next gen, than x360 and ps3 would not be able to run it, right?
    So its not that the Wii u is getting the ‘current gen’ version, everyone is…

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