Stacker Machine Advertises Wii U As “Wireless Wii”


A stacker machine chain which occasionally dishes out luxurious prizes to customers that wish to play is currently advertising Nintendo’s latest home console as a Wireless Wii. Nintendo of America recently announced that it had hired ex Sony advertising chain Deutsch LA, so hopefully these mishaps will eventually be a thing of the past.

Thanks,  iceazeama


    1. How DARE they Call the wii u *Wireless Wii* we Need to Fanboybomb them so they never mess with the NINTENDrones Again.

      1. -What’s the diference between a PS3 and a PS4?
        – The Grapcihs and the number 4.
        – Exactly.

      2. What’s the difference between Wii and Wii U the graphics and the letter U. Exactly

      3. Ye but the PS4 has a touchpad and 3D positional detection (console detects the controllers EXACT position relative to the TV). The gamepad got nothing on this, except for old-school tech 480p graphics! (the responsiveness on PS4 controller will have 100000000 times better responsiveness/feeling than wii u touch).

        Also, Nintendo’s competitors have multitasking (true multitasking, as in you can do things at the same time, without having the one or other suspended) and fantastic on-line interactivity.

        The only reason why we stick to Nintendo is because of it’s vastly superior games (and it’s a damn good reason)

      4. 480p graphics on a controller is old-school tech? no… Dualshock 4 needs a camera for it to have all the cool features it can do, the GamePad doesn’t.

      5. -What’s the diference between the Vita and the WiiUGP
        – The WUGP comes with the consoles and the Vita you must buy it for separate.

      6. Play on Toilet and Kiddy twitter is the best thing a Console can have right…Nintendofans are the cancer of Gaming for real.

      7. With Vita we can play toilet simulator in toilet.

        Depending if we have enought free memory to download more games to our small and expensive memory cards.

      8. Go to the wii u sold 80k last week its tearing it up in north america and europe

    2. Son “Mom! Mommy! This is what I want! I want the Wii U!”

      Mother “But didn’t I already buy you a Wii?”

      Son ” Yeah but this one is different! It has the New Super Mario Bros.!

      In my opinion I do believe they should have changed the name of the wii u console. lololol

      1. So? People say it like it’s a huge issue…. Ps1 , Ps2 , Ps3 , Ps4 – Psp , Psp 2000, Psp Go , Psp Vita.
        Xbox , Xbox 360 , XboxOne…
        But everyone always has a problem when it’s Nintendo….
        People say there’s too many Mario games, the same people that constantly play games like call of duty… This is just straight forward hypocrisy.

      2. Cod is a 3rd party franchise thats also on Nintendo Consoles.

        Aside from that, you do have a point, Uncharted 1,2,3, and abyss.
        RESISTANCE 1,2, and 3
        Halo 3, Reach, 4, odst, and anniversary.
        Gears of War 1,2, and 3.
        Fable 2, 3, kinect, and anniversary.
        And these are all in the same generation. I guess Nintendo is just held at a higher standard then everyone else.

      3. Most are different unlike hslo, god of war, uncharted, or gears of war. I’m defending Nintendo, call me a drone all you want, honestly i could careless xD. Take your fanboyness elsewhere.

      4. The difference is there have only been 4 Uncharted games, 6 God of War games, 5 Halo games, 4 Gears of War games. There is nearly 20 Mario games.

        Mario is a rehashed milked series whether you will admit it or not.

      5. And yet Nintendo continues to innovate the Mario Series alot more than the games you just listed.

      6. In one generation, 20 mario games since gen one.. now tell me thats a lot.. i mean aside from the spinoffs is at least one mario per generation and 4 halos per console..

