Cross Platform Clan System In Call Of Duty Ghosts Won’t Be Coming To Wii U


Activision has revealed that its new and improved clan system in Call of Duty: Ghosts which allows you to play cross-platform with your team mates won’t be available in the Wii U version of the game. The new clan system only appears to work with Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. This will no doubt come as a blow to Wii U owners that were considering purchasing the game and joins many other gimped third-party titles for Nintendo’s latest home console, Wii U.

Clans in Call of Duty: Ghosts will include deeper in-game integration and more features, from in-game Clan Management and Clan–specific playlists to the all-new Call of Duty Clan Wars game mode available in the new Call of Duty app. This year also introduces cross-platform Clans, allowing players to create and/or join a single Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan across the following platforms: including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.


  1. Wasn’t this already reported on on MNN? Pretty sure this was said when the cross-platform clan systems were revealed. In fact the trailer said that it wasn’t included for Nintendo.

    Welp, I guess repetition is the best way to remember. ;/

        1. That’s not a report, that’s just a trailer. Just mentioning it and outright saying it are totally different things.

          You paint yourself as some moderate peacemaker who “loves things equally as a true gamer”, but you sure love trying to be the “one who’s right.” So damn petty.

          1. LOL

            Do you know what a “report” is? MyNintendoNews reported on the cross-platform clans with that post. In the trailer it says it’s not on Nintendo platforms. Even Sickr typed out, in the same post mind you, that the feature will be on PS, Xbox, and PC.

            By the way, there is so much irony in your last line there. lol

    1. That’s a pretty good theory since when ghost comes out the Wii U is going to be the forgotten version lol

  2. I’ve never really joined a clan in the CoD games i’ve played and i’ll have 2 copies of this game, one on my Wii U and one on my PS4.

    Just so i can play with my friends on the Wii U and my brother on the PS4.

  3. What a load. THird parties complain about the lack of games being sold on the wiiU, but gimp every game they put on it. Are they REALLY surprised the games have terrible sales? 3rd party has much more control over xbox and playstation so ofcourse they want to push better games to those systems. Its been happening since around the n64 era, then really spiked in the gamecube era. They say they want sales of systems before they support it, yet Wii was through the roof on sales and didnt get a bunch of games.

    1. it’s one little feature that they left out, one that only a small minority would use. atleast activision still supports the wii u, as most developers turned their back on it

    2. This feature isn’t really a big deal. It’s one minor feature left out; Mountain out of a mole hill.

      I think certain “fans” are just trying to find any excuse to push the blame on third parties for poor Wii U sales. How about you guys actually buy Wii U’s in the first place, buy some games, and then when you have done your part as a whole, *then* you can start pointing fingers.

      Activision has been pretty good with supporting the Wii U.

      1. I already own a wiiU with a dozen or so games… plenty of support here.

        Do yourself and check out this AWESOME tread that explains everything pretty clearly. It is a little, well fairly, long.. but a worth it read. For the cliff notes of what im referring to with my op… towards the end of the comment, he states the following:

        “Nintendo sold you homework, called it Brain Age, & sold 20 million a piece EASY. Hardly no big graphics on that game.
        They came up an exercising routine, packed in a bathroom scale that also measures balance, called it Wii Fit & sold 40 million altogether. Limited graphics there too.
        Don’t even get me started on Pokémon. It’s so big it’s got its own company within Nintendo.
        Look for ‘The Pokémon Company’ on the label.

        In order for the 3rd parties to even see Nintendo’s milestones reliably they have to sell on multiple platforms.
        Nintendo sells on just one: their own.
        And how much marketing money goes into hyping up these games to make these sales compared to Nintendo’s marketing?
        Don’t think the 3rd parties aren’t aware of this. Don’t think it doesn’t horrify them. They’re scared of Nintendo. Absolutely in fear. The gaming press promotes Sony’s & Microsoft’s platforms out the wazoo while usually throwing shade on anything Nintendo produces. They write the hierachies of platforms on the front page often writing Nintendo’s last in the lineup. Gamestop puts Nintendo merchandise to the back of the store in a smaller space. And it doesn’t matter. Nintendo still sells. You always hear calls for Nintendo to “get out of the hardware business”, to “start making software for the other consoles like Sega”, to “go handheld only”. When they have absolutely no need to with the resources they have. The 3rd party needs this kind of noise to stand a chance.

