New Sonic Game Apparently In Development Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U: Sonic Thunderstorm Or Sonic Blue Thunder


VG Leaks is reporting that Sega is preparing a brand new Sonic title for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Wii U. According to their source the game will be called Sonic Thunderstorm or Sonic Blue Thunder and should be announced in May 1st of 2014. This information should be treated one hundred percent as a rumour at present. Here’s the details.


  • A new hedgehog character will be named Static the Hedgehog.
  • A new hedgehog will be a teenage clone of Sonic.
  • Knuckles, Rouge and Eggman will have teenage clones, like Sonic. Knuckles’ teenage clone will be male and be named Slash the Echidna.
  • Rouge’s teenage clone will be female and be named Debra the Bat.
  • Dr Eggman’s teenage clone will be male and be named Eggman.Jr.
  • Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge’s teenage clones will have robot partners.
  • Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Static will be playable.
  • Tails, Knuckles, Rogue, Omega, Blaze, Amy, Slash and Debra will also be playable.
  • Dr.Eggman, Eggman Jr, Cream, Team Chaotix and Marine will be non-playable.
  • Static, Slash and Debra will be inspired by Super Sentai.
  • Characters will return, including Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega, Cream, Team Chaotix, Blaze, Silver and Marine


  • This game will feature 29 levels, objects, a return of old small animals and Chaos Drives with new animals, also the return of Chao Garden.
  • This gameplay will change characters like in Sonic Heroes.
  • Hedgehog Engine will return to work on this game like it worked on Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations.
  • This game will be similar to Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World.
  • Color Powers will not return in this game, except Orbot and Cubot with a new female counterpart.
  • Static’s robot partner will be a wolf-type with a motorcycle form.
  • Slash’s robot partner will be a bear-type with a selfish mood.
  • Debra’s robot partner will be a kitten-type with smarts.
  • Static the Hedgehog’s element will be Lightning.
  • Slash the Echidna’s element will be Earth.
  • Debra the Bat’s element will be Love.
  • Eggman Jr will be the main antagonist while Dr. Eggman will be a secondary antagonist.
  • Chaos Emeralds will return.
  • A new Chao Garden will have past gardens and new gardens.
  • Black Market will return, also past fruits and masks and colorful Chao eggs from SA2B and SADX.
  • Static, Slash and Debra’s levels will be inspired by Sonic the Werehog’s levels, also they will have gadgets.
  • This game will be inspired by Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic 2006.
  • This game will set to release next year.
  • This game will follow 4 story modes.
  • Wi-fi will transfer Chao data.
  • Tiny Chao Garden will be DLC and will be on PSVITA And 3DS.

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    1. This sounds way out there and ridiculous. I’m finding most of this info to be very hard to believe. Guess we will see.

    2. This has to be fake, first of all why would they say teenage clones of them? 3 of them are already teenagers wtf. And considering Sega has been listening to it’s fans a bit more lately, I highly doubt they’re going to dump a bunch of new characters on us again.

  1. It would be great if it was true. What you tough that I would say that it should be a exclusive?

    1. This would be fucking terrible if it were true. The gameplay of Sonic Heroes won’t work with Generations/Lost World. We don’t need bad Fancharacters being in games now. There’s no way that there’s going to be a Teenage Clone of Sonic that’s named STATIC. This sounds like something off the Fantendo Wiki.

    2. agreed i think 06 will be remade since the sold game was the beta **cufs fucking fan-boys wanted it early those jerks** and the alpha is still in other things and this sound fan made

      1. They are not developing Smash Bros. so is not the third game, also, SEGA said it is not Smash Bros.

    1. dafuq, some internet nobody dumbass who managed not to misspell her name as “rogue”? An accident, surely.

  2. Wow this literally looks like a fan fiction and people are dumb if they believe this is true

    1. Didn’t you say Sonic games are kiddy? But because its going on other platforms, then it’s not kiddy right?

  3. “This information should be treated one hundred percent as a rumour at present.”
    thank you so much for writing this, but you should put it in the title
    also when has vgleaks ever been right?

  4. That’s waaaaayyy too much information, which makes me 99% sure this rumor is bullshit, sounds like something a sonic fan, been dreaming of for the past ten years….

  5. Lost world is the only Sonic game that I’ve been interested in since Sonic 3, but i’m still not interested enough to buy it..

