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Pokemon X & Y Have Apparently Been Released Early In Canada And Italy


A number of reports are coming in online suggesting that Pokemon X & Y have been released early in both Italy and Canada. The game is supposed to be released on October 12th worldwide, but it seems a small number of stores have already received the game and have broken the street date. I’m not entirely sure which stores are breaking the street date, but it’s worth hunting around.

199 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y Have Apparently Been Released Early In Canada And Italy”

    1. HATER’S THE LOT OF YOU ARE JUST HATER’S.If the shoe was on the other foot you guy’s would be thrilled beyond word’s and trolling the hell out of out these lucky bastard’s that’s you got it first.And you know this!

      1. Well I certainly won’t be posting it ALL OVER INTSAGRAM AND THE INTERNET. Sure, be glad you got the game, but why not keep it to your Canadian & Italian friends (who probably also have the game), hmm?

        Plus, it’s like throwing shit on Game Freak’s hard work of localising everything, so that we can have a *worldwide release*.

        1. it’s not out in Canada. Just a couple people have gotten it through connections or ill-acquired means. The coverage is just better because it’s pokemon, this happens with virtually any game release in any country.

          1. Yeah? :/ I dunno, I’m just really hoping it doesn’t throw the prospect of any future worldwide releases for Pokemon out the window…

            For the time being, I’m gonna avoid the likes of instagram and gameplay leaks now.

        2. Okay, I’m Canadian and I can’t find it. Anywhere. This is not a good feeling. This is not entitling Canadians and Italians to the game early, even if not getting one of the short ends of the stick would be nice. Canada is a big country. What province was he from? We don’t even know that, let alone the store. Humbug.

      2. Your absolutely right, I know if it was a store near me I’d be playing it while avoiding looking at the media lol

      3. Well I mean for me at least I was pretty psyched to find out there was a global release. For once I would be able to go through a pokemon game with everyone else and possibly discover new things before anyone else. That’s going to be gone in 10 days probably. It’s not really hating it’s more of just disappointment that those stores couldn’t follow directions.

      4. I wouldn’t. I would have kept it and all spoilers under my hat, just like my seething hate boiling under the surface for those who got it early. I’m eating the spoilers like a starving man looking for scraps but still.

      5. Actually, I’d still be pissed and insist on picking up my copy on Saturday because this was supposed to be a big thing for Game Freak. They’ve wanted to do a simultaneous world wide release for a LONG TIME, they were SUPPOSED to get it with X&Y, but Canada and Italy have stolen that from them.

      6. I don’t think it is fair either. See even if the shoe was on the other foot, I would not play the game. It’s the principle of the matter… Now I see why the world is the way that it is… Not mad, just thought I’d give a different view from what everyone else seems to think.

      1. No, FUCK YOU, U SACK OF SHIT. Idc where you’re from, Canadians are the supreme race on this earth.

        L O S E R :P

      2. Mind your mouth! It’s not released here yet. If it was I would have the game bought and playing it now….. not replying to this shit.

        1. Hahaha, it’s sad to say but… yeah, they knew they had it coming. :P Can’t even call themselves retailers… party poopers more like it.

      1. Wishing for someone’s death and making death threats because of a video game is never acceptable. I’m seeing a rise of this in the gaming community and it needs to stop. I don’t care if you’re joking, it makes people feel threatened and bullied.

    1. Lol, wut? I’m pretty annoyed too but that’d cause waaay too many problems… :P

      I read somewhere that Masuda had been hoping for a worldwide release for years now, and the main reason is that he wanted players to interact & exchange with one another, in a totally new region. Whether they’d have another worldwide release, would depend on how the players take it.

      Hence, why I’m pissed that ppl had the audacity to mess this up. Organising a *worldwide* release is NOT a walk in the park, guys. Geez. I hope the culprits get caught soon and pay dearly for their mistake. >:(

        1. Same here. I bought HG & BW2, but haven’t even touched them, I honestly can’t bring myself to. The last Pokemon game I had fun playing was Sapphire. ‘Tried Pearl, thought it sucked. Tried Black, though better, it was still bland & I don’t plan to buy X/Y.

        2. Completely agreed. Black and White was fun and all, but nothing special. I didn’t bother picking up the sequel. This will probably be a game that i’ll get when people keep recommending it to me and i have some extra money.

        1. It probably was Quebec. Think about it. That guy was a chain smoker with tats and [stereotype stereotype stereotype] Montreal [stereotype].
          ^ A joke. Seriously, though, it’d be just my luck if it was Quebec or BC. I’m an Ontarian and just because big events happen here doesn’t mean they’re the cool ones. ;)

    1. It was apparently one, and they’re probably going to be punished. Canadians aren’t receiving a special deal or anything, you fool.

