Analyst Says Wii U Hurt By Retailer Confusion And Misinformation


Christine Arrington, the Senior Games Analyst at IHS Electronics & Media, says that it’s partially uninformed retailers to blame for the Wii U confusion. Benzinga said that she realized that the Wii U was in trouble when she became an unofficial secret shopper. Benzinga said that if you went into a retailer and you talked to somebody in the games department, they didn’t even understand what it was. This comes despite the news that Nintendo doesn’t think that the name of the console is a real issue.

“If you went into a retailer and you talked to somebody in the games department, they didn’t even understand what it was. “I’m standing there, looking at them, going, ‘Wow! I think that right there was an anecdotal piece of evidence [showing] that people didn’t get it.”

“There should have been a Wii Sports-type game that let everybody get it. Those huge franchises would have gotten the loyal Nintendo person, but it was Wii Sports that got all the people outside the Nintendo world to look and say, ‘This is a really, really neat, fun thing to do. I think it would have definitely fallen below Wii. I think there was something really special about the Wii and the way that whole thing happened that they didn’t even know was going to happen.”

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        1. It’s true. I work at Walmart in the southeast. Nobody knows what the hell the Wii U is and are quick to assume there is nothing to it. They think the gamepad is something they wouldn’t like, which confuses me considering tablet gaming is such a big thing nowadays. I myself thought little of it, but once I purchased the system, held it in my hands, and played Nintendoland, I knew it was going to be an amazing addition to the system.
          It’s true that Nintendo messed up with the name, and that it no doubt has helped with the drought this year. People can sure remain ignorant though, all these parents/consumers.
          It’s a great system, only fools think otherwise. I think that it will do well this holiday season, and that the PS4 will probably do roughly the same in it’s first year. The same being a good launch followed by slow months following. I’m very happy with this console, I can’t wait for what’s to come. Who knows what will happen with the Xbone though. I really think that Wii U will hold up very well next year when everyone sees that the other consoles can’t blow it out of the water like some might wish they would.

    1. Wii U is a piece of crap. The sooner Nintendo realizes this, the sooner they stop bleeding money and the sooner they’ll think about their mistakes so they can go back to making great consoles and games.

      Pretending that everything Nintendo does is great won’t take then anywhere

        1. I’m sorry my child but you appear to be blinded by the monster known as Microsoft. In all honesty, Microsoft are damned to a life of torture seeing how the Xbox One announcement was a complete disaster. Another reason is that the Dreamcast actually died due to Sega releasing the console only a few years after the Sega Saturn which put the company under a lot of financial woes. Microsoft I’m sad to say will be the only company falling due to the superior SteamOS and the amount of support from indie developers for the Wii U and PS4.

          Come now my child, you can still join us before it’s too late.

            1. Dear boy, we know how hard times are but you must look deep inside yourself and face the demon known as jealousy

              1. i partly agreed with rafael, the Wii U was very horribly marketed and theres no denying about that. and in microsoft case about the xbox one, yeah they screwed the xbone presentations but you forget that microsoft are the pioneers of marketing. they can sell a turd in a box and everyone would buy it because they know how the marketing industry works. nintendo should learn a thing or two about how microsoft advertise their products. the name and how nintendo marketed the wii U is making the wound bigger.

            2. the ps4 is due to fail after the first month of fanboy hype, it doesnt have any sustainable games to stay alive, no big hitters and bf4 and cod willfail… graphic dont sell a console the games do, thats why the Vita sell like crap and3DS wins.Xbox is overpriced so that wont sell either.

              1. Games sell a console?well, i’m glad that the wii u has so many games, you motherfucking piece of black shit, i’ll shovel you to your grave, fanboyish steve wonder

            1. My child, I do not know what a “SonyPony” is. I fear that maybe you do not see the power of Linux and how we are going to make gaming a better place, defeating the evil Microsoft once and for all

                1. Explain how?

                  He doesn’t share the same opinion as me, I’m a Windows 7 gamer and by the looks of his/her user name it seems they play on Linux, I think you just exposed yourself there little man ;)

  1. Troll Nintendo Nation Needs to grow so the Wii Fit Scam U die faster than Bugs on a House fire.Spread Misinformation our Brotherhood will not Fail.

