Are Galaxy-Themed Stages And Rosalina Coming To Super Mario 3D World?

Super Mario 3D World Artwork Detail

Several websites have begun to point out that a small section of the official Super Mario 3D World artwork (pictured above) contains a rendering of Rosalina’s ship, the Comet Observatory, from Super Mario Galaxy. This has lead to speculation that either Rosalina, or one or two Super Mario Galaxy-themed stages, or both, will be featured in Nintendo’s latest 3D Mario adventure title on Wii U.

A large outcry from fans of the Galaxy series has been heard throughout the internet ever since 3D World was announced, with many dedicated Mario players complaining that Super Mario 3D World appears to be a casual, multiplayer 3D Land clone, as opposed to a challenging, epic, story-centered game like the Galaxy titles. Fans will be able to find out for themselves what the game is like when Super Mario 3D World releases for Wii U on November 22nd.

Would you like to see some Galaxy-themed content in the newest Mario adventure? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Oh god I hope so, I want Mario to have more recurring characters (and it helps if it is a woman because you rarely see them in a situation where they are not enemies or damsels in distress in a Mario game)

  2. I’m so excited about this game, I absolutely loved ‘3D Land’ on the 3DS and this looks like it’s going to be a million times better. I could care less for multiplayer though, that never excited me, but the level designs of this game looks really promising.

  3. Galaxy is neither challenging nor story/focused.
    It was a decent series but something new, please.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The galaxies were amazing games but were more about spectacle and fantastic level design. I wouldn’t say they were particularly challenging save for some later levels and comet challenges. And story-focused??! In what way were either of them story focused???

      1. the last 3d mario game i would want is a galaxy 3, that series feels milked already. also why the fuck would mario ever be story based at all, get that shit out of here!!

          1. No it isn’t. Story of any Paper Mario:
            Here’s some pretext to go find 7 star things. Off you go.

            I know it’s called Mario Story in Japan but still isn’t story focused. 1 and 2 are amazing games but they aren’t about story.

              1. Yeah, I recently played it and I’m so glad I did! My favorite part was the train section! I have this thing when a new Mario game comes out, I like to play past Mario games to fill my anticipation :D

                1. Oh god the train section was so great. :) I also like the part where your in that one tree (forgot what it’s called) but you befriend some little creatures which then go to war with other little creatures. Good times.

                    1. Guys, guys… just, Boggly Woods. And that was my second least favourite chapter. I never see any Glitz Pit love :'(

            1. I strongly disagree, as far as thousand year door goes. The original was the classic peach rescue with a bunch of side stories put in. Thousand year doors main plot was an amazing adventure about the secrets of the door and the x-nauts intentions. And super paper mario is ALL story driven.

      2. The first galaxy game sort of followed a semi-story line, and there was the additional story(book) telling Rosalina’s background, though it didn’t “focus” on either, per say, as a “story-focused” game would. But for a Mario game, it was story “focused”. Its all relative to it being Mario.

    2. What Mario game IS story focused? I think Galaxy was challenging at times, but I agree it is time for something new. It does, however, look like 3D World IS something new. I wish the series would return to a less linear format like the SM64/MS days.

    3. I disagree in that it was challenging at times… But def not story focused. Did Galaxy 2 even have a story?
      I think the fans want next gen brown shading to make it look “expensive” and justify the cost because gameplay alone isn’t enough.

  4. you know what…. WHY IS BOWSER THE FUCKING VILLAIN IN THIS GAME!!!! wasted opportunity, seriously peach even is in the party with you!! nintendo get with it, at least try to do something different.

      1. whining, no not at all. im just making a perfectly non nintendo sheep remark that you nintenfags cant comprehend.

        1. Your comment would receive more positive feedback (is that what you’re looking for?) if you advanced an idea like “Nintendo could bring back Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2!”

          I’m only saying this because I’ve noticed you seem disappointed by the tone of respondents to your input on this site.

    1. Keep crying about braindead things.
      Guess what? On a scale of 1-10 of mattering it gets a 1 and your crying gets a 0 ;)

      1. me crying?? your the one who is getting a reaction over it, especially something that makes so much sense. this game could of had the villain from mario 2, since this game references it so much or maybe someone else. instead nintendo plays it safe and puts bowser as the villain for the millionth time, even when peach is with mario. its to hard for a corporate slave such as yourself to see that though isnt it?? you fanboys.

        1. @ iceazeama Your still crying… You are starting to sound like a big baby… You sure Nintendo is not your speed considering you know they make baby games. Those being your own words.

          1. @metroidvania why the fuck are you doing that in the first place. also what do you think this is some troll attempt, you are one pathetic nintenpuppet. everybody thinks that bowser is just a wasted villain in this game, only the retarded fanboys such as yourself will defend this, when it makes sense that bowser really didnt need to be a villain especially that peach isnt kidnapped. also all the mario 2 references??


              fuck off

    2. I actually agree. When I saw the first trailer and I saw peach I really wanted Wart (since you don’t know the name of the villian from smb2….. You welcome ;) ) as the villian. It would have been different. But they put a little green floating thing for Bowser to kidnap. What is the purpose in that?

