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Nintendo Says Wii Discontinuation In Japan Won’t Affect Availability In United States


Nintendo of America has confirmed to GameSpot that the discontinuation of the Wii in Japan won’t affect availability of the console in the United States. The company told the publication that the original Wii will be available to purchase in the United States during the all important holiday season. Nintendo Japan announced a few days ago that it was discontinuing the console and that gamers would have to purchase one second-hand.

“The announcement that the Wii console has been discontinued is specific to Japan. There is no change in the status of Wii in the United States, and it is available for purchase this holiday season.”

97 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Wii Discontinuation In Japan Won’t Affect Availability In United States”

      1. The fans’re the dumbest. I’d say Microsoft were the smartest. They saw how easy sheeptool can be manipulated, & they simply tried to take advantage of that, & not surprising, some PPL were actually planning on buying it w/ its original policy just for KI.

      2. The problem was not enough drones wanted to purchase it to create enough profit, so they just made a BS apology–knowing how brainless desperate losers’re to play video games–& that got the morons to hush up &wanna buy it again. Hey it worked for Capcom!

      1. get that fat tub o lard pizza faced faggot out of here!! all the fanboys – NOOOO MY BODY ISNT REEEADDYY!! *crys* reggie s like a friend to me eehhhhhh!!

        anybody who likes reggie likes killing nintendo, and of course iwata.

            1. Honestly even if u get rid of iwata, there is no promise that it will fix stuff up rightway…it could make it worse

              1. well you can at least get rid of that “my body is ready for no good games and for bad decisions out of noa first!! iwata still needs to go though.

              2. Do we want a capcom style nintendo?I do think reggie may need to go. I do like how iwata treats his consumers and employees.

                1. nintendo needs to buy capcom. just watch nintendo is so dumb when capcom goes out of business, they will be to greedy to buy monster hunter, “we dont need the biggest franchise in japan, the richest videogame company is to good and greedy for that” sony buys it and they are handheld king, also mega man. “our bodies are to good for megaman” sony buys it. nintendo gets more irrelevant.

                  1. If ur saying this because of the atlus buy ur comparing this to a apple and a orange. Atlus is damn good company but its not a gold mine. Capcom is a gold mine of glory nintendo should buy them, but in a gamer since i want a third party to buy them so those games are shared with every one.

            2. if there is votes FOR A NEW PRESIDENT all the pathetic nintensheep will want reggie and iwata to stay, because they are stupid, dont look at facts, what they are doin and what they turned nintendo in to, a joke that is irrelevant.

              the only other thing they will vote for is pikachu.

          1. Kind of ironic that you talk about hating Nintendo, considering your avvie depicts 2 characters who had their best times on a Nintendo console, and then got raped by Microsoft.

            1. dont even remind me. i would buy a good banjo kazooie or conker and more on microsoft sony or nintendo, but mocroshit ruined the company.

              nintendo let them go though #WIIAREDUMBUKNOW

              1. The original minds behind RARE’s classics & most all of the original devs were already gone before Micosoft made the purchase. For financial reasons (& perhaps not the brightest move), Nintendo sold a dieng company.

    1. @sickr wii u kiosks have been updated with new demos. Mario and sonic, wind waker, sonic lost world, 101, and the set up shows wii party u and wii fit u promo on it. If you want photos let me know

    2. Let me get this straight: Dumbtendo no longer supports Wii yet still is willing to sell Wii wasting money on finished outdated good. Yet ignores and fails to advertise Wii U can play Wii games and shows on GamePad to at least pull in effort on Wii U sales. Dumbtendo for you. Great games dumb decisions

      1. Its Nintendo man, king of dumb descions. That’s why they had the Wii U deluxe sold at $350 with ONLY 32GB!!! and many other idiotic decisions but only fanboys will deny that Nintendo has been making dumb decisions

                      1. and people will say the same shit over and overand won’t happen nintendo will be around, they are time less company.

                      2. I also believe gaming will be more mobile like japan since more people want a experience on the go. Wii u could be that step in small way with off tv play

            1. Mircosoft hasn’t eitherin fact they lie in front of you more then any of three. Mircosoft bought rare and used them them for nothing. They are more anti consumer then any of three. They are true King of Kings

              1. no nintendo is the king of lies, what have they told us for the last year alone?? lies?? they sound like a broken record.

