New Harvest Moon Title Announced For Nintendo 3DS, Coming To Japan Next Year

harvest_moon_3ds_famitsuThe latest edition of Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed the new Harvest Moon game in development for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s only been a month since Europe received Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, which originally came to Japan in February 2012, so it may be another hefty wait for fans of the series. Reports surrounding the Famitsu translations suggest the new game will be called Harvest Moon: Linking the New World, and will release at a retail price of 5,040 yen in Japan.

Produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Harvest Moon: Linking the New World will place the player in Oaktree Town, where you’ll find returning characters from previous games in the series. When the player reaches a specific stage in the game, they’ll be able to visit a safari and take care of the animals. Plus, field work has been modified, making it easier for players to continue their story.

Much like Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Club Tortimer, Harvest Moon is said to be implementing a new online area, where players can connect wirelessly across the world. You’ll be able to trade goods with a whole host of different countries and StreetPass will allow you to exchange personal data along your journey. Harvest Moon: Linking the New World’s development is almost completed and is said to be launching in February next year for Japan.


    1. Harvest Moon games tend to stick to Nintendo handhelds because they sell the best and are more accessible. This is why since the DS there have been few console or PSP/Vita titles. I’m sure eventually we’ll see more console titles or even a Vita title, but they tend to focus on 3DS.

  1. I’ve been in love with A New Beginning lately, finally resumed playing recently to occupy my time until Pokémon X and Y come out. Happy to see that a new one is coming out. Hopefully Natsume doesn’t take too long to localize it. It looks similar in style to A New Beginning, which was a great style for the game. I hope there’s a lot of fun new features in this one.

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