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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Delayed, Expected To Launch 2014

donkey_kong_country_tropical_freeze_charactersThis afternoon’s Nintendo Direct has brought eager Donkey Kong fans some disappointing news. Unfortunately, Nintendo has regrettably announced a delay from DK’s upcoming adventure in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Previously the game was expected to launch with Nintendo’s holiday line-up on December 6 for Wii U , however that date is no longer in contention as the game needs more development time. Nintendo has announced it will launch in February 2014, but there’s been no specific date set, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news on the banana-loving ape’s return to Wii U.

56 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Delayed, Expected To Launch 2014”

  1. I’d complain about another delay, but as I’m not supporting Nintendo’s decision to allocate resources to a game like this, when we really need a new Metroid and Zelda, I digress.

    I’ll buy this and 3D world when they drop below $40. If 3D world let you play with folks online, it would have changed my opinion.

    1. I understand what you mean, Drybones. But we had several Metroid titles in the past years (Fusion, Prime, Zero Mission, Echoes, Hunters, Corruption, Other M, and here I’m not including Pinball) while we got only one Donkey Kong title (DKCR, I’m not including Jungle Beat). I think it’s fair to have another DK entry delivered at this point. In addition, we know that the DK franchise has more mind share than the Metroid series. Lastly, Retro Studios has said that they have several great ideas that were not introduced in DKCR. DKCTF will be a good game, I’m sure of it.

      1. Ok, valid point.
        Many of those games were spaced out, but it’s still true there were not many unique DK games. Guess those fans deserve some love too. ;)

        1. I need to mention that I am also looking forward for a new Metroid title!

          And dying for a new Star Fox entry as well… :(

      2. Tropical Freeze is the 3rd Donkey Kong game in a row…Country Returns on Wii, then the 3DS version, now Tropical Freeze. Im sick of DK.

    2. Donkey Kong Country Returns are one of the best platformers I’ve ever played, so I disagree with your opinion.
      And two zelda games are already in development

    3. 3D World looks fantastic!!! It may even be better than the Mario Galaxy games! The trailer they showed really won me over. I am not disappointed with the lack of Galaxy any more. 3D World will be epic.

      1. Playing 3D World, in a way, feels like Super Mario Galaxy. It just doesn’t have the controls of Super Mario Galaxy and the amount of exploration but there is still plenty of room for exploration.

  2. This is actually a good thing. Nintendo had too many platformers jam-packed in the holiday season. The need to spread that out anyway.

    1. Good point. The only thing I’ve seen more than Mario are platformers. D:

      So this probably is a good thing.

      1. Agreed. They better be working on something else. Going on the assumption that this is all Retro has been working on that is now years of development for a game that basically is a port of a Wii title. I refuse to believe Retro doesn’t have something else.

  3. its official, the wii u is the biggest disaster of a console ever, even the saturn was doing better. #WIIFAILEDU

    1. Because a game was delayed? Get real! Wii U is looking to be a fantastically successful console! Bayonetta 2, SSB4 with SONIC, MARIO and MEGAMAN, 3d World, Sonic Lost World, etc are all system sellers. SSB4 will sell like the whole supply stock of Wii U’s by itself later in 2014 lol!

      1. Nevermind. “I knew it” insinuates you were not surprised.
        You could play the 3DS one to get your fix?

  4. I take this as a good thing. I can actually save up the money for it now ;D
    And plus, Hey, if the game needs work, the game needs work. I sure as hell don’t want an incomplete game. If the developers don’t feel it’s up to their standards, oh well. There’s plenty of other games to hold us off until it’s release.

  5. Atleast this will save me some money, I already plan on getting 3D World and WW HD for Wii U as it is, X and Y for 3DS aswell.

  6. Not to want to be an ass to nobody, but to my this is for the best, and I think for Nintendo is to. I mean, the game was release in between Watch Dogs and the New Super Mario 3D World both of wich are heavy hitters, not saying DK is not a heavy hitter, but he was in between; it is bad business to put one of your game to fight againts two other games that are going to release in your console.

  7. I was actually hyped for this game, but I guess this is good. I didn’t have the time to play it anyways, with both school and 12 other games on Nintendo consoles.

  8. i don’t buy this totally, for a game that they have been working for almost 2 or 3 years, im pretty sure, that Nintendo put Retro into helping with Mario Kart 8, so it can come earlier, i hope a holiday launch

  9. PSU(Playstations+WiiU)

    that has to be the dumbest idea they ever coud do unless them Windwaker wII U bundles are selling like hot cakes…..I’ll see if this was a 3ds game we was talking bout its not….smh Nintendo need to get their shit toghter fast

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  12. Ehhh… I don’t care. I’m not a fan of Donkey Kong anyway. I am much more excited for 3D World and Sonic Lost World!!!!

  13. This was the only game I planned on buying but I now I guess I don’t have a reason to buy a Wii U till 2014…

  14. Man, Nintendo can NOT afford to delay Wii U games. They need these triple-A titles to sell more Wii U consoles. If you consider Tropical Freeze a triple-A title.

  15. DK is one of the most hardcore out of all of Nintendo’s franchises. People complaining about this must be the casual players.

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