Ubisoft Says 95% Of Watch Dogs Missions Can Be Completed Using Stealth Instead Of Weapons


Watch Dogs senior director Dominic Guay has told Polygon that roughly ninety-five percent of missions in the game can be completed using the stealth route, rather than using weapons. Guay says it’s entirely down to players how they decide to approach the game and that there are very few missions that will force the player to take the weapons route.

“About 95% of missions you can completely stealth through, or flee or chase without having to shoot. So it’s really player choice-driven. There are a very few, very limited amount of missions that will force you to kill people.”

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            1. Nah. That would be useless. You can play PS4 games on your Vita anywhere there’s an internet connection. At home or on the other side of the planet.

    1. I was debating on it too, but now that I know that the PS4 version comes with extra content and I’ll be able to play on my Vita no matter where I am (with a net connection, like work *YES*), I’m going for PS4.

      I was hoping the Wii U version had some better features for the gamepad so that I could put my Wii U to use more. ;/ *Zelda for now, then Sonic I guess*

      1. Wait, it’s actually confirmed for it to be streamed from any Internet connection? I thought I read something about it only streaming from the local network connection of your ps4. Hmmm, that’s cool if true. Although, it still wholly depends on the Internet connection if you want to experience it lag-free huh? xD

        1. Yeah, it has been confirmed (since day 1 I believe and then reconfirmed several times after). You can connect via a local connection at home, but when you want to play away from home, you can do so via a net connection.

          Also shown in this promotional video:

    2. Well…. i prefer the PS4 over Wii U in general for the most part. But, in this particular example i would rather choose the Wii U version. IMO playing WatchDogs with the Wii U controller feels more “nature” to me.

      1. I know the Vita and PS4 combo is similar to Wii U but:

        1. It costs more (Vita + PS4)
        2. I dont care about Vita…. i only care about PC, PS4, maybe Wii U (not yet) and maybe X1 in 2016/17 (lol)
        3. PS4 version has more content and trophies

        So, we cant decide which version is the superior one….. personal opinions all the way.

  1. This is now a Day one purchase x 2 for me. The gameplay, visuals, technical resources and game play. Add the WiiU’s gamepad and online and I will wait in line outside gamestop.

    1. Because if it was only about stealth it wouldn’t sell nearly as much as it would if you can kill people.

  2. I prefer Splinter Cell Blacklist where you have to do all missions in all 3 modes and perfectionist difficulty.

    1. thats the same! What he meant is that you could do it either but only 5% is forced shootouts.

  3. Now we wii u owners got our GTA! FUCK YOU ROCKSTAR GAMES FOR LET US DOWN.this game is an insta buy day 1

  4. Glad to see that we can rely on the stealth option instead of being forced into an all out shoot fest. This game just keeps sounding better and better.

  5. i pre-ordered vigilante edition already: D this game looks like fun, hopefully i didn’t make a wrong choice to buy it for wii u instead of ps4

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