Zelda Link Between Worlds Nintendo 3DS XL Confirmed For America

The Legend of Zelda series has always been associated with the color gold. From the original gold-colored cartridge for The Legend of Zelda on NES to the box art of the recently released The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U, when fans think of “Zelda,” they think of gold. With the launch of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on Nov. 22, the tradition of gold continues.

On the same day, a new Nintendo 3DS XL bundle will launch that includes Nintendo 3DS XL hardware with gorgeous gold-and-black coloring and the iconic Triforce on the exterior, as well as a download code for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The legendary system is gold on one side and black on the other, beautifully representing the two parallel worlds Link travels between in the game. The special bundle was announced in a video starring The Legend of Zelda franchise producer Eiji Aonuma, and will be available at a suggested retail price of $219.99.

“This beautifully designed Nintendo 3DS XL system continues a tradition that has delighted our fans for decades,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “It’s a special bundle for a very special video game.”

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is set in the same world as fan-favorite The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super NES and takes place in the same Hyrule after many years have passed. In this new game, Link must journey between two worlds, Hyrule and Lorule, using a mysterious power that lets him become a drawing on walls. Link’s ability to merge with walls allows players to solve puzzles and explore dungeons in a new way. Players are also able to buy or rent various items throughout the game, allowing them to explore dungeons in any order they want, adding a new level of freedom to the game play.


  1. I’ve had my Cosmo black 3DS since launch and I’m tired of the small screen. If I upgraded to a 3DSXL do I get to keep my Ambassador games or do I lose everything I’ve purchased on the eShop? That’s the main reason I’ve been holding off buying an XL but I don’t think I can put it off anymore with this version. Screw the Ambassador games, my love for all things Zelda is reaching critical mass!

        1. It’s like an exact copy, when I did the transfer from a regular 3DS to a 3DS XL, virtually nothing changed. All the photos I took, my Ambassador Program games, my eShop data, etc.

      1. Thanks! Now I just wonder how I can trade-in my launch 3DS and still be able to perform this transfer… Heh.

        1. Depending where you live and where you buy it from, you can do it in store providing they have internet, or you bring a internet enabled device.

          Example: I did it at Gamestop. Some Gamestops have internet, this one didn’t. I brought my tablet with 3G data. They let me open my XL I was purchasing to do the system transfer. Once completed, I took out my SD card and swapped it over (mines larger than the default). Then I left with the XL, they kept my original Aqua Blue one.

          1. Thanks for the reply! That gives me hope! I’m going to assume that my local GameStop doesn’t have internet. I’m fortunate to have switched cell carriers this year and now have free Hot Spot/tethering on my phone, but I’ve heard that you have to connect to your “saved(home)” Wi-Fi to perform the transfer? Or will just any internet suffice? Thanks!

            1. I suggest selling your old 3DS to someone so you can get more money. GameStop will give you barely any money for it. That’s what I’m doing.

              1. That’s also a worry, that they will give me as little as possible.

                I actually have an extra Ambassador/Launch 3DS(opened only once, to get the Ambassador/FourSwords games) that I haven’t been able to sell to anyone I know in person. I’ve been hesitant to sell it online because I don’t really know how shipping would work(eBay) and don’t wanna get killed by a random stranger(Craigslist). :/

              2. I have a red 3ds xl, it works fine, however I rode with it in my backpack to work and right near work it started pouring out of nowehere and my bag got soaked. My xl was wet and worked, then stopped working a few minutes later, but started working after it dried out I tried the rice absorption trick. It works fine since, that was back in June or July. No issues since, but the screen looks off even though my friends say it’s fine I think the colors are off. Also the outside red part has pen on it from the rain because there was a paper with writing on it, so it kind of tattoed onto the xl lol. Anyway how much would be a fair asking price you think, if it’s even sellable in such a condition?

                1. Well, I don’t really know considering how much yours has gone through. The 3DS i’m selling is an original Aqua Blue that i’m hoping to get $130 for since it only has a few scratches.

    1. My girlfriend had this same problem. She finally upgrade when the X and Y 3DS systems came out. Everything transfers over without a problem besides a couple of the Mii Plaza stats…

  2. Wait, so it WON’T be a gamestop Black Friday exclusive? Because that would be so awesome not having to wake up early after thanksgiving to get this game. The video made it sound like it’ll come out 11/22 like the game

  3. I prefer the zelda 25th 3ds. That thing is beautiful but ill do my best to pick this one up on the 22nd

  4. Already got it does the windwaker wii u still sell after 22 nov.. i want it badly but need to wait for pay check

  5. Id totally get this but my best bud, girlfriend and brother would probably tell me im a jackass for buying ANOTHER 3DS for my collection I already splurged on the Pikachu 3DS XL, the 25th Anniversary Zelda 3DS, an Aqua blue 3DS and 2 Wii Us, 1 more would really make me seem like spoiled show off

    1. What’s the problem? If you can afford it and (I assume) it would make you happy, why not? Worry less about what others will think of you and you will be much happier in ALL aspects of life. :)

      1. Ha ha Touche, I would but at this time I cant spend too much of luxuries, monies tight but one day ill get it, it will be something to look forward to

        1. I don’t consider it a “bundle” when it’s just a digital download code. I would just sell the code on eBay and buy the physical copy.

    1. Two stores near me (I have like 5 or 6 gamestops within 10 miles) said to check tomorrow. Someone on another site mentioned the pikachu xl and that it sold out quick. Do you think it’s possible to sell out online before stores even get copies? Or would stores be guaranteed at least a few copies? I’d prefer to ride my bike to the store instead of getting it in the mail and paying shipping, but I don’t wanna risk not getting one if they can be sold out online.

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