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The Pokemon Company Developing New 3DS Detective Game With Pikachu As Partner

pokemon_detective_pikachuPokémon mascot Pikachu has certainly been taking the rumour route in recent weeks after the mouse had been spotted in an alleged new 3DS game. Previously, the Pokémon Company had unveiled a short video which took Pikachu’s facial expressions to new levels. Now, a Japanese programme called “The Professionals” on channel NHK, together with the Pokémon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, has revealed that the Pikachu 3DS title will be a detective game, which features the electric mouse as your partner.

Serebii reports that the game will be in development for the next two years, giving it a 2015 release date. A rare Pikachu is reportedly going to appear as the enemy within the game, along with a blue talking Pikachu, alluding to previous reports that changing the mascot’s appearance may affect its popularity among the fans. Details are still filtering in for the game, but are you interested to see how Pikachu will change? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I wonder why Gamefreak is worried about Pikachu’s reptutation, the enemy Pikachu can’t be that bad… Unless it has a Hitler mustache or something..


    1. It’S going to use the 3DS front camera to model your facial expression and give it to Pikachu’s face. So if you are freaking ugly, you will see a very ugly Pikachu, and with Miiverse, people will see how ugly Pikachu is and give them brain tumour.


  2. Here comes Pikablu

    If they have some new kind of pikachu or something you can transfer to X and Y, that’d be pretty cool. I hope they do stuff like this. I liked getting Manaphy in Pokemon Rangers for example.


  3. yeah I think they were worried about ruining Pikachu’s rep with another Hey You Pikachu! game, not that it ruined Pikachu, just wasn’t such a succesful pokemon game


  4. Hahaha @Gaminglord, I hope you are right. While I have almost zero interest in this title, Looker is by far the most interesting and well-written character that has emerged from the series in quite some time.


  5. A blue pika chu? Heee hee
    A red pika chu? Wow that’s be dope
    A black pika chu? Haha holy shit gimme this game!!!


      1. Yes. I quite dislike the spinoffs that have absolutely no story besides a one – time gimmick. The main story ones recently are AWESOME! X and Y details are on my site but that can’t begin to tell you how great they are! Well , a little bit. :)


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