UK Charts: The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Sails Into Top 5

wind_waker_hd_sailingThis week’s UK charts are now in courtesy of GFK Chart Track, and it’s time for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD on Wii U to sail its way into the top 5 from its glorious remaster. Though it doesn’t quite nab the top spot, Link does take a firm grip at number 4 in the all-formats chart, while he lands in at number 5 in the individual charts. Top of the leader board is, once again, FIFA 14, with Grand Theft Auto V just behind at number 2. In third position is the newly released F1 2013, and rounding up the top 5 is Minecraft for Xbox 360.

Just Dance 2014 from Ubisoft peaks at number 9 in both the all-formats and individual. Once again, the franchise sells best on the Nintendo Wii and, in fact, is the only platform to feature in the top 40 individual charts – even the Wii U misses out. Meanwhile on the 3DS, bell, bug and fish enthusiast game Animal Crossing: New Leaf stays in the top 20 at number 16 (individual) and number 18 (all-formats). You can check out the top 10 all-formats chart below, or in full, here. Alternatively, you can take a peek at the individual charts, here.

  1. FIFA 14
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. F1 2013
  4. The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
  5. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
  6. Disney Infinity
  7. NBA 2K14
  8. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  9. Just Dance 2014
  10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014


      1. It seems that Svenson has turned over a New Leaf. Maybe it was Animal Crossing…

    1. HAHAHA!!=) Did you guys get the joke in the headline? Wind Waker SAILS into top 5!. That really gave me a large boner when I read that! Oops… TMI=)

    1. Yup. The original Wind Waker wasn’t well received in Japan, but it did pretty great in America and Europe. This was expected. Also, I think Japan is not getting the same deals (toys, bundles, etc) as the other countries.

  1. Seeing FIFA at number 1 makes me scratch my head in confusion. You’d never see that game at number 1 in America.

    1. You woiuld never seen an NFL game at number 1 in the UK though, so it’s not that strange really. Football is the number one sport over here, it’s almost impossible to escape it’s exposure in the media really.

    2. Bare in mind that the British love Football to a fault. If an officially licensed comes out, you can bet that people will buy it.

    1. Love the sarcasm lol would love to see the hardware sales for uk see if it has boosted wii u sales

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  3. So that means that the haters where lying? I’m disappointed that you can’t trust no one.

    1. You must be realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy bad in mathematics.

  4. I’m thinking that kingdom hearts HD would have sold better on wiiu since it would be the first time for a lot gamers playing that game but has always square enix extreme safe approach is costing more money than making them.

      1. Ok the time lapse proves it. But I’m sure this is a even more fan of nintendo than commander.

      2. He still dont have a wii u and try to Damge control funny.But yeah hes a nintendo fan just like Wii all of U.

  5. It’s a highly impressive game for what it is, regardless of it’s age.
    It’s quite addictive too. Lets get those Wii U sales up!!! and show EA that it’s worth developing for!

    1. Ea dont do games for Wii u because they are lil pussys that dont want to lose against a Good Sonic or Bayonetta2.

      1. They can still put some in effort into the console. If they actually bothered to read about it’s specs, and its CPU, they would realise it’s a more capable console than what they think.

        Nintendo wouldn’t have released an “under-powered” console, either that or EA really don’t know how to develop a game.

      2. The under-powered term is just an excuse they dont want to lose against great first party thats why they go on Ps4 and xbox1.No offence to the guys buying this consoles.

      3. Well if EA still did something for it. Games like Mirrors Edge 2 – that would be amazing for Wii U. A PowerPC CPU is far better than old x86.

      4. So how can some people say that the Wii U is “crap”, when they don’t know what it’s specs are or even mean!? Understand hardware.

      5. They like to jump on the Bashtrain..THE Hivemind IS TO STOrng.
        The funny thing is the real console dont even started yet.Ps4 and Xbox1 dont out yet.

      6. it’s one thing to say that the wii u hardware is crap, which it isn’t, but it’s a whole other thing to claim that a remastered cpu design from 2006 times 3 and with improved clocks is faster than an 8 core x86 cpu from 2013 which is ridiculous bullshit

        just as ridiculous as claiming that the GPU in the wii u isn’t any faster than the ones built into the PS3 or the xbox 360

        don’t be ridiculous be realistic

      7. That would be correct if the ps4 actually used a PC CPU. Ps4 CPU is used in tablets and it dosnt have the power of the wiiu CPU core per core.

