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New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U Wii U Bundle Advertised By Target US For $299.99


Popular US retailer Target has revealed its Target Toy Book Ad for holiday 2013. The advertisement shows that they will be stocking the New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U Wii U Deluxe Bundle for $299.99. The extravagant bundle has already been confirmed for Europe and will be released on November 8th. Will you pick one of these up?

Thanks, Elfamis

164 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U Wii U Bundle Advertised By Target US For $299.99”

      1. -_- It wont die. The 360 didn’t sell for 2 years. at least not until software came out for it. Same with the Wii U.. Plus, Wii U sales went up 200% for the month of September, because of Wind Waker HD alone..

        1. 360 didn’t sell until like 2010 lol, and Microsoft has made a total loss of 6billion dollars on the whole xbox life

      2. its a $300 console with a $60 game, a $30 game, and about $50 of accessories. this is a $440 value for $300. how is this overpriced? you could by a 2ds, this and still have extra money!

      1. Because they know that nobody would buy it for that price. Only a console as great as the PS4 or Xbox One could sell for something like that. Besides, the Wii U is an old console that still doesn’t really have any games. Less than 10 are games that I care about at the moment

        1. have you even used a wii u? do you really know how innovative it is? i have never used a piece of technology that has been so innovative as the wii u.

            1. The tipycal i own the “X” console so i can bash it if i want…I have for you a better solution, sell your “U”, dont buy anithing more about Nintendo, dont enter those kind of websites, get them off of your life and you will be live happy for the rest of your “life”. ;D

              1. Here’s the deal…I don’t like the gamepad, but I do like the rest of the Wii U. It’s basically like having another Wii, so I’m okay with that. I’m hoping for something new for the next generation though. Also, I have to keep it along, even if I just end up getting Smash Bros :p

                1. I like the gamepad, I just wish there were better uses for it. So far, it has been pretty lackluster and uninspiring. There’s a lot of potential with it. I just hope that potential is fully explored throughout the system’s life cycle.

        2. ” Because they know that nobody would buy it for that price. Only a console as great as the PS4 or Xbox One could sell for something like that ”

          Yet preorders for the Xbox One are still available at Gamestop & Best Buy and it’s been reported that a lot of people have been cancelling their PS4 preorders U MAAAADDD!!!! LOL!!!

              1. Yeah, they’ve all made some pretty big mistakes. I still think that the PS4 is going to be my favorite this gen, but it just seems to be very similar to the PS3

                1. Nope not at all. They’re all going to have to do some wacky shit with VR or the PS4 will have a worse launch than the PS2 did.
                  That was terrible.

                    1. Good system but i like the GC more. It mostly sold as cheap dvd player to most consumers. Not saying it wasn’t a good system. I loved my ps2 just it didn’t get that line up at first

                      1. But in the long run it didn’t matter because it was still the best selling system and sales was the target of this comment I was replying to, so… *shrug*

          1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

            No console that’s been priced over $300 has ever sold well, once the fanboy pre-orders have been accounted for (1M?) there’s still another 69M units to sell…

            Also Sony and MS will be competing with themselves for the first two years as they’ve got an uphill battle to convince people to drop their PS3/360s and pay $300+ for a new system that that at the moment, doesn’t look that much different..

              1. Even then you can’t tell much of a difference in current gen and next. Next gen seems to be struggling because of graphics

                1. Depends on the devs and the games. There are some truly great looking next-gen games out there coming; games that look way better than anything seen on current systems.

                  But really, when has a system’s launch ever been overly impressive? (Hint: Never)

                  1. I haven’t seen those games( kh looks next gen) i haven’t seen to many gameplay clips to make my full judgement but nothing is too great

                    1. inFAMOUS Second Son, Final Fantasy XV, KH III, Dead Rising 3, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Killzone Shadow Fall, The Order: 1886 are probably among the most impressive I have seen so far.

                      The main games you’re going to see the best looking visuals from are exclusives though. That’s how things usually go.

                      1. I’m sure plants vs zombies could work on this gen not 100% sure. Order i haven’t seen any gameplay. Killzone graphics hurts its framerate(though a good looking game but not my good looking game). Infamous i’m sure might need to see more. Dead rising haven’t looked deeply into that. I’m sure there are some good games coming but none for me until kh 3 comes…hope they have a special edition

                        1. KZ has a variable framerate but it’s almost always at 60fps. It’s fine. Never dips below 30.

                          PvZ can work on this gen, sure. In fact, there’s a 360 version of the game. But the next-gen version looks so much better. It’s a truly beautiful game to look at.

