1% Of Console Owners Surveyed In Australia Want Wii U


Roy Morgan, the largest independent research company in Australia, has published its latest survey to find out which consoles Australian gamers are looking to purchase. The comprehensive survey states that 600,000 are looking to purchase a PlayStation 4 and 325,000 looking to purchase Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Just 1% of console owners have their sights set on a Nintendo Wii U.

“As we approach the launch of the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, it’s clear that the marketing focus of each brand and console differ dramatically. Sony continue to target heavy gamers with the PlayStation 4, promising higher graphics performance and a range of new titles. Microsoft appear to be promoting the Xbox One as a multi-dimensional home entertainment device.”

“Besides the obvious benefit of being slightly cheaper than its competitor, PlayStation 4 has probably inspired more intent to purchase because it appeals to committed gamers, a group that tends to adopt and upgrade technology earlier than the more mainstream market that Microsoft are targeting with Xbox One.”

“Those intending to buy the Sony PlayStation 4 are more likely to be buying the console for themselves, whereas those planning to buy the Xbox One are more likely to want to share it or purchase it for someone else.”

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      1. internet polls are highly unacurate, since internet is dominated by Sony drones and Xbots, Nintendo have a real life thats why they dont waste their time on internet polls like this one.

      2. which is why market research firms don’t just rely on poorly executed internet surveys but rather conduct surveys based on propability sampling to actually yield representative results and not garbage

        you sir are however talking garbage

      3. And by that you mean “casual market”, actually youtube is full of nintendo retards like you, go join them, you will surely find them charming as you all lack iq points

      4. Australian people already have a Wii U, that’s why the percentage is low. The PS4 and Xbone hasn’t even came out yet, so people are going to want it more…

      5. They actually screwed up on their math according to the chart. According to the chart it shows 7.5% not 1%. 1% would be 10 of 1000.

      1. Yes, chart does say 7.5%. 75k of those surveyed will plan to but a WiiU in the next 12mo.

        The article mentions “Among game console owners”, so I’m guessing mean in Total or as a whole.
        I think it meana, 75k is 1% of the total console owners(+14yo) and they plan to buy a WiiU within 12mo.
        8% for PS4 and 4% for X1.

      2. They haven’t shown enough information which means they don’t know what they are doing or they are likely biased and showing information with an agenda.

      1. you scared? Nintendo going to destroy the competition with their games unlike Sony FPS rehashed same gameplay experience

  1. I feel like you would have to count the people that already have a wii u for this to be comparible the other systems are not out yet. Not that it would ale a big difference

  2. Was the questionnaire set up as “Pick ONE of the three” or “Pick all of the consoles you are going to get”? If it was set up the first way then I can see this, as the Wii U is a great second console for most gamers, but that means it’s a very poor survey. If it was set up the second way, then that’s really sad for Australia.

    Disclaimer: I am going with ONLY the Wii U next Gen, at least for the foreseeable future.

    1. You must be retarded to only have a wii u, and there shouldn’t be such a thing as a secondary console, you piee of shit fanboy motherfucker

    2. You know, I said the same thing… Then IGN posted news about Fallout 4 (XBone/PS4/PC). My whole world is in shambles now :(

  3. I hate surveys, over here in the UK, there’s a few surveys almost every month about Scottish independence, each of them having conflicting numbers with each new survey published, it all comes down to who you ask.

  4. This is such a inaccurate survey.

    Like, is it “Pick one of the 3”? Or can you pick multiple?
    If it’s pick one then that’s so stupid and inaccurate, and kind of a no brainer.
    Lot’s of people want WiiU’s but want a PS4/Xbox One first.
    And if it’s pick multiple, then it’s sounds stupid as well, because that means you asked 7500 what they want, and 6000 picked PS4, which as popular as it is, isn’t that popular. Nearly every poll has PS4 and Xbox One at around the same (except for Japan).

    1. why would they want an Xone or PS4 when there is little to no game coming on those platform, rehash of FPSes is all I see

      1. Dohh
        Xbox one and ps4 almosh have more lauch games than the Wii U’s entire libery!
        And what do you know about rehash?

        All wii u games were rehas, sad but true.

      2. rehash with diff gameplay at least. Not just getting a gun and shooting people like an idiot

      3. Well that’s a blind comment.
        Aside from a long term invesment, there is stuff coming in the first year to both systems.
        Ironically, the “Xbone” has the most variety in it’s line up, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct (don’t even fucning start, KI 1 and 2 are “fine” but this one is actually looking way better, which i’d know because actually WATCH and LISTEN to videos about it, unlike you fanboys), D4 which is a game by Swery65…can’t get more abstract than that, Crimson Dragon, Forza, Quantum Break, and then the “rehashed FPS” Titanfall that’s a new IP and being someone who actually played it, it’s fun as shit.