      7. If you would actually look into it, you would realize that each and every Halo game (not including Halo 4) has had huge differences from its earlier titles. Halo 3, added forge and theatre mode, changed machinima as we knew it, Halo 3 odst, added firefight. Halo wars, awesome console rts, very different from the rest of the games, Halo reach, shook up the gameplay to something else entirely by changing many core elements, brought us large areas to forge on, made forge far more interesting and useful, simplified theatre, and made firefight into something even more amazing, I guess you could argue that Halo 4 brought in sparyan ops, but it was really only a second campaign that paled in comparison to the main story, and since it removed so many improvements from the previous games, I can say this is the first Halo that hasn’t changed a ton since the game before it. You can call me an “Xbox fanboy” all you want, I’ll just let you know you are wrong, because I game on any platform because We live in a world where all of the exclusive awesome games can’t be on one system…DX I wouldn’t say Mario is innovative at all anymore, same with Halo, they are really just adding interesting changes, and new ideas in to make them more enticing. The difference with Mario, is that his character spans many many many different games with tons of different gameplay types, whereas Halo only spans 3 types of gameplay types.

      8. Im not gonna call you an xbot, but I can tell you’re a huge halo fan. These little changes that you see in the halo series are advancements, but ive seen them in other games before they were on halo (most of which are from Timesplitters games) if mario gets shit for beign “rehashed” over the course of 20 years, 6 generations, and 12 different consoles, why should any other IP get off the hook?

      9. There are to many COD’s, GOW’s,AC’s,Uc’s,F14’s,M25’s,SM’s, what people fail to realize is, what sells get made. It is a business model, don’t want any more in any of these games, don’t buy them.

      10. Son “Mom! Mommy! This is what I want! I want the 3DS!”

        Mother “But didn’t I already buy you a DS?”

        Son ” Yeah but this one is different! It has the New Pokemon.!

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the WiiU name as much as I wanted the name “Revolution” on the Wii when they changed it to Wii (I was pissed). It’s just I don’t believe the name is the most of its problems. If anything 3DS would be even more confusing since it looks just like a DS. The guys over at Nintendo are professionais with years of experience and education in marketing and business, they’re much more capable of doing this than us, random people posting on a blog.

      11. The name is not the biggest problem, but it defiantly a problem, a lot of people don’t like the name and im one of those people, I would prefer Wii 2 or Wii HD.

      12. Could it be that Nintendo doesn’t want the Wii U to make it and that’s why they aren’t advertising it? Maybe they already figured it’s too late and they’re preparing their next Wii as we speak?

        Not sure, but I’m, just throwing my nuts out there.

      13. WiiKillU will be their next product, It’s being developed as we speak :)
        Just tell us your address and you’ll receive one in your mail.
        *Nintendo Will Not Be Held Liable For Anything That Happens After Purchase Online*

  1. They did it to themselves with the name. This is what happens when you don’t listen to feedback from your consumers. They were warned from the minute they announced it. When I still worked at gs that was the most common question I got. “What’s the wii u”?

      1. Because of advertising, and overall critical reception. Microsoft advertised the Xbox One well enough where people knew it was a new thing, and people hated everything about it when it was announced it was obvious it was a new thing.The Wii U announcement was rather underwhelming, so those who weren’t paying attention and still aren’t don’t know it’s a new console.

      2. And do not forget the fact that when Nintendo Show the Wii U they forget something very important: Show the damn console¡ and refering to the gamepad as the Wii U.

      3. Xbox One IS A PROBLEM. The System itself is a problem. Cant get any game to 1080p and 60 fps not even Killer Instinct, no actual gameplay running of the system has been shown yet. Xbox One’s name is the least of its problems.

      4. Whoa, so cool!

        It baffles me the so called “horsepower” consoles are only now achieving 1080fps. It’s shameful. Even Mario Kart 8 runs at 1080p and 60fps, this is now a GREAT thing at all.

        PS4 and Xbone are just weak ass PCs.

      5. Every console is just a weak ass PC, The PS4 just happens to be less weak, and the Xbox One is a little bit more weaker, and The WII U is a lot more weaker, the difference between mk8 and a game like Forza is, MK8’s goal is 1080p 60fps, whereas Forza’s goal is realistic AI and very beautiful graphics. Its not that the consoles can’t achieve it, the developers just decided to sacrifice that in order to make the game the way they wanted it to be.