  6. That’s waaaaayyy too much information, which makes me 99% sure this rumor is bullshit, sounds like something a sonic fan, been dreaming of for the past ten years

    1. Agreed. But I wish Sega would take it and run with it, but make the play style like the new Sonic coming out.

      1. I know right? But I thought there was an article saying Sega was just gonna make sonic games for Nintendo, because that’s the most popular system for sonic games, I might’ve been reading wrong tho….

  7. This is fake guys, it’s all coming from the imagination of a kid who is obsessed about this dreamgame of his

  8. It’s already fake; Sega confirmed last year that Big won’t be in anymore Sonic games in the future. Move along!

    1. They also said they would only be working on 3 franchises, but look at them now. 13 franchises were at TGS this year.

      Although, this does sound pretty fake.

  9. Obvius fake because of 2 reasons.

    1. There’s way too much information for a title that’s not even being worked on atm.
    2. there’s still 1 Nintendo exclusive Sonic title left.

  10. As much as I want this to be true… I pretty much know that it isn’t. It’s totally fake, I mean “Similar to Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World.” Seriously? How can it be similar to ALL those games? They all play very differently!!!… this news is as good as FAKE. 💋

  11. Shit guys, it’s not like we pay money to view articles here, hell, they don’t even require we log in. Why does everyone feel the right to critique the hell out of this blog?

    Go make your own blogs.

    Anyway, I’m interested to know if Sega will respond to this.

  12. I think we are all missing the main point here.


    Anyone else think that sounds weird?


    1. You don’t like Lost World? are you one of those furfags who want dramatic teenagers, stupid relationships and guns in his furry game?

  14. Its obviously MEGA FAKE. Static the Hedgehog is an old fan art character.
    Please, do some research before post. Like.. Google. Just ten seconds.

      1. He looks like he’s on steroids haha. He wouldn’t fit in a Sonic game at all. And this lame rumor says he would be a teenage clone of Sonic? He doesn’t look like a teen at all, and he’s way more ripped than Sonic. Rumors. Oh brother. I never heard of him before, so thanks for posting the pic.

  15. “Apparently” is the keyword in this article. The whole thing sounds entirely fake, like it was fanmade. Seriously, new characters? and all of them teenagers? and clones? Considering how the franchise is fearful to bring back the “friends”, I doubt this one will bring even more friends than before. Also, I doubt the deal will finish before May of 2014. It’s too soon for another Sonic exclusive.

  16. I believe this game is the relation and answer to the newly announced Sonic CG cartoon releasing next year; much like the new Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures gig. Sounds interesting. :3

  17. – This game will be inspired by Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic 2006.
    – This game will be similar to Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World.

    So this game doesn’t know which Sonic game it’ll be based on
    …good to know

    I know this has been said to death, but everything in this post screams fake! The game is similar to almost every (console) Sonic game in existence (aside from the classics), it has 12 playable characters, will be released next year on all platforms and has this much information without a single trailer before the release of Lost World…

    It feels like this was built as an intended joke. I mean this is the kind of thing I would have expected to see on a meme website during the dark ages of Sonic, lol!

  18. There’s absolutely no way this is true, and if it is… Ugh. SEGA is going to have a repeat of just how awful Sonic ’06 was.

  19. Wow sounds awesome! Too soon to leak/announce since Sonic: Lost World will be released soon.

  20. Guys… you clearly haven’t researched this further.

    This is fake. Thoroughly and truly fake. This is just an idea some braindead twat on Twitter wouldn’t shut up and pester various VAs, Sonic news sites (I would know as a writer for The Sonic Stadium, he keeps on sending this crap our way), and SEGA themselves about, it’s been months.

    Just some fanwank fantasy, nothing more.

  21. Oh my fucking god I remember this. This is a fucking joke and I hope no one is taking this seriously.

  22. FAKE!!! In fact it’s more fake than EA’s “tremendous partnership” with Nintendo…

  23. There is too much detail in this post for it to be true. Plus, most of these details seem to be ripped off of some site for a fan fiction game. The next Sonic game is going to be Nintendo EXCLUSIVE, anyway.

  24. I guess this is how journalism works. Doesn’t matter if its true or fake, to which no shit its fake, as long as it gets us hits who gives a flying pigs ass.

