UK retailer GAME has finally confirmed it will be stocking an exclusive Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds collectors edition. The contents include The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds boxed copy,  Link’s Awakening digital download code, Zelda musical cartridge chest and an A0 glossy exclusive artwork poster. The retailer has noted that once you place your preorder for the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Collector’s Edition you will be sent your download code for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, as such, once the order is confirmed and you have received your eShop code, you will be unable to cancel your preorder for this item. The collectors edition retails for £49.99.



  1. Bought it from Gamezone, can’t wait for it. Still thinking about where to buy my Zelda 3DS XL, as it’s so expencive here in Norway. It’s like $380, while a normal 3DS XL is just $260!


  2. How can ANYONE think that this Zelda game won’t sell? It’s freakin’ ZELDA. And a sequel to one of the absolute greatest Zelda games of all-time, A Link To The Past.

    And I’m sick of all of the trolls on this site. It’s always that time of the month for them, if you know what I mean. And probably all 12 year old little kids who still go to school.


    • why are so defense over this? not everyone which a difference of opinion is a troll. like step out and take a dep breath its not that serios…

      link to the pat was good i guess but a ‘directsequel’ is gonna flop. just how ppl still think the wii u is a new wii. nintedno doesnt market its games ever and we have to carry them. i’m sick of it.


      • Nintendo dont even care about their gamers anymore they just throw HD remakes and sell it full retail.The Greedy Mofos dont even Support Wii anymore so all the Nintendofags need to buy Wiiu that has no games,No 3rd party at the end of the year,Kiddy twitter where you cant talk about YT Videos on Yt Miiverse and lots of things more.


        • like don’t get me wrong? i like nintendo and someties they come out with good games but its SOMEIMES.why cant they be consistent? your right in saying all they care abot is money lol ever company is. the diference is others give their loyal bases what they ask for…


  3. Just so you know the moment you pre order this they send you the downloading code for Link’s Awakening so basically you can’t cancel the pre order.I’m sure there might be a way around but it’s better to avoid the drama.


  4. jeeze never realized how sensative ppl are on here like i’m sorry not every1 is happy wit how nintendoos been acting this past few years……..


  5. Teue ze fanz havex this game becox pls understand remakes a
    Are all we canz du coz we unoriginal and out of ideas and zelda u is a lie ok goodbye enjoy mediocre zelda title


    • Oh My God get a fucking life you pathetic broken record of a troll. Noone cares. Buy or don’t buy, it doesn’t matter. I own a dreamcast and a wiiu, like them both. Don’t give a shit which one some 12 year old in the states thinks about that.


  6. I recently stopped reading the comments here and began to focus on the news alone.

    However, I just decided to give the comments a read again, and the first 25 or so alone made me remember why I stopped reading them in the first place.


    • Damn right. I swear, a lot of the trolls in this website aren’t even trying to be trolls. It irritates me to see some people are being dicks about their standing in the video gaming community and always take their insecurities out on others. As far as I know, not once have I seen a Nintendo fan bash on Sony or Microsoft fanbases outside of this site.


  7. Sounds like a steal, albeit a little extreme that you will not be able to cancel your preorder once you redeem you Link’s Awakening download. Hope this comes to America. One of my friends is looking forward for A Link Between Worlds.


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