    1. I kinda is…well, if they would Re-launch the WiiU, new name and all, but they already screwed the pooch on this one.

    1. First, let’s see you defend your Xbox One, if that’s even possible.

      Go back to your Microsoft fansite, Xboner. We’ve got enough Xbots here as it is…

  2. Proves once again that Nintendo, despite what they seem to have thought before releasing it, made a terrible choice naming their console “Wii U”.

      1. They thought that calling their new console the Wii U, they would attract back all the casuals they had on Wii and DS. Fortunately for gamers, casuals did not come back and maybe Nintendo will try to get his gamer core now.

      2. well, but that is because the 2ds was for once actually MADE for children, hence why they built it inside an old model of nokia, and got rid of the 3d-effect intirely because some womenmagazines were making a fuss about the 3d ruining little children their eyes.

        not that this is a bad thing, it’s just a good example of market coverage and by lowering the price quite a bit, i see this becoming a favorite for casual and younger gamers, while the core gamer will stick to their 3ds-xl unscathed.

    1. It isn’t Nintendo’s fault that people don’t do their research. That is like saying Sephora (a make up company) doesn’t advertise enough, because not everyone knows what their Morocco collection set is. The real reason is not everyone cares enough to know. Not everyone will care about the Morocco collection set just like not everyone will care about the Wii U.

      Nintendo could have the best advertisement in the world and people would still make mistakes like these. 💋

      1. I don’t entirely disagree. People ARE stupid, but as a company, Nintendo has to take that into account.

        I work for the digital marketing group of a large magazine publication, and we have the same problems. Our customers are stupid half the time. But we don’t get consolation money for their mistakes. WE have to fix their mistakes and make up for their not understanding.

        I still think calling it WiiU was horribly dumb of Nintendo. “Hey, buy our all new low-power casual machine!” The WiiU is fantastic, and Nintendo has fucked it up with slow software release and the name itself. :(

      2. Mammajynx, they still need to advertise the machine people dont know that it exist thats why they are confused – This is Gamer, Peace Out

      3. I know that, I just feel at this point in time, anyone who would have known about the Wii U that didn’t at it’s initial launch must already know about it by now. Anyone else that doesn’t know what it is are people that clearly don’t pay much attention to the latest and greatest technology. 💋

      4. Its true mammajynx, so true. but I think People are ignorant and just doesn’t whant to care I mean why does e3 exist if these guys dont know what a wii u, they should at least know that the new are talking about it. because if wii u was a problem to understand what it is, I would like to know how the hell the SNES survived its era.

      5. Wow. You’re blaming the general public rather than Nintendo’s abysmal Wii U advertising. Just when I thought Nintendrones couldn’t sink any lower.

      6. Um, I’m not “blaming” anyone. I’m just saying we can’t blame Nintendo’s lack of advertising at the BEGINING of the Wii U’s launch every time someone makes a mistake on what the console is.

        Yes, Nintendo should have advertized more, BUT, advertising NOW won’t do a single thing, because it has been SO LONG that anyone who cares about/would care about the Wii U already knows about it. The only people making mistakes now are people who don’t follow videogame news on a daily basis like you an I do.

        Ex:) parents who work and have no time for fun, gamers who play mainstream games like Xbox 360, but don’t follow the “console war,” ect, ect. Those people may not know what a Wii U is even if Nintendo opened up a Nintendo bought out every billboard in the world. Because they have no care to learn what it is. 💋

    1. Highly unlikely that “this keeps up”, but what exactly is he Atari 2300? Just curious…and honestly how stupid were the people who did this anyway? What is a “Wired Wii”? Last I checked, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk were already wireless 7 years ago.

      1. The atari 2300 was this failed console by Nintendo years ago. It was suppose to simulate “3D” games, you put it over your head and play from there with this control. It was horrible, only lasted about a month and gave many people eye and brain problems.

      2. You are seriously retarded.
        Since when is or has Nintendo been allowed to name their consoles “atari?”

        The failed console you’re talking about is the Virtual Boy, not atari 2300.

  3. Just goes to show you how stupid people are. I mean seriously, they clearly are advertising somethin that they did no research for… 💋

  4. The original Wii was wireless hahah, is this stacker on crack? Completely irrelevant anyway. Who cares lol.

      1. Says the fucking troll. how ironic. You permanently post comments on this site when you clearly have some childish vendetta against Nintendo, you fucking retard.

