Photos Of Alleged Luigi-Themed Nintendo 2DS Appear Online


Photos of an alleged Luigi-themed Nintendo 2DS have been sent to Kotaku by an anonymous tipster. If the images are real, a limited edition 2DS model commemorating “The Year of Luigi” may be released this year. Nintendo’s yet to confirm whether the system exists, but a Nintendo 3DS XL with green silhouettes of Luigi is set for a European release on November 1st.


    1. I know it’s your money and you do whatever you want with it but getting a 2DS is pretty stupid if you already have a 3DS or even a 3DS XL.

        1. You seem to be pretty damn desperate, seeing that you bring up “Xbots” at such an unrelated point. Instead of focusing so much on insulting others and starting “wars” or such things, especially when nobody has even said something to you or anything of the sorts in this situation, you might as well try focusing on video games and enjoy what’s fun, regardless of the platform or company. I’ve been trying to hold back on this blog because I’ve long realized that there’s not really much of a point to try to make fanboys of the likes of you understand, due to the lack of common sense dominating in those little brains of yours, but well, sometimes I just can’t hold back.
          Anyway, to put it short: Pathetic, that’s what you are.

          1. There is a difference between being a blind fanboy and a Nintendo fan…

            If I was a blind fanboy I would have bought everything Nintendo related even if I had to steal it, so your smart-mouthing leads you nowhere with me…

  1. I don’t really like the design. It’s kind of..boring. Luigi deserves better than this. A lime green 2DS would have looked more interesting. Then again, I usually dislike most white electronics.

  2. “the year of luigi” sounds like a year of linux which means it will never gonna happen lol

  3. “Alleged”? This looks pretty unmistakable to me, maybe you should invest in some glasses or contacts or something?

  4. …why is every other 3DS system getting nice designs except for the standard?
    That’s my favorite one.

    1. I’ve noticed that too. I think it’s cause the XL consistently sells better than the regular one. I don’t think the regular 3DS is obsolete, since some people prefer something more portable. Hopefully Nintendo starts showing the original 3DS some more love.

    2. I know its fucking gay. The only exclusive it got is MH4 design in Japan and Fire Emblem Awakening/Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS bundles in America. XL is getting whored out and now the barely and mostly pointless 2DS is getting an exclusive limited edition design so soon?

      So what if the original started its life in a bad way but it began its popularity and secure its position as top dog in this generation of gaming.

      1. I completely agree. They should find a balance and give equal attention to each 3DS model. Not
        everyone wants an XL. People like variety.

      1. …oh…

        BTW, (random) new avatar?

  5. Let me get this straight, only 1 itty-bitty stereo,1analog,no 3D functionality&2 reclycled small screens from faulty 3DSs?Hmm… BUT WAIT!The backside&buttons’re broccoli feces green&somehow that=Luigi themed?Well I am a sucker(&what a sucker!) for Luigi.

    1. Sold!!! Take my money Nintendo! Heck, why stop there? Take my home & car, too, leave me in the streets where I belong! Here my food *flings*! And while your at it, take me too! Do with me what you please!!!! I know how to keep secrets…

      1. You mean to tell me Nintendo is FORCING you to buy this?? Oh how dare they!!

        Wait? They arent? So you mean to tell me you’re just whining like a little bitch at something thats not marketed towards you? Something you dont even plan on buying but felt the need to make apparent because you feel your opinion matters?

        1. My opinion must matter if I got Ur butthurt reply. U’re right, 2DS isn’t marketed for me…yet. *removes brain* Durr….it be now!

          Thanks Nintendur. Keep taking a shit on me. Me will gladly eat it up w/o complaint BC U saved video games back in 1986.

        2. I have every right to voice my opinion, whether it appeals to you or not, you Internet Nintentool nazi. If you can’t handle diversity then you don’t belong on social networks. I suggest you find or host a site where all comments are completly blocked.

        3. Nintendo may not be forcing me to buy this obvious downgraded recycled plastic lazy cash-in garbage, but they are forcing 3DS owners, such as myself, to submit to “so-called” 3DS games geared more for the 2DS & for the same price=scam.

          1. LOL, my little payback for their fake promises & false advertising of the “3DS” name is buying (or not buying at all) games geared/better suited for the 2DS extremely reduced priced & used.

            SMH, it’s not suprising anymore to see how Obama got voted in.

    2. the 2DS doesnt have refurbished screens. And it doesnt have 2 screens. It has 1 split screen with a digitizer over the bottom half.

      1. One screen to lower costs & both split sides measure the sames as regular 3DS screens. Doesn’t mean it’s not recycled, do U know how easy it is to dismantle piece by piece, crush, melt together & recreate LCD screens? It’s a common practice in JAP.

    1. Oh, Nintendo. You did it again. You caused me to have interest in buying something that I otherwise didn’t have much interest in buying.

  6. I completely agree. They should find a balance and give equal attention to each 3DS model. Not everyone wants an XL. People like variety.

  7. All of the stores in our area are sold out of all 2DS systems. I bought the red one but would love this green one. I’m in the US. I wonder of the European one would work with my US games?? Maybe I can eBay one for myself. Very cool!

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