Nintendo Of Europe Announces The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds And Luigi 3DS XL Editions

zelda_3DS_XL_boxedNintendo has announced not one but two brand new 3DS XL editions to be released next month in Europe. The first to be revealed is a special Legend of Zelda 3DS XL to coincide with the release of A Link Between Worlds on November 22. This gorgeous edition features a golden top cover, a golden interior, and black back, plus when the console is opened fully, you’ll find both the light and dark world triforce logos. Like others in the past, the 3DS XL model will come with a download copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. However, if you’re looking for the physical boxed version, Nintendo has confirmed that they will be releasing retail copies with a reversible front cover, one side in gold, the other in full colour.

But since it’s the Year of Luigi, Nintendo of Europe believes we should celebrate his return to the spotlight with the special Luigi 3DS XL edition. No longer a Japan exclusive edition, European fans can purchase the limited edition via Nintendo’s new online store only. The Luigi 3DS XL will release on November 1, exclusively for the Nintendo store, which you can visit here. For those of you in North America, we’ll keep you updated if we spot any new releases.


    1. This just mite be the coolest Zelda thing Nintendo has offered to date.But Iaready have an xl and a wii u.Plus all my money is now tied up in Xboxone and Ps4.To many cool thing’s to buy this year.Next year it will be all about the games.But damn I want this!

  1. Am I the only one wondering why the box says “AC adapter is NOT included”? It seems like you would need that if you were buying a new console.

    Either way, the design looks amazing. Too bad I already have a 3DS, and live in NA.

          1. Europe has many different countires…which has many different outlet designs…….its not because of money

    1. Nintendo is really a cheap company. They want to save cost. If they do the same in NA, knowing America they probably will face severe customer backlash, hence no. But Nintendo is not that popular in Europe and Europeans probably perceived as less aggressive as Americans hence this blatant move.

  2. I guess Nintendo will stick to being retards forever with these digital download bundles. What’s so freakin’ hard about packing the physical game in it’s original case? Is it really THAT HARD?

    1. It’s not hard it just that it’s better that way. Digital version means the game is coupled to the system permanently so in a way as a bundle it makes more sense.

    1. It will use up one of your limited system transfers. Of which you only have 5.

      The much bigger question is does the downloadable copy of A Link Between Worlds come as a download code that you can redeem after the transfer, or is it preinstalled.

      If it’s preinstalled, it’ll get deleted when you transfer your old 3DS stuff to it.

      1. The press release is reporting a download code for here in Europe. I know when I bought my White MK7 XL, it was pre-installed, but the Wii U Wind Waker version was a download code for the eShop, so Nintendo seems to be issuing download codes from now on. You’ll have to check with your retailer to be on the safe side.

      2. I guess I won’t buy 5 3DSes before next handheld gen, so that’s okay. And if it’s a code, I can sell it cheep to the same person that I sell my 3DS too! I’m getting a physical copy of Zelda anyway!

    2. Yes it is. In the system settings when you click data, theres an option to back up existing data to ur SD card (make sure you have enough gig on SD card)

  3. So many different color (and special edition) 3DS systems, but only one black Wii U. How long will it take Nintendo to finally release new colors of Wii U consoles?

  4. …….
    I don’t have enough money saved to get this lol. This is rather unexpected.
    I’m just stuck with my lame first-day Cosmo Black now :|

      1. I don’t see any frame rate issue here, maybe you were meant to show Ryse gameplay or the Dead Rising 3 gameplay… oh wait those are Xbox One game running at 15 – 30 fps at 720p…. Oh dear ;)

        I’m sorry mate but the 3DS is outselling the Vita big time and Sony’s president already confirmed he loves the Wii U by buying 2 Wii U consoles.

  5. Do I go with the Zelda 3DS XL or do I wait for a possible Metroid one? Damn my first world problems……..

    1. Sometimes i wish someone would just disable this comment section just to piss off all the trolls since its their whole reason to live.

      1. They live under the bridges of their parent’s basement…

        So obviously they have no other purpose in their pathetic lives…

        1. It’s just funny watching them try their hardest to piss people off and fail miserably at it. I don’t care which console is better, as long as it plays video games (And is not an Xbox One) that’s fine by me. PlayStation 4 and Wii U are going to be the top dogs this coming generation.

          1. I agree (to an extent). Just think if Sony and Nintendo joined forces. Microsoft wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

    1. I see you are mad because the Wii U is getting Bayonetta 2, yes yes we all know your mommy hates you and daddy left you at a young age but its okay we are here to help you

  6. Ok, that’s it. This will be my first handheld since the Gameboy advance.
    I wanted to buy a 3ds this winter, but now i know exactly which one.

  7. Anyone miss out on the Wind Waker Ganaondorf bundle? (PAL ver) coz kinda accidently shipped 2 to me :P my email is: if you are interested in buying. It be nice if you’d lived in australia since postage cost so dang much ._.

  8. Damn, I’m actually going to buy one of those, they’re as sexy as fuck. Also btw, for those who are wondering, on the Nintendo UK internet store it says that the game is downloadable via a code that comes with the console.

  9. I want i want! but I got a white pikachu XL, which is cracking now at the start/home buttons.. the plastic it is made is horrible. So i had to buy a bigben alluminum case for 3ds, which makes it heavy :(
    I guess i rather wait for a completely new designed 3ds, which will come out maybe in a year.

  10. You FUCKERS better get that zelda 3DS to north america. I’ve been fucking waiting for this and turned down the animal crossing and pokemon ones in hopes for this being a sequel to my favorite game ever! Get it over here or I’m going to NOA headquarters and taking a shit on their front desk.

  11. On the phone now with NOA of course I get some foreign guy who knows nothing about Nintendo.

  12. Where is North America? I’ve been waiting on a viable reason to get a 3DS XL and they keep fucking us in the NA… RED, BLUE, BLACK AND PINK DON’T FUCKING CUT IT. GET THESE OVER ON THIS SIDE OF THE OCEAN AND YOU GOT YOURSELF A SALE OR TWO. BITCHES!

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