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Nintendo Releases Official Video Of Aonuma’s Presentation On Zelda A Link Between Worlds

Eiji Aonuma’s New York Comic-Con presentation on A Link Between Worlds is beginning to reach legendary status. Nintendo has finally released an official video of the event, hosted by Krysta from Nintendo Minute. Aonuma infamously revealed many details about the game at the event, including a hint that info regarding a Majora’s Mask re-release may be hidden in the game. One interesting segment shows the differences between the 2D and 3D versions of the overworld map imported into A Link Between Worlds from A Link To the Past, with Aonuma admitting that he worked on the conversion to 3D himself because no developers were ready to work on the project yet at that point. A Link Between Worlds will launch on November 22nd.


  1. Majoras mask remake? Come on you can play the original on the wii. A lot of people didnt even like majoras mask. I loved it its my fav zelda but they gotta make new games. Oot and star fox remakes were great cause the 3ds didnt have much games when they came out and its not like they had to start from scratch.


      1. Well then it’s a good thing that this one was made. Also that other one that will be here in a year on Wii U. MM remake would be fine.


  2. Saw this yesterday. I’m not big on remakes. I’d rather they put their efforts on new games. But I’d still buy the shit out of a Majora’s Mask remake. Ha


  3. What happened to this site? It’s so troll free, I love it. I would actually like the Majora’s Mask remake on the 3DS, that way it could go with Ocarina of Time.


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