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GAME Exclusive Zelda Link Between Worlds Collectors Edition Revealed, £49.99


UK retailer GAME has finally confirmed it will be stocking an exclusive Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds collectors edition. The contents include The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds boxed copy,  Link’s Awakening digital download code, Zelda musical cartridge chest and an A0 glossy exclusive artwork poster. The retailer has noted that once you place your preorder for the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Collector’s Edition you will be sent your download code for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, as such, once the order is confirmed and you have received your eShop code, you will be unable to cancel your preorder for this item. The collectors edition retails for £49.99.


      1. I am the only one who notices the Hylian Shield marked “DLC”…

  1. lol like nbody would buy this… sux that the graphic are shitty bcecause this game has pontetial. maybe when prices cut?

      1. the games not even out yet retardo… try make sense please

        i like zelda (skywardswords is my favote) but this isn’t good

      2. i… this comnent is reading like a 2nd grader retort lmao

        stay in your lane bum bitch

      3. They mean you haven’t played the game before passing judgement moron. You don’t know shit.

      4. You’re a fucking retard who’s judging the game that isn’t out yet. You’re the second grader. What’s a bum bitch, anyway? Fuck you.

      5. You know there’s this thing, and it’s called pre-ordering…? Which means that you buy the game before hand, and once it’s released it gets delivered to you.

        And excuse me, but graphics in a game don’t matter unless you’re mentally challenged.

      1. Doesn’t matter who you were talking to, you were clearly trolling. Fuck off.

  2. who plays zelda anymore LOL no one wants this piece of shit

    sony rules nintendo can suck a bunch of donkey dicks

      1. Yeah I agree about vita just too bad Pokemon X don’t live on that console. Therefore I don’t need it.

      2. Appearently you never read the article about the 3DS being a best selling system. You suck and need to troll better. I am disappoint.

    1. Appearently you’ve taken too many bullets to the head playing your repeditive fps games that have nothing but crying kids in them. At least nintendo and 360 have variety. Go back home and cry to your mama troll wanabe~

  3. Bought it from Gamezone, can’t wait for it. Still thinking about where to buy my Zelda 3DS XL, as it’s so expencive here in Norway. It’s like $380, while a normal 3DS XL is just $260!

    1. i know your a troll but this coment is kind of true i think this game is goinna do bad which sucks but look at the product……….

      1. Zelda dont sell as it used to be back in the days.They Milked it so nobody wants it anymore look Wind Waker HD this Rehashed Dogshit sell like French shit.

      2. Ignoring that WWHD came in 5 spot globally. Man you trolls can’t remember shit. WWHD caused Wii U to sell over 38,000 in the states making it reach above 80,000 units globally. Now if a remake did that Zelda U will do more because it is NOT a remake.

      3. Why don’t you look it up yourself. Oh it wouldn’t make a difference you would forget anyway.

      4. Yeah I think its a respectable number from low sells month after months. If Vita all of a sudden shot up, you think the same.

      5. no i wouldnt because the vitas legiteamtely the worst conosole out now, handheld or otherwise lol.

        i can’t just be happy with mediocrity and telling urself thats good sales (for the week, ya sure) onl sets you up to be disappointed. i cant be like that nymore and everyone is delusinal otherwise

      6. Vita is not a bad console its just not selling. Like I said if it shot up like that it would be a respectable number.

      1. Preorder PS4? Why just for power? If I had a PS4 i would not play it much for exclusives but for 3rd party.

      2. What kind of self respecting troll uses hashtags? Go back to playing farmville and your shovelware. You fail as a troll.

    1. Don’t use their money for their games? So because Nintendo hasn’t told us anything new since E3 you just going to play dumb in thinking they are t making 2014/2015 Wii U tittles? So according to you Nintendo is lying about their allllll NEW IP they brought up a few months ago you forgot about. They want to wait next year to reveal Zelda U and that new IP. In 25 seconds this troll I replied to will forget…25, 24, 23, 22

      1. So in January when they told us about 3D Mario they lied? It arrives next month you know. Or did you forget?

      2. Ignoring Mario got pushed up to November. And DK was delayed. But you have no problem with Watch Dogs getting delayed.