                  1. nintendo has been the worst since the wii, the only thing better is their first party, which is lacking, zelda and mario and it will make little changes to none. also the rest will be casual shit,

                    yeah nintendo is the worst in everything but that, which is getting worse since wii.

                    1. Yeah u ignore the 3ds doing and ds and u think and the wii and wii u are the worse ever? You want mario and zelda but again you don’t want them? U don’t understand ur self too much do u. I’m guess ur going to call me a sheep or moron because i don’t agree with u because that seems likely the ending for ur story

                      1. no, you dont seem like a corprate slave, and yes i know their handhelds been a success.

                        “we wont make the same mistakes with wii u as we did with 3ds”

                        no. 1 lie of a many many more to come in the last year alone.

                      2. I’m talking about major lies. Yes they did say that but I think it was out of its control then anything. Nintendo had never messed with HD before so it was more over confidence then a lie, yes they screwed their word but they soon kicked in gear again. I wasn’t going to get a wii u until pikmin was released and I did but my impatience hurt me because of the price drop. A company will always deny a price drop until they are ready its common business logic. I do think nintendo needs to advertise the hell out of the wii u and get more support. I haven’t supported incomplete games on the wii u like sniper elite or blacklist because those companies offered total BS support. I only support games if they are give fair treatment. I’m not getting batman orgins for two reasons bs support and GOTY edition. I agree reggie needs to go but I want iwata to stay he respects his employees more then any ceos i’ve seen. He give himself a paycut just to help out a company thats. Thats a gem of ceo. Mircosoft is pure evil. They treat their employees like shit, spy on consumers, report data to the government, lie in people’s faces with bs coming from their mouth more then any company i’ve seen. They give too shits for their consumer, they take away rights and stab people’s backs and do more stupid bs then anything. I agree nintendo made mistakes but nothing like microsofts. I don’t beat on nintendo when ever i feel like it I do it when something is freakin wrong. I did when evo happen and i did it during the lps happen. I gree they need to get their shit together but their doing ok in other areas.

                      3. yeah microsoft is a piece of shit and anybody who buy there products are dumbass sheep, my 360 has been sold with every game, bitches think they can spy on me they are wrong, and i hope they drop out of the console business (which they havnt made any money on but lost). that is what is pathetic, the xbox one is getting more support than wii u, after all that mess. people even bought like 10 360s because of red rings.

                        microsoft bought rare just to ruin them and they wont sell their ips back to nintendo probably even if they dont use it.

                        who gives a fuck if its bad for the industry i dont care, microsoft deserves to fail with xbox one and if anybody think not then they are fucking stupid as nintendo has been. which is dumb, really dumb.

    3. *sigh* And here I was thinking that the new rules for commenting would stop the trolls…

      Trolls are a stain on society. They can contribute nothing to humanity. They are warped, defective beings who only think about causing pain and suffering to others.

      If I had my way, all trolls would be taken out into the street and be shot in front of their families. None of them deserve to live.

      1. Yea you definitely need some mental help its just internet man if you don’t like people trolling don’t read the comments

      2. look another pathetic nintenpuppet, your worse than any troll and fanboys all together, 95% of so called trolls on this site are the ones who talk fact about nintendo and not just follow complete bullshit from a company. this is just the internet and you get bothered this much?? do i need to say anymore on how sad of a person you sound??

      1. I’m done defending Wii U on blogs if Nintendo ain’t supporting the Wii U to its full potential. 8 months ago I said to Ness, “ignoring that Wii U sales will pick up this fall” Nintendo ain’t going make me look like a dumbass. As you can see I have a memory of an elephant.

        1. I’ve been telling you Nintendo doesn’t care about the Wii U and that its doomed. 3ds is the Nintendo console this time not Wii U. The more support the 3ds gets the worst the wii U does. All good first party Nintendo games are on 3ds not wii U only the dumb fanboys try to damage control that the Wii U sucks right now

          1. hey what have you guys been doing with your wii u’s?? not playing games huh, just sitting down collecting more dust than llast gen consoles…..any regrets, yeah i thought so. sigh……… what a scam and a shitty console.

            yeah ive been renting out my wii u out to spiders…. let something get use out of it, its a nice environment for them, so dusty………and i thought i bought a video game console, what a fool i was!!!!!!