                          inFAMOUS.. I’ll just put this here (note, this is still a work in development/early E3 build of the game. Final will look even better):


                        2. looks nice never was a huge fan of infamous, but i’m still waitingnot much grabs me in next gen i’ll be stuck with another wii u for a year. Though getting a ps4 over one. one has only one game that interest me and thats KI

                  1. Pretty much. they have ps4 has 2 exclusives and xbone has like 3 or 4 i believe most of what they have is on current gen

            1. ps4 and xbox one has really outdated specs, the graphics suck, I like how the games look like they came out 10 years old. the steam box owns both of them, it has the NVidia titan witch the playstation and xbox will never have for atleast 3 generations

              1. Anubis, you have to stop your “I don’t think “X” so therefore it’ll happen” mentality.

                Remember that this is primarily targeting people who don’t have the system yet. So it doesn’t matter how old the software is, it’ll still be new to the buyer as he/ she hasn’t played it yet. Add the fact that $60+ will be saved through this bundle and you’ve got the IT version of the Wii U to buy for the holidays.

                Bundles like these drive sales and I was actually waiting for a money saving bundle like this to actually take the plunge. THIS is the Wii U bundle I’ll be getting this holiday and I’m sure many people are thinking the same way cause… again… bundles drive sales.

        1. I loved the old Wii Party. You have to have people to play it with though. It’s unenjoyable otherwise. The only party game’s i’ve ever been able to play alone have been Mario Party DS and Mario Party 9. Wii Party U may be added to the list though, guess we’ll wait till the reviews!

      2. dang……. 300$ +2 games or that and a special edition WW bundle. 350$ for nintendo land with absolutly no games coming out fpr early adopters.

        “there wont be a price drop for wii u in years”


          1. damage controlllllll!!!!! you no this is true. key board warrior, that is so unoriginal just like nintendos games for the last decade.

                    1. Has the best written dialog i’ve seen from a nintendo game, and that main villain…Craps on all trolls. I find it to be great game hope to see another franchise to be revived, like ice climbers, game and watch or Takamaru’s Ninja Castle

                      1. Damn right! So much replay value, and the multiplayer is outstanding, still enjoy playing it till this day. The online multiplayer is keeping me busy until Super Smash Bros. comes out.

                        And Gaminglord, I do hope Nintendo will revive those games just how Kid Icarus was, because then they will be unstoppable.

                        1. Hell if they bought the damn rights of megaman from crapcom they would own half the damn world…Hell throw ghost and goblins in there too miss that damn game fucking hard but fun

                        2. I think i would be more interested in seeing a game and watch game work out. Would be interesting to see

                        1. get it when u can u won’t be sorry…U should buy it now before the holidays come and eat ur money

                          1. Yeah, that’s the thing, I have already budgeted out all my spending for the rest of the year and it doesn’t fit in. Plus, I don’t really have time for more games right now. ;/ Already had to cut out a large portion of the games I *wanted* to play. *sad face*

                          2. Zelda, mario, X, pokemon,Bayonetta, all call ur name saying…BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!BUY ME!!!…And wallet saying ahhhhhhhhhhh leave me be!!!!

                            1. The only Nintendo game I’ll be getting for the rest of the year is Super Mario 3D World. D;

                              I’m sure it will last me for a while. But I’m getting the PS4 and possibly the Xbox One too along with games for those, so the rest of the games will have to wait until next year. lol

                            2. Personal i would wait a month if i were u getting the ps4 or one near launch. I heard rumors about those systems getting rushed a little. So if u don’t want a red ring I would wait a bit see what comes up. I’m sure they’ll have plenty After the holidays.

                              1. Nah. I’m good with getting it at launch. I have picked up all Sony systems at launch and never had a problem with them. I even have all of my original systems in good working order.

                                Even if there are issues, warranties take care of that. No worries.

                                  1. Looks to be total 360 for mario. He has the potential to sell wii u s …alot…IF NINTENDO ADVERISES LIKE NO TOMARROW!!!!! PUT A DAMN AD ON THE MOON AND GAME WILL SELL!!! but 2014 is the real X factor

                      1. It’s good that Sony is always original with their games like Killzone, Playstation All-Stars and Little Big Planet Karting. I remember how those amazing Playstation Move sport games made even non-players play videogames.