      1. of course you agree, everybody does who isnt a retarded reject nintenpuppet.

        also wart yeah i know his name is wart, birdo could be in there too but no. same old shit that doesnt even need to be there.

        1. Well maybe this piece of artwork and having Peach as a playable character confirms Rosalina’s presence in the game, I guess Bowser will be messing with Rosalina this time instead of Peach.

          1. ahhhh yeah that me be, it look like peach cant make any more babies for bowser after all these years.

  5. To be honest, it looks more like a reference to me, something for fans to notice for a quick smile. I doubt Rosalina or Galaxy based levels will appear.

    But if I’m wrong, I wouldn’t even be mad. :D

  6. Yes!!! This is awesome. I’m glad that Nintendo is taking this game way more seriously than what I thought they were during the E3 Nintendo Direct. All it needs now is online drop in/drop out multiplayer with voice chat and it could be the best Mario game yet. Day one buy for me.

    1. ill admit that it looks like it will be good, (that new trailer made me look at the game differently than before) but the best 3d mario game?? no, its really not that big 3d mario game that we should get for wii u, (its pretty much a 3ds game, not what a 3d mario is all about)
      after seeing that bowser is the villain even after seeing peach isnt kidnapped, is a wasted opportunity, that really could of been a breath of fresh air in a way, even if its kinda a slap in the face that it isnt a true 3d mario.

            1. get used to that number…. its a good number for you!! its about how many megaman titles capcom cancelled. HAHAHAH badaba DA, thank you!!


    2. Could you imagine online play with some of the fucktards that use these comments? Yeah, no thanks…. :P

  7. Just because Galaxy had dialogue doesn’t mean it was story centered, it was just Mario flying in space, with good presentation.

  8. I’d say Galaxy was more laid-back due to it’s type of gameplay and no time limit. I think that is the only reason it felt immersive (as immersive as a Mario title could be) and why people want it.

    You won’t be able to take your time in 3D World… but it loks to have just an epic presentation and maybe more challenge than Galaxy or 3D Land.

  9. The picture up above SCREAMS, “Best mario game ever made.” Not even kidding. So excited for Mario 3D World. 💋

    1. Mamma… With all my respect, but I believe the best Mario ever Made is Super Mario World.

      I’m still on the fence about 3D World.

      1. yoshis island for snes is better for me, the level design (it felt fresh every freaking step of the way, and that was from me replaying it 6 months ago. after only playing it on gba years ago) the music and the difficulty are all better than smw atleast thats what i think. also dkc is better too for some of those reasons.

        my favorite 2d mario game would be super mario bros 3 for nes, but if yoshis island can count that takes the top.

        1. SM3 is a masterpiece, indeed. I love it. But the leap of quality achieved by SMW is unbeatable, in my honest opinion: the feather (best power up ever), the possibility of playing with Yoshi alongside, the spare power-up feature, the color, the music, the landscapes…

          But I agree that Yoshi’s Island is also a gem.

          1. I would argue that the biggest leap forward in the series was Super Mario 64, but to each his own I suppose.

  10. Rosalina BETTER appear in this shit. She’s easily the best character in the whole Mario universe.

    1. Rosalina can fuck off with all the other shitty one off characters in the trash can of obscurity.

      Peach will always be better than her.

  11. I’m actually more interested in Bowser’s awesome designed castle. It screams just one phrase…

  12. Its definitely Rosalina’s ship in the top right corner but barely visible effect. Would love for her to comeback. But as others pointed out Galaxy 2 barely had any story going for it, the first one had a bit of it with the mystery of Rosalina and the stars but the second one barely had any which is why it disappointed me more.

  13. Seriously why are there still people calling nintendo fans “Nintenfags” on a nintendo news site? You sound like a bored whiny asshole. Why are you even here in the first place? If you only seek attention than I’m sorry but I am most likely going to assume that you are a loner who is in need of someone to talk to. Go to Omegle. And please, get the fuck out of this site. Thank you.

  14. I’m sure this isn’t the first release of a game that we wish was like another game. Why don’t we just wait to play it? It’s not like it’s called super mario galaxy 3, its a different kind of game. No we do not need galaxy content to make this game fun and/or relevant.

  15. Maybe like in 3D Land, when you beat the game a whole “second game” is unlocked, except this time game B is Mario Galaxy themed.

    1. A “second game” based on Galaxy themes would be so awesome. It would definitely sell this game as a winner for me.

  16. Is anyone going to point out that that’s clearly NOT the Comet Observatory? It’s a flying theme park with none of the observatory’s landmarks or structural style :/

  17. A theme park? I like how Nintendo is switching things up this time. First, Bowser’s car, and this park. I am excited to buy this game. :)

    1. Nope. I want them to make it too. I’d like a truly new game, though. Galaxy 2 was great, but I felt it was just an expansion of 1.

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