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Is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Coming To Wii U?


A Newegg listing stumbled upon by a NeoGaf user has Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon advertised as an upcoming Wii U game with no official release date. Could this listing possibly be a secret held by Nintendo about an eventual HD port of the popular 3DS game? Is Nintendo trying to add a much-needed first-party title to its holiday lineup, or is this just an error or typo made by Newegg’s IT department? It certainly is odd that the listing allows customers to pre-order the game, as if a release is imminent. If Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon launched on Wii U, would you purchase the game, even after owning it on 3DS? Let us know in the comments.

144 thoughts on “Is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Coming To Wii U?”

      1. Both would be welcome. Online Multiplayer for a game like Dark Moon on a console would work a whole lot better–and so would the multiplayer for Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus would especially be good for left-handers like me, to use the right analog. And Imagine Dark Moon in HD? It would be amazing. Also welcoming in the possibility of Luigi’s Mansion on Virtual Console!

  1. Even if this were real I wouldn’t get it. I hated the one on N3DS enough already, I don’t need to spend another $50-$60 just to play it on Wii U

    1. Same, I wasn’t too happy with it. It was boring. I still haven’t even beaten the first mansion and I have no intentions to continue playing it. It is just collecting dust on my shelf. I would seriously rather stare into space than play this game.

      1. Are you serious? No! That’s crazy! The game gets alot better as you go on. And it gets pretty tricky. Especially since finishing it 100% is so difficult. And Multiplayer is crazy fun. Seriously, give it another go.

    2. Actually I did play through the entire game, start to finish, and it’s just ridiculous. If you like it that’s great, but I found the entire game to be really boring. AND WAY TOO EASY. Although, admittedly I haven’t caught all the ghosts, Boos, or collected all the gems, but everytime I try I play for 5 minutes and I get ridiculously bored with it and end up switching games. Just my opinion though.

      1. that was a conversation with a customer representative who only reads whatever she is supposed to read, she has no knowledge of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and the fact that it is on the 3DS. It is highly possible she just – in order to get over with the conversation – spewed the same nonsense every customer rep does. “Our website is fairly accurate, please trust us, thank you have a nice day.”

          1. Dead serious but you know Nintendo is ass at making the right descions and think stuff like WWHD is what the Wii U needed which it wasn’t what it needed

            1. They chose Windwaker for a quick turnaround. The others would have required more effort, time or both.

              Windwaker look very pretty (as it always has,) but based on the number of new wiiu’s sold, remakes are not system sellers. A beautiful game though.

  2. I never understood why Luigi’s Mansion 2 was a 3DS exclusive. It makes more sense to put it on the Wii U as well since the Wii U needs this type of game more than the 3DS. Please Nintendo be smart and put this game on Wii U. I’ll buy it for sure. I don’t want a 3DS

      1. False, the original allowed you to open up any doors you wanted with your keys, yes there was a story line that was followed and yes some bosses must be beaten before others, but it was WAY LESS linear than Dark Moon and its mission based fragmentation. The game was heavily linear and had E Gadd directing you from point A to point B numerous times.

    1. That is not a professional photoshop job, if you look at it, its not even visually centered. It looks like bad paste job and only took a few minutes to slap together.

      1. All the other pictures for that game are just images from the 3ds version, yet it clearly looks like it was intended for wii u, something tells me that they were pranked.

  3. This is probably a mistake. If online store listings were always correct, then I’d be playing Majoras Mask on 3DS right now.

    1. Yeah, if you guys want more news articles like this, I have a retailer listing over 20 games that havent been announced.

        1. Which language you would prefer?
          Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian?

          Anyways,, it might redirect to english page, which does not have any games there.

  4. I probably won’t buy it unless there are significant differences between the versions. The original is one of my all-time favorite games. I play through it once every year. Dark Moon, on the other hand, just didn’t recapture the magic of the first. I’ve had it for a few months now with no real motivation to finish it.

  5. THIS CANT BE!! why not just put a console style game on the damn console in the first place, everything is so small, like the chains you need to pull for puzzles!! it would take me forever in one spot just because i couldnt fucking see one of those things!! if it was 40$ maybe ill get it, after i trade in the 3ds version but the game isnt nearly as good as the original anyway!!

  6. No, I would not buy it. I did not like it on 3DS. SOOOOOO BOOOOORIIIINGGGG!!!!!…. It is worse than reading the beginning of a Stephen King’s book.

