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Shadow Of The Eternals Project Is Now On Hold

shadow of the eternals

Precursor Games has announced that they have decided to put the Shadow of the Eternals project on hold following the failed Kickstarter attempt. The team says that a number of them will be taking a break, but they thank the fans for the support they have given the project. However, Precursor says that project isn’t completely dead, but they feel that it needs a rest. In a statement the team said that they have all agreed as a group that when and if the time is right they will get together and start it up again.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to put the Shadow of the Eternals project on hold. We are very happy with what we have accomplished both as a group and with the community. The community has blown us away and was the one thing that kept us going through it all – we cannot thank you enough.”

“Many of us will be taking a break. For those who are not aware, we all worked on this project as a labor of love and self financed 100% of everything for a over a year to try to make Shadow of the Eternals a reality. Although we did not succeed on doing this, we succeeded in making many friends and starting something that we hope provided value for those involved. We have no regrets.”

“Denis, Phil and Aaron have decided to continue to run the forums for those who wish to stay hang out and talk. Denis, Phil and Aaron will also be taking a break but will be around posting and talking with everyone when they can. Others from Precursor will also be popping in from time to time.”

“Is the project dead? No, but we feel it needs a rest too. We have all agreed as a group that when and if the time is right we will get together and start it up again.”

“Keep your head high everyone and remember what we have accomplished together.”

– The Precursor Games Team

44 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Eternals Project Is Now On Hold”

      1. No they fail the first KS so in the second one they amplies the goal for a PS4 version since start…but they failed again.

      1. They don’t have to give the money back that people gave them on their website, because….that was a fundraiser run BY Precurser games and they are promising the game is not “canceled” it is just “on hold.” They never saw the money from kickstarter though, because the game has to reach it’s goal to get any money.

      1. but everyone that backed on Kickstarter got their money back? It is people who donated on their website who may have gotten screwed. Kickstarter is only funded if the goal is met and if SOTE’s goal was met than the game would have been in the works right now with a possible release date of Next year to Spring 2015.

      2. So, it sounds like it would be OK to back kickstarter, but not the self-promoted fundraisers. (from what people are saying)

  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Kinda sucks for them to have put so much effort into this project, only for it to fail two, maybe three times? Then to look out at other games hitting their goals in a matter of days.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t trust these guys with my money…

    1. Well some games had much lower target goals, like A Hat in Time only wanted $30,000 compared to SOTE who wanted like 1 million (or something) the first attempt at kickstarter.

      Mighty No. 9 is different as well, because it has the backers of like every Megaman fan and anyone who is interested in joining the hype surrounding the game. SOTE had a couple hardcore Eternal Darkness fans going for it.

  2. they should give the money back to the backers… and ask nintendo for some support. in other words, release eternal darkness exclusively for the wii u instead. maybe this will solve the problem?

    1. That was their problem to begin with…

      If they didn’t include a PC version the first time then I’m sure High Command would have funded the game…

      But then they mentioned PS4 and even worse, the Xbox Done…

      High Command does not support a game unless it’s exclusively to our empire…

      1. exactly. i guess they just want more money. and to do that they want to go multiplat… they have to realize that they wont get enough support if they stick with their strategy…

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo
      Some of the members talked about it.
      Personally, I think at this stage in development, appealing to everyone isn’t going to work. Trying to get the game on all platforms so everyone is happy hasn’t worked, and it’s not going to. They need to just put it on Wii U exclusively. Why Wii U and not the others? Because Nintendo can release Sanity’s Requiem on the eShop.
      I know they want to “preserve their principles” or whatever, but after failing three times, no doubt losing money, time, and resources, and being humiliated, it’s time to just suck it up and talk to Nintendo.

      1. i mean shadow of the eternals, not eternal darkness… LOL. but we have the same opinion… well, if this keeps up, we will have SOTE in 2020 when cryengine 3 is outdated. they will keep on upgrading the engine until it is released…

  3. If they goy their hands on some of the backers money something tells me the money’s gone, or will be gone with that “rest” lol
    those guys don’t have the best history for that to be honest.

    I honestly want that project to die, Eternal Darkness if one of my favorite games for the gamecube but let’s face it, the silicon knights we knew and loves is long gone, these guys might have some credits with the game but just by name, something tells me the talented people left and just like rare, it just wouldn’t be the same without Nintendo =/

    I’m still waiting for a Eternal Darkness like game or maybe even an actual sequel but not from these guys, just let it go.

  4. That’s what happens when you get “greedy” for more release platforms. Nintendo probably would’ve taken you in if you’d stayed loyal… this is the kind of situation that requires more of a brain than these people seem to posses, though.

  5. Nintendo, just fucking fund the game and release exclusive to the Wii U. Are you just too afraid that it won’t sell as well?

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      The problem isn’t with Nintendo. It’s with Precursor Games. They want to release the game on PC. They could always cut the PS4/XB1 stretch goals, but they’ve been meaning to put it on PC the whole time.

  6. Two problems I have with this game are:
    1. It’s not an official sequel or side story. Not a huge deal…
    2. The footage I saw, with the Monk, was the EXACT same as eternal darkness. All they have done was make an HD demo of a level in Eternal Darkness, so they don’t even have unique assets yet… I don’t trust them.

    Ashame. I’m a huge fan of the game.

  7. WindWaker HD 1080P-60fps

    MH3U 1080P-45/60fps

    Pikmin3 720P upscaled to 1080P

    RYSE on the Xbone 900P -30fps

    Question: what is 900P anyway?

  8. Who knows? A great number of 360 games were in 544p which was a sub-HD resolution and then upscaled to 720p or 1080p. So I guess it is par for the course.

  9. Nintendo obviously doesn’t feel like this is worth. If people don’t fund this then who will buy it ? It’s a risk and they care probably too much for money, can’t just be throwing money to left and right to fund some stuff just because they have some on the bank

    1. ….You’re a genius :o
      A stage with Sanity events! It actually might happen, considering Nintendo just renewed their trademark :o

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