        I said it before, I’ll say it again. Nintendo is Dad. The 3rd Party are The Kids. In the NES days The Kids had to abide by Dad’s Rules in Dad’s House. And The Kids always chafed at Dad’s Rules. They spent some time at next door neighbor Sega’s house but even though Sega was a little more lenient than Pops, Sega had his rules too. But when they had a chance to hang out with Uncle Sony, The Kids fled Dad’s House & only visited Dad on THEIR terms. Uncle Sony let them run the household anyway they wanted & they got used to calling the shots. Staying up late hours partying through the night. Binge drinking & other wild reckless behavior. FREEDOM!
        Then the flashy big spender Mr. Microsoft moved into town. They left Uncle Sony’s house in shambles as they started gallivanting around with this pimp dressed in green. They became unhealthy & destructive the more they hung out with Mr. Microsoft as opposed to the relatively mild mayhem they made at Uncle Sony’s House. Dad worried about his Kids’ future offered them a place to come home. He would be a kindler gentler Dad than the sterner one he was before. Wii are Family, Dad said. But The Kids have been out on their own too long & are committed to their self-destructive cycle.
        The Family can’t die & now Dad is going to stage an intervention.”

        This pretty much sums it up.

        1. I actually own like 14 hard copy games and a number of eshop downloads for the U. Great system actually, it just needs times for developers, whether its 1st party or 3rd party, to really open up the system to its full potential. Look at the 360 when it launched vs now… graphics improved 10 fold.

          Now if I can just dream, emphasis on dream, a little about N getting Rare’s ip’s back… all would be right.

          1. Thanks! I read that somewhere before, but I could not recall where. This article makes a lot of sense, even if some people don’t want to admit it.

    3. Exactly my thoughts. Shooting THEMSELVES in the foot and then will complain we didn’t buy it. Idiots.

      1. I have another question, will they be the exact same because my cousin said they treyarch wouldn’t know how infinity ward is going to have in the game.

  4. Sometimes it sucks being a nintendo fan. the fucking virtual console is a joke. their online infrastructure sucks ass. fuck nintendo. Bunch of slackers.

      1. Nice! I actually enjoyed Other M, myself. I thought it was a fresh take on the franchise and I enjoyed the story and how it made Samus into a “real” person that still falls victim to emotional ties. Don’t really know why others didn’t enjoy it.

        1. She was already a person, and at that point, she was already beyond being paralyzed with fear over every little thing. You do not break the flow of a continuing story just because you want to make her a “real person.” Other M is an outright violation of what was previously established in the story, and it’s selfish to say it deserves its place in the sun.

          Other M was better off as a prequel instead of a sequel. Too late to change anything now. As a prequel, it would have been a fantastic game, because at least it would give justification to why Samus acts so green and still follows some orders.

      2. Only thing is Metroid Prime is actually more open ended than CoD or Battlefield. Plus, there it’s a mix of FPS and Puzzle. Nintendo fans really are fed up with games like CoD because its the same thing over and over while the Prime series gives you a variety, one minute it’s a puzzle game, the next it’s full on action.

        That’s what he is talking about.

  5. Lol not surprised there was going to be a gimp for the Wii U version. It always happens and then the fanboys say “you don’t buy 3rd parties for Wii U anyway”


    1. I do. I try to support good efforts on almost all consoles. This unnecessary feature will have no impact on me playing this on the Wii U at all.

      1. Well then you sir are a true Nintendo fan unlike all the people here that defend the Wii U even tho they don’t have one

        1. Thank You. I’m more of a gaming fan than just Nintendo, but Nintendo and Atari are where it all started for me, so Nintendo holds a special place in my “gaming heart”. ;)

          1. tell it like it is as long as we have great games, I don’t care, but Nintendo just feels like something special to me, all games they create are like a new masterpiece

          2. You’re much like me then, I love the 1st party Nintendo games but I always end up buying a third party game for the Wii U, most of my games on the Wii U so far are third party

          3. No prob lol and same here nintendo started me but im an overall gaming fan but I don’t like when companies try and shit on there fan base


                1. Yeah, since Capcom got themselves into a deep whole they decided, “Hey, we should rip people off by selling them DLC to save our company” XD So stupid, I lost faith in them after they cancelled yet another Megaman game.

              1. you know, it would be funny if Nintendo ended up buying out Capcom, I mean it isn’t unheard of, they do own part of Namco Bandai (most people don’t know this for some reason)

      2. yeah you know features like that don’t even matter to me as long as a games good its all that matters

  6. Metroid is not an FPS. CoD only appeals to a minority of people on earth. Namely: Warmongering Americans

        1. I’d call it an FPS personally. You have a gun (Cannon) and you’re in first person. It’s not like you can use hand to hand combat like Eternal Ring, so it’s still an FPS

          1. The way I see it is that we don’t consider the tradition Metroid games shoot em’ ups, but rather platformers and that’s basically what the prime series is just in first person, but again I think it’s up to debate and honestly I really don’t care. Just throwing my two cents in.

