Iwata Says Nintendo Is Not Good At Competing, So Must Offer Something Different


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently gave an interesting talk at the B Dash Camp startup conference in Osaka. During the talk Iwata admitted that Nintendo isn’t very good at competing, so they always choose to do something different from the competition. Iwata also told attendees that like Hiroshi Yamauchi he isn’t afraid of failure.

“When we talk about Nintendo we cannot ignore (former president) Hiroshi Yamauchi who just recently passed away. He always said that if you have failure, you don’t need to be too concerned. You always have good things and bad, and this reflects the history of Nintendo. If you do the same thing as others, it will wear you out. Nintendo is not good at competing so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market.”


  1. I think they should at least be aggressive when doing something different aka commercials for games a bit more.

      1. I think they should do something more like the Pokémon commercials, it kind of got your heart racing, I hated those wii u commercials where all the family was there giggling and shit.

        1. Yea the wii u commercial was lame. the Just Dance 2014 commercial was epic tho. I went and ordered my copy right away after seeing it.

    1. what iwata said is just another way of saying “we’ll continue to make low budget games but sell them at a full price for you idiots to buy”….i want nintendo ta fail because of this attitude, fuck you, nintendo, before iwata they were always competing, FIRE HIM!

      1. Do you think you could do a better job? I highly doubt that. You don’t know what he has been doing for the company all these years. So please stfu and go to class………. you need to learn.

          1. Please, give us a plethora of reasons as to how you’d run Nintendo.
            You’d probably end up converting them into a shitshow.

          2. You would turn Nintendo into another Sony or Microsoft

            I doubt you’d do a good job because your just a troll on the internet

    2. It’s not really about competing right now; not as much as it’s about having games to play.

    1. Because they have to be different. So, they can’t advertise like others aka basic commercials.

      1. Seriously, why are haters/trolls of Nintendo in a Nintendo site, that a waste of time?
        They have lifes or something?

        1. Sorry for my bad english, ok here i go.
          Why exist haters of Nintendo in a Nintendo website?
          Honestly it dosen’t have sense for me.

          1. These are the people at school who hangs around the library and where the goth clothes and cut themselves

            1. Dude ANYBODY who is under 25 years old and wears goth clothes is a TOTAL tool who is trying to fit into something that was over in the 90s/early 2000s. I can’t stand seeing kids dressed in all black these days then busting out their smartphones and stuff. Not that goths were any better back than, but at least they fit in.

          2. The guys that Brought Wii u.Maybe they are angry as fuck about the shit thats going on at Nintendo.

            1. I understand that, but why not just forget that company and not involved with them anymore, i dont like EA games and i dont bash them in all what they do.

  2. I don’t care about the specs. That’s why I bought a Wii U; it offers some clever ideas. But for god’s sake, ADVERTISE IT, IWATA.

  3. That’s sound like loser talk, if you don’t know how to compete then hire people who do!! I like being different but you still need to compete.

    1. They’ve been saying this since the Wii, so it’s not really “loser talk”, although the wording was a bit different back then

  4. You caught a fairy! It will restore your life whenever you fall in battle. Bowser needs plenty then. Hugs! I’m cold!

  5. This is the problem with Nintendo. They failed with GameCube cause that was the start of the “macho” age of gaming and the spawn of xbox. Everyone looked at the GameCube like a kiddy toy toaster (I loved it myself though) and so lots of people opted for sony or microsoft. That one system is the reason they claim they can’t compete. Or is it the N64 which lost to sony cause Nintendo made a more powerful system but used cartridges instead of discs thus causing square to head to sony? Two mistakes they made that bit them in the ass, but that certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of competing. All they need to do is make a system in the same league specs-wise as the other two and make their system 3rd party friendly, and who could ask for more? And a controller that works for all game types by the way. GameCube controller is one of my favorites but unless you are playing smash brothers it is terrible for fighting games for instance with that dinky d-pad. The answers are right in your face Nintendo. Next system if you have one should learn a TON of mistakes from the last 2 generations if they hope to keep in the hardware business. I swear if Nintendo let some of their longtime fans like me make their business decisions for them, they would be able to make the ultimate system.