      2. You’re the biggest cunt in the drawer, aren’t you!

        If you’re going to be such an Adarazzhole 101 all your life, don’t comment to me. Thx.

  5. I wouldn’t say this is Nintendo’s fault. It CLEARLY says “Wii U” on the gamepad, but I guess the geniuses that label Stacker prizes can’t read.

    1. Not only is it confusing, but by the end of the Wii’s life, it’s reputation was trashed as a casual, shitty graphics machine… Now that’s what people think of the WiiU thanks to the name. :/

  6. the wii u is such a fail!! nintendo is a fail, i mean…. wii u. who the fuck named it that!!

    nintendo deserves every second of this. you know nintendo is the dumbest of the big 3 and also has the dumbest audience. there will be no confusion for the xbox one just watch, and thats because their consumers arnt soccer moms and you fanboys who damage control everything. maybe if you criticized nintendo every once and a while, they wouldnt be failing so hard. peace bitches and have a good day with your WIIFLOPEDFORU.

    1. I don’t think Nintendo is as “dumb” as they are Naive. It’s actually one of their strengths. They still care about quality gaming, and can make some of the best games and platforms, but they know jack-shit about modern world business, advertising and need to start hauling serious ass to make up the WiiU’s first year they flushed down the toilet.

      1. Oh, and I agree they deserve every second of the pain they are going through.

        This is a big opportunity for them to see their glaring mistakes and right the ship back on course.

      2. They dont change shit.Just wait for the 9th generation to make all the mistakes good.

      3. they deserve every second of failure, its like they ask for it!! thats what it might take for nintendo to shape up, nintendo deserves failure because they have been a fail in almost every category but handhelds for the last 7 years.

      4. …The Wii wasn’t a failure. Didn’t tackle the same market as the PS3 and Xbox 360, but it was no means a failure in terms of sales and the first and third-party games that came out on it over its lifetime. You can say the Wii sucked as a system (even if I don’t personally believe that), but you can’t say it didn’t sell. (Also, Nintendo had the same issue back with the NES -> SNES transition, if I’ve got my facts correct. Let the Big N create the games, and people will start coming. If a 3D Mario with multiplayer and Smash Bros. doesn’t work, nothing will.)

      5. I’m with Ukari in this one.

        Wii was never a failure because it managed to get even small kids and old people play videogames together. Graphics wasn’t so pretty and there was only few online games but it had a lot of great and different kind of games between those showelvare games. (that every console has)

        Truth is that Wii is one of the best party consoles and that’s where it easily beats both PS3 and Xbox360. Those other consoles are better when you want example to play online games, shooters, driving simulators or console exclusives.

        For Wii U I think it could have more realistic looking “Adult games” like Project Cars, some horror games and strategy game with online multiplayer (Starcraft 2?). That kind of games with Nintendo games like Smash Bros, 3D Mario, Metroid and Zelda could help Wii U to get some serious sales.

      6. In the past there was some good snowboard games for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube but there hasn’t been any really good and challenging snowboarding games since 2005. I really hope new 1080 Snowboarding or something like that will come out for Wii U next year.

      7. “they deserve every second of failure, its like they ask for it!! thats what it might take for nintendo to shape up, nintendo deserves failure because they have been a fail in almost every category but handhelds for the last 7 years.”

        Well that’s just like saying that microsoft failed as a gaming console and a computer business. That’s also just like saying that toyota and whatever car maker fails at making a car safer to drive in. Wii was not a failure as you claim it is…though I think Nintendo should have gone with their project name for Wii U, “Nintendo Revelotion” instead of “Wii U”.

        If you truely didn’t give a dam about nintendo, you wouldn’t be helping out in the news department even if it is “bad news”.

      8. they still deserve every single moment of failure. all they do is lie anyway and make so many stupid decisions. they shit on their fans and send them in the back of the line. who does that!! only nintendo but the stupid nintensheep cant see it or their scared to say so.

