Call Of Duty Ghosts Getting Monster Battling Mode Called “Extinction”


A lucky Imgur user who apparently received Call of Duty: Ghosts early has posted a screen of a new mode in the popular series which is titled, Extinction. Activision hasn’t mentioned this new game mode which is apparently unlocked once users complete the riveting single player mode. The mode is thought to replace the immensely popular Zombie mode which is included in Treyarch’s Call of Duty games. We should find out more once the game launches in nine days time.

Update: Looks as though Activision has confirmed it via Instagram 

Thanks, Tom and Senay


        1. I actually like the games. I think people just hate COD because so many other people play the game. Kinda like Minecraft. My friend hated Minecraft and would make fun of the game when ever he had the chance until he actually played the game. He’s taking back all the crap he said. :)

          1. Just remember the survival mode hype.
            and how much it sucked. My brother may buy the game , so i’m gonna convince him to get it on the wii-u so we can play some non-split screen multiplayer

              1. imo i found it got dead quicker than zombies. In zombies when i played it first time round, i found there were so many secrets. Like finding the pack a punch room, The pentagon ghost, the secret reels, the power etc.

                but in Survival mode you just fight endless waves with no objectives at all or any secrets

              1. It will have gamepad features though. After playing BO2 with the gamepad and the wiimote n chuck, I can never go back. So hopefully we get all the dlc this time!

                1. yeah…i wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy the wii u version because of the gamepad, the thing sucks, it is almost unplayable in bo2, the game like cod has to be in 60 fps, and it drops to 30 when using the gamepad, just buy it on a next gen console and play it split-screen or online

                  1. Obviously, you havn’t played COD on the WiiU using the gamepad.

                    You must think that you will be able to change peoples minds, by making false claims? I’ll let you in on a secret…The people that visit sites like mynintendonews already know which version they want and know what they like and what they don’t. They also know about trolls and fanboys, it is not new.

    1. Do you remember Persius?…er, what was his name?

      PETERIUSS? Damn, can’t remember.

      Anyway, If the WiiU version gets monster mode, I’m Trading in BlackOps2.

        1. I think he might have been banned. (I think there should be a tribute band kind of thing going on)

  1. That’s pretty cool, I actually love playing zombies on the Treyarch games although the survival mode they had on MW3 wasn’t bad either, but if this is a good enough rival to Zombies then I’ll be one happier gamer. Now all we need is for Activision/Nintendo to be able to, eventually, add DLC, but it’s not too bad if they don’t since in all reality it isn’t really needed; would have been a nice touch.

    1. They can keep the multiplayer maps. Is the zombie maps that I was interested and I hope they bring a zombie maps only bundle.

  2. yeah fuck this game.

    nintendo fanboy – go back to your shitty cod games, (then cod gets released on wii u) yeah this looks great!!

    its true nintendo fanboys love un original games.

      1. if i was a nintendo fanboy this would be my response to you,

        go back to your shitty fps and cod games.

        1. Lmao iceazeama the fanboys here are hypocrites and have bad logic. Just because you don’t support Nintendo’s horrible decisions they think youre trolling. but if you sucked Nintendo’s dick like they do they would love everything you post


          1. exactly, your one of the few sensible people here, so your a troll apparently, fanboys have no common sense. hahahaah at stupid fanboys, the worst fanboys. how do you think they feel from taking the golden shit award from the sony fanboys…… and people never thought it couldnt be passed but the nintendo fanboys swoop in for the record deal!!

            1. The worst part was the damage controlling they were doing just because Nintendo didn’t win LOL Nintendo lost its touch and its because of the dumb ass decisions they make like no online play in their first party games. Only fanboys take Nintendo serious these days but people with a brain know Nintendo just sucks right now.

              1. gosh troll!! HAHHAHAHAHA at stupid fanboys!! you are obviously trolling arnt you??

                these nintendo fanboys have a brain of a raison. that makes sense on how they seem to forget how shitty nintendo has been in almost every category for the last decade. they live to blow nintendo and damage control them like the holy grail that is nintendo. HAHAHAH STUPID NINTENGEEKS. they need to get rid of reggie and iwata, but the diaper bottle sucking corporate slaves want them to stay because they would rather damage contoll shit than to have a better nintendo. almost everybody thinks nintendo is a joke for a reason.

                1. LOL seriously. Its the reason no one takes Nintendo or their fanboys serious. The fanboys believe Nintendo’s bullshit on NOT having online mp in 3D world. When the real reason is because they want the game to get released ASAP and they are just being cheap and trying to cut cost. Its the same shit with the 32GB garbage excuse. There is no reason you can give me to justify not having at least 100GB in a “next Gen” console in 2013. But again its to be cheap and cut cost. Nintendo hands out the worst excuses and the fanboys accept all of the. Which is why Nintendo is going to fail soon thanks to they’re idiot fan base and they’re idiot decisions.

