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Ubisoft Reveals That Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Had Low Sales


Ubisoft revealed during a conference call that both Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist had lower sales than the company had originally anticipated. Splinter Cell Blacklist sold poorly on the Wii U during August and reportedly sold less than 10k during its first month on Nintendo’s latest platform. In total, Splinter Cell Blacklist sold 300k across all platforms. Rayman Legends sold the most units on Wii U, but that didn’t stop the game from doing poorly across all systems.

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178 thoughts on “Ubisoft Reveals That Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Had Low Sales”

          1. Stop showing your mother’s bad job educating you, show some respect. Not knowing why Ubisoft sells few games doesn’t mean being stupid, come on.

            1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

              My mum didn’t educate me, I went to school for that, you must belong to a cult or something?

              Besides the answer was right under my comment, before he posted. Now that you’ve replied, you’ve pushed it even further down the page now he’ll never find it. Well done!

            1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

              I apologise, I mistook you for a Troll.

              Rayman Legends,
              Delays never go down well in general, but Ubisoft decided to delay a complete game in order to go multiplat, that didn’t go down very well for a start, especially the length of the delay. Fans know how to hold a grudge.

              Also the timing of the release was ill judged, because there wasn’t much competition around in February, but when Ubisoft did release the game, there were some pretty strong titles on other platforms that had just been released that week. I think that Saints Row was one of them?
              Plus there were even some more desirable Wii U titles also scheduled for release at that time, people have to prioritize.
              The game was originally supposed to be a Wii U exclusive so you’d think that the bigger demand would have been on the Wii U which it was (Rayman Legends sold more on the Wii U than PS3/360), Ubisoft basically shot themselves in the foot big time.

              Splinter Cell,
              Where do I start? Well the game had issues across all platforms, to be blunt the Wii U version was the best of a bad bunch, dodgy framerates, bugs and broken online features, plus the 360/PS3 versions had some pretty horrific screen tearing going on, the PS3 version was virtually unplayable.

              Oh, and Ubisoft decided to leave out offline local co-op which is supposed to one of main plus points of the Wii U (bringing people together?) A lot of people were going to be put off buy that.

              Not to mention that the Wii U version was very expensive, £56.00 on the eShop in the UK and $60 in the US and that’s without the DLC that Ubisoft wanted you to buy which was already on the disc..

              3rd party games have a pretty bad rep on the Wii U anyway, these kinds of things really don’t help, people only have to hear “no DLC” or “missing feature” and they just automatically think “hmm, gimped port” as that’s been the case since the days of the Wii, so it’s no surprise that sales were low at all really.

              1. It is such a shame that quality doesn’t equal the amount of sales it deserves to have. If the world could just care less about that political stuff, then we could all just sit on our couch’s playing video game (with the exception of all those poor people, who would be sent to africa or something to start a world war)

                1. “If the world could just care less about that political stuff”

                  feel ya dawg, I just play games, even the gimped ports or whatever, I just take it for what it is and it’s much more enjoyable than always being sour about one thing or another. Seriously all that time spent hating and complaining could be better spent either playing games, working a job to get the money to play games, or getting the education to get a job to get the money to play games. XD

  1. I was a guaranteed sale until they pushed it back to make it for other systems. They deserve low sales for Rayman.

    1. Yea they shot themselves in the foot.. no feels for them. They could’ve released a upgraded “directors cut” on the other plats and kept the original exclusive release on the U. Too bad. No need to waste $$ on Rayman when much better games have since been released or will be soon. I still havent bought this and I own the majority of games on the U. Splinter Cell on the other hand was a garbage game loaded with bugs and the U version was stripped quite a bit of features on other plats. What did they expect? Owners of the U to throw money at them for a unpolished game that lacked features?

  2. Wonder Why it does not sell Mhhh…
    Gimmick Gampad Screen That runs on 360p+Underpowered(7years old hardware) Bye Ubishit have a nice day By Cancel the watch dogs version ;) Jajajaj Throw the damage controllers in.

    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      Those games didn’t sell on PS3 or 360 either..

      BTW “the 7 year old hardware thing” you kind of exposed yourself as you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, how about doing some research before posting stupid things?

  3. I had fun with Rayman, but I played it on my friend’s ps3. And maybe the delay did affect sales after all. I’m still unsure as to whether or not i want AC4 on Wii U.

  4. If Rayman sold the most units on Wii U, I’m guessing around 70,000 to 100,000.(could be more, could be less, idk it’s just a guess). Should have released in February Ubisoft.

  5. #WiiuDeadComfirmed!! The time is just ticking for the Wii U to no longer exist. If sales continue like this R.I.P Wii U.Jajajajja bang bang Awahahahhaha

    1. Ignoring that Splinter cell and Ray man Legends are in other consoles besides Wii U yet you rather play dumb as if they were only on Wii U.