    1. Nintendo is dumb for not thinking of PS4 and xbone in 2008. That’s the dumbest strategy I ever heard. Focus your future products to be on par with current products.

      1. Thank God the Wii era will end with Wii U… Glorious days will come when Wii U finally dies…

      2. hopefully wii u’s death is fast and painless like dreamcast and not like the wii, a slow and painful death…. what a shitty system.

      3. Man you sure got a lot of hate for Nintendo. Did they steal your lunch money?

      4. The system itself is not that bad, its pretty unique, and I know they tried to make a whole new experience while playing. But the console is pretty much useless when its missing a lot key games (here you can introduce the basic principle of modern development concepts: “No install base= no money= no games”) Nintendo needs to make those most-have 1st party games faster, and improve those sales/Install base, or end the life of Wii U, and do a whole new console from scratch.

  7. Don’t get me wrong. In 2008 Nintendo didnt know how powerful PS4 was going to be, but their dumbasses should have known it would be way more powerful than PS3. Ánother reason why Nintendo is stupid. And why call it “Wii U” That was stupid too.

  8. What’s the point of Nintendo TV when everyset top box has a guide? It would have been interesting if the GamePad can show movies and shows while the TV does another. Another stupid thing is why can’t you play Brawl with GamePad? That doesn’t do motion. Why didn.t they think of that in 2008?

  9. Another thing dumb about Nintendo. When the 3DS was doom and gloom at first, why didn’t their dumb asses learn from that?

  10. Another stupid thing about Nintendo: Why would they put Luigi’s mansion 2 on 3DS but no plans on a Pokemon RPG on Wii U. Yet their dumbass would put Smash bros. on 3DS.

    1. If u look up the history of luigi mansion u will understand why they put it on the 3ds(plus it was in development on the hard ware since they announced it) and many people prefer pokmon on the go. Smash on 3ds i understand what ur coming from but its something that we have to wait on the results on. We don’t know how 3ds version plays but in the end ssb fans will rather have the console experience for the tight controls, bigger screen , and over all competitivness of the game. from what i’ve read the 3d version won’t release at the same time do to technical issues. I understand the game may limt the characters buti haven’t seen any signs of that i would be happy with 40. I not a fanboy its just what i’m seeing

  11. I’m surprised a Nintendo news site hasn’t yet reported that the week ending October 5th the Wii U outsold the PS3 and 3DS in America. It also sold about 83,000 worldwide that week, and Mario 3D World isn’t even out yet. Wii U not doomed confirmed.

  12. Another thing stupid about Nintendo. If both Wii U and 3DS are getting some of the same games, why didn’t their dumb asses thinj of cross play?

  13. Also stupid, why wouldn’t they give their AAA TITLES ONLINE in 2013? In the development of 3D World and knowing they wanted 4 players, why wasn’t ONLINE in their process?

      1. How you know platformers and online won’t work? GTA V is a big ass game and it has online.

      2. Two different games. I think kinda should but i wouldn’t use it. Its kinda why I don’t won’t mario party online its only fun among friends on couch. sure they can add online but it wouldn’t be that fun.

  14. You Nintendrones are pathetic AHAHA! you will eat all Nintendo shits out you all are fucking brainwashed get some taste in videogames and stop playing children games L0L. Fucking kids.

    1. Children’s games. Now Nintendo was stupid when building the Wii U but not their video games. Their Video games are not kiddy. Pikmin 3 is no kiddy game. In fact I bet you a 5 year old can play a FPS game better than Pikmin 3. WW HD is no kiddy game. How will a 5 year old know where to go in thebig ocean such as looking for the 8 shards? Would they be good enough to find Triforce charts and take them to Tingo and then find the treasure? If Nintendo makes kiddy games, how would a young child know where to go when playing W101?

      1. Would a young child be an expert playing Donkey Kong collect “KONG” and the puzzle pieces? I mean sure the child would die about 12 times on Donkey Kong before he/she finally finishes but with what a puzzle piece and 1/4 letters? Would a young child easily know how to fight Ganon in WWHD? Yet in a FPS, just push a button and aim at the boss until he dies.

