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Capcom’s Newest Gaist Crusher Trailer Shows Those Enemies Who’s Boss

Capcom’s newest IP Gaist Crusher has a new trailer, and it’s one that shows you how to beat those enemies in style. Currently only a Japan exclusive title, Gaist Crusher takes inspiration from both the Mega Man and Monster Hunter franchises. And earlier this year, Japanese games developer Treasure announced it would be working alongside Capcom to bring it to the 3DS this holiday season. The trailer – shown above – gives an idea of how battles will take place, the moves on show, and the use of the “Crash Chance” move to help you defeat the enemy. Gaist Crusher for the Nintendo 3DS will be released on December 5.

11 thoughts on “Capcom’s Newest Gaist Crusher Trailer Shows Those Enemies Who’s Boss”

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  2. Looks like monster hunter with a touch of saint seiya art style. Nothing like mega man at all unfortunately. Also looks like a stage based game rather than more open world which I hate so pretty dissapointed in it now

    1. megablastermasterdisaster

      You have never played megaman x z or zx havent you? This monsters are really based on those games. . . Shut the fuck off if you dont know what are you talking about n00b.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but this game looks pretty badass *_* Hoping they add the open-worldness of Monster Hunter though. I hope it sells well in Japan so that we may get it here in America >,<

  4. It will probably never come to the West but I would get this game. Now all I can do is hope that Capcom will act unlike it’s self and be cool for once and release the game in the United States.

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