      8. what the hell are you talking about
        that’s utter bullshit
        it’s a different architecture.. IPC, FLOPS, cache size, cache bandwidth and RAM latency and what you do with those specs are what counts

        you can rest assured that the x86 CPUs in the PS4 and the xbox one are quite a bit more capable than the powerPC cpu in the wii u

      9. Jaguar CPU (wich is the one on both xbone and ps4) only advantage is that it has more cores. Is not superior to a power PC CPU.

      10. Exactly. You have to consider what the cores can do per clock, not the clock speed

      1. Game developers cannot just simply make the Wii U sit in the dark with nothing to play.

        I actually want to be able to play something of it.

      2. I been playing the BF4 beta and if EA decided to give us bad company 1 or 2 instead we would have the better deal.

      3. Bf4 is pretty much the same as bf3.Hope they dont fuck up Battlefront 3…but the Dlcs got more love than the game.

      4. I would like some company to make an FPS game without bloody humans every damn game…

        How about an alien FPS?…

        Not talking about the aliens from Alien but aliens in general…

      5. It’s funny how in eShop they charge 50 euros for the 3DS version but when I went to buy my Pokemon Y 3DS XL edition I could buy it for 9 euros but obviously I don’t want that type of garbage in my house…

      6. It would not be a fun game. Human nature is what starts the conflicts. With out humans the galaxy would be at peace.

      7. Though I obviously think the human species are a disgrace to this pathetic universe, I’m sure there are several other species out there that are just as bad, worse or less bad…

      8. War is what is keeping humanity stuck. If a alien ever came to earth is to kill us all before we kill the planet nothing personal.

      9. War is merely an action from the primitive minds of the human species…

      10. I too am disgusted with the human race, I find that all the chaos, destruction and death is all the work of humans, all humans including myself are not perfect, even in the goodest of humans, lives greed in their hearts, I often think this world would be better if it was flooded like the Noah’s Ark story, not that I believed in Noah’s Ark, a flood to cleanse the sins of the evil human

      11. N.C They do It’s called Halo.Were have you been for the last decade or

      12. Even if I had one right now I would barely play anything because I’m too busy with studies…

      13. Perhaps a game in which has you as the alien against the humans, may not be what you are looking for but at least its a start, I suggest the game “Destroy all Humans 2” (yes it may sound cliché but it exists) I enjoyed it very much

    1. Yes but the game itself doesn’t appeal to me much anymore, specially not for a full retail price…

      1. Im disappointed in your lack of knowledge for this game commander! 50$ is not full retail price.

      2. Well here it costs about 80% of the retail price…

        Which is still full retail price for a Wii game…

        I don’t think this remake should cost more than 30 euros…

      3. I wouldn’t buy it right away even if I was rich because I’m not stupid…

  6. I just noticed they made it so you can use hdmi for the picture and the old red and white cables for sound thank’s to the latest update.Just in time for Wind Waker.I couldn’t more happy about this! And it show’s that Nintendo is rely listening to us and fixing even the little thing’s.{But for me this was a rely big thing] It’s all smooth sailing from here on out!Pun

  7. The football season has only really just started, The transfer window has just closed so a lot of players have moved around, clubs are starting in new leagues so the Premier League is hype city right now.

    If It came out for Wii U then I’d buy it as there’s no PES, There’s no way that I’m getting the Wii version as I have played FIFA 13 for Wii and it was dreadful graphics were a joke and the game was pretty poor..

    Football Manager for me this season..

  8. Whoa. No Xbox 360 version? Huh. So much for the almighty Kinect. Ubisoft should have just kept the series Wii exclusive. All multiplatting did was split it up between Wii and Xbox 360 with Wii getting the lion’s share. I am also surprised to not to see the Wii U version, considering how well Disney Infinity did, despite the install base.

  9. Wind Waker also did pretty good too. Despite being a remake, it managed top realistic spot. The reason I say “realistic” is because the games it got beat out by were Grand Theft Auto 5 and FIFA.

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