    2. So then what. They ‘d just make another Wii U but with ps4 specs and then will destroy. Littersly destroy all competition. Specialty Xbox.

      1. Do you now the WiiU specs? I want to now it two, what i remember is that they don’t now the hardware for 100% of the WiiU, so why must Nintendo make a console like PS4?

      1. What’s a Nintendo baby? Like I said before, you’re here for your love of Nintendo and on my behalf, you shall be crowned the hater of the XBOX and PlayStation.

  6. Gimped and online broken splinter cell which they are not fixing and half a year delayed rayman which still sold best on wiiu. Wonder why sales suck. Wake up ubisoft and don’t hold dlc on ac4 out on wiiu and delay watchdogs

      1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

        So if most Wii U owners are 8 years old, doesn’t that render your “Zelda is a ten year old game that everyone has played before” argument completely pointless?

            1. My fault. Next time say “ignoring that WWHD is a 10 year old remake and it conflicts on what you said about most 8 year olds” or something like that.

      2. That’s because we don’t are children to become deranged littke psychos that love to skin animals, eat grass and dirt and eat the eyeballs from a cow. My children will have sanity.

      3. Actually, there are more chances that there were diaper inside Marcus Fenix and Master Chief armor, knowing the kind of thing they must endure.

      4. Most Nintendo gamers are long time gamers who play good games, violent or not. Some sure are kids, but there are also kids who play other systems and only play games like little big planet.

          1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

            Not being able to play the damn game is not an excuse, the Wii U version wasn’t a great port of the 360 game but the PS3 version was the worst of the bunch. I don’t blame PS3 owners for not buying it.

            1. Oh please you pop it in and play the game. Excuses excuses. Splinter Cell is considered a man’s game right. So Ubisoft gave you your manly game and you didn’t buy it. Now they want to make excuses or try to make it seem as these gamesare exclusive to Wii U.

              1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                WTF are you talking about?

                I bought the damn game, I have it on Wii U, its a poor, buggy port of a poorly developed, 360 game, I’ve also seen it running on a PS3 and it’s by far the worst port.

                It’s no wonder that nobody bought this game on all three platforms..

                1. So you Look it up on N-dub Nation Fanboy site?You Know N-dub Nation Clowns Damage control Everything negativ about nintendo?

              1. there’s hardly anything i hate more than this ridiculously gay spanish laughter “jajajaja”

                eat a giant chorizo and shut it

          1. Ignoring that the bigger install base didn’t help Ubisoft games. Bang bang. Hell Pikmin 3 and WWHD sold better from a smaller install base.

  7. Did not both of this game release mere week from the launch day of the most anticipated game of this year? What where they specting?

  8. Did they consider that if they:

    a) Kept Rayman Legends a Wii U exclusive (Nintendo fans love their exclusives)
    b) Released it at its planned date at a real quiet time of the year

    It may have performed better. It certainly looks as if it wasn’t worth delaying the game to a really busy time of the year was worth it just to put the game on consoles where people weren’t interested anyway.

      1. wii u has a much much smaller install base and still sold better than the other 2…

        needless to say that they wouldn’t have lost a single sale if they’d released the game when it was intended to be released and just had announced the xbox/PS versions for a release later in the year

        the only thing they might have achieved with the delay is a loss in sales because either consumers were pissed off or had something better to play in what was a very busy season of the year

      1. First, get your head out of your ass, as the Game Pad works great and the resolution is 480p, not 360p. I have all the systems, the display on the Game Pad is excellent and looks as good as the Vita (which I also own)…try again

      2. You’re full of shit. You’ve never even used a gamepad. I don’t even know why I’m bothering to respond to you, but you’re full of shit as pointed out by others already.

  9. Even though the Wii U version of Rayman sold the best, you still can’t get around they pissed off a lot of customers expecting to get the game, to see push it back to the busy season for a pretty bad reason. So yes sales for Rayman was bad, that was expected.

    Its also a factor in why Wii U had a downward spiral in spring.

    1. Who’s buying AC4? I ain’t. I hope watch dogs is good. Funny how when a Nintendo game is delayed trolls use “please understand” yet don’t say shit when other devs do it.

          1. Hes a N-Dub Nation clown that belive in fake Numbers of the biggest Nintendofanboy that said The wiiu is more powerful than Xbone and ps4.

            1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

              Y U LIE?? You’ll saying anything!! LOL, it doesn’t change that fact that you got exposed!

              I’m not even a fanboy, there’s plenty of posts on here where I criticise Nintendo, EXPOSED again OMG

              1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                You got EXPOSED, don’t try to pretend that it didn’t happen, everyone saw it. U R A POOR TROLL :(

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  11. So, in comparison, the Wii U sales of Blacklist didn’t do too bad since all the versions did poorly. There are about 162.7 million PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U’s out there. Of that total, about 3.7 Million are Wii U systems. That means that 2.27% of the total systems are Wii U’s. Based on total sales of 300,000 for SCB, 2.27% would be 6,810. Since Wii U version sold about 10,000, that’s more than the average for the other two systems. The total sales are still dismal anyway you look at it though.

