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UK Chart: FIFA 14 Claims Number One, 3DS Version Misses Top 40 Completely

FIFA14_protect_the_ballThis week’s UK charts are in courtesy of GFK and UKIE, but it’s another poor show for Nintendo. With no new releases in the UK until October 4 when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, it looks like we’ll just have to bide our time until next week to see if Nintendo can blow the competition out of the water. The top spot is awarded to FIFA 14 this week, with the Wii version peaking at 17. However, the 3DS version doesn’t even feature in the individual top 40 charts – no surprise there, given there’s no new modes or updated gameplay for the handheld edition.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf jumps back up from 26 to 20 in the all-formats and takes number 15 in the individual. And Rayman Legends for Wii U even manages to climb its way back into the individual formats top 40 to sit at number 38. Below is the top ten all-formats chart, but you can view them in full, here, as well as the individual chart, here.

  1. FIFA 14
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
  5. The Last Of Us
  6. Disney Infinity
  7. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  8. Saints Row IV
  9. Diablo III
  10. Rayman Legends


  1. That is sad. A sport game beating GTA5. Sport games are the same trash every year what is such a big deal about it. Oh wait……… What’s the big deal about CoD…… The world may never know.

          1. Did I once bring up Mario in my comment? No. My last mario game was New super mario bros for the wii so go to school and learn how to understand the contexts of a statement.

        1. Sorry man, but Nintendo spammed Mario epically…if they released one more NSBB, I was going to puke. I’m fucking DONE with Mario. I don’t even know if I’ll get 3D world.

          1. There was 4 NSMB games… one for DS, one for Wii, one for 3DS and one for Wii U. All on different systems… Plus it sounds like Nintendo is done for now on the franchise. Mario is hardly being overdone. 3D World is only similar to ONE other Mario game(3D Land on 3DS) 💋

          2. You did not have to buy them all. Is the same technique I use on call of duty and ill be using on halo for now onward.

            1. I want to support Nintendo 1st party. So I did buy them all, however rest assured, I will no longer me making that mistake. I will be far more speculative so I don’t burn out on a franchise like that again.

  2. Europe got to have their fifa fix for the year. they must love wasting money every year for that franchise. just like u.s got to have its yearly cod fix hahaha.

    1. Yeah but CoD is diminishing in the U.S. I don’t know if it will ever be as popular as it used to. Ghosts looks promising, but that will probably be the last “big success” the franchise has. 💋

  3. shocker!! lol. ea will now say its the 3ds owners fault i guess. ah well. PES for me it is. i hope PES is a great version and sells really well to, ‘slap it up’ ea. lol

    1. Yep. With so many great games available AND coming, why would 3DS owners car about a shitty football game ?

  4. Well who would want to buy a trash Fifa game on the 3DS that has nothing new added to it? EA just can’t fathom that gamers are too smart dor them lol?-well at least Nintendo gamers… -_- I suppose EA will never learn what Nintendo gamers want… such a stupid company. 💋

    1. You said it. If this worthless publisher had any brains, they would have made a Wii U version that ISN’T stripped as hell instead. Definitely would have sold better than the 3DS port. Jesus…

    2. fifa games are not trash -_- it’s a good game
      of course if you don’t like football you won’t understand how it is a good game

  5. Well what they hell were you expecting? Nobody buys weak handheld ports. A lot of people are worried that Sonic Lost World and Smash Bros won’t help the Wii U because they’ll be on 3DS but people just don’t think in black in white like that. Any reasonably serious gamer is not gonna limit their experience to a handheld when there’s a fully fleshed console experience. They are gonna invest in the system that gives them the FULL experience. Only little kids and poor people buy handheld versions of multiplats. Disney Infinity on Wii U actually outsold the 3DS version for crying out loud! To be frank, I think handheld ports have a bad reputation in general, probably thanks to all the shovelware the DS had.

    It is interesting to see Rayman Legends on Wii U still selling though. If Ubisoft cuts the price by say, $20, I could easily see sales spiking, at least for the Wii U version.

    1. Yeah it’s funny that people think console experiences will sell on handheld
      i’ts the same reason vita was flopping no personality/image of it’s own it was advertised as ps3 on the go and look how that turned out


      1. while the british lack of taste in almost everything has been the topy of many discussions in the past.. why does it concern you what other people buy? just buy whichever game you prefer^^

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