    1. it really is a great system and at fear of someone bashing it now, it really doesn’t deserve so much hate, granted Nintendo could’ve done more to support it and market it at least they have faith in it unlike some companies like Sony, and how they pretended they didn’t want to do DRM but were secretly planning to do it all along and after seeing Microsoft’s fall with their DRM policy they quickly reassessed their plans,

      If Nintendo really were ripping us off why would they put so much effort and money into the Wii U? its because they do care about gamers and really they aren’t that bad as everyone thinks they are, I have 2 Wii Us and proud of them

  7. Shame on you Activision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t think us Nintendo will accept your request making video game on Wii U after the successfull of SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if it success, of course it will !)

    1. *rolls eyes* Because cross-platform clans was a selling point. Most people probably have no idea this feature even exists. The game is still fully intact otherwise. Stop looking for a scapegoat.

      1. It’s still a big negative that they cut it out. It’s more of a moral question than an enjoyment factor. Why buy the scaled down Wii U version when I can buy the PS3 version that will only appear verrrrry slightly inferior, but will have everything?

          1. I really just plan on using my Wii U to buy the exclusives. Mario Kart, the next LoZ, Metroid, Smash Bros, etc. Then I buy all multi console games on the PS4.

              1. I don’t appreciate the language :) We should keep things civil. I’m not getting it, but it’s sad for the (few) Wii U owners who wanted to buy the game

          2. Big deal no cross platform game in Wii U. At least you can still play against people online unlike Dumbtendo’s triple AAA tittles. Besides it’ll still be the same amount of people you shot at online just everyone you battling has a Wii U. Big deal.

            1. Exactly. It isn’t a big deal. The thing people don’t seem to understand that cross-platform clans DOESN’T let you play against other systems. It’s not cross-platform play.

              Nothing is really being lost.

              1. Thanks man, I didin’t had that clear. Now I can buy the game more peacefullyand fuck all the fanboys that aare bitching about stupid things instead of.buying the game and making the devs wanting to dvelop more.

  8. LOL I think people are forgetting that it takes years to build a fan base and the Call of Duty base is low on the Wii U , hopefully a lot of people buy it and we start getting more and more support.

    The reason there is no DLC is due to the lack of players, talk with your wallets and stop complaining.

    If you want it on another console go get it, not one person is trying to get you to buy it on the Wii U.

      1. And if they expect sales on Wii U, cut the BS excuses and gimping and give what the gamers are expecting. Its so fucking simple but corporate morons wants to make things complicated to support their own sorry asses and make another party that they don’t like for no accurate reason look terrible.

        Right now the 3rd party’s actions is nothing but intentional towards the Nintendo fanbase. They won’t learn or make the right/equal choices, then its their huge loss when Nintendo dominates single handedly again.

          1. But how can they get the audience when its gimped to begin with? No one’s gonna buy gimped shit. Why get a gimped game when you can get the whole thing on other consoles?

      1. I hope that Nintendo steps it up. We just need them to make the next home console already to replace the Wii U. At least this will teach them not to be so lazy with the name next time

        1. Lazy with the name? That’s not what gamers complained when SNES came out just smacking “Super” In front of it or Xbox One being stupidly names after the first Xbox that was already named and referred as.

          Get with the program, grow a fucking brain for once and stop riding the dumbass hate train for a moment and give a system a chance to grow. Its still barely a year old and everybody is fucking panicking over a console with a slow start (like the already struggling Vita/PS3 and the kickass 3DS when it started)

          As far as I’m concerned, PS4/Xbox “DOne” is having their own problems that will happen around launch window like Sony secretly implementing DRM while Xbox is mostly tarnished over DRM. Compare to the big three, Nintendo is mostly on the right direction and was never planning to screw over gamers with the whole DRM BS or wowing dumbass excuses for gamers with $60-120 video game-like movies and eye candies to bedazzle and brainwash morons of what gaming is about. Nintendo is always about gaming and that’s why they deserve to stay for another few generations.

          As for this whole 3rd party gimping BS, that’s their own problem not Nintendo. The system and the fanbases are always available but they’re forsaking them just for the sake of kissing two powerful consoles’s asses to feel special of producing interactive CGI movies.

          1. Gotta stop ya there bud. SNES was a great name because it added the word SUPER! That’s an actual good addition. What did we add for the Wii? We just added a letter…U. That’s it….You can’t even compare such a decision. I’m not on the hate train, but I’m also not biasedly agreeing with every awful decision that Nintendo’s been doing lately. This year has had so many bad decisions that I’ve had to cringe.

            3rd Parties are pretty awesome though. They knew that the Wii U’s install base was low so they cut out. I don’t think it’s good to cut out features, for that just skip the console. Even so, the Wii U has a small install base at the moment and this is a fact

            1. 3+ million in the first few months is a bad fanbase start for these idiots which did better than PS3 by miles? It was an opportune moment and they just say fuck it because its not powerful and that’s practically the only main excuse they got left to not support Nintendo and in fact, they intentionally gimp multiplatform Wii U releases to make that install base number stay that way. If you think Wii U name and launch is terrible, imagine the Xbox One when it starts a week after the hyped PS4 after pissing/scaring off so many gamers with the DRM BS.

