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Eurogamer Names Super Mario Galaxy As The Game Of The Generation


Online gaming publication Eurogamer has awarded the fantastic Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii as the game of the generation. The publication says that the game could well be the pinnacle of Mario’s career as there’s the unmistakable sense of a great idea reaching its fullest, and perhaps final, expression. Mario’s iconic adventure was released back in 2007 and received incredible reviews upon release. The game currently has a Metacritic score of 97 which puts it inline with its brilliant sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The sense of creative freedom is unparalleled. Once Mario’s designers had kicked themselves free of gravity and were swimming amongst the stars, they found that space allowed them to do anything they wanted. And so they did anything they wanted. Manta-ray surfing on a stiff little tube of twisting water? A marriage of crazy golf and pinball that hangs, stoically, above a black hole? Why not have an asteroid serving as the roost for a towering three-legged robot, and another that’s home to an enormous molten octopus, too? Why not lay on hollow planets, glass planets, planets like deserts and planets like desserts? Why not throw in a video game joke that’s been three decades in the construction: an ice level that comes with a lava level clamped to its back?

Thanks to those who sent this in.

60 thoughts on “Eurogamer Names Super Mario Galaxy As The Game Of The Generation”

      1. Man, leave sickr alone. He’s not trying to be FIRST with what’s posted on here. He and Alba just post news as quick as they can, from whatever source they can get it from. It’s based on ALL NINTENDO news.

        Personally, I don’t give a crap if they copy and paste from some other site that had the news first. Because this is the only Nintendo news site I follow. Sickr and Alba have been my #1 source for all Nintendo news for these past couple years. And I for one appreciate what they do.

          1. when the work has sources, it is not plagiarism, if you want to see the original work, just fucking click the link

        1. Spot on. If you don’t like that the news here isn’t on the cutting edge, go elsewhere. What makes it good is that sooner or later, all the news I care about will show up on my Facebook newsfeed so it’s easy.

    1. Hum… I’d like to agree with you, but… Based on the worldwide numbers of Galaxies 1 and 2 (10.86 mil for the first and 7.07 for the latter), I don’t think so, unfortunately. For the sake of clarity, NSMB Wii, alone, has sold 26.82 mil all over the globe. Although 3D Mario titles are superb, they don’t sell as well as the 2D counterparts.

      1. If Nintendo really cared about software sales, they wouldn’t be working with Platinum.
        Galaxy 3 is VERY likely, just not top priority.

        1. Platinum gave one brand new IP for Nintendo – W101 – and is about to deliver a highly-anticipated title – Bayo 2. Strategically, working together with Platinum it was a smart move from Nintendo in order to diverse its catalogue of games.

          About the weak sales of W101: who could predict it one, two years ago? This kind of business involves risks. No one can accuse Nintendo of being negligent with regard issue.

          Concerning Mario Galaxy 3: right, it is highly likely that we are getting this around 2015. I’m getting an at least one-year brake from Mario now, by the way. So tired of sort of rehashed games.

          1. Im just saying, while Nintendo does have games that sell better than others, like Mario Kart, and will put them out first to increase install base, they’ll still put out games that will only get 2 million sales, and fund it just as much as one that would get sell 25 million

            1. I see… But, anyway, let’s see what’s coming next year and pray for it change Wii U’s fortune. I hope MK8 alongside the other titles – Yoshi’s Yarn, new Miyamoto’s new IP, etc – can create a decent, sustainable momentum.

  1. Good, because everytime i go on youtube and see some fucking spaz say The Last of Us or GTAV are the GOTG (not even GOT-fucking-Y), i die a little inside (just like the industry)

    1. Lol, someone’s a little butthurt, huh.
      Just because you don’t like those games, doesn’t mean they’re bad. Maybe it’s time you realized that people have different opinions. You’re acting like a child.

      1. No, i’ve been played games for as long as i can remember. I play all genres, on any system, and im actually good at games, and know what makes one good.

        And with that, i can say with full confidence. GTAV is fine, and TLOU is pretty good yet a massive waste of potential in order to make it accessible to people who don’t even know what a good game is.

          1. Wrong opinions exist.
            Some people think the Resident Evil movies are good. They’d be COMPLETELY wrong, they just have horrible taste.

            Fuck off with your pussy argument of “oh it’s their opinion”, it’s stupid.
            Hitler had an opinion. Guess we shouldn’t of been so harsh on him.

    2. Last of us is far from game of the year, it does not deserve a perfect score it was more like and 8.5, maybe gta might deserve it, but certainly not lou

    1. Ohhhh don’t even fucking go there, MGS4 is SHHHIIIIIIIIIT.

      In fact, fuck it, watch this review.
      Yes it’s a hour and 20 minutes long, but it needs to be.

        1. Yeah, but he’s cynical and doesn’t explain WHY it’s bad, or why it’s the way it is.
          MGS4 is the embodiment of “why you shouldn’t pander to fans”, but also the solution.

        2. Besides, reviews can be as long as they like.
          The 80 minutes review goes through everything in the game for starters but it goes in deep about every aspect of the game. Generally his reviews are on 30-40 minutes, he’s done some AMAZING Zelda reviews that completely destroy Skyward Sword, without being bias or angry, but MGS4 is just a special mess of a game, he needed 80 minutes for it.

  2. Am I the only one who liked Mario Sunshine better ?
    And not trying to offend anyone, but I think Galaxy is a little overrated. It was great and all, but there are better games, even better Mario games. In my opinion, that is, you’re not obligated to agree with me.
    And before someone starts hating, I own both Galaxy 1 and 2, and no, I do NOT hate them.

