Could Rosalina And Other Characters Be Playable In Super Mario 3D World?

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Some speculation has surfaced based around the stamp collecting in Super Mario 3D World. It appears that a Rosalina character icon is one of the stamps that can be obtained in the game (# 1 above), and that there may even be a couple of other stamps with her image (#’s 2 & 3), indicating that she is featured in the game even more prominently than previously thought. In addition to the apparent Rosalina stamps, another stamp (# 4) may turn out to be a character icon similar to the four main icons for the playable characters in the game. Could it be possible that Rosalina and maybe even another character might be playable in the game? It would certainly add to the replay value of the game if this is the case. Post your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Rosalina may be included in the game but that’s does not mean she is playable. I admit it that would be awesome though. The Number 2 look like a green fairy that you must save in the game to be honest.

    1. I think people are speculating that she’s in the game because pics 1 and 4 above feature that circular shape that playable characters Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach have. It wouldn’t be too hard to add additional characters in game-design-wise, since they could just share the same attributes as the other playable characters or have their stats midway between two to ensure that they’re still usable to beat the game.

  2. 1. It’s Nintendo. Impossible. If they were smart, Daisy would have another game with her needing to be saved but by Luigi this time.

    Now I can’t digress. This game is going to be OUTSTANDING. It took a year for the Wii U to actually get some games on it.

    2. Stamps don’t mean playable characters. Please don’t put false hope into people’s heads. 4 is good enough, and putting the impossible out there would just lead to discouragement in the future.

    1. No Daisy should have been in this game or Nintendo makes a game starring Daisy, Peach, Rosalina & Pauline. That would be better let the woman save the day for once. I would be so happy & I will pick Daisy as my starter!

    1. well the way choosing your character looks it makes it seem like theirs more playable characters

  3. All those Green Stars in the game must have some purpose, maybe this is it? Would make a ton of sense if true.

  4. I don’t think she’s going to be playable, even though it would be awesome. It’s obvious she’s going to appear in the game, though. Look at sticker number 3; that’s obviously Rosalina with two Lumas. Sticker 1 could be either Peach or Rosalina, and I’m sure sticker 2 is a Sprixie Princess. No idea about sticker 4.

    1. Look closer. For Pic 1, Peach can’t have two identical separate stamps of her 1 icon. Look at the full picture, her icon is shown filled in already, where this one is circled. Also, the Sprixie Princess is also there filled in, but that’s not why picture 2 isn’t a Sprixie, it’s not a Sprixie because Sprixies don’t carry wands, especially not wands with stars at the ends. And yes, Pic 3 is Rosalina with 2 Lumas. But Pic 4 isn’t Rosalina, it’s the Toad Brigade Captain, who is playable in his own mode.

  5. It’s possible she’s playable as a costume change for Peach, in case two players want to use the same character, maybe each character has two versions (or more)
    Wario, Waluigi and Toadette could also be in it. Doesn’t seem likely, but would be nice.

  6. Sticker 4 most likely be Cap. Toad since he’ll have it’s own game mode as for Rosalina it’s almost comfirmed to be in the game but if se is playable I don’t see how she would play.

  7. OMG ROSA FUCKING LINA! yea no who gives a fuck, stupid bland piece of shit character who should drown in luma piss

    1. She’s much better than most characters, like fucking Daisy and fucking Waluigi. At least she has a backstory and she’s not just a filler to give Peach and Wario a sports partner.

      1. Oh, you mean a shitty, boring blue pallet swap of Peach who does nothing is better than characters with actual personalities and characteristics who actually do things and don’t need a shitty forced back story in a game that doesn’t need it?

        Yeah, Rosalina sure is better than them!

        1. She’s not shitty, how does that even describe someone? She’s not boring, you had to find out who she was along the way, which was intriguing. She isn’t blue, some of her dress is blue. She isn’t a palette swap, she’s the first Mario Princess that isn’t one, which is why we can tell that the stamp of Rosalina’s silhouette isn’t Peach. If she was a pallet swap, we wouldn’t be able to do that. She is the only Mario character with a truly amazing personality, rather than ‘Bad Mario’ and ‘Bad Luigi’. Is there a better Mario female? Transvestite Yoshi? Female Toad? Obese Wasp? Early Peach? Yea, Birdo, Toadette, Honey Queen, and Pauline are great, but how could you describe them other than appearance, you can’t, because they have no personality. Waluigi is… mean? Well he hasn’t really done anything bad… good? Well he hasn’t really done much good either… greedy? Well, that’s more of a trait given to him just for being close to Wario in a few games. Rosalina left her mother as a little girl and was forced to play the mother-role towards a whole species, she can never leave to see her mother again, she can’t leave the Lumas, they depend on her. She’s good, helpful, witty, sweet, selfless, lonely, and regal. She’s cute too. This is the least forced backstory in Mario history… IT WAS OPTIONAL, you literally NEVER had to go into the Library and you’d never hear her story, it wasn’t essential to the game’s progression but is the saddest, and most applause-worthy part of any Mario game regarding storyline. Name one Mario character that can live up to these characteristics.

    2. Yet your picture is of Wii Fit Trainer, the emotional equivalent of Fi. Rosalina is the only Mario character I care about, she’s the only one with a sad, detailed backstory. How she went through so much sadness to reach the top. The feels, they hurt. Try to compare Rosalina to “Hi, I’m Daisy!”…

  8. First you think Xernas may be playable, now Roselina… i think you’ve been playing too much games, messing your head. Maybe she’s just a collectible sticker, with your assumption, you could assume any character whose part of the stickers is playable…

  9. So we could actually play characters besides the original four?
    Can I play as Bowser? (as a post game

    This game just keeps getting better!