                  1. nintendo fanboys are like that friend who gets used and taken advantage off, but they are to dumb t see it. thats how you explain nintendo fanboys. stupid bastards.

                    nintendo fanboys were damage controlling operation rainfall, hahahah they are so fucking stupid they thought that those games shouldnt be localized and noa isnt doing anything wrongand not saying fuck you to their fans.WHO THE FUCK IS AGAINST GETTING SOME OF THE BEST GAMES ON A SYSTEM!!!!! THATS LIKE NOT GETING GOD OF WAR FOR PLAYSTATION AHH HEEERR!!

                    look they fucking sold the best in america too!! nintendo fanboys are beyond pathetic and is the helping digging nintendos grave.

                    they will literal damage control anything!!

                    1. HAHAAA its sad that they are part of the reason Nintendo is going to fall soon. You accept crap you are going to get crap, simple as that. Since the nintensheep don’t speak up for shit the result is not going to be good. Wii U’s last hope this holiday is 3D world and sadly that isn’t going to save it. But fanboys damage control that and think it’s going to move millions of Wii U’s which is LOL to think

                    2. if nintendo havnt impacted my childhood i wouldnt even own the disaster that is the wii u. you know how close i was from just leaving nintendo for good?? it literally was like a smidge away, because i was sick of being treated like dirt by nintendo, sick of them ignoring what the players want, and sick of them catering to the casual market over their fans. (all those still remain) but the reason why im still with nintendo is because they announced xenoblade would come to the stated, and the the other 2 came so it was nice.

                      yes gamestop is the fucking reason im with nintendo still and xseed helped too. im at that smidge again though. wii u is looking to repeat the wii.

                      after all that and more the fucking nintensheep still damage control!! are they brainwashed or just pathetic people who looks at nintendo as there best and only friend.

                    3. If this was sony failing i wouldn’t be like “PS4 is the worst console ever” because Nintendo used to be the best, they were my childhood, i want to see them as they were…the best, but these mindless imbeciles, piece of shit asshole penetrated handicaped retards just keep on damage controlling, FUCK YOU AONUMA, FUCK SKYWARD SWORD, FUCK NO ONLINE, FUCK THE WEAK ASS WII U, I WANTED THE ULTRA NINTENDO, ever since the n64 they keep lacking in one or two aspects and keep on losing their hardcore market, with the n64, more then enough power, not enough space for games, gamecube the same, not enough disc space, with wii, not enough power, with wii u, not enough power, GET OUT IWATA

            2. A lot of Nintendo fags like to damage control. I love Nintendo, I really want a Wii U, but I know when Nintendo fucks up.

        1. I thought you said “stay sticky” for a second and I thought it was funny :P Trolls are sticky.

  3. Wow! If that is true then I am thoroughly impressed. I didn’t think the CoD developers had an ounce of creativity left in their bones since the first CoD game they made….guess I was wrong. I never expected such a drastic change as Battling Monsters.

    I’ve never played a CoD game before, but maybe I’ll give it a shot if you can kill big bad monsters!!! :D

    1. I have never bought a COD game either, but will be getting this one as BF4 is not coming to Wii U. The monsters just add to the cool factor that COD never had in my eyes

      1. Definitely, especially after I just saw Pacific Rim. I hope the monsters are HUGE and not little aliens or something.

  4. Dang this game has three game modes, four if you count Squads! The game’s two discs making it the biggest COD ever made and people still complain… Extinction looks great the game looks great, the customization is better, brand mew weapons, and still people say BF4 will be better… I don’t think so!

    1. Battlefield 4 is only good for its graphics and nothing else. The gameplay is boring because they give you TOO much space to work with and vehicles can be used to Spawn Camp people which in CoD is less likely now a days

  5. How many people are expecting statement in the next few days, “Extinction, not coming to Wii U.. ” ; )

      1. I love how Activision are disappointed with BLOPS II sales on Wii U so they decide to take a shit on all the people that bought it by cancelling all DLC and replacing it with a “double xp weekend”, Wow thanks Activision!!!

        I mean, I would have been happy with classic MW or BLOPS maps..

          1. I wonder what stance 3rd party companies will take if the PS4 or Xbone doesn’t sell well after six months? I’ve got a feeling that at least one of these won’t do so well.

            Will they drop support or even send out botched ports? I think not..

            1. In my opinion I feel the Xbox One will be the one losing support because if you notice most indie devs have dropped the Xbox One from their list of consoles to develop for. Xbox One to me feels like the next Dreamcast, not because I’m on the “Everyone must hate it” Bandwagon but I honestly feel with the new arrival of SteamOS and many people going for the Wii U or PS4 or Both it’s pretty much showing that Microsoft is out of touch with gaming.