  25. This is so fake its not funny

    this is a fan-fic some random person came up with (a lot of you already said it but I gotta vent my opinions) and if this was real… wont get it

    IDC how big of a sonic fan I am, I wouldn’t touch this sht without reviews

    lol can’t believe people believed this

    you know its fake when he said clone characters

  26. News site posts what is essentially Sonic fan fiction as "exclusive leaked game". This is too good.— Aaron Webber (@RubyEclipse) October 4, 2013

    Further confirmation it’s bullshit, from SEGA’s Aaron Webber himself.

  27. My favourite pokemon is sonic so i guess that this tittle from the halo franchise would be awesome!!!!

  28. This is literally the fakest thing I’ve heard all day.
    This sounds like a horrible fanfiction by a sonic fan who can’t have his dreamgame

  29. What a load of bull, Sega has a partnership with Nintendo to bring 5 or was it 6? Sonic titles exclusively to Nintendo platforms, so announcing a multi-platform Sonic game right early on wouldn’t make any sense, Sega has also recently just realized that their Sonic audience is on Nintendo consoles not on Xbox or Playstation, so their focus for Sonic might be solely on Nintendo consoles since they see it as more profitable. And just reading its features gives it off as Bull Shit, it just reads as a disaster, especially when it states that it will be based off SA 1 and 2 and 2006, yeah…no

    1. It’s actually only 3 exclusives, but the point still stands that it should’ve been obvious this was fake.

  30. Sounds like a bad fanfic on deviantart.
    A REALLY bad fanfic.
    I think I’ll skip this Sonic game…

  31. Bullshit. What part of “three NINTENDO EXCLUSIVE games” did the person who made this up not understand?

  32. 1) Since when has Love ever been considered an element. 2) CHAO GARDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Time for some extreme breeding!

  33. But I want the gameplay to be like sonic lost world but with tails and knuckles being playable but I don’t like this teen thing to

  34. The fact some people believe this is a standing tribute to this website’s decline in overall quality. This sounds more akin to a bad DeviantArt fanfiction than it does a real game, and anyone who believes this is either incredibly gullible, or outright stupid.

  35. I don’t believe it but I do believe that tails will be playable and that it will be on the wii u only but I don’t believe that it will have teens in it

  36. Sounded fake, to begin with. Seriously, teenage clones of the main characters? Sounds like a horrible fanfiction idea… or fan characters.

  37. It seems to be fake to begin with. I would get it if they made a game to correspond the cartoon release of Sonic Boom to Cartoon Network (sorta like what Namco did with Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures) (if it we’re real, it could also explain why the silohuettes for the Sonic Boom characters aren’t like the original characters as well) but it seems unrealistic at this point.

  38. Wow, that may be the biggest batch of fake rumors I’ve ever seen.

    What would be the point of a “teenage” Sonic? He already acts like one. And given Sega’s success with games like Colors and Generations, I don’t think they’ll be willing to go to 4 characters.

  39. Please stop using this sonic picture it freaks me out, it’s filthy and looks like his hands are cut up. I mean come on there must be a million other pictures, this one is gross.

  40. Guess I got what I deserve
    Kept you waiting there, too long my love
    All that time, without a word
    Didn’t know you’d think, that I’d forget, or I’d regret

    The special love I have for you
    My baby blue

    1. You’re a real moron, you know that? One look at this should be enough to realize that this is some preteen’s fan fiction. Sega could never be this dumb.

  41. ok, doesn’t look likeI’m gonna love it (not a big fan of complex storylines and 36 characters to play as in a sonic game)

  42. This is so obviously fake. How is it, that the most obvious fake rumors of all time, manage to get onto news sites?

  43. Static could “Technically” make sense. If you read the Sonic Comics, then Sonic was once a normal brown Hedgehog, he had discovered his power by running on a treadmill. Static could very well be a modification of the normal Sonic from the Comics.

  44. wait but they already made more then 3 exclusives (Sonic and the secret rings,Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Colours, Sonic LOst world,etc) so their agreement should have ened long ago. and this idea seems cool but..fake but i do hope they make another sonic game

    1. You do know the first two games in this agreement was Sonic Lost World and the new Mario and Sonic right? I just had to reply to the small bit of ignorance in this comment

  45. This is FAKE.

    The guy who posted the original VGLeaks article about this has been trying to get his shitty-ass fanfiction fantasies passed off as “confirmed” for a long time now. Was the same with the Sonic Dimensions leak from ’12.






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  49. wow….not also this is fake but its very painful to read

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