    1. No way! I thought I would never hear you utter the words “This game just keeps getting better!” lol jk. But I still seriously stand by the notion that you should give this game a chance.

  10. I think Rodalina is just a sticker. Perhaps that new Mushroom Princess thing could be a playable character once you beat the game. 💋

  11. Her observatory appears on the cover, green stars, one of the sticker images look like a lumba…Either way she is in the game In some way…maybe the final level, special world or playable. we have to wait and see.

  12. From looking at the picture she might be playbe do that player icon’s have similar design…but the one on the end…I can’t make it out. Maybe there are two unlockable characters

  13. since it is a classy cheesy plataforms games i dont really give a fuck this game will rock our socks off with 4 or 12 characters. It wont add anything significant. Cant wait to pick up this game.

    1. Yeah, but what they are saying is the main characters have special stamps (the characters in colored circles) and they see another stamp that looks similar to a characters in a circle which could mean that the “stamps” may have given away that another playable character is in the game.

  14. Guys, after analyzing it a bit, i think this may actually be true. I’ve traced over the slots and they fit/match… It may not mean shes playable but that has got to be Rosalina cause if you look closely the stamp has the same hair as peaches but with a smooth end like shes turning left (with the trademark emo flap)

    1. Also I’d like to add; She is a new playable character in the upcoming mario party so its not that far fetched.

        1. Wow, all this time i’d thought otherwise. The cover is kinda miss leading (and so are some forums) I Guess I’m the fool for believing it :p

  15. #1 is definitely a Rosalina character icon. You can tell by the outline.

    Does this guarantee she’ll be playable in the game? No, but I’d bet money that she will be.

    #4 has me stumped though… Maybe it’s the Toad Brigade captain…?

  16. I am fairly certain that a sprixie is not round. Also, it is likely that is a character icon. Why would they give her a character icon and not have her as a playable character? It just doesn’t add up.

    1. Oh wait, the 2nd pic… but as Perrie has already said, the hair matches. So could it be small Rosalina. That would make even more likely that she is playable.

  17. About the Rosalina as a playable character, that would be interesting for a few reasons. Like, first and foremost, we would actually see her in action in a game that isn’t Mario Kart. What unique ability she might have?

    Oh and about #4, isn’t that supposed to be Captain Toad from the Toad Brigade?

  18. The only stamps that look like they could signify that other characters are in the game are #1 and #4

    1. I’d say #1 is most likely Rosalina while #4 could possibly be Birdo, or maybe a playable Mii? I personally would like to see Nabbit playable again in this game. Maybe he is another secret character.

  19. I’d love for Waluigi to be playable character. It’d be even more fun to play as chars from the paper mario series before sticker star

  20. “It appears that a Rosalina character icon is one of the stamps that can be obtained in the game (# 1 above)”

    um #1 looks like king boo
    you probably meant #3
    you can even see 2 stars next to her which would be fitting

  21. Oh I hope she is playable, Rosalina is my favorite between Peach and Daisy and she seems to have a better chance being playable here than Smash Bros. If not I hope she’s in Mario Kart 8.

  22. Even if there is the chance to have 4 more character playable in the game, I´m confident in the fact that they are just going to be nothing more that new skins for the habilities that are represented in Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad.

  23. If they made more characters playable that would be freaking awesome. I really hope they include Rosalina on disc and then have Wario, Waluigi, Nabbit, Daisy, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Fawful as DLC.

  24. Every stamp is a playable character! Hooray! I’m gonna play as the upper half of Luigi, SWEET!

  25. I’ve been waiting for someone to point this out. Rosalina is the first picture, as you can see its not peach because she already has a character stamp. You can see its Rosalina because there’s a hairflip on one side, but not on the other, which is where her emo bangs are. As for the second pic, its not a sprixie princess, its also rosalina, but small. A similar pic of peach can be seen on the bottom right. Compare the second pic to a pic of rosalina off of google. On the outline you can see the ruffles on the bottom center of her dress, and her star wand in her hand. Dont know why she’s small, but there’s no mistaking her. Compare the slim, trailing dress to the dress of sprixie princesses. Very different. As for the third pic, obviously Rosalina and lumas. The fourth pic is toad brigade captain.

  26. Also, on the second pic, its a little bigger than other stamp outlines that are obviously sprixie princesses.

    1. It would be VERY interesting if she was. Rosalina is a very mysrerious character, and she’s never really been in a major role. However, I think Daisy would stand a better chance than Rosalina. Mario has Peach. Luigi should have Daisy.

  27. Don’t know if anyone has mentioned that the last one is quite obviously a Hammer Bro. Just throwing that out there.

  28. of course not. that would require nintendo to add too much content to their games.

    i mean we all know that if this was 10 years ago mario 3d world wouldn’t just consist of the same god damn characters of super mario bros 2 but maybe 10 more each with their own individual jumping and physics abilities. but hey all nintendo does now is the bare minimum when it comes to their mario games so you can count that out.

    fuck content, lets add a cat suit and call it a day. also fuck any sort of difficulty whatsoever. because everybody knows that challenge isnt what got people sucked into the mario series to begin with.

  29. but seriously if this was the nintendo that tried. the nintendo we had during the nes-gamecube era the game would have way more playable characters

  30. 1st pic could be a Rosalina icon I’m not sure
    2nd looks like one of the Sprixy-things Princesses
    3rd is definitely Rosalina
    4th is probably the Captain Toad icon

  31. Rosalina IS in super mario 3d world. *SPOILER ALERT* After finishing the game, go back to world 1 to get to world star. Completing Star-2 makes Rosalina a playable character. Sorry for spoil :/

  32. I think it’s obvous… -_- But why isn’t Bowser Jr. in the game ;-;

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