Watch Dogs Delayed Till 2014


Ubisoft has confirmed that the long-awaited Watch Dogs has been delayed until Spring 2014. The team said via the official Ubisoft blog that they had been contemplating delaying the unique title and it became clear to the company that they needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune each detail. The development team says that they ultimately want to deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.

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  1. Good. I have too much on my plate this year already! Mario 3D world, Sonic Lost world , A link between worlds…. Basically a load of games with the word ”world” in the title.

    There is too many games that I want and I’m getting a PS4. Basically, RIP young wallet…

    1. Me too. With this, DK and Mario Party delayed, I have lots of more time to play and enjoy the other games!

    2. Yeah I’m getting PS4 but it means I’ll be only getting two games on launch day, Knack and KillZone: Shadow Fall :( Oh well, still the new 3D Mario game, Sonic Lost Worlds and a Link Between Worlds will keep me happy and sane along with my PS4.

        1. Ewww, why would you expose yourself >.< Microsoft, we all know you are deader than my Grandpa thanks to Valve and Sony. Have fun seeing Halo 6 on the PlayStation 4 and Steam Box ;)

            1. Hmmm, I really don’t see how you got anger out of that. You really can’t read emotions well on the internet, anyway, we all know Windows 8 failed horribly and the Xbox One is a disaster that you had to do a 180 and you still can’t get your own exclusive games to run properly (Ryse and Dead Rising 3 spring to mind). We know you are angry and we really see why you are but taking it out on an PC Gamer such as myself is kind of pointless seeing how I’m basically running Windows 7 on my PC (The last good thing Microsoft made) but I’ll soon upgrade to SteamOS.

              I’m sorry but you really aren’t getting me angry but I respect you for trying :)

                1. I love how your are ignoring the fact I mentioned who Valve is going to destroy Microsoft for good seeing how many PC gamers are going to move to SteamOS ;) I’m sorry kid but its over, Microsoft is the Next Sega the Xbox One is just the prototype name for the Dreamcast Two. Face it kid, the Xbox One is pretty dead, Windows 8 pretty much died at launch and you are getting all butthurt and damage control saying the Xbox One doesn’t have any problems which it kind of does.

                  Dead Rising 3 = 15 – 23 fps at 720p
                  Ryse = 30 fps at 720p (Reduced Polygon count)

                  While the PS4 is getting far superior games and even some games that aren’t even going near the Xbox One.

                  SOMA – From the Creators of Amnesia, exclusively to PC and PS4
                  Outlast – Again another exclusive for PS4 and PC only

                  I’m sorry kid but PS4 has the better titles and the more power

                    1. I think I broke you because you seem to be running out of ideas to insult me. It’s funny to me ;)

                      I know you Xbots love to think Microsoft will be around forever but with what they are doing… I’m sorry kid but they are the next Sega and I know you are trying your very hardest to damage control but its not working. Facts are facts.

      1. Exactly… PS4’s launch line up just took a bit of a hit! But so did every other console cus it is Multiplat after all.

        Killzone and I’m keeping my eyes on Driveclub!

                  1. Actually I only spent like £7 on the Wii U seeing how I did the smart thing and saved up for in Gift Cards. Xbox One however, yeah I don’t see why I’d pay for an already outdated PC Cablebox

              1. What if you’re underage? :/ You don’t think things through and trust me, I know you’re a troll, but you do a HORRABLE job. This isn’t about consoles anymore, you just plain suck at what you’re doing. If you want a reaction out of people, take mine, because I speak for everyone when I say “You suck at what you do.” End of story.

        1. People who only own a Wii U will be hurt most by this.Ubisoft is just banking on them buying yet another A.C.But if they want to play something none cartoon like what choose do they have now?But if they don’t like cartoon games I don’t know why they bought a Nintendo system in the first place.I love the Wii U but you need to have at the very least a ps3 or 360 sitting beside it if you want play all gaming has to offer just like the Wii before it.

          1. Agreed. You don’t NEED another platform to go alongside the awesome Wiiu, but you do if you’re a hardcore gamer with the time and money to play all the best games available or the ones you want!

            I want a PS4 so I can play MGS5, KH3, Future GTA’s and Fifa’s etc etc etc etc. But take Drybones (a poster on this site) he plays exclusively on Wiiu and 3DS and is definitely what you would consider a ”Hardcore gamer” ie – spends a lot more time and money on gaming than Most people do, but doesn’t need or want other platforms. And I can totally understand why, between Wiiu and 3DS there is lots and lots of AMAZING GAMES.

    3. RIP wallet, indeed. Mario 3D World, Xbox One, Killer Instinct 3, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon, Forza 5 and possibly Ryse …just purchased Wind Waker HD, Uncharted 1 and 2…

      1. Yep, a new generation is a case of R.I.P bank account really lol.

        I’m getting a PS4 at launch and that’s pretty much 1 year after Wiiu. That’s like £700 on Gaming hardware lol. Not to mention the tons of games which is a good few hundred.

