Capcom Europe To Cut More Than 50% Of Its Staff


It has emerged that Capcom Europe is planning to cut half of its staff in a major restructure following a difficult year. The western branch of the acclaimed studio has suffered from a number of high-profile titles not performing to the company’s expectations. More than half of the European arm faces redundancy, with a number of jobs set to merge.

“Following a restructure at its US operation, Capcom’s European organisation is currently evaluating its structure to ensure it is in the best position to take advantage of the changing market conditions the industry is facing.”


        1. I’m asking you, you seem to caught up in the “Nintendo is doomed” boat, i’d like your opinion on how your favourite company is practically dead and selling off assets just to pay off debts. Which they still haven’t been able to pay 20% off.

                    1. If you’re a Nintendrone, then why do you criticise them all the time?

    1. But they’re not gonna bring him back. Or should I say…bring him Beck. (Hope someone gets it) I hope Capcom crashes and burns. That company died a long time ago, now it’s nothing more than a zombie.

      1. Nyeheheheh Beck but no seriously, they should of let Keiji Inafune finish Mega Man Legends 3 and Universe.

  1. AHHH shit!! there goes my job!! im not even from europe but i know they will fire me….. they will fall down with me. first thq then crapcom, than the most unoriginal developer after cod devs nintendo.

    1. You tell em lass. Rare is best dev ever. Have you played Kameo? Its the best game and most imaginative game ever. It gets all the praise deservely. Rare knows what they are doing unlike nintendo.

  2. First Sega of America and now Capccom Europe. Such a shame that big names need to go through something like this when they look like they have money.

  3. I don’t get it. Why? Capcom used to be one of the very best third party game companies. Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil etc. Not to mention those great Disney NES and SNES games they made. What happened to Capcom?

    1. To begin with they canceled MegaMan projects and utterly destroyed the Resident Evil franchise…

    2. Suits man who wanted more and more. They probably kicked those people away to line more up to their own pockets.

    3. This generation was a massive sinkhole for pretty much every developer besides activision and Nintendo (other big companies such as EA did survive pretty well throughout this gen but they did shut down studios/lay off quite a few people).

      I think later on this gen capcom started to go down hill, though RE5 was ok you could tell they wanted to go for a slice of the CoD pie. When ORC arrived you could tell this was the case and by this time, the market was saturated with CoD clones.

      1. Hate this fucking Cod clones they suck ballz just like Killzone shadowfall fucking fail.Xbone and Ps4 dominate this generation because of innovation.Period.

  4. Good luck to the former employees… Finding a safe place in video game industry is very hard and they probably thought they got one with Crapcom :/

    1. Yeah, well it is the way of life. Not everyone is meant to stay employed ya’ know. Can’t feel sad for every poor sap who loses their job. You’d die of sadness. 💋

  5. Nintendo is the greatest Company in the world Nobody is better than Nintendo.Next year wonderful games come out.X,Mk8,Zelda,Donkey kong,Smash bros,LM2,Bayonetta2,Star wars Bf3,Fifa 15,Sonic 3d,Half life 3 and so on.No one is hateing Nintendo.

    1. they can help working on Mighty Nr.9 for the wii u or just give the rights nintendo.You know what i think Nintendo own allready the rights for Mega Man look he is a character in Smash Bros.

  6. Shame they lost their jobs, Capcom, really needed to focus on the principle franchises namely Mega Man and Pheonix Wright, perhaps if Nintendo buy out these franchises it can restore them, id love to see Mega Man as a full time Nintendo employee

  7. Why instead of cutting staff you cut the bullshit and start making good, complete and affordable games?

    Or better yet, you sell yourself to Nintendo, they will cut the shit out of you and at the same time will give you tons of money to make good games with out the need to fire noone.

  8. please understand this is what happens when you let talented key game designers like Shinji Mikami,Kenji Inafune,Yoshiki Okamoto leave capcom.

    I will be buying Capcom for the Monster Hunter IP


  9. Yeah well… CAPCOM games aren’t fun. I can’t think of a single franchise I actually like of theirs… Never played Megaman, Don’t like Resident Evil, and Street Fighter is pretty lame the characters aren’t interesting at all. Other than those 3 franchises (which I don’t care about at all) I can’t even think of another major Capcom franchise…oh wait Monster Hunter, right?- yeah don’t care about those games either… 💋

    1. @mammajynx,
      You must be a fairly young gamer to have never played any Mega Man games. I played Mega Man games ever since they first released on the NES. That’s what made me a fan of the blue bomber. The games are SO fun and challenging. Mega Man X is similar, but it just doesn’t have the same appeal. I normally don’t care about games based on robots. But Mega Man is an exception. He’s the one third-party character that FEELS first-party.

      Resident Evil 4 was AWESOME. If you never played it, you should give it a chance. It was my first RE game, and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, none of the others seems to be as fun.

      When Street Fighter II first came out, it was mind-blowing and awesome! Never had anyone ever seen such a great fighting game before that. I was a HUGE fan back in my teen years. But then one day, something happened that pulled me away from Street Fighter II. And that something was called, Mortal Kombat. Case closed.

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