              And about the “Super” title? Even that doesn’t even make SF4 anymore special other than another DLC whored piece of crap like COD. Wii? Wii U? PS1-4?.. Dreamcast? I could care less about names besides Xbox One’s because its stupid to name a new console twice from 2002’s Xbox 1. Xbox 720 would’ve suited eons better. Despite that, at the end, its about what the system can deliver when it comes to gaming diversity no matter the power. Names and powerful specs shouldn’t mean shit. Oh and Nintendo 3DS was named only adding the “3” in front of DS and that doesn’t make it sound repetitive or lazy either? Next time, decide your better choice of stupid ass argument for ripping the Wii U further before looking like another typical fanboy stuck on a runaway hate train with no end.

              1. Work on your grammar dude…….Anyway the 3DS is an awesome name. It actually makes sense…unlike the Wii U. Xbox 1 is gonna pwn the sales except for PS4. The Wii U is cool too tho……

              2. //3+ million in the first few months is a bad fanbase start for these idiots which did better than PS3 by miles?//

                Except PS3 was 599 US DOLLARS
                Also, you’re cherry-picking. Where are those promising sales now? Total sales have barely reached 4 million.

  9. Wow MNN. Just wow. First you sabotage SCBL by listing the one bad thing, despite it being the definitive version. Now Ghosts? Ghosts on the WiiU is a unqie experience with off TV play, wiimote support, and mid gen graphics. Keep in mind that this is done by a much smaller dev team. And, much like you did with Splinter Cell, you blew this whole thing out od proportion.

  10. i actually really wanted this feature so i could play with friends that i cant convince to get a wii u bc they think its stupid

    1. This is cross-platform clans, not cross-platform play. You can’t actually play against other platforms with cross-clans. To explain it in its most basic form, it’s essentially just saying: The same clan name/tag can be used on each platform.

      1. Hey I’m not complaing. They’re supporting Wii U while Dumbtendo is trying to decide what platform they should put the next animal crossing on.

        1. Dumbtendo? How classic. You’re one to talk about a company who’s not implementing DRM on your asses and bitching left/right about power/graphics just for a cheap popularity contest.

          And Nintendo only working on Animal Crossing? Wrong blind ass fanboy. Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. 4, Mario 3D World, future Wii U Pokemon game, Donkey Kong Country, shall I continue or do you feel dumb-tarded enough?

          And how is gimping yet another 3rd party game classified anywhere near “supporting” Wii U? Check yourself with a CAT scan. Your stupidity got loose again.

          1. The most successful and profitable cobsole maker with the only genuine next gdn system is DUMB

            Gamepad abd wii remote pkus are cutting edge not dumb

            Dualshock is dumb

    1. That will likely happen and watch when the sales flop so the dumbass 3rd party can whine and point fingers at Nintendo yet again.

  11. and then they said that the game is not selling well on the system. Of course, because Nintendo fans feel disappointing and angry at you, hypocrites, because you give as much cake as you can to Sony and Microsoft while you leave Nintendo with a small slice.

    1. Its like their mentally of figuring out why simple things happen is so fucked that it seems every 3rd party are exactly like this and only towards Nintendo just because they have a different set of gaming philosophies and not up to PS4-like graphical powers..especially the graphics part.

      I’m not buying any third party shit anymore until they get their graphical whoring asses out of their sands and learn how to really support and treat not just Nintendo but its communities/fanbases with the respect they earned. They want sales? Then they must cut the crap and start offering everything they want and expect out of a multiplatform game. But in this case, COD needs to seriously die. I’m tired of this game being unnecessarily praised for being spammed every year and yet compelling games like Mario (minus New Mario Bros.) or Zelda that actually offers significant additions to refresh the series with every game gets shitcanned for exactly what COD is doing: Rehashs that offers nothing new.

  12. Just as thought and now wait until they spill the beans about DLC not coming like what they first promised thus lying now and before with BO2 Nuketown.


    So online matches between ps3 and xbone And pc vs ps4 am
    I missing something here wiiu supports open cross platform play

    Why would it not be coming other than gimping and are they talking ACTUAL CRoSS PLATFORM or BULL SHITTTING AND HYPING A LOAD OF CLAM BULL SHIT




    Its a hype system lol making it sound like its cross platform play

    Lol only eiiu supports that ps34 x360 bone do not support cross platform play Wiiu does ltfol at trying to hype up something only 9 yesr olds will use


    Its a give each other points mechanic WOW FUCKING WEE LOL CHILDISH BULL SHIT

    Il stick to griwn up fps via a wii remote

    I dont play under 12 clan crap CROSS PLATFORM MY ASS

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