Here’s The First 120 Minutes Of Sonic Lost World On Nintendo 3DS

Tilmen from Nintendomination has uploaded footage of the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of Sonic Lost World. The review embargo broke today and reviews have already come flooding in. Online gaming publication Polygon awarded the Nintendo 3DS version of the game a measly 4.0 and said its imagination is impressive, but Sonic Lost World can’t even nail the basics. Have you purchased Sonic Lost World today?


    1. Remember this day! I TOLD you it would suck! As if Sonic games have never sucked…hahahaja!

      1. Lmao I remember that. All the fanboys damaged controlled at the time too saying “it will be good bla bla” dumb asses this game was going to be bad no matter what

    1. ^ positive trolling about the Wii U to troll the 3DS who btw is already one of the best selling console of all time! LOL

  1. I aint getting it today anymore. I waited for the reviews and I’m glad I did. I’ll get it when the price drops, Sorry Sega.

    1. Dude you one of the biggest Nintendogs on this site you need to buy this game day1…its exclusiv U Know?Nintendofans always brag about exclusiv games and dont buy them! Exposed.Reggietarian.

    2. I’m worried now too!!!
      I’m concerned it’s way short. (not so worried about the controls)

      There are people here on MNN that said it’s good though…

      I’m growing increasingly disappointed at the WiiU game selection these next few months..

      1. For all we know it could be a good game, but I’m pretty sure I’ll wait until its £20 now….

        There’s plenty to play on Wiiu, especially when you consider what’s just released and the indie games and stuff.

        Watchdogs being delayed and Sonic being dissapoining isn’t ideal.

  2. why in the world would you go by those dumbass reviews those reviews really dont mean shit to me its basicly a fricken lie this game deserved a much better score an remember these are basicly one opinion by one person make your own opinion dont be a follower be a leader of your self an to make your own real opinion go try it for your self dont go by dumb ass reviewers go by your own word not somebody elses

  3. I am getting both versions. I don’t care about reviews… I LOVE SONIC games. I know I am gonna enjoy this.

  4. wow, it lookss funny. I like this is more like the Wii U version than it was the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, because in that game the put away all the 3D world thing.

    I didn’t think about this game before, but after watching the actual gameplay I like it.

  5. I got it on the launch date, and I am still on the early stages, but I have to say that it’s pretty cool so far. The mechanics are a little different for a Sonic game, but I think it’s pretty cool so far. Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot see why this game received such negative reviews.
    I’m not a huge Sonic fan, but I have played a few different versions, and this one is kind of different, but I think, like any game, once you get used to the mechanics, it’s pretty fun. I also want to mention that the game’s graphics are fantastic, and it actually makes really good use of the 3D effect.

    It’s too bad that this game got so many bad reviews, because I think people might be missing out on a unique and fun game.

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