    1. Even though I am Canadian and I don’t have an early copy, I must say, CANADA GETS NOTHING SPECIAL NINTENDO WISE. So we deserve something like this. Canada hasn’t gotten a pre-order bonus with a Nintendo game since Mario kart 7 on the 3DS…Canada gets NOTHING special so for once we get something even though it does nothing for me…

        1. They have video games in Mexico?I mean other than our hand me down U.S Atari 2600’s?With the original N.E.S launching in time for Xmas

          1. Sad, puny coward, idiocy only rivalled by it’s own inmeasurable ignorance, and insignificance. Still, I say that you be eaten by pirañas (hopefully in a creative way, so your life serves some purpose).

      1. Dragonsilths,What the F are you talking about.You hoser’s got the exclusive Wii Mini.What more could you ever ask

  1. Now it is time for us to embark on our own Pokémon journeys. We shall begin our travels in a brand new region, Canada.

    1. Without a Pokémon with you, you wont survive the wilderness. Go to the professors lab, he says he wants to talk to you…

    1. Lol Yeah, but you have to understand most people want to go in blind and knowing the internet will spread with wild fire of spoilers.

        1. would it hurt that someone might want to try a blind nuzlocke run and not have to encounter leaks while surfing the web for other reasons say, uh, research for school projects or help from the interwebs? Sure, I planned a few pokemon on my team, but I’d liked to be surprised every once in a while…

      1. Just don’t read said spoilers now that you know they are out there.Problem solved.It’s less than 2 week’s.

  2. TO CANADAAAAaaaaa…wait, where is that thing i thougth the world was called “america”…nahhh fuck all of you im in italy

    1. Because people paid for those copies. Like it or not, its not the consumers fault that the retailer released it earlier. Plus this is nintendo we’re talking about, it rarely does patches lol

    1. “The fuck they couldn’t wait 11 more days?”

      Would you? I know I wouldn’t. I think you’re just a tad jealous, and hey man…I am too.

  3. Oh well its not like he can post anything new without the threat of getting a lawsuit thrown against them. Serebii got in trouble with that a few years ago

  4. Funny how that dude is posting pictures. because everyone will want to see the pictures and what not. yet there not suppose to before the release date and if the pokemon page saw this they will contact japan by anything else. that happens. and i think he’s hiding out because he’s always posting in a dark room and he looked nervous for posting them

    1. Nintendo already flew someone out to the shop that sold the copy. The IG user posting the pics already turned his copy in. Do your research idiot.

  5. God damn it Italy and Canada, you fucked up! You ruined the first worldwide release of a pokemon game! You ruined a chance to make great history!

      1. It was 1 store in all of Canada, U can’t blame an entire country for 1 place’s HUGE fuck up. Besides, Nintendo and GF should’ve sent the copies of the game at a point in time when it would’ve reached each destination just before the release date, not 2 weeks ahead of time.

  6. GOOD! Leak all the Pokemons now!!! Someone should get an early copy of Super Smash Bros 4 so they can leak all the characters from that game as well!

  7. Man, I have to say I’m disappointed. The worldwide release was something that really hyped up pokemon fans. It was also something that made a few people who were getting bored of Pokemon, a bit more interested. What makes me even more irritated is that the guy probably knew that he was getting the game before most of the world, but he still chose to post several pics of gameplay. *Sigh* The only positive I can see coming from this would be if we all get the game within this week, and even that doesn’t really make me feel better.

  8. That’s dumb.. I’m from Canada and I was told (and my preorder receipt says) that the game comes out on the 12th. So where people are getting these games, I’d love to know so I can squish them :3

  9. Obviously no chain is selling these games or else there’d be a massive outbreak of info. It was likely just a couple of employees from game stores that stole a copy to play.

    1. Not exactly. I’ve recently seen pictures of some unknown stores already selling them on there shelves.

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  11. that is because virtually there is no world wide release date. some countries, regions get copy earlier and some not. it’s just that with all the pegi and other organisations they just pushed date back in regions where it could be released earlier to simultaneously release it at the same time in all places.