    1. Dude, you really think a system as powerful as the other two ‘competitors’ would solve all their problems? Than answer this. Why aren’t games coming out on 360 and PS3 not coming out on Wii U…or if they are, a gimped version…

      I’ll tell you why…it’s because even if Nintendo had the same power or even better specs compared to its competitors, most 3rd parties will just pull their 2 other excuses…”install base” and/or “the audience isn’t there…people who buy Nintendo systems only buy 1st party!”

      So no, Nintendo is just fine doing their own thing

  6. Wow they definitely are trying something “new”.
    3 Mario Wii U games in about a year, yep that sure is “new”. Even most when you consider 2 of them are 2D games that came straight out of the 80’s, yep “new”.
    A 10 year old Zelda Wind Waker remake game that pretty much looks exactly like the old one, same old particle/water effects from the 10 year old game, same old outdated low polygon models and environments, same old sound effects they been using on their games for the past 30 years, yep that sure is “new”.
    The Wii U Sports game coming out soon, yep “new”. Wow so much innovation.
    Mario Kart 8 coming out next year, yep “new”. (It so “new” they on the 8th iteration of it).
    They still can’t figure out how to get online on their games, welcome to 2013, online isn’t “new” anymore.
    Yep ever since Iwata is in charge they are doing “new” things.
    A “new” console that is underpowered, yep “new”. An outdated no multitouch low resolution Gamepad for their “new” console yet still Nintendo has no idea what do to with it, yep “new” (they couldn’t even figure out how to use it for their old (I mean “new”) Zelda remake game).
    There sure is lot of “new” coming out from Ninten-“new”-do.®

    1. Your comments is just plain stupid…. i won’t even reply to your many faults with an answer. Go back to your basement plz.

      1. Yours isn’t much better, if not worse. He makes a good point: Nintendo just isn’t innovative as it used to be. What they’ve been doing with Mario in the past 2 years should be a clear example.

        1. Wii u allready failed.They Bring 5 games next year yes but they dont get people to buy Wii u when Ps4 and Xbox1 is on the market.The sells dont get better by Saying Please understand we dont wont you to play Other games Then Ours.

      2. People like you just fail at arguments. You can’t say someone’s comment is stupid and then say “I won’t even reply” (even though you already did). You have to give reasons as to why his comment is stupid. Many times people do this because they really don’t have anything to dispute the comment, but don’t like what was said. Not saying you don’t have anything to refute him, by going with your approach, you basically forfeit the argument.

    2. I understand that nintendo is not putting out new IPS right now. Or doing anything “new” although mario kart 8 is changing things up a little. What is sony and microsoft doing different and please do not say there new systems are more powerful. I am buying both xbox one and a ps4 but they are not doing anything new with there games nor is nintendo

  7. All I want from Nintendo is that they try to make their customers as happy as possible. With fantastic games, from different genres and franchises, which are released on a regular basis.

  8. Ok guys… this is a loser talk. Do you release a new system thinking that you can compete with others in terms of power? What the fuck man! What the fuck are you saying!. You can manage anything if you think like a fucking loser. This guy should leave inmediately with Mofffit! 2 fucking losers.

      Freaking idiot. If you’re gonna make such a statement, at least back it up with source (and a valid one at that).

  9. I lot of short sighted people on here, it’s pretty obvious what’s happening to the gaming industry right now, “Competing” with Sony and MS is obviously an unsustainable business model. Nintendo would be very stupid to jump on that bandwagon.

    This “current gen” has taken a lot of companies to the brink, some have gone under already, “next gen” will be even more demanding and 3rd party devs will not be afford to keep this up.

    Even Sony need to completely dominate with the PS4 just in order to break even, “competing” would mean spending huge amounts of money for very little profit..