    1. Nintendos mega Evolution is Milktendo.Milktendo is greedy to bring some of their old Ips back to Life.

      1. ok, lets compare…shall we. If “milktendo” if so dam greedy…how come xbox, and now Playstation, no I mean xtendo 400 taking your money faster than nintendo? I’d have to pay 600 to 700 dollars just for the system…one controller and the plug and connetions…then turn around and pay for the games I want, which is milked anyways…all the companies milk their games…THEN I’d have to turn RIGHT BACK AROUND and pay an online fee per month just to be online…and talk and play my games which is 10 to 15 dollars for on lousy month…and for a full year is 50 to 100…you tell me, who is greedy? Sure in the fuck ain’t nintendo…I get a better deal with them, free online and at least a video chat, miiverse where I can be happy on at times, FREE, eshop with better deals and full game downloads. And to think…only costed me…300 dollars.

      2. Nintendo censorship Miiverse you are not allowed to Link a YT video.Kiddy Twitter.Exposed Now Trade your fucking Dreamcast U in FFs and stop saying Bullshit faggot.

      3. You can’t post a link on every internet blog neither. BTW you don’t have to repeat yourself we don’t have short term like you trolls do.

      4. So your homie is a kid? According to you Nintendo is for kids. So you ha g out with kids?

      5. Trying to get these asswholes to see that one console doesn’t make you a real gamer! PLAYING MORE THEN ONE AND NOT HATING OTHERS FOR THEIR OPTIONS, PLAYING THE SYSTEM ITSELF even if you hate it and not talking anything bad about it is what makes you a real gamer. Raaagh…congratulations sony C and dreamcast, you got under my skin.

      6. So WIIU IS A Kiddy console because they have no room for mature gamers.

      7. He just post a link In a Private Chat to another friend and got a ban.

      8. Now I agree with you on that. A PRIVATE Chat should allow you to say or post anything. I didn’t know that. I never tried it but I assumed you could post anything on a private chat.

      9. Ask Nintendo Customer service if you allowed to post Youtube videos in the YT Miiverse section…The Answer is NO.

      10. *paranoid and pissed off look*…sigh…look, I sorry for blowing my top…I’ve been trying to say that even though I play nintendo games and consoles, that doesn’t mean I stick to it. I’ve played 360 and have an account and even in a small group on facebook. I have yet to play anything on the PS3 because most of the games were on 360 so didn’t gave me a real chance to play it and therefore I have no user name for the Playstation network yet. All I’m trying to say is even though nintendo is my home console from the 1980’s to today, I still play other consoles.

      11. 1980’s lol get out of the internet grandpa dont u have a funeral to go to

      12. I really don’t see a hitler no fukkatsu remake coming anytime soon..

      13. This troll use many different nicknames with the same account and try to change his trolling style to fool us (look at his icon!) This babyterrorist has no face, he don’t care about games, he just care about the money he gets from trolling! He’s a waste of time!

      14. That’s stupid you can’t post links? I only use Miiverse for advice how to beat a game anyway.

      15. And you do know some blogs restrict you from posting links too. They’ll delete it and send you a message about their restrictions about links. Not just Miiverse.

      16. Dude it was a Private message and after 15minutes he got a ban.

      17. You have to pay Microsoft $1000 dollars just to have a second screen like Wii U. You have to pay $500 for the console. $70 for a game, $600 for a tablet, $60 for a controller. And more money for DLC. And you got to pay Microsoft for online now.

      1. If America six then why you trolls keep on bitchjng about Nintendo games lacking blood. America has the games you want right?