  12. Don’t look at the Instagram , he’s spoiling a lot of things , I wish I didn’t look :( he’s basically showing gym badges and new pokemon

    1. I couldn’t care less about the guy, leaking everything on instagram. #@%&

      Good thing you’re stopping while you still can. :/

  13. I know most people are not as upset as I and some people are, but come on. I got myself all hyped up for these two games. Finally a game that a every country will have to wait and get on the same day. No more Japan getting it first (yes I know they still won’t get X and Y first, but you get what I mean). No more spoilers (with exception of Nintendo releasing spoilers). Finally the internet won’t ruin my excitement. WELL GUESS WHAT. CANADA AND ITALY DECIDED TO BE ASS BAGS (sorry Canadians and Italians). I used to get all excited waiting for new Pokemon games to come out as a kid. But with the whole rom and emulator crap that got widely popular, my excitement slowly diminished. You all must know that excitement you got when you hear about a new Pokemon game on TV or in a magazine as a kid. That feeling you got when you waited many months as a kid for the new game to come out and the rush of excitement when you get your hands on it and start playing. That wonderful kid feeling. Mainly because now I didn’t have to wait. I could just easily download and play them shortly after Japan releases them. After that my excitement for Pokemon games just started to grow dull (ranging from Platinum to B2/W2). Sure I played and enjoyed them, but the excitement I got waiting for them and playing them blindly just wasn’t there anymore. Then finally something like X and Y gave me a chance to to build that excitement again like I did as a kid. I get to have that same feeling I did as a kid when playing Pokemon. Then this crap happens. Sure I’ll still can’t wait to get the games, but now most of my excitement has just been ripped out and torn to shreds. No I got to salvage what excitement I have left and avoid the internet of spoilers till release date. It’s just wrong people. It just kills the kid in me. :/

      1. I know, but now because of these leaks all the jerks on the internet are gonna spread the pictures like wildfire and avoiding even a single picture will be impossible. Now I got to start an internet blackout for myself till the official release date.

    1. THIS.

      I mean seriously… WHY THE HELL did Canada and Italy have to ruin this great event?? Those retailers and buyers who leaked everything are in the *wrong* and they know that.

      For the first time ever, I was getting excited about discovering the Kalos region at the same time as Pokemon fans everywhere… but I guess we know who just booted themselves out of the party. Bravo, Canadian & Italian culprits… you shall be remembered on October 12th. But for all the wrong reasons. >:/

      1. Damn straight! This was one of the very first Pokemon games I’ve got very excited for in awhile. The DS Pokemon games didn’t excite me as much because I was exposed to roms and whatnot. Now I finally had a chance to feel like a little kid again waiting for a Pokemon game…..NOW THAT FEELING HAS BEEN CRUSHED.

      2. I don’t like when people like you blame my government and all of its citizens for the actions of a few people living here. Don’t be “that guy” who makes broad generalizations based on so very little. “That guy” isn’t well-liked in the long run.

        I’m Canadian but I have no knowledge of anywhere that sells this this early. My money is on it being a small store with workers who confused. Maybe they missed the “1” in “12” and just saw “October 2.” I don’t know. It was a mistake and it probably won’t be long until they hear about it.

  14. Why are you blaming an entire country for a few people? I am Canadian and I dislike being grouped in with the spoilers. >_>

    1. THANK YOU. I’m actually rather startled by all these aggressive comments. /I/ certainly wasn’t the one who sold the game early, nor are most citizens of the country. I’m still trying to avoid spoilers until the 12th. :T

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  16. I can honeslty say yes I would probably rub it in my friends face (who lives in Australia and another lives in Japan)
    But meh no biggy :P I can wait

  17. Even if the games appear early and later…I can’t get the game on 12th october ;u; in Spain it’s a day that anybody works…

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    1. You must not have been watching much Canadian news lately. If “death” is interesting then we’ve got “interesting” in busloads and trainloads. Disgusting pun intended.

  19. Hah, Canadians and Italians are starting to understand how it feels for Americans when we’re blamed for things. A whole country generalized by a few people.

  20. This upsets me because the pokemon company wanted the whole world to experience it on the same day, so that Everyone could be even instead f their traditional method of releasing games in japan first

  21. ummm I live in Newfoundland, Canada! ..and I can tell you for sure, if it was released today I would of bought it TODAY! So no, Newfoundland Canada definitely doesn’t have the game out for sale yet.

  22. Will you guys SHUT UP about Canadians!!!!
    I’m Canadian and the whole early release thing is just a troll made by people how?
    photoshop!! Ebgames worker!! ugh just shut up and stop being ethnocentric!!!
    Canadians are really cool!! There really nice, have 10 times less deaths, have universal health care and many more things you Americans don’t have and one of them ISN’T pokemon x and y. Now dont get me wrong Americans are pretty cool but Canada is 20 % cooler than all you americans! So just SHUT UP!

  23. Why is no one questioning this as fake? Even if ONE store sold the games early then dozens of people would have them by now. Why is only ONE person posting pictures and has all 3 evolutions? Seems fishy to me.

  24. I’m more mad at the fact that i was told it was going to be a world wide release and it turns out I feel really cheated right now, and that the fact that stuff about the game I wanted to find outnPlaying the game I found while scrolling thru my Facebook.