      1. “[…]Nintendo is not good at competing so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market.”
        It doesn’t matter if this is a Nintendo site. The article brings up the competition (which in this case mainly involves Sony and MS), so bringing Sony into the discussion the way Peanut Butter Kit Kat did is completely relevant, and not entirely off-topic at all.

    1. And the Steambox will come to the market as well, giving Sony and MS a run for the money (I don’t expect this to affect Nintendo much, because, as Iwata states in this article, they’re doing their own thing).

  10. What are they on about they can’t compete, if they have a product on the market they are competing, if they do something new they are innovotive, people either like or they don’t Nuff said.

  11. and that is why i will always respect them, we don’t need all three system being basically the same, someone has to try and be a lil different….

  12. I completely agree with this philosophy. PS3 and Xbox 360 were as far as I was concerned, near identical consoles. PS4 and Xbone look to be the same. Whatever you might say about the Wii and the Wii U, they at least offer a genuine choice for the consumer as they provide something quite different to the others on the market. A choice between PS4 and Xbone is no choice at all.

  13. Shame their idea of “different” apparently means to allow third party companies to fuck them up #fireIwata

  14. Nintendo has always been the ones who think differently that’s one of the reasons I love them, if Nintendo wanted to compete with the others they would just be generic and unoriginal with their games, Nintendo Forever!!

  15. What Nintendo is basically doing right now is avoiding the stupid war between Sony and Microsoft, and letting them fight until one of those two goes away from the market.

  16. iM PLAYING wONDERFULL 101 RIGHT NOW. iTS SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Best fucking action game ive played in years,

    1. Greatest action game ever fi true cornillus. I am now playing it on the third run thru. Great game, great story, great graphics, great framerate.

      Nintendo know what they are doing and they are gonna be fine.

  17. Well seeing how their company motto is 独創 or creating something unique, this makes sense. I love it when companies actually try to give good things to their audience and don’t freaking worry about what the other companies are doing. Sony and Microsoft can try to copy Nintendo all they want, but it just won’t work.

  18. Nintendo fanboys are extremely irritable, angry, and obsessively defensive. They blindly defend Nintendo and fight tooth and nail to try and convince the world that Nintendo is superior. Saying the Wii U is a bad console is like nailing Jesus back on the cross to these people. They love to waste their time trying to find the smallest detail in other games and consoles and say they copied Nintendo. They also don’t appreciate good graphics and they think that gameplay is all that matters.

    They still believe Nintendo is the god of the industry like they were 20 years ago, when now they only release gimmick consoles like the Wii and the DS. They also still believe that Ocarina of Time is the best video game ever. It’s extremely repetitive and the gameplay is mediocre. Nintendo just release the same games over and over again, there are well over 100 games that feature Mario and there are 16 Zelda games! I’ll never understand how they can blindly love Mario and Zelda, but bash everything else. What’s wrong with these people? Nintendo only appeals to kids and they know it.

    1. ah the butthurt of a Sonyan. Bet PS3 losing to 360 and getting your ass kicked by the Wii is painful. Two winning generations then, like Atari, you get pushed off your pedestal by Nintendo.

    2. And sony/mircosoft fanboys have no lives and so they go on Nintendo sites to fuck with Nintendo fans and fanboys/fangirls.

    3. While I am a Nintendo fan, I am not a fan boy. I agree with a lot of your first paragraph. Your second paragraph, specifically on Ocarina of Time, I don’t agree with. That game was groundbreaking for its time in a lot of ways. 3D games were still fairly new on consoles, and it was Zelda’s first 3D title. And the whole “extremely repetitive and the gameplay is mediocre” part I simply don’t agree with. As I mentioned, this was the first 3D title in the Zelda series, so the style wasn’t completely fresh and never done before in a Zelda game. As for Mario and Zelda games being continually made, I do agree on the Mario games (mainly the whole NSBU style of games) being too numerous. Zelda I don’t agree, as Zelda comes out like every 4 or 5 years. Either way, even though there are a lot, that doesn’t mean they should stop making them all together, as long as the games are good and people are enjoying them. But the Mario games do need to stop taking away from Nintendo making other titles, such as Star Fox, F-Zero, etc.