                        1. Fuck the digital age!!! Also I don’t mess with steam or psn that much hackers are getting more…hackyer…not even a word

                                  1. Quit your lying. It was confirmed that there was no loss of any personal data. lol

                                    In fact, we still don’t know if any data was taken at all. The only thing that happened was someone inserted a text file on the network that shouldn’t have been there and there was a basic DDoS attack against the servers.

                                    Sony took the precautions of shutting down the system to avoid further intrusions and beef up security.

                                  2. Ah u got me it was troll bait. Though I have experience some with my account getting hacked in the past not from psn

                              1. That’s the reason why i’ll never use my credit card when downloading games for PS4 or Vita. I can’t trust yet that Sony has fully fixed their security systems after that PS3 thing.

                                  1. You do know that even Sony itself isn’t sure if hackers got some credit card informations? Hackers striked to same account database where they kept them. I hope they are in seperate places now like they should but you never can’t be sure.

                                    1. You are misinformed. That said, even if it were true, I refer you to my statement above about the digital age we live in today. Just about everything has been hacked and your personal information has been at risk several times over. Count on it.

                                      Best thing to do is practice safe habits.

                            1. You should probably live in on a remote unincorporated island or Antarctica and never use any form of electronic communications technology again, because just about every government has been hacked (yes, your personal info has been at risk too), all credit card companies, large banking and financial agencies, Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, Steam, tons of third party devs and publishers, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Kotaku, GameInformer, IGN, and thousands of other companies large and small, etc. have all been hacked and your information has been at risk too. lol

                      1. Yeah they need a damn account system. Only games i’ve have are Earthbound, Bit Trip, mutant mudds and thats about it. Most i’ve got for free.

                    1. I asked him a similar question.

                      His response: “You now need to put in a username and email address to post a comment. The trolling was getting too out of hand!”

                      1. Yeah I’m guessing if ur caught causing trouble they ban u with ur email now. Trolls would have too put more effort into trolling and most of them are lazy, why else would troll on the internet all day. Happy we won’t see that bag of nuts guy he was freakin gross

                    1. its about how myomoto whips his workers at work.

                      anoma: hey myomoto i got a real innovative and creative idea of how we can make the next zelda interesting, kinda like MM was and WW!!


                        1. No they work in a building at cubbies with no windows and have to wear blue and gray jumpsuits while they are there and change after they leave

                    1. 3 mario games with one stone it might help 3d world. We just need to wait till Nov 22 to see what happens and… the war zone that is black friday.

                  1. This bundle is an undeniably great deal. Smart move, Nintendo. Way better than the Just Dance and Wii Party U bundles, that’s for sure. But, will the games be physical or digital?

                  2. I take back what I said.. The Just Dance and Wii Party U bundles are also good, since those games attract mainstream audiences. I don’t care for either of those games, but if they help sell more Wii U’s, then I’m cool with the bundles.

                  3. I’d personally like to see a bundle that included Super Mario 3D World, NSMBU + NSLU which wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility, well with all 3 games it would but… (Remembers 2002 when i got my Mario Sunshine GCN bundle)

                    1. Many times, retailers get different bundles exclusive to their store. I know Sony and Microsoft did that last year. I’m not sure I have seen that done with Nintendo though.

                  4. Now I’m even more certainly going to get this game. Awesome.
                    Also, I bought my Wii U within a few months of launch. It has seen hundreds of hours of use now. I honestly don’t see how anyone can not play it with all the games it has already. At least not while faulting the console. It has always had great games since launch. It just doesn’t have a lot. Because it’s new.

                    1. It is because of blind hate people have for consoles, and companies in general. PS4 and Wii U would be my choices for this generation for Kingdom Hearts 3 and for X, Bayonetta 2, and Zelda U, respectively. I don’t hate Microsoft or the XB1, I just don’t want it because the games don’t interest me. I don’t kow how people don’t see it that way, but it happens.

                      P.S. I am secretly hoping Kingdom Hearts 3 will come to Wii U so I can get just one console. I honestly don.t care if it is the least graphically advanced, as long as they don’t strip features from it. I do think we will see it eventually, if the Wii U picks up as much as I think it will.

                  5. Man, if the console and gamepad was red, blue or green (heck, ANY other color), this is the bundle I would have bought. You ALMOST did it Nintendo. But I’m still gonna wait for new colors.

                  6. What, Superman 64 was a totally amazing game; some people just don’t know a decent game when they see one!! No, but seriously, the new trailer for sm3d world looks great – my body is ready for this game.

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