        Then PS4 has….meh stuff like KI:S, Knack, Driveclub, some indies that i’ll play for a few hours, and then the only notable title that’s Infamous.

        And yeah, WiiU has a ton of shit coming, and im most excited for WiiU games in 2014, but don’t be dilusional.

  5. Also the percentage is wrong.

    Out of the 1000 people asked, 75 said Wii U.

    that’s 7.5%

    75 / 1000 = 0.075

    0.075 * 100 = 7.5

    I’m guessing who ever done the math to reach this percentage, didn’t do it correctly.

      1. also what kind of sick games are you playing. that smiley face at the bottom of the page. just suspiciously smiling about something.

  6. 75,000, better than nobody, they need to advertise the U better, it has the graphics, the games, the features.

  7. 1% It’s 75,000 out of 1,000,000 that means less than 10% but defo not 1%…. it’s more like 7.5%?

    1. the title is misleading

      the absolute number of console owners is of course not 1 million

      all in all 4% of all console owners want an xbox one and 8% want a ps4 within the next 12 months (according to the source) which means the absolute number of console owners would be about 7.5 million
      that puts it in perspective
      of course a console that’s been out for a year won’t generate nearly as much hype as newly released consoles

  8. Can’t really blame them. The Wii U is the only region-locked console and that sucks for Australians as the majority of games are banned from retailers over there.

  9. Who will want that underpowered 7 year old hardware excuse of a baby console. Nintendo is out of touch they only make baby games. So the only ones interested are the babies.

    To the babies that are saying the math is wrong they should go read the article first.

    “Among game console owners, 8% are in line for the PlayStation 4 and 4% for the Xbox One. Just 1% of console owners have their sights set on a Nintendo Wii U”

    If 8% represents 600,000 of console owners in Austrailia that means 100% is 7,500,000. According to their data there are 7.5 million console owners in Australia.

    That means that 75,000 of those 7.5 million console owners are interested in a Wii U. Or guess what, 1%.

    Babies can’t do math obviously, I guess their baby games don’t teach them how do do math.

    1. thank u friendly troll i had feel the maf was not good but i was try to look for sales in australia to confirm i was rite. i play brain age but that no teach me how to divide only to add from 1-10 :(

  10. Well, that is what Nintendo get for not actually penetrated in to new markets and only put real effort in maintain a status quo level in the market they already are in, EU JP and NA.

  11. I live in Sydney and the WiiU buzz down under is non existent. Like Zero
    The price of the console is ridiculous, and for the sake of another 100 bucks. People will get a much more powerful console followed by kinnect.
    Its all about the XBone followed by PS4.

  12. Nintendo had some of this coming, having all their good games coming almost 2 years in the consoles life.

  13. as time passes that will change as the wiiu is a much more cheaper alternative. of course ultimately the games will decide the selling factor.

  14. australians smart as usual. some of them ride in kangaroos pouches to save gas money. take that obama and your shitty gas prices, we need kangaroos!!

    1. Maybe you should direct taht anger to the rich people sucking up all our money and not the figure head the poor people elected.

      1. Yes, because it’s so hard to inherit money from your descendants, embezzle millions of dollars and dodge taxes. I would rather have Obama then a president who publicly said he doesn’t give a rats ass about 46% of the American population, doesn’t pay his taxes and spends 700,000 on Horse for his wife or taking tax payers money to buy a lift garage for his vacation home. If he’s such a piece of shit why don’t YOU march into the white house and see if you can do being the leader of the free world.

  15. WHAT THE HELL IS SO DAMN GREAT ABOUT THE PS4 AND XBOX ONE? I’m 35 and I don’t freakin’ get it? Why do I always feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone? (no, not the tv show)
    Even when I’m in stores and see people looking at PS3 and 360 games, I can’t help but shake my head (inside, not where they can see me).

    1. Well, what so great about your Wii U? If you love baby games I guess you into that sort of thing. If an adult is still into baby Mario and Pokemon “I don’t freaking get that”. I’d be scared to hang out around an “adult” who is still into baby things.

  16. 1% ? By the numbers shown on the list, it should be 600 + 325 + 75 = 1000. Then 75 would be 7,5 % and not 1 %. The title is wrong

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