      2. i started playing donkey kong when i was around 5 or less, same age most gamers 1st start playing, and i beat it just fine and collect all the letters and found secret passages. failed logic is fail. Stop assuming things like if you speak for everyone

      3. i shit you not i beat ww without using a strategy guide. omg was the sailing frustrating! specially when looking for triforce peices..the memories are painful. it was fun but dat sailing!! so far ive beaten all zeldas with no strategy guide whatsoever.

  15. The “Wireless Wii” lol. Considering the Wii U is an oudated 7 year old underpowered console it’s no surprise they would call it that. They probably thought the underpowered Wii U is just two Wii’s duct taped together. This underpowered console couldn’t even run their 2D launch Mario game at 1080p. What a joke if not even Nintendo can get a lame old straight out of the 80’s 2D primitive game to run at 1080p on their outdated underpowered baby toy console. It no surprise when even Ubisoft has said Watch Dogs on Wii U looks more like current gen than next gen.

    1. LOL katamari!! funniest comment today. all the fanboys try to damage control the truth about the Wii U. Its doomed guys sorry. 3ds is the Nintendo console not Wii U and when xbone and ps4 drop the Wii U is going to be in an even deeper grave

      1. The Wii U’s inevitable “doom” cannot be determined so early yet. Plus, there are good games coming out for it soon, and I think we all know what’ll happen once Super Mario 3D World comes out…

    1. That is beautiful….and i do agree, all the “nintendo fans” didnt support gamecube… there were some but not everyone. The wii u is only dissed by little kids and those who think they are clever for ranting on a machine they dont even own… seriously, our world is just becoming so fucking stupid with this bullshit pop culture

      1. no retard i supported nintendo during the gamecube( didnt care about it that much but recently figured out it was good) and i have a wii u….. its a shitty system.

      2. It has potential, though. It’ll most likely be better later in it’s lifespan. When the PS3 and Xbox 360 launch, they both had a VERY rocky start, and back then, people said the same thing. Look at them both now, they’re considered great systems.

      3. you have to try something before you have an opinion of it. he probably didn’t have much of an opinion of it until he brought one.

      4. exactly….. all these fanboys damage control it and most of them dont even have the wii u!! its a shit system.

      5. no ive got nsmu and luigi u, shitscamdoland, need for speed most wanted, sonic racing, thrine and ninja gaiden 3 razors edge.

        its a crappy system.

      6. Well, look at the bright side, the Wii U games coming out in 2013 and onward are looking really good.

      7. lol iceazeama you bought that Luigi U? That’s just funny you don’t seem like a Mario Luigi type of gamer. I’m chorused you didn’t get Pikmin 3 or W101.

      8. yeah, i thought it was going to be like lost levels, but it was easy and nothing really changed. never played pikmin and ill get 101 later, rather get other games.

      9. I personally don’t give a damn what y’all think of Wii U. I think Nintendo was half stupid thinking Sony wasn’t working on PS4.

      10. Ok. If Nintendo knew about the PS4 in 2008, why did they make the Wii U barely more poweful than PS3 then? Stupid.

      11. I owned a Gamecube too, it was a shit system with only a few games worth the buy. The controllers were the best thing that came out of it. The last good system they made was N64. And from the looks of things, you’ll be praising the Wii U soon enough.

      12. dude…… im not going to praise a vacuum cleaner. also the gamecube had plenty of good games,( took me a decade to figure that out) and nintendo gave us new ips and catered to there fans with gamecube.

      13. Exactly. Even though GameCube was a failure overall, it had a great game library, third-party support, and new franchises… Scam U on the other hand…

      14. the gamecube failed sales wise…… but that isnt a fail in my book, look at the wii thats what a real fail is.

        nintendo created new franchises on gamecube, luigis mansion, pikmin and animal crossing, we also got a 1080 game and a f zero. We also got the last good zelda game WW and we got 3rd party. eternal darkness, resident evils metroid primes, voutful joes, tales of symphonia, skies of arcadia legends and the baten kaitos series and there is plenty more.

        you see a difference with nintendo then and now?? that was with the gamecube too, they were even better before that too.