    1. i think they got scared of gta5 and knew comparisons would be made hence the delay for finetuning

      1. I noticed that he doesn’t use his hands at all to open building doors, that’s gonna cost them.


                1. All the Nintendofags go on Sony sites and talk shit while the shitty wiiu dont run any good 3rd games.Beside Ubishit.

                  1. Actually from what I’ve heard games like Wonderful 101 run well on the Wii U, same with Rayman Legends and to be honest after the Patch, Splinter Cell for Wii U ran better than the current gen hardware.

                    I know you are trying your hardest after your mom left you but its okay, we know :)

                    1. Hahah Pretendo Try to Damage control for All the Kiddy U Mistake that this Pizza Hut Dealer make in this year Hahah gfto You Exposed.

                    2. SonypayMeGood, you really are horrible at trolling seeing how you don’t remember when the President of Sony basically came out and said he owned two Wii U consoles… oh did you not hear about that? I’m sorry but you were probably too busy damage controlling to hear it

                    3. You the one thats damage control for the Shitty Plastic toy that didnt Sell Like Ps4.

                    4. Lol really? The PS4 isn’t even out yet and to be honest you seem to be the one damage controlling. I’m sorry we know your daddy hit you and its okay, we are here to help you. Now here, have some cream for your butt that is hurting

  3. Wii U sales for this game have just increased exponentially now that it’s not coming out in the same week as Mario. Smart move Ubisoft, smart move.

      1. Actually the Wii U is sort of between PS4/Xbox One graphics and current gen. Also, Wii U is technically a Next Gen system since it pretty much started the next generation… and the fact the Wii U and PS4 seem to be getting more love from Indie devs than on the XBox One.

  4. if this were a Nintendo exclusive all the trolls would imitate Iwata telling that Nintendo just doesn’t give a shit about customers. it’s funny to see that Ubisoft gets away with this so easily.

  5. I was about to pre-order it too. Well, that just ruined my gaming year. I guess I just buy Splinter Cell Blacklist to end out the year. I wanted to get Watch Dogs first. ;(

    1. Soo damn Weak that Even the Worst Company in the world dont want to make games for the Dreamcast U.

          1. Are you retarded? I mean that, honestly are you? Because the comment that I replied to stated “Soo damn Weak that Even the Worst Company in the world dont want to make games for the Dreamcast U.” Which I or anyone might take to mean that you are downing Ubisoft and the Wii U at the same time by saying that Ubisoft doesn’t even want to make games for the Wii U, by announcing the delay for Watch_Dogs, which they are still making for the Wii U. By this statement anyone should take it that you are in fact an idiot, that doesn’t understand what delayed means and even more so, because you think that the Watch_Dogs delay only pertains to the Wii U and Nintendo, which it does not. So, go ahead and call me a “Stupid Nintendofag” if you like because that makes you seem even less credible as a contributing member of society and lets me know that you rarely leave your room/basement of your parent’s home, for fear of everything in the world kicking not being as easy as your video games! I understand that you are a fan of one console manufacturer and bravo to you sir for limiting yourself on the amount of fun to be had in the pastime of video gaming, but other people like all kinds of different things and may not limit themselves to the console that has “all the best FPSs” or whose balls EA wants to lick. So take your single-minded love of all things Microsoft and enjoy your limited experiences. Just so you know gaming didn’t begin with Halo, that’s when the majority of it ended and it’s gonna take a whole lot to turn this mess around and people like you are the reason that the gaming industry isn’t “healthy”, because you can’t accept the fact that other people could have an enjoyable time doing something that is, dare I say it… DIFFERENT from what you do or enjoy! I on the other hand enjoy Nintendo’s games and consoles, I also enjoy some of Sony’s games as well, but as far as Microsoft goes, I jumped ship on that one a while back and haven’t missed it one bit. TOO MANY NARROW MINDED JERKS ON XBL! I don’t want to have to pay to play online, when I already pay for internet! I also don’t want to pay to have some prepubescent little girl, talk about my life and how pitiful I am because my K/D ratio is lower than their’s. That is when gaming isn’t fun anymore and that’s when people like “microsoft employee” make the whole hobby of gaming SUCK!

        1. The Worst Company In the World make Games for Xbox1.SonyheatstationHobos Mad Jajajajaja.

      1. Nintendo isn’t letting Exposed Assholes make games for their consoles. Nintendo is a way higher league than that.

      1. I know that. But I was looking forward to both of them. I never said they were made by the same company.

  6. damn it! I have it payed off and was looking forward to this one on my Wii U! Oh well, I will patiently wait for the improvements! this gives us more games being released for the Wii U in 2014, since the current pickings seem to be fairly slim! Still looking forward to it. I’m sure they also don’t want to encroach upon the launch and DLC of AC4 with Watch_Dogs as well, that would be a reasonable guess for the delay as well.