      1. hahaha! I only said that, because I am reading Under The Dome right now and the beginning took FOREVER to start up. Typical Stephen King.

    1. yep, so many would. morons i say. for those who haven’t played it, great, get it, but those who do… you’re ridiculous to waste money on something you’ve just recently played. ¬_¬

      1. lmao exactly but the sad thing is that fanboys are that dumb they would buy luigis mansion HD for $60 even if it’s the same exact game and they already own it for 3ds

      2. I completely disagree with you. I would certainly purchase this, we are not ‘morons’ for wanting to buy this game. What? So we can’t like the idea of playing a (terrific) handheld game on a home console? To play through the adventure in full HD? To play with better online on the WiiU? To play local multiplayer with friends, whilst only needing one game? I could go on. Just because you aren’t interested in this, lots of people would be, and just because you don’t agree with them dosent mean you should call them ‘idiots’.

  7. I enjoyed the game. I downloaded it with no regrets, but like AC3, I just don’t feel compelled to finish it.

    They would have to price it right, they would have to have HD textures and effects, and online Terror Tower would HAVE to kick ass.

    1. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is ridiculoulsly good looking for a 3DS game. It would be very easy for Nintendo to turn into a very good looking Wiiu game.

      I recon its the best looking game on 3DS so far!

      1. Uhh no not even close to the best looking. Zelda oot, MH3, kingdom hearts ddd all look better and have much more details in them and that wasn’t even the whole list of games on the 3ds that look better than luigis mansion

        1. Ummmm. How about no. MH3U? Get out of it. It looks ok, but LM2 uses the hardware much better.

          Luigi’s mansion 2 is arguably the best looking game on the console alongside Resi rev. Kingdom hearts comes close but not quite.

          1. Lol not even man I think you need you’re eyes checked or just a really big fan of Luigi and his games (aiming more towards both)

            1. Nah, i’m rite.

              I’ve bought pretty much almost EVERY major release for 3DS. And lugi’s mansion 2 is the best looking one. I think it beats the likes of Resi rev and Kid Icarus by a small margin.

            1. Well actualy, it is in every shape or form probably THE best looking game on the entire 3DS library.

              You’re the idiot who needs his eyes checked. You sound like you haven’t played it on a 3DS anyway cus if you did, you would have no problem agreeing.

              Stretched youtube footage doesn’t count as a means of measuring 3DS graphics, lol.

              To finish, Luigi’s Mansion to is EASILY one of if not THE best looking game on 3DS.

                1. It’s Japanese only, so as westerners we can’t really use that.

                  That game does look fantastic though! Not seen it on a 3DS so we can’t judge it. You can’t judge off YT footage you need to see it on the 3DS.

          2. Resident Evil looked AMAZING…well, so did Kid Icarus… There are a lot of good looking games, no wonder it sells so well.

            1. Resident evil shows what 3DS can do with ”realistic” graphics. I love how well Luigi’s mansion 2 is animated and how all the objects are interactive and move around. In that sense it feels like a gen 7 game.

      2. Agreed, I fired it up yesterday and was surprised to see how amazing it looked. It made the 3DS look like an HD console even though it’s not. ;D

        1. Mike is a hardcore gamer. He 100% most games.

          I WILL finish LM2 though!! My 3DS library exploded and I’m swamped! ;D

    1. its not really a rumor… theres actual evidence to back up the post moron with newegg putting the game on their site. It says “IS Luigi Mansion Dark Moon coming to Wii U” NOT “Luigi Mansion … is coming to Wii U!”

      Learn to differentiate.

  8. I think at this point, now that they’ve reached HD 1080p, its their chance to make one of the most needed crossovers.. An all-star rpg crossover connecting all their universes.. Super (Adventure) Bros.!!

    1. Or the game i’ve been waiting for since i first played smash bros–Nintendo Racing! Imagine how cool that’d be. Mario in a kart, racing Link on Epona with Diddy Kong in his airplane. I always though that’d be amazing.

  9. The thing is they would need to add new things…if its new. Maybe a new mansions, ghosts, a new difficulty, just something new. If its not remade like, resident evil revaluations, wind waker or Oot I won’t buy it. I already have the game on 3ds i don’t want hd port with nothing new.