  2. yep. the retards at the headquarter should have thought twice, maybe three times before naming it wiiu. far too late now. it’s almost laughable cause everybody saw this coming.

  3. Everyone who’s a little bit interested in games, knows what the Wii U is! If you sell gameconsoles and don’t know about the Wii U you should get fired, because you suck at your job!

  4. No shit, Sherlock! Jeez, people actually get paid to tell people what only takes a few brain cells to figure out for oneself?

    1. Most of the Trolls on this site get paid to Spread hate and piss of us Nintendofans so sad :(

      1. you bet im swimming in a money pool as we speak. you can tell that im a microsoft troll because im a fat greasy nerd.

        wii u sucks, cant even get 2012 game os the year’s walking dead stairing me doug!! the wii u is a joke kinda like me being sexy and getting all the bitches.

  5. My children, I believe the answer is what lies within the company, naming the system the Wii U did confuse a lot of non-gamers and I myself felt the name could have been better but what truly matters is that Nintendo must start advertising the console as its own device and not an add-on to the last/current gen Wii.

      1. Yes, you could consider it current gen seeing how its begun the era of the Next generation. Xbox One and PS4 are pretty much will be current gen once released into the world. My child, you know very little about gaming, you need to learn to control your anger and get on with your life.

        Or you may join us in the soon to be Overlords of PC Gaming, we will defeat Microsoft with are newest weapon known as the SteamOS and rescue you from the evil forces known as Microsoft.

        1. Before you wipe your drive for SteamOS. Try partition your drive with your favourite Windows OS and SteamOS. I don’t think majority of Windows games supported by SteamOS.

          If that is a case then I no longer have to buy Windows OS anymore. I just saying.

    1. Even if non-gamers are confused, if you sell consoles you have to know what you’re selling. If you don’t, you are either bad at your job or a troll!

  6. The writer of this article has also written articles saying Nintendo should go 3rd party and should make smartphone games (dumping the 3DS). So take the writers opinion with a large grain of salt.

      1. No, it would hurt their business for them to do that. There workforce is much too large to turn a profit off of Smartphone games, they would literally layoff half of their workers to do it. Cause it would kill the console and handheld market for them, which means no profits on license, hardware, and the software would have to shift, and everyone outside the necessary fields would be gone.

        A point of reference is Rovio gross profits and compare them to Nintendo’s gross profit.

        But either way, just trying to let people know where the writers bias is coming from.

  7. Let’s not pretend that’s all down to 3rd parties “sandbagging” the Wii U, Nintendo have majorly messed up regarding the system and have only just starting to do something about it.

    I’ve said this before but if people at Nintendo thought that they could sell a system purely based on “word of mouth”, then they need to be fired.

    Nintendo has managed to sell 4M units just off the brand name alone, but if you want to sell 30-40m+ consoles then you need to advertise and you at least need some relevant 1st party software..

    The Wind Waker HD and NSMBU bundles should have been available at launch, apart from the MH3U bundle (which was a very quick HD port) the bundles that were on offer at the Wii U’s launch were pathetic..

    As was the launch line up, nobody wants a bunch of old 3rd party games on a new Nintendo system, most of us have already played those games on our 360/PS3. Even the new 3rd party games at launch didn’t justify buying a new console for.

    WW HD is released and suddenly there’s a spike in sales, it’s not a coincidence, if your console has games that people want to play then they will seek out that console, it’s not rocket science..

      1. Turning back on the name would cause even more confusion, but a new, distinguished silhouette may be in order. As it is now, I imagine parents and casuals don’t think to look past the gamepad to see that the consoles edges are round where they were “once” sharp. Furthermore, they probably don’t even identify that little blue symbol as a U. Putting myself in their shoes, my assessment wouldn’t be that it’s a U, but some weird, stylized representation of a gamepad.

  8. After Target photoshopped a Wii U Gamepad onto a Wii, ABC Family coined the terms *2Dees* and *3Dees*, and a prize vendor labeled the Wii U *Wireless Wii*, I wouldn’t even go into a Gamestop and expect an employee to know his stuff.

      1. he’s dead.
        he couldnt handle seeing nintendo fail. his army was getting destroyed by sonies and he got killed in a brutal way. he was hiding behind a rock crying before they did it.

        just shows how pathetic these commanders are.

        where is xbox one commander. thats right hes here!!

