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Zelda A Link Between Worlds GAME Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus Is A Musical Chest


UK retailer GAME has revealed that the pre-order bonus for those who order The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS is a special musical chest.  Nintendo Europe posted a short Vine video on Twitter showing Zelda producer showing the delightful musical chest to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. GAME has the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds priced up at £34.99.

Thanks, Maanwel


      1. I heard Miyamoto farted in every chest.Now all you fanboy’s Smell the legend himself.lol

    1. I miss G4 so much. Nothing like TechTv shall exist ever again. Also, My Wii U has had a Zelda boner for awhile now. Not sure if it can take anymore if a Metroid is announced.

      1. You should check out rev3games on youtube.Where Adam Sessler is alive and well.That help’s with my G4 withdraw.

      2. If you’re talking about X-Play, that SUCKED! They always insulted Nintendo every chance they got and praised the loser competition.

      3. No wonder G4’s reputation died years ago. First that and they cancelled Code Monkeys which was their best show (which Comedy Centeral should get their hands on)

        Fuck G4 since 2009.

      1. Not much and I’m busy playing games lately. So many lame trolls now a day. What happen to unique trolls or some fans that actually have an brain on this site. :(

      2. Of course it is. 3DS is a casual, child’s system, just what the handheld market wants.

        Grow up and get a Vita. PS Vita Master Race!

      3. Grow some balls and quit basing people’s maturity off of fucking gaming machines, you fake-ass elitist fan-faggot troll.
        You’re just upset that your friends list is empty and your attempts at trolling are getting fewer and fewer responses.

        Deal with it.

      4. True words. And tbh my vita is still gathering dust and waiting for PSO2 west release. Theres a reason why 3DS dominates and its games.

      5. PSVita still sucks though. For the time being, it will eventually get some great titles, now it just have a few. The hardware is amazing. I used to have a Vita but I ended up selling. The current software isn’t that interesting to me.

      6. As you just said, the 3DS is what the handheld market wants. I enjoy playing in 3D, it’s just too much fun.

      7. Quoting the video: ‘It’s only happened one other time’. And stop hating on 3DS, it’s dominating the handheld market. And having ‘PSvita’ in your name isn’t helping your case.

      8. even though the 3DS is killing the VITA with every game that is released on the 3DS especially with SMT and MH now on nintendo plats. and nothing in Sony’s whereabouts for it….. yeah PSVita Master Race. Doesn’t have shit on 3DS Master Race

      9. Meh, my vita’s been collecting dust for a few weeks now, my 3DS has been taking my time now. I am however anticipating Gods eater 2, Y’s celseta and Gravity Rush 2.

        Untill then, my 3ds is my main console.

      10. Get the Vita for what? A TV? Bunch of games you can get on a PS3 for same bargain? Very slim amount of fun or exclusive PSVita titles? Very expensive PSVita memory cards instead of using SD Cards? For $200-250? Hell fucking no.

        Wake up from the spell of that powerhouse-bells/whistle crap and realize what party delivers fun and fairly great quality games and that is 3DS.

        And if you still imply 3DS, Wii U or Nintendo in general being a child’s play platform, then you’re a fucking idiot who never experienced gaming back in the day when graphics and horse-shit-power excuses doesn’t mean shit nor make games exciting.

    1. Indeed!!!! Dat art!

      I’m getting a good vibe from ALBW recently, I think we may be looking at the best Handheld Zelda game ever.

      1. Obviously never played Link’s Awakening. Smdh new age Nintenod gamers are a fucking joke.

      2. Well new age gamers are a joke as well since they think games that haven’t come out yet are the best game ever… Go check the rating for Digital Day One on PS3 store. They all got five stars…

        PS: I prefer Oracle of Age than Link’s Awakening but I like Link’s Awakening.

      3. Of course I have played Links awakening. I’ve finished every Zelda game Numerous times. EXCEPT for Zelda 1 and 2 for NES. I got far into them, but they’re ancient and I get distracted by new games….

        I have every single Zelda game in physical form in one way or another, whether it be on collectors editions etc.

        Suck a dick, noob.

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  1. I hope the US get’s some type of pre-order bonus. I don’t care what it is! May even buy physical if I have to. (rather than download)

    I’m more excited about this game than Christmas. ;D (well close anyway)

    1. I hope they do something similar (or the same) for the US release…..the Gamestop bonus is kinda ‘meh’.

    2. We are getting oracle of seasons at Gamestop.And since I was slow to get it and don’t own it already I’m good with that.But if I had to choose I would take the chest.Being I can buy OOS anytime on the E shop. Still A great game is a lot better than nothing at all..And I was going to get this game regardless of freebies anyway.

      1. Hmm… If it’s just an eshop download, I may just download ALBW… But… I would like a physical copy for my collection…

  2. Not fair first pokemon people get game card holder now this, come on nintendo where’s the love for the U.S.

      1. Svenson you piece of $h!t. Remember how you said you don’t troll anymore? You lying retard!

  3. This is an awesome pre order bonus. I wonder if Svenson’s brain is inside the chest? Nah, Svenson doesn’t have a brain.

  4. Well at least not every troll is here. There is so much and they come in so many different styles. Which one is the worst, i cant chose anymore.

  5. There’s only one kind of chest that would make me wanna pre-order this, and it’s decidedly more flesh-coloured than that.

  6. OMG so many trolls. I thought this place was more interesting, where people who actually love Nintendo games come together and speak of upcoming titles and/or their favourite franchises with other users. It’s just stupid how trolls can fuck up an entire site.

      1. Yeah but it’s disgusting to watch their comments, could they fuck off to a Sony/MS/PC/whatever piece of shit they prefer instead of being total jerks?

      2. They’re just butthurt because WW is selling and they said that it wouldn’t, if you think that they are bad now then wait until the Steam Box arrives, Sony and MS need 3rd party support way more than Nintendo do..

      3. yeah people are butthurt that wii u sold mediocre hahahah!! next week it will be horrid again and we will yet again here about another delay. what a great system.

      4. It is great system. But hey you will get yours used 10 years later like you did get n64 used 15 years later. It must not be nice to be poor like you…

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  7. Good lord… This game is an absolute must buy. LttP is my favorite zelda game ever, and my second favorite game of all time, so definitely looking forward to this. Everything just screams awesome. Graphics are nice, some things almost too similar, but different at the same time. The story seems like it has grown somewhat, at first glance, and should invoke the same kind of emotions the original made me feel at 10, when I first played it. It felt epic and like a very dire situation, especially when Zelda was taken from the church and the priest was killed.

    Honestly though, there are just so many 3DS games coming out, that it’s so hard to find time to play them all, and makes buying them more difficult. Not that I can’t afford to buy them, but the issue is the time to play them all… Work, 2 kids, household chores and such. I’ll have a huge backlog of games again, on top of what I have now, when I get these games. It’s a good kind of bad though, to be sure. It’s still a great time to be a gamer.

    I’m glad to see Nintendo pouring games out for 3DS, but enough already! Lets hope we see the same flow of games for Wii U soon. That’ll have the same effect, once these already announced titles start hitting.

  8. A musical chest? That’s it? Here in NA, we get a download code for a game that is over a decade old and has no resale value whatsoever. Get on our level.

  9. Anyone notice that the guy on the lower left part of the art looks like Ghirahim? I think it may not be him but it looks like Ghirahim.

  10. Wish I could get that pre-order bonus in the States. Oh well I’m just happy that I will get to play an excellent game on my 3DS.

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