    4. اقدر ما تفعله ننتيندو لا كن هذا لا يكفي يجب على ننتيندو ان تهتم بجهازها الجديد

    5. It’s not a dumb move. Some of you guys don’t get it. The name of the game is profit (sustainable profit) and one way to increase profit is through market segmentation (which also increases marketshare).

      Wii sales has little effect on WiiU sales. Wii is a now a bargain bin console. Majority of the people buyers for Wii would glance at the $299WiiU, then quickly look away. These peopel are looking for cheap consoles, other colsoles in this are are X360 and PS3. If they discontinued Wii, those buyers won’t suddenly switch to WiiU. Nope, they’ll switch their eyes to PS360. Why? Because the target audience for Wii and WiiU are different (it’s evident by the price gap).

      The main reason they discontinued Wii in Japan is because sale for Wii is abysmal, not because it would help WiiU sales. Wii had little effect on their profit, in fact they may even save money and shelf space, with it discontinued in Japan. But the situation is a bit different in the west, Wii is still selling several thousands (~7-12Kavg) a week and should increase during the holidays.

      This is like Apple iPod, you’ve got Classic, Touch, Nano, and Shuffle. AMD/Nvidia graphics cards, you’ve got Maga-high-end, high-end, high-midrange, midrange, low-mid, low-end, and integrated GPUs.

      1. I’m not entirely disagreeing w/U, since PS2s were still being manufactured & selling well during most of PS3 life span & finally stopped entire production worldwide just last year.

        And PPL who’re looking to buy something that already plays HD…

      2. Has a longer list of games&cheaper would most likely get 360/PS3.

        But those looking to buy a “next gen” Nintendo console would get confused & think Wii U’s just an upgrade&opt to buy the “cheaper one”: Wii instead. (Many still think they’re the same.)

        1. Yea, I’ve thought about it (consumer confusion). One reason I said “little effect” rather than “no effect”. At launch it may have been an issue but now I don’t think it’s a big issue (sales wise). I think this issue is not as big as it seems and there’s always “returns”. I would think those who still don’t know, dont really care. Those who really want to know the difference will care to find an answer, by asking saleperson, online, research, etc.
          A bigger reason for the low sales is the lack of appeal, mainly from lack of compelling games.

          1. True – lack of compelling games’s one of the biggest reasons for poor Wii U sales. (Price was not the issue this time.) But the Wii’s responsible for attracting all the casual players (which’s what Nintendo was aiming for with it).

            1. And casual gamers don’t care to bother researching about new systems. The way they find out is at the time of purchase & once they return Wii U games & question why it wont work on their Wiis. It still happens on a regular basis.

            2. Even during E3 in JAP, the ones testing the Wii U were confused & thought it was an upgrade&the same thing happened in other events. The name’s 1 thing, but making it look so similar to the previous Wii was another mistake (for those who argue NES/SNES).

    6. Seriously?! This is simple economics. Why are they not taking the Wii right off the market? If you want to sell your backwards comparability of your new console, boot the original console off the market.

      It’s such a simple solution.

        1. I agree. If Wiis are still selling good & a substantial profit is still made, then there’s no real reason to discontinue them (as much as I hate the Wii). What they should really do is ensure more PPL know the difference between the Wii & Wii U.

          1. Other things must also be done to ensure future success, like getting rid of the idea for expensive to manufacture gimmicks (i.e. Wii U gamepad) & focusing more on games + quality. Making systems at least look more different(on the exterior anyway, lol).

            1. They must make their new machines and features work in such a way that it can’t be replicated on another system for a long time…

              It is only a gimmick if you don’t use something to its full potential…

              Right now I have to agree that the Gamepad is more of a gimmick than an asset…

              I hope it changes…

    7. This was pretty much a given, since the firmware is region encoded and the sales are different. But it had to be clarified since the media overacted and assumed things.

    8. You can bet your pretty little ass off, that as long as ps360 keeps outselling Ps4 and xbone, those will be supported as well.

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