  10. PSU(Playstations+WiiU)

    I don’t see why not they did a good job with Wind waker HD……imo i thank Luigi mansion: Dark moon would be a great game to add to the Wii U family…epecially being that from october to till da start of next year the Wii U need all the games they could get help boost the sales this holiday season

      1. Smash Bros will keep me busy for years. I mean I played the original Smash for years when it first came out, I played Melee for years and still play it every once in a while to this day. I played Brawl for years and also play that one every once and a while too. I never get as much out of a game than I do with Super Smash Bros. The games are perfect in my eyes. I play them like…forever, it feels like!

          1. I find myself playing Mario Kart for a little while. A couple months at the most. Still not nearly as long as I play Smash Bros!!! XD

  11. The game was fun for a while then it got boring. What is up with Nintendo, they really dropped the ball with preparing the Wii U for the market place…they are starting to appear desperate yet delusional at once. The consumer is not as stupid as they think i.e. Japanese sales, US doom and gloom, and European abandonment.

  12. “If Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon launched on Wii U, would you purchase the game, even after owning it on 3DS?”
    Is this even a serious question ? My God…

  13. Unless it had extra features/game modes, a mulitplayer that didn’t get old after a week, and is an actual HD port then yes. But we know Nintendo would never do that.

  14. A port would be disappointing. I’d much rather prefer a full original Wii U game with a similar artstyle to Luigi’s Mansion GCN. Also a less glitchy interface would be nice. Especially for multiplayer.

  15. Hope its true. Should have been released in the first place on the Wii U, not that boring 3DS with horrible graphics. On wii u, I hope that u can see the game in a First Person view, while on TV see it the traditional way.

  16. I had on 3ds and liked it, it was pretty good game.. But if it’s coming to Wii U.. seriously, another port ?
    It needs real new exclusive games

  17. Don’t have a 3DS so there’s a definite chance I’d buy a Wii U port.

    Would be cool if they ported some 3DS games over and implemented cross-play for those games.

  18. I don’t have it on 3DS but I would certainly buy it on the Wii U, that’s for sure. And, I always felt that this kind of game to be better on a larger screen.

  19. It wouldn’t surprise I mean, not many people saw the DKCR 3DS port coming so its possible. Although I could think of a few more titles deserving rather than Dark Moon.

  20. I already own the 3DS version, but would most likely pick this up if it’s true. But I do not belive Nintendo would make a HD remakr of this after half a year; it would make more sense to port the original.

  21. Since it seems too good to be true, I’ll say it’s an error. If it was true, HELL YEAH I’LL BUY IT! I haven’t played too much of the 3DS version, so I’d LOVE to play it on Wii U. It would be even MORE awesome if it was an entirely new Luigi’s Mansion. I was disgusted when Dark Moon was a 3DS title instead of a Wii U title. I HATE when Nintendo makes major console sequels and puts them on handhelds. Like Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Those should have been Wii games, since Wind Waker was a Gamecube game.

  22. My only beef with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was the whole “balancing Luigi” concept with the 3DS. Mainly due to the fact I was more concerned with snagging the ghosts than trying to get across a beam to get to another area.

  23. Yes I would get it :D I’m going to buy a WiiU next month and today I just finished playing the Game Cube original. I am so hyped as I do not a have a 3DS yet but will be buying a 2DS in the upcoming months :)

  24. I don’t mind HD remakes or whatever but I think it’s ridiculous to charge the remakes for full retail price…

    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      It’s not too bad if you shop around, Commander..

      In saying that though, i’d never buy a retail disc game from the eShop, it’s far too expensive.

    2. I I totally agree. No way should an HD reboot be 59 dollars. I love WW… but if I wanna olay it ill either play it on the Cube or emulate it on a laptop.

  25. It oughta be a 10 dollar fee for the ones who own it on 3DS [I would say free but Nintendo ain’t gonna do that in a million years]

  26. Obviously it’s just wrong information. Nintendo takes a lot of time to develop games let alone announce them.

  27. It would be fantastic for Luigis mansion to have a platform sequel. Dark moon was overdue and I think a lot of people were disappointed it wasn’t gonna be on the WiiU. Nintendo should go through with this for sure

  28. If this is a sequel hell yes. If it’s a port…hell no. It has to be an original Luigi’s Mansion sequel made specifically for the Wii U and it’s abilities.

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