      15. Animal Crossing was an N64 port not a new IP created for the Gamecube. It was however released outside of Japan for the first time. I’ll give you Luigi’s Mansion, though I personally thought it got boring to play pretty quickly. Pikmin and Wind Waker were also new IPs, and I definitely liked them both. Mario Sunshine to me was horrible and I didn’t enjoy it as I did Mario 64.

        I thought you’d mention Twilight Princess – that actually released for the Wii before it did for the Gamecube, if I remember correctly, and it was dreadfully boring to play, even with all the detailed graphics. I guess you’re also right about third party support, even though it took awhile.

        I’m not a 1-sided fanboy, but the Gamecube could not compare to the PS2, and I don’t mean DVDwise – I mean gamewise. Nintendo does a better job at handhelds, except with the 3DS. I’m not sure how many versions of the 3DS it’ll take them to finally release one with two analogs. Or how many years it’ll take them to give us other features like downloading music or watching YouTube on the go. And on top of that, they tried selling it at $250.

        The Wii was no doubt utter shit. I gave it a chance, and I regret not buying it used and reduced price.

        Nintendo was better back then, before Iwata took over. And Miyamoto was at the top of his game when he was younger. Pikmin was a surprise. I think he should take a break.

      16. *My mistake: Wind Waker wasn’t a new IP it was a new take on a Zelda game. It was a giant risk on their behalf, but definitely worth it.

      17. retard, i said “some” learn to read bro… and no its not a shitty system, you just think that because you think power is everything… if you think that then you’re not a real gamer

  16. I find this hilarious. I mean how stupid can the retailers be nowadays? Dont they know what kind of products they have lol.

  17. Problem isn’t the name, its not exactly being advertised.. someone needs to get fired if they think that “word of mouth” is enough to sell a console…

      1. Troll? LMAO, there’s a plethora of idiots that post on here that are far more deserving of that particular moniker…

  18. The name shouldn’t be a problem if it was advertised properly. Nintendo’s market has always been family oriented and casuals lately which DO NOT do too much research like normal gamers. That is why Ninty should exert effort in getting the word out there.

    Although I am beginning to think that the game drought and lack of marketing is planned by Nintendo as they want to go all out this holiday season. They also do not want to give the impression that Wii U was produced to counter 360 and PS3. It is supposed to give them a headstart against one and ps4. The hardcore gamers and loyal fans will buy the console even without marketing. Now time is coming where they will now reach out to the masses and this will be on the holidays.

  19. You have to wonder how on earth the people that come up with these names ever got hired in the first place. Probably via nepotism. “Wireless Wii”? Nobody has ever called it that. The only imaginable scenario I could think of is him/her seeing a picture of the console and saying “golly! It’s one of them Nintendo Wii contraptions, but with a wireless screen! Must be called a Wireless Wii. What will they think of next…”

  20. I bought a Wii U game and it didn’t play on my Wii…Don’t tell me I have to buy that stupid expensive accessory for it to work!

    1. I can’t tell if this was serious or not, but the Wii U is an entire console. Do your research, please. -_-

      1. isnt it obvious that the troll is being sarcastic just like everyone else on this site who claim to be nintendo fans yet talk shit about it -_- omg am so sick of reading so call fans bashing on wii u and hating on nintendo yet being on a nintendo site..

    2. dont act like you dont know the difference! you said you owned wii u so thats proof you do like it!!

      1. So, if Nintendo ain’t stupid, why they make the Wii U just more powerful than PS3?

  21. well i read through all the comments and all i see are trolls bashung on the wii u or pretending to be fans and hating. omg! im so sick of all the negativity going on up here! wii is not equal to wii u end of story!

    pece out!









  23. With so much emphasis on just the Gamepad, everybody probably thinks that the Gamepad is the actual console.

  24. These prize machines totally makes me go CRAZY when I see awesome Nintendo consoles and games as prizes. I can never win anything. Except I won Super Mario Advance 4 in a different type of prize machine before. One with a spinner that goes around in the middle.

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