Nintendo Japan To End Wii Production Soon

nintendo_wiiNintendo is looking to end the Wii production line very soon, according to a listing on the official Japanese website. Spotted this morning, a few hours before the Nintendo Direct is to be broadcast, is a small note in the upper-right corner detailing that the Wii production is “scheduled to end soon” on the Wii homepage.

Launched in 2006, the Wii has been delighting children and adults alike for seven years, but with sales dipping in Japan to under 1,000 units – last week only 985 Wii units were sold – it seems like the time is right for the Wii to take its last bow. There’s been no confirmation as to when the Wii may end its production in the west, however, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated as and when we hear any news. Do you think Nintendo has made the right decision to end the Wii’s production run, or maybe you think it’s too soon? Let us know in the comments below.


    1. The Wii U is certainly here to stay, but the Wii is not going anywhere neither. Specially considering it’s largest install base.

  1. I think this will help the Wii U:
    “I’m looking for a Wii.”
    “We don’t sell Wii anymore, but if you buy a Wii U, you can play both Wii AND Wii U games!”

      1. And that’s been used to promote the wii U but it hasn’t exactly increased sales has it now? :)

        1. Why are people like you allowed to live? I was saying that the wii u could always play wii games yet it’s never really helped it to shift hardware…. get pissed on fucking orphan

          1. You are the one calling people dipshit you damn hypocrite. Since you don’t like me and want to be calling people names I’ll stick around for your dumbass. Obviously you feel some type of way when ppl call you out you big cry baby.

      2. Oh really dickhead? I didn’t know that. /s

        I think this will help the Wii U because people that are looking for a Wii after stores have stopped stocking them, will be told that it’s not being sold anymore. Then they are told about a new console that plays both Wii games and a new generation of games.

  2. This is a GREAT idea… been saying to my Wife, only people that are hurting Nintendo right now is Nintendo them selves. Nintendo was undercutting them selves by having the Wii out on store shelves still not giving consumers any incentive to upgrade to the Wii U. I think this is smart of Nintendo to push consumers into the Wii U.

    1. This is quite true. I bought the Wii in the beginning of 2013., already knowing everything there is to know about the Wii U. I simply did not want to miss out on the ‘current’ console and it’s features, regardless that the new one was already out.

      Now, if there wasn’t an option to choose between the two at the time, I would purchase the Wii U without a question, but I am pretty sure I would still feel like I missed out on the previous console.

        1. Yes of course, most people will say this. But it is quite alright, the Wii U won’t run away anywhere.

            1. Yeah but not before I am done with it. And trust me, it won’t be so soon. And even then it is questionable xd (I don’t have kids, my nephews have playst.)

    2. i disagree, the need for an upgrade should happen naturally, simply by virtue of having a new console that is substantially fresher and more attractive to new customers. Ninty pulled the plug too soon and stopped supporting the wii a while back. This is the console that could have matched the PS2’s lifetime sales, had it been supported thoroughly.. i feel they droped the ball about a year ago..the wii @ $69.99 on shelves would still fly off

  3. The Wii lives on in the 100,000,000 units already in circulation and on the gamepads of our Wiiu’s ;)

    Can’t wait to try the Wii off tv play. I remember this time last year, everyone on this site was touting Wii off tv play as a big feature, and we were all pissed when it didn’t arrive.

    But now we have it!!!! I’m looking at my Wii library in a new light , I want to play them all again!

    1. Off tv play is still a shit feature. who in their right mind would want to swing a controller infront of an itty shitty portable screen

        1. It’s awesome but it’s not perfect.

          I am not pleased to see that the Wii game image gets compressed aswell. The module has way more than enough bandwith to stream the Wii feed uncompressed.

          By the way remote play works quite well when using two connections (PS3 cable, Vita wireless).

          Try it out and play the stuff in its awesome form instead of its welfare form.

  4. The Wii was a very good console and no one had ever done anything like it before, which really helped its sales. Wii needs to stop being manufactured, so Wii U can take its crown.

  5. The Nintendo wii was a great console, but, the company does see a downfall in sales these days….
    I’d say let’s let nintendo cut its losses and stop producing it, if they would like to!