  25. The lovely people from ShowVideoGames on twitch are gonna be doing a 720 Hour Pokemon Marathon of X and Y on October 12th – November 12th. You’ll be able to battle them during the marathon if you have the game. There will be a lot of fun during the stream and they want to make a big Pokemon community come check them out.

  26. This is the story, a Canadian man had a friend who worked at a game store who had x and y stock ready for the 12th but he bought a copy from his friend early and posted on Instagram photos, Nintendo found out about the leaking and flew a representative to the shop in Canada and the man gave up his copy so the store didn’t have to face nintendos legal division and so the friend didn’t lose his job. And the Italians are game reviewers who got the game to review it and they decided to leak a few things but they stopped to avoid a lawsuit as well

  27. TO EVERYONE! From a very angry Canadian gamer,
    Before you start shooting the Canadian’s and Italian’s you cant blame everyone who lives there. Not is getting them. I personally have to wait because in my province they freaking care. Also it’s most likely a false. I have a friend in BC who get everything early and they haven;t got it yet so I’m concerned it’s a false. Besides if it was in your place of living you’d be happy as everyone else is angry. Also to many who don’t know where canada is one does not simple call Canada, America and gets away with it. You do know we are not part of USA right? Well government wise anyways and it would be stupid for countries to bomb Canada where else would the world get there fresh water and wood from :D because Canada is stuck like the rest of the world waiting.

  28. I just came back from sulking about this to a guy I know who works at GameStop here in Norway and the rule is this:
    If any of you in Italia or Canada get a hold of proof of sale (a picture of a receipt will do) from anywhere in your country any store with a copy in the store can sell it to you without fear of fines. So if the guys who have bought can show us some receipts you can all go buy them and give us some proper leaks:-D

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  30. I for one think its a dick move to release these leaks. Nintendo worked hard but more importantly you’re spoiling the game for other people. Sure play your game but don’t post pictures on everything because it kills the hype for others who have ordered already and are waiting. Shame on the shops who released it. I’m glad they ripped that game back from people. Everyone should wait for a worldwide release.

  31. Wow, just wow. What a disgrace the people of this website are! For starters, I too am canadian. We’re a loving and compassionate nation and we put our own asses out to help other nations out of trouble way too much. To those of you talking about bombing and shit, I hope someone has more time on their hands than I do so they can report this site to the FBI, then the joke’s on you when you’re arested for terrorism. Wishful thinking, I know. It was a human being who got the game early and posted shit so why don’t we kill all the human beings right? Get a life, fokes. How about you get caught up on your school work while you’re waiting?

    To the person who stated the person revealing the info should go blind, I’m blind and happen to be decent at Pokemon (see My friend is also blind and is amazing at pokemon (see Just a little education for you.
    Now, to the issue itself. Nintendo / gamefreak are the ones who decided to ship the games weeks early so they practically asked for it. If the release date was really that important they should have required the games to connect once to an activation server which wouldn’t respond or be online before the date. Most stores have wifi so those without internet could activate as soon as they get the game before they even get home. Problem solved.
    To the person suggesting that nintendo release a virus to temporarily disable wild copies, it’s a nice idea but the games would have had to be programmed to look for that. It wouldn’t work if the DS wasn’t connected to the internet either.
    Just my pointless $0.02 here.

  32. I live in the city where the game was released early. In fact, a friend of mine is one of the people who got it. Basically, about five of them were there trading in games when the manage of the store asked if they wanted to buy Pokemon X and Y early. The store in question is NOTORIOUS for doing this, and has already released two Mario titles early in the past without getting in trouble for it, so I guess the guy got a bit cocky about it, and gave it to the wrong person.

    Should have seen my face when he texted me saying “Guess who’s playing Pokemon X?”

  33. The lovely people from ShowVideoGames on twitch are gonna be doing a 720 Hour Pokemon Marathon of X and Y on October 12th – November 12th. You’ll be able to battle them during the marathon if you have the game. There will be a lot of fun during the stream and they want to make a big Pokemon community come check them out.

  34. I’m Canadian and not sure I even want to check for a store near me that would possible have it because honestly I got into Pokemon because of a friend in the states who gets the opposite of me all the time so that we can exchange Pokemon and the like. I have Pokemon Black and Black 2 and they have White and White 2. This was going to be the same until now I see that its released in Canada supposedly already… Come on everyone should have it at once us Canadian’s shouldn’t have it sooner then others.

  35. I know one shoppers drugmart sold to a friend… like wtf?! I work in the store and in the photolab i refused to even buy it for myself because rules say u cant sell a game before the release date… it wasnt even in the system until wednesday… so if you reading this you know who you and your gonna get in trouble.

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