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Nintendo Says Pokemon X & Y Early Sellers Will Be Penalised


A number of video game stores in Brazil who sold Pokemon X & Y to customers early will be penalised, says Nintendo. The pamphlet states that if a store begins selling the games prior to October 12th Nintendo will withhold future product shipments until after their intended release date. This means that those stores will no longer receive games before release date.  A lot of people who pre-ordered Pokemon X & Y online have already started to receive their copy of the game. The game officially launches tomorrow.


  1. Good. Penalize them ALL and make some more money, Nintendo lol! Helps in the long run if you think about it. I wonder if they’ll add the penalty compensation to Pokemon X and Y’s overall amount of money made?

    1. Nah, Tesco apparently broke the street date first, Game were told to sell because otherwise they’d lose sales

  2. I’m all for penalizing a store for breaking street date, Nintendo, but maybe that isn’t the best choice when you have a console that’s currently tanking.

      1. Originally, i was going to say the same thing to this person. Though, i realized i believe he’s speaking about how Nintendo won’t sent the games to retailers till the scheduled release date, which may not be a smart idea, since it would hurt the Wii U more than whats been happening.

      2. While Pokemon X and Y doesn’t have anything to do with Wii U sales, these places could say to Nintendo We will just not sell your products any more and that would hurt Nintendo more now than ever since the Wii U is selling like crap everywhere in the World.

    1. Tanking, really, on the contraire my friend. The WiiU is rising, and the 3DS is selling every thing released on it.

  3. Good. it’s honestly really unfair of retailers to do this, it was just such a cool idea of having everyone experiencing everything on the same day, something i was hoping to carry over to Smash Bros. I doubt they’ll do that anymore, because of all these problems they are running into. *sigh*

  4. Playing it right now, and enjoying it a great deal! Look forward to it guys, GameFreak outdid themsleves!

  5. Na verdade, isto está acontecendo por causa dos incidentes em outros países, e aqui se enviou antes por causa da greve dos correios, o que fez algumas pessoas receberam antes, já que algumas lojas online enviam alguns dias antes para que chegue na data de lançamento.

    1. Matheus said that the earlier selling of the game would have happened because some stores mailed them to buyers even earlier, in order to avoid problems related to the mailers strike that is happening here.
      Well, In my opinion, preordering an item means that it will be available from that date on, if you ordered by mail, you shall get it some days later, if you want to get it on day one, you should go to the store by yourself.
      As a brazilian, I do hope that something happens to all those who sold it earlier, no matter the reason.

      1. Have you changed or something or are you still the new annoying asshole on the block?

      2. Nintedward Svenson has Changed. 85% Nintendo supporter now is he.

        morning by the way.

    1. Games released this week are most likely under permission from Nintendo so they do not lose sales is the ones who are selling them since last month that have to take care.

  6. Well, with online shops it’s just plain luck, because sometimes the post is fast, sometimes it’s slow. Got my copy today. But also heard of people who got their copy on Wednesday and that actually sucks a lot. That’s not what a worldwide release is for. So some German shops are selling the games early, too~

  7. I got my copy today and played already 2 hours, and i see people from japan, south korea, germany, netherlands, spain chatting. if nintendo does it they will have to deal with a lot of stores worldwide lol

  8. Now if only they shown this much initiative with third parties shunning the U and “indie devs” making bogus games using their characters

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