      1. Not sure how in my writing about Ocarina the word “wasn’t” got put in instead of “was,” but I meant to say “was” completely fresh.

  19. I don’t understand this clown bullshit about talking something different. Nintendo, you can give the same treatment and services( better online, better features, etc) that microsoft and sony gives and you can still be different. you can innovate like you always do and be different without getting the other short end of the stick. its like if nintendo wants to be different they have to sacrifice all other stuffs.

      1. This gen is probably one of Nintendo’s most outreaching ones in terms of 3rd parties. Problem is lots of 3rd parties either think the system is not powerful enough for what they want which may or may not be true, and also some 3rd parties either don’t like Nintendo or don’t want to compete with their games. Other developers who have made games on the system say it is easy to develop for so who really knows. The only thing anyone can really complain about the Wii U is it not being as powerful as ps4/xbone. That and the pro controllers not having analog buttons or whatever. Other than that the system is fine. The gamepad is so far a luxury, still not needed, but it is a nice luxury. I’m still unsure if I would rather not have the gamepad and have more power, or keep it the way it is. Wonderful 101 made some good use of it. Potential is there, but I’m not a developer so I really don’t know what its possibilities are.

            1. And that may very well be Nintendo’s fault that they don’t care. And if so that’s fine, Nintendo has to deal with that. But be serious, 3rd parties don’t care.

              1. And you say Nintendo delayed their games? That was a perfect opportunity for 3rd parties to get their titles out. Like I don’t know, maybe Rayman for instance. Games like that would have sold better. 3rd parties have half-assed most of their ports to Wii U. And most 3rd party efforts have been ports of old games. I’m gonna go smoke a bowl and laugh and forget we had this talk.

                1. The Wii u Has outdated hardware why they should make a Next gen version that dont run on this Toaster.

                  1. Ok so now you are changing you’re tune. Now its not that Nintendo didn’t approach 3rd parties, its that the system is weak and why should they develop for it if it’s so weak as some claim.

              1. They sent out dev kits and have had meetings with 3rd parties. How would 3rd parties even KNOW if they system was weak or not if they haven’t been approached by Nintendo with the system and dev kits? I’m not trying to be mean or start any war lol just trying to bring a different perspective.

                1. Bethesda:”The time for convincing publishers and developers to support Wii U has long past. The box is out.”

                  1. Yea so Nintendo tried but Bethesda wasn’t satisfied with the power of the system and so denied support. If Nintendo reaches out but developers aren’t satisfied with the system, Nintendo still reached out. And if they don’t respond, as I said earlier, Nintendo has to deal with it. I am not denying the system may be far weaker than the other 2 upcoming systems, I don’t know exactly how much more powerful they are, I am just saying that Nintendo did try to get 3rd party, 3rd party just ain’t having it. Now for that long overdue bowl lol.

            2. I believe it’s a combination of 3rd parties not caring and the ship has sailed on wanting to do anything with Nintendo.

  20. We have two similar consoles that will get the majority of third party support, now if nintendo released a beast of a system sales may spread to thin for all three companies because people would see virtually no difference in graphics, development wise it would do no better than the others it would just be essentially a PC like the rest and short of having a few gimmicks and first party games there would be no difference. Nintendo is essential to the survival of video games without their forward thought (tech aside) and “gimmicks” it would leave people with less to bitch about and poke fun at causing less to talk about, if no ones cares enough to talk about it then let’s face it that is the truth death of the console.

  21. is he retarded. no matter what they do they will always be competing against others. so if that’s the case then try to outdo your competition while doing something different. something Nintendo doesn’t want to grasp.

