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Pokemon X And Y – Out Now Commercial

Nintendo has released a new commercial for Pokemon X and Y. Both games, which launched worldwide on October 12, have sold over 4 million copies across Japan, Europe and North America after its first two days of being on the market. Pokemon X and Y can be purchased at both retail and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

Owners of either title are encouraged to download and install an update that fixes a bug related to resuming progress after saving in Lumiose City. According to Nintendo, the patch also improves the filtering feature within the Global Trade Station (GTS).

35 thoughts on “Pokemon X And Y – Out Now Commercial”

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  1. Let me get a this right. Dumbtendo rather spend millions on a Pokemon commercial that reached top ten seller globally already and fail to advertise under rated W101, Sonic Lost World s and other Wii U tittles? That’s Dumbtendo for you. Dumbtendo great games dumb ass decisions. Ford, Toyota and Hyundai advertise their latest products or least selling model more than Fusion, Camry and Sonata. Pokémon is Nintendo’s Camry and their dumb asses are advertising a product that doesn’t need advertising.

  2. I’m loving the game, I have played Pokemon since the 1st generation and it was starting to get a bit repetitive, but this generation made it feel fresh and more innovative than the others gens, some places have amazing views and makes exploring something fun!

    1. NO WAY! Not with Wi Fit U or Wii Partu U. Those are NOT system sellers. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough system sellers out yet. So I guess they have to advertise SOMETHING.

  3. I got screwed bad on the GTS. I was trading a Swirlix with a whipped dream for Spritzee and asked in the comment that it be holding a satchel to evolve it. Some bitch from Japan just takes it and gives me a spritzee with no satchel! WTF!!

    someone… help…

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