  4. How can ANYONE think that this Zelda game won’t sell? It’s freakin’ ZELDA. And a sequel to one of the absolute greatest Zelda games of all-time, A Link To The Past.

    And I’m sick of all of the trolls on this site. It’s always that time of the month for them, if you know what I mean. And probably all 12 year old little kids who still go to school.

    1. why are so defense over this? not everyone which a difference of opinion is a troll. like step out and take a dep breath its not that serios…

      link to the pat was good i guess but a ‘directsequel’ is gonna flop. just how ppl still think the wii u is a new wii. nintedno doesnt market its games ever and we have to carry them. i’m sick of it.

      1. Nintendo dont even care about their gamers anymore they just throw HD remakes and sell it full retail.The Greedy Mofos dont even Support Wii anymore so all the Nintendofags need to buy Wiiu that has no games,No 3rd party at the end of the year,Kiddy twitter where you cant talk about YT Videos on Yt Miiverse and lots of things more.

      2. like don’t get me wrong? i like nintendo and someties they come out with good games but its SOMEIMES.why cant they be consistent? your right in saying all they care abot is money lol ever company is. the diference is others give their loyal bases what they ask for…

      3. and i wish i could say this new one isnt going to but at this rate… yeah

        hopefully these severes as a lesson to them and the work extra hard on the zeldaU. its the most positive senario i can think of right now

      4. Dreamcast Sell More than Wiiu Fact.So the Wiiu is Worst console ever made.

      5. Wii U has 6M more units to sell to beat the Dreamcast. you honestly don’t think that games like Smash Bros. Mario Kart and 3D Land are not going to take the Wii U past that?

      6. “At this rate”?
        The 3DS is selling like wildfire in dry brush and the newest Zelda is FINALLY bucking tradition to give a fresh experience.
        You’re fucking stupid if you actually think this is going to flop.XD

  5. Just so you know the moment you pre order this they send you the downloading code for Link’s Awakening so basically you can’t cancel the pre order.I’m sure there might be a way around but it’s better to avoid the drama.

  6. jeeze never realized how sensative ppl are on here like i’m sorry not every1 is happy wit how nintendoos been acting this past few years……..

  7. Teue ze fanz havex this game becox pls understand remakes a
    Are all we canz du coz we unoriginal and out of ideas and zelda u is a lie ok goodbye enjoy mediocre zelda title

    1. We don’t need your rehashed comments about Dreamcast sells vs. Wii u sales posted on every article. We don’t have bad memory like you trolls do.

      1. i love the dreamcast even though it failed when it came to sales, it was still an amazing, revolutionary system for its time. Just look at phantasy star online!

    1. Oh My God get a fucking life you pathetic broken record of a troll. Noone cares. Buy or don’t buy, it doesn’t matter. I own a dreamcast and a wiiu, like them both. Don’t give a shit which one some 12 year old in the states thinks about that.

  8. I recently stopped reading the comments here and began to focus on the news alone.

    However, I just decided to give the comments a read again, and the first 25 or so alone made me remember why I stopped reading them in the first place.

    1. Damn right. I swear, a lot of the trolls in this website aren’t even trying to be trolls. It irritates me to see some people are being dicks about their standing in the video gaming community and always take their insecurities out on others. As far as I know, not once have I seen a Nintendo fan bash on Sony or Microsoft fanbases outside of this site.

  9. Sounds like a steal, albeit a little extreme that you will not be able to cancel your preorder once you redeem you Link’s Awakening download. Hope this comes to America. One of my friends is looking forward for A Link Between Worlds.

    1. Agreed. I can’t stand reading the comments sections on every article knowing more than half of the comments do not pertain to the topic at hand.

  10. Wouldn’t it make a little more sense to include a download code for A Link to the Past? I know Game only have Link’s Awakening for download on their site but it just seems like a missed opportunity.

  11. I HOPE the “DLC” on the bottom left is for Link’s Awakening DX, and not something stupid. Like rupees.

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