    1. Its also coming out on ps3,360,xbone, and ps4. The Wii U version is going to be the worst version and its going to sell the worst

      1. That’s all fine and dandy, I suppose. I’ll work with what I’m giving for now. I’ve decided from day 1 that if there are going to be multi-platform releases of games that I’m interested in and it just so happens that it’s on the Wii U, then I’ll buy it for Wii U to support the console and to add 1+ to the fanbase. I understand that voicing concerns can only do so much when some or most developers mostly see $$$ and since Activison said “They want to make the Wii u a success” I’m going to take their word for it and HOPEFULLY we’ll see much needed support, even if it does arrive a little later. I may be a little delusional, but I’d like to hold people to their word until I’m given enough reason to do otherwise.

        1. It’s a good deal, you get the game for PS4 for only £10 and since my Dad is the one getting the game for himself I might use the disc in my PS4 seeing how his PS3 version will work in my PS4 :D

            1. for some one named fact you don’t really know much…

              If I have the copy on PS3 that is apart of this program (Which Call of Duty Ghosts is) then it means I can upgrade to a digital version of the same game on PS4 for only £10. That news has been out for ages now and you haven’t noticed it? I think you should start reading up more on news sites.

              1. Interesting, see how Sony and MS are now competing with themselves once these new consoles launch?

                1. …. Why are fanboys like you are so thick…. Its NOT backwards compatibility, its an UPGRADE meaning you can use the PS3 disc as a PS4 disc meaning you are playing the PS4 VERSION OF THE GAME. Before saying anything you need to do some research.

                  Nintendo could afford to put a Wii chip inside the Wii U to have backwards support but Microsoft and Sony, they used a different chipset in their next gen consoles meaning there is NO WAY it could have happened. Maybe in the future but not now.

                  Like I said, you can UPGRADE for only £10 which really you think about it if a friend or a family member (In my case my Father is getting it for his PS3) has the game, you can use it to upgrade to the next gen version.

                  1. It’s not an upgrade, it’s the same game. I suppose if your dumb enough to pay money to play the eact same game on the ps4 while you still own a ps3, then a comment like that should be expected. Calling me a fanboy because of my opinion on the B.C of Wii and PS4 also makes you look like a moron, just a heads up.

                    1. Yes, I’m a moron for actually knowing the facts. I’m sorry if you are getting butt hurt over the truth but it is an UPGRADE. I’m guessing if your a blind moronic fanboy then it makes sense why you don’t want to expect the truth.

                      I apologies for being more educated than you and seeing how I own a Wii U myself and enjoying the console very much so doesn’t really seem like I’m a Sony “Fanboy” which you appear to labeling me as. Typical fanboy damage control.

                      Once the disc is inserted, the PS4 will see its a game that is apart of the upgrade program meaning that you’ll be able to go PSN, purchase the digital version for less than £10 meaning you have two versions in one disc. So if you were to input the game disc into the PlayStation 3, it would still work and give you the PS3 version while if you put the PS3 version disc into the PS4, the digital data from the game will recognize the game mean you don’t have to spend another £55 on another version, unlike on the Wii U which if you have the Wii version of the game but want the better graphics of the Wii U version, you’ll have to pay the full price of the game.

                      You really aren’t thinking this through. Its like you are making that comment saying its your “Opinion” but really it’s a very uneducated one. Learn to do some research before arguing with a person who is unbiased.

                      I know you fanboys want your console to look good and I understand, the Wii U is an amazing console but it isn’t perfect. If I got the Wii version of Disney Infinite (As an example) but I wanted the more clear and pretty graphics of the Wii U version, I’d have to spend about £65 to get the game again. I really don’t care much about backwards compatibility (Which you seem to be very pushy about) because I already have all the Nintendo and Sony consoles.
                      I’m sorry if you felt attacked but it’s the truth and it does hurt.

                    2. Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Have you been in a horrible accident? Or are you just a run of the mill idiot? Whatever the case it doesn’t seem right to further point out your failures, but I will anyways.

                      1. The game is not an upgrade, the console is upgraded.
                      2. You are not getting 2 versions of the game. You can only play on one console at a time.
                      3. I never called you a Sony fanboy . Guilty conscience?
                      4. My intelligence and education is far superior then your own. You are at max15 years old and are still in high school. You have a lot to learn, i’m sorry but it shows, you fool nobody.

  6. So they’re making Call of Duty: Monster Hunter.

    Depending on how this is approached (i.e. not just blindly shooting stuff to win) I might get it.

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