    1. Why “was” js it going away? Do you stop liking consoles when they don’t get produced anmore? If so then the Gamecube and 3 more are sucking really bad then…. :P

  6. Too soon? Hell no. Buying a Wii U is like buying a Wii anyway… actually, now with off-tv play, it’s even better than buying the original console.

    1. As much as it is reasonable to see it that way, I think that it actually isn’t the “same thing & even better”. I’ll unfortunatelly make this a bit longer cause it is just an interesting topic to me. Since I don’t have the console (yet) altho I read pretty much everything about it, I might be wrong in many details but hear me out :P

      I find the two consoles different, same as I find GC and Wii different. The whole Wii experience was heavily based on motion controls, and on the other hand the Wii U’s primary emphasis is on the gamepad interaction with tv, which I find completely different – a more handheld/tablet/smartphone-like experience. Now, I know that Wii U supports wiimotes as well, but when you sepcifically look at how the both of the consoles come right out-of-the-box, the two of them provide completely different experiences.

      Yes, there were some hints in the beginning that the gamepad would interact with the wiimotes in a new complementary way, making the motion controlling experience richer on more levels (in example swinging the wiimote golf club over the golf ball displayed on the gamepad screen laying on the floor lol), but so far I do not see devs making efforts in that direction. Usually the gamepad serves as a map/item repository or an off-tv feature, and doesn’t really require motion controlling if not necessary.

      For someone to play the ‘Wii experience’ through the Wii U one would have to have the Wiimote controllers to start with. If you already owned a Wii prior to purchasing the new console this is not a problem at all, but for a fresh owner this might be a drag.

      Then there is the Wii app that leads you to the half-functonal Wii system menu mockup from where you load the game. I also learned that when playing some Wii wi-fi games, in some of them the menu options are strapped from full functionality of the original.

      The off-tv Wii mode is new to me and I could only guess it might be strange to play miniature-screen version with shaking the motion controls in front of it, but I haven’t tried it so idk.

      What I am trying to say is that it truly IS “the same thing & even better” for someone who already had the older console prior to the new one, but for a fresh adopter, I’d say it is not the same thing, and it doesn’t really encourage you to try the backward compatible features.

      Essay end.xd

  7. Yeah, the Wii had a good run. it out beat Ps3 and 360, and it left it’s mark as starting the motion control revolution.
    The Wii lives on it the Wii U anyhow, so in way, it’s not going anywhere, and it left behind some pretty amazing games that I’ll always cherish. (Xenoblade, The Last Story, SSBB, Mario Galaxy1-2, etc.)
    and plus, stopping production will give more attention to the Wii U, and save them money as well. So it’s win-win.

  8. They should also cease production of their failed Wii U baby excuse of a console manufactured on 7 year old hardware. Then they could try again and make a real next gen system.

    1. The wii u is the better “wii”
      I’d say, let it have its run, it will cease to sell overall, when the time is right
      If it doesn’t sell at $ 400, Nintendo might reduce the price!

  9. too soon? 1. wiis are extremely cheap everywhere you can find one. 2. the wiiu is backwards compatible. so no it’s definitely not too soon. hell I got a new wii last month for $40. modded the shit out of it.

  10. I personally think they should have gotten rid of the Wii very shortly after release of Wii U. A lot of people continue to buy Wii without knowing about Wii U. That way if someone wants a Wii, their only option is Wii U which eventually the would like. Obviously though, Nintendo does what is best for all.

  11. As sad as it is to say, the Wii was my least favorite out of all major Nintendo consoles. It only had a small batch of GOOD games that I actually loved. Such as the 2 Mario Galaxy games, Smash Bros. Brawl, Zelda: Skyward Sword and a few others. For the most part, the motion controls ruined it for me. As a kid, I would have LOVED the motion controls (probably). But I’m 35, and all of that motion stuff feels childish and uncalled for. I don’t appreciate being forced to look and feel like an ass when playing a game.

    I haven’t bought the Wii U yet (because I’m holding out for a new color). But I can only hope it’s much better than the Wii was. Can’t wait to play Pikmin 3. I’ve never played an HD game before. It’s going to be exciting.

  12. Aw, that makes me sad.
    If it weren’t for the Wii and Twilight Princess, I probably never would have discovered Zelda, or come to like Nintendo so much.

  13. With this, Nintendo is completely dead.

    And the sad thing is, the Wii was both a good and bad system.

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