  22. Well, trying to “compete” won’t necessarily make a better product. All they’d be doing is trying to 1-up the competition with more power, better graphics, or some other mumbo jumbo. I prefer the way that Nintendo does things. And I always love everything they make. Except I think they limit some things far too much (limitations in Mii creation, limitations of how much you can write in a Mii Street Pass greeting, limitations in Swapnote drawings etc.).

    Nintendo has the greatest, most respected and loved games in the industry. The only thing that the “competition” offers in their consoles that I wish Nintendo also offered is a CD Ripper. (At least, I THINK the Xbox 360 and PS3 has a CD Ripper?) Not to compete, but simply because I think it’s really cool to hear your own music in select games. Having that option adds a lot of fun. Especially with wrestling game entrance music.

    1. The problem with that synopsis is those franchises came from an era when Nintendo was aggressive and not passive. Not only that, the only franchises being used are platform games. Where is Wave Race, F-Zero, 1080, Starfox, Metroid, Crusin’ USA, and other non platform titles? Why hasn’t Nintendo funded Shadow Of The Eternals? Why hasn’t Nintendo contacted Capcom of reviving of of their old franchises like Power Stone or Little Nemo Dream Master for the Wii U or 3DS? Since 2K and EA refuse to bring any sports games to the Wii U, where is the answer for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and golf using real people and not mascots and Miis? Yes, people buy a ton of the platform games from Nintendo……because it’s all they offer. Under Yamauchi Nintendo had balance. All genres were touched

      Before Iwata took over Nintendo was at the cutting edge with graphics AND gameplay so their are no brownie points to be handed out because they chose to just focus on gameplay alone after Iwata took over. What you see is what you get. 90% of what comes out of Nintendo is either a platform game or a party game. Every once in awhile ONE game from another genre will get sprinkled in there.

      Basically, if those two genres don’t interest you then the Wii U is a waste of time and money and you would be better off going with Sony of Microsoft. Sad thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Nintendo has chosen to do it this way.

    1. Word bro. Not a good excuse at all. Someone needs to get him outta there quick. It’s getting ridiculous now. Nintendo needs an aggressive new leader.

  23. The fact that Iwata literally said this is all the proof that is needed that he must be escorted “DIRECTLY” out the door of Nintendo.

    Nintendo has not even tried to compete under his leadership so how can he say they aren’t good at it? What he is saying is the HE is not good at competing because he is too damn passive where as Hiroshi Yamauchi was aggressive.

    1. If U can’t beat ’em then copy popular gimmicks & build upon that, then boldly claim “trying to be different”. Wii U=stationary iPad, GBA SP=Flip Phones, QR codes=Smartphones, “virtual reality” a.k.a. poor 3D iteration, glasses-free 3D a.k.a. one sided fail, PS2 DVD-JAP GC DVD…

      If that doesn’t work, then take backward steps & look at things that sold well in the past, then milk that sucker ’till it bleeds black. Super Mario Sunshine 64 3D Galaxy #49 with re-re-re-remixed music from SBM1. Hey, the Wii sold good, right?! People did NOT buy it just because of motion sensing curiosity, they did noooooot! Let’s name the next system Wii Utani-I mean Wii U! The common idiot will NOT think it’s just a Wii upgrade, they will noooooot! Especially since upgrade starts with a U…& the Wii U does NOT look like it was made from recycled Wii parts, it does noooooot! The name speaks for itself, this should sell well… *looks at Wii U sales* You’re tearing me apart Wii U!

      If that doesn’t work then try advertising on the competition’s turf. Miiverse app, now on Smartphones.

      If all else fails, then say FUCK IT! I quit. You never cared for success anyway, & you learn from failure.

      1. I disagree about the Wii though. People did buy the Wii mainly because of motion-control. Once that got boring Wii sales slowed down to a crawl. As successful as the Wii was it could have very easily been a flop which is the direction the Wii U is heading if things don’t change.

        Iwata has been fortunate to have his gambles pay off thus far, but there are only so many mulligans that can be handed out in the consumer market. Eventually he is going to have to give gamers what they ACTUALLY want instead of what he wants to give them.

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