  9. #WII U not IMPROVED.


    stupid babies go play xbox one.

        1. hey don loving your xbox one. so when i buy halo 5 will you watch me jack off threw the kinect because i know me doug (chick magnet) and other microsoft fanboys like to do the dirty deed because we are so hot over halo.

          so grab some popcorn and enjoy.

          1. Heheh, I just thought of something: if only the likes of Lulzsec would be around to hack Microsoft after the release of Xbox One. I’d love to see the results of someone hacking into the archives of a company who spies on it’s customers.

            “Lulzsec Hacks Microsoft, Uncovers Don Mattrick Sex Scandal” XD

  10. I love my Wii U, would still love it if it was Wii 2. ( More persons would realize it’s a new console 2 )

      1. Doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Xdone”, Nintendo haven’t screwed themselves over half as much as Mircosoft have with their antics that you seemed to be at the centre of… BTW Don, how’s it going over at Zynga?

  11. well that’s not a real surprise!!! isn’t it? the name is one thing i mean come on Xbox and Xbox 360 could also be confusing depend on how you market it… I mean if you do not any marketing. In USA they have done the job OK, here in Europe especially in UK they have not done any job at all. We could have told that to Nintendo 6 or 9 months ago. Fired the marketing guy in UK and sell that bloody thing properly.

  12. As a Nintendo fan, I regret buying a Wii U… I was one of those people who waited outside in the cold for 3 hours at a best buy just to buy it….. I think they need to get there shit together with the Wii U, they show no reason why anyone should buy one right now, yeah they have games like windwaker and pikmin, but they’re getting 3rd party games that are not even the full thing, like I understand nintendo consoles are “not bought for the 3rd party”, but if you think about it, not having 3rd party support shows no intention besides a fan of nintendo games to actually buy one, I know that the hardware is underpowered and is closer to current gen, but nintendo doesn’t show devs why they should support the console either, like zombiu for example, that almost made no proffit due to nintendo failing to have good marketing for the wii u, when parents see the wii u, they’ll think its an controller for the wii, if they see a “controller” for 300$, and see a ps4 for 400$, what do you think they’ll choose.

    1. I totally understand you because I feel the same. But I believe it is going to be the same way like it was with 3ds. Just have to wait, they will announce more and more coming. But probably they will seriously start flooding Wii U with games the way they flood 3ds from summer 2014 or even end 2014

    2. I’m not disagreeing with you but It’s not that simple, the 3rd party thing is due to politics.. Right now the Wii U needs quality in the 3rd party department not quantity..

      It’s also not Nintendo’s job to promote 3rd party games. It’s Ubisoft’s job to promote their games on Wii U which they don’t. The only game I’ve seen them advertise for the Wii u is Just Dance, their “support” has been poor IMO.

      It’s not all Nintendo’s they were completely sandbagged by third parties, but they shouldn’t have been relying on them to bring quality games to the Wii U’s launch lineup.

      It’s going to cost a lot of money to get third parties back, Nintendo are better off working with the ones that do want to support the system, and get some quality titles out.

  13. It does not matter what the name is people will get confused. Wii U is different from Wii. Asked people in these same stores what is PS4 or XBox One and you will get the same confused look. I have tried it in many places I have went to. Most people say you mean the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. People are not confused over the name. They are confused over the product.

  14. Nintendo should have at LEAST called it the Wii 2, or Super Wii. Wii U sounds retarded!

    With that said, I can’t believe how many people out there in this world is SO stupid and misinformed. I knew about the Wii U ever since it was first announced. Yet here we are, nearly 1 full year after it’s release, and there’s still SO many people who are clueless.

  15. He’s right. I cannot believe how many people still don’t know Wii has a successor… This is one of the system’s main problems. As much as I hate to see it, its no ones faukt but Nintendo’s. Even though I know a lot of people will disagree, if Wii U would have been named something else Nintendo would have never had this problem. Its called Wii U. People think its a tablet accessory for Wii. Think about it. Theres Wii Fit. Wii Chat. Wii Motion Plus. Wii U. Nintendo may very well not be doomed but consider Wii U a flop.

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