    1. LOL at the babies now lambasting Ubisoft for the bad sales.

      Well babies you should go buy your own baby games because even your own baby games haven’t sold that well on your precious Wii U either.
      Pikmin 3 poor sales, the Wonderful 101 poor sales, Zelda Windwaker HD poor sales (although babies will still claim it selling good). Babies claimed that once these games would release the Wii U would sell like hotcakes, and we just got word that in Japan the Wii U barely sold 3,000 units this past week lolol!!!

      In the end the losers will be the Wii U babies themselves as Ubisoft will stop supporting their precious system, that means even less 3rd party support than the NONE it already has lololol.

  12. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    If Rayman wasn’t delayed it would have been released before anyone knew anything about X1/PS4. It would have released during the dry months, shifted console units, and got some sales. Now people are waiting for the consoles and their games. By trying to maximize profits, Ubisoft lost them.

  13. Servers them right. In the end rayman legends sold mostly on Wii U. If they had not delayed it for the moneys to bring it to PS360, they would have sold more on Wii U.

  14. Rayman probably suffered with low sales because it was boasted as a Wii U exclusive for so long, most people probably stopped caring about the title because they didn’t want a Wii U. So by delaying it for the other systems they just delayed it…. People were expecting it as a Wii U title and then it was delayed and went multiplatform and apparently wasn’t advertised well enough to gain back the people who enjoyed Rayman Origins.

  15. Ubisofts fault this is. Why bother releasing a game for other consoles. No wonder 3rd party developers lose money. If they actually believed in Wii U then it would be doing better.

    It is true next gen console In fact its far more powerful than X1 and PS4.

    1. It’s brand power, even though the hardware is not as powerful as the competition, it can hold its own with brand power. Nintendo still needs to just ADVERTISE!!!

  16. The very appeal of the Wii U is lower than previous consoles. Between confusion and admiration, consumers have mostly the former regarding the Wii U.

    1. you’re right, but the confusion is starting to clear up, slowly. Part of the issue is that one bad thing leads to another bad thing and that’s what the Wii U’s been going through, but at the same time on good thing can lead to another good thing and it’s up to Nintendo to start that positive chain reaction if the Wii U is to move into success. LoZ WW HD helped outside of Japan, but let’s see how well it holds up over the next few weeks–it could just be a 1-2 week thing…

  17. Rayman seriously sold the most on WiiU?? That’s pretty shocking considering the disparity of installed base. I’m sure they really loved the decision to postpone the release to port the game. Probably would have sold more by jus treleasing in on the WiiU when the console really needed a title for people ot get behind,

    1. Of course. Wii U would give off that much gameplay experience. And isn’t good gameplay what gaming is all about?

  18. no pity from my side
    they deserved those bad sales for the bullshit they pulled with rayman

    bad for the developers of course who made a great effort with rayman but it can’t be helped

  19. It serves them right. It’s probable that they wouldn’t have lost money, if they had kept it a Wii U exclusive.

    1. If you have followed news lately you can clearly see that Ubisoft is slowly destroying themself with their AAA model, did you see how much they expect Watch Dog to sell? They expect it to sell 6.2 million!!!!!! I can see them failing slowly if they dont change their tactic soon.

  20. No shit, Sherlock. Maybe if you haven’t fuck up Rayman Legends’s launch and Splitter cell’s game functions maybe your sales wouldn’t be so bad…Hypocrites.

  21. Ubisoft has a cycle. Here it is: Zombi U a shity game didn’t sell well. Rayman Legends gets delayed and to go multiplat. Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell debut on alll consoles, Ubisoft not satisfied in sells, therfore Watch Dogs gets delayed. You catching the cycle? So assume if AC4 doesn’t sell, Watch Dogs will be pushed back to next fall. So UBISOFT is a cowardly developer.

  22. It’s to be expected when a.) The Wii U has a really low install base and b.) our community is a bunch of whiney ass cry babies that will not buy a perfectly good game because one feature had to be removed for the sake of it being delivered on time.

    1. Exactly. The low install base of the Wii U is something people love to forget (ignore) when comparing sales of multiplats. Why would the Wii U with an install base of around 3.6 million have numbers anywhere close to that of the PS3 and 360 which have install bases of around 80 million?

    2. “our community is a bunch of whiney ass cry babies that will not buy a perfectly good game because one feature had to be removed for the sake of it being delivered on time.”

      why would that be the reason when the ps3 and xbox 360 versions performed far worse relatively

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