    1. This shit dont run on the Wiiu thats why they need to Delay the game.They dont want Pissed Nintendofags at release of Watch dogs complain about Unstable FPS

      1. It will have an unstable FPS rate on all systems because Ubisoft are not great developers and the “faux next gen” systems specs have been hyped way beyond what they can deliver…

        1. So a Nintendog Trys to Downplay the Other 2 next gen consoles?U Mad Because your Wiiu has 7year Old Hardware?Damage control.Wiiu Sucks Btw.

          1. I don’t need to down play the “faux next gen” consoles because Sony and MS do that for me on a daily basis.

            I’m not damage controlling by saying that Ubisoft are not good developers, that’s just a fact that that once again they prove on a daily basis.

            Damage controlling would be lying about the consoles capabilities like saying something like “they have 7 year old hardware”?

            Back to Sony HQ, Commander, it’s a pity that they can’t afford to fix you because you’re obviously defective..

  7. lol yeah right.. I’m sure the game will be good but this just for AC 4 BF lol who are they fooling.. Ubi will prob add more details and missions though so no biggie.. But just funny

  8. It amazes me how moronic and juvenile, Nintendo haters are, with all of the digusting name calling and anti gay remarks…. I thought the anti Nintendo people were suposedly the grown-ups in the gaming market, since you all say that Nintendo makes Kiddy Games and Machines …. To me it sounds like the juveniles are the Anti Nintendo contingent …. Go figure … And I know I will now get the name calling aimed at me….. But I could not care less…. I’m an adult who has gamed longer on most every system then most any of the people in this post, is talking about… I just wish we had more intelligent discourse when we were disgussing games…. I do think whoever runs this site should start banning name calling individuals, as they really are annoying and add Nothing intelligent to the conversation, or the gaming community !!!

      1. Trolls don’t care about Nintendo or Sony or anything! They are just here to disturb. Like parasites. They are less than shit.

      1. I have seen it for years…. But it seems to be getting worse ….. I myself, like a 3 system world, as it brings us All better games in the long run… And I feel No-one is as Consistent as nintendo for Truly Fun games time after time….. I love my wii u , but that does not mean I cannot enjoy my PS3, or Xbox360 …. They all have a different ” feel ” to them… And I like that !!! The haters need to ger over themselves … We should be encouraging All systems to thrive !!!!

    1. Bravo! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been gaming for longer than most of these people have even existed, long before they were a glimmer in their daddy’s eye. It just makes it unenjoyable to come here.

  9. Last week i switched my AC4 pre-order over to Watch Dogs, now i’ll have to go back to the store and have them switch the pre-order back to AC4.

    Breaking my balls here, Ubisoft, breaking my balls.

  10. Remember you read this here first:
    This game has been delayed for cross-platform multiplayer across all 3 consoles.

  11. Gotta say this both sucks and is good news. It sucks, because Ubisoft was making a HUGE freaking deal over this game for the longest time. Practically everyone is gonna get it and I’m sure it has tons of preorderes. Good news is that I don’t have to worry about picking this game up, because I already got too much to play as it is right now!!!

  12. So they delayed Rayman Legends cus of NSMBU and now they delayed Watchdogs cus of GTA4, that move have become a classic in Ubisoft repetoire.

  13. So basically, they’re gonna shoot themselves in the foot again with the delay. In case you forgot Ubisoft, Titanfall and MK8 are both scheduled to be released in Spring 2014 (along with other games currently unannounced). Guess they haven’t learned their lesson from the Rayman Legends delay.

  14. This “Delay” shit is becoming a nasty trend in the game Industry and it need to Stop

    1. You’re so wrong! This is great news! Finally is Ubisoft making an effort to release a game with high quality! It’s disturbing when they release good games that’s rushed to release so that they’re not as good as they should be. Instead they need to be patched but that doesn’t fix all. Ubisoft recently screwed Splinter Cell up by not fixing the last details before launch. This will probably not happen with Watch Dogs. Delaying games is a trend more publishers need to embrace so the devs can make their jobs, and deliver great 10/10 score games! Instead of unpolished 7/10 score games, that just bring money at launch and then gets forgotten.

  15. This “Delay” shit is becoming a horrible trend in the game Industry and it need to Stop

      1. So its OK for other developers to delay games but when Nintendo does trolls will say “please understand.”

  16. Fuck. Is every good game coming out in 2014? The only good news that could come with this is the Wii U should have a larger install base by then and thus increasing the sales of this game for the platform.

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