    1. Everyone has opinions, but there’s a certain point where Galaxy cannot be denied.
      It’s level design, and constant variety is off the chain.
      It solves the problem of “how do we make X number of levels that are all around X minutes long?” by saying “Here’s an idea for something fun, now here’s the next one”.
      You have you “traditional” levels, like the the Honeybee Galaxy, that play out just as Mario levels from 64 and Sunshine do, but next you’d have the Switch Panel Galaxy, that is a shorter level, but it presents it idea, and ends it when it’s finished.
      It’s completely limitless in it’s design and poses no restrictions. The issue with, almost every game is that eventually something is going to feel too long, or too short, or an idea is going to become uninteresting, but Mario Galaxy doesn’t have that issue, and it cuts out the idea of revisiting 64/Sunshine hub levels over and over to get to that one other area, it just say “bam, here’s the level, go” but it also cuts out any filler that would be added into any level that seems shorter than another.

  3. what is up with this game, how every one says it defined last generation?? last generation was nothing like mario galaxy, mario 64 defined that generation but galaxy last?? no

    also i thought the second galaxy was miles better, it took me like 3 years to beat galaxy all the way,(where it only took like a month for the second) actually i didnt even collect all those purple coins (lame, waste of 20 stars), it was just pathetically easy. it didnt feel magical to me or anything how people say it was, and back in 07 i loved that fat ass plumber.

    galaxy 2 though……. i just fucking loved that game, i felt it was miles better than the first in almost every way. was it because i wasnt expecting anything out of it?? i love good 3d platformers and this one delivered. it was by far my favorite wii game until xenoblade, which gave me that so called magical feeling. ps, the wii sucked.

    1. Galaxy 2 is just…… I loved Galaxy 1 when I first played it, but Galaxy 2 is just…..words cannot describe how amazing it is. It’s my favorite game of all time next to Jak 3 and Metroid Prime.

    2. Nice to see you posting a constructive comment, Ice! XD

      I also liked Galaxy 2 the most. The first Galaxy broke paradigms, but the second entry consolidate the series.

      In time: Wii didn’t suck. People tend to overlook its gaming library, but it’s so rich, so diverse.

    3. I don’t actually consider them to be separate games.
      Galaxy 1 is the first playthrough, and Galaxy 2 is the S-World game.
      I wouldn’t play one without the other.

  4. Honestly, it’s hard to understand for me how a game with barely any story line, or at least, not an innovative story but more like one that’s been used for nearly 3 decades, can be the game of the generation. Not saying it was a bad game, it wasn’t, but yea, to me personally, the story of a game is quite important.

    1. Probably because it’s a GAME, and when you PLAY a GAME, because that the entire point of a GAME, to PLAY it, story is a nice bonus.

      You might as well of said, “Why does my book has moving pictures?”. Fucking ridiculous.
      Story is the least important thing in game design.

      1. *”Why doesn’t my book have moving pictures?”

        Good job in helping to create the age of $60 movies, i mean, “gaaames”, go next gen… /s

  5. I think its getting harder to define a gaming generation. No one is trying anything new as much. Its mostly been shooter, after shooter. Story cool but I look for the damn gameplay. GTA can’t define jack crap, has done anything that becomes the talk of the town besides the hype around it. Last of us is good game but i don’t see it as that game that defines what we as gamers have experience. Both mario galaxy and galaxy 2 show that experience. We experience as something new to something old, it has such a great power over us, that we can always look back at it. It showed gameplay rules over story and music can pull emotion from our childhood. Galaxy one had the best ending of two games and the better climax in my opinion. Every time i see the ending of galaxy I always get a little emotionally. It kinda came out of no where in mario game but it felt right. galaxy 2 I never got that from the ending, I thought it was good but no where near the first galaxy. Music in both games are great as well but I like galaxy 2’s music the best, just listening to that final boss music gets me pumped. However in the end both games define what we been through since we first began as gamers, and shows that evolution that we have been through. Mario galaxy showed and prove that too us and galaxy 2 showed that even more. Galaxy is definition of this gen

      1. Yeah, the Super Mario Galaxy games were breathtaking. Both games left me constantly shocked, surprised and amazed. Every time I thought I saw it all, out came another shocker that made me go, WOAH! Such great level design and imagination.

        My only complaints about the Galaxy games is that some of the stars are far too easy to find. And some parts feels like they’re just being given to you. Like, with no challenge. Also, sometimes it gets tiresome collecting nothing but stars in every Mario game. Like, in past Mario games, the goal was just to reach the end of each level. Not to collect a bunch of stuff. But it’s still fun.

        While I loved both Galaxy games, I liked the hub world in the first game better than the space ship in part 2. In SMG2, the different levels (galaxies and planets) are like a board game/map. Where you just move around the board. I prefer searching for the next hub and levels. It adds more to the gameplay.

        With all that said, I’d LOVE to see a Super Mario Galaxy 3.

  6. I would like to agree with Eurogamer but I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love the SMG franchise but if we are realistic the game that have brought so many gamers to this industry have been COD. The COD franchise have now 10 years, almost every game have been a best seller.

    I’m not a COD fan.

    1. Why does that deserve any respect?

      “Hey, the COD franchise brought nothing but idiots into the industry and caused companies to make nothing but shooters, make all games super simple and boring for dullards with no skill what so ever, and good franchises like Resident Evil, Dead Space ect go to shit in order to “make a bigger profit”, lets all praise COD”.

      How about, fuck no.

      1. Why do you care so much about people liking games you don’t like ? Let them enjoy whatever they want, it doesn’t make them less of a person just because you think the games they like aren’t enjoyable. I don’t like CoD either but you don’t see me going around at insulting those who do. You need to calm down, seriously, people aren’t going to ask you what to like. Your opinion or taste in games isn’t superior to every other opinion on this planet.
        This isn’t the only comment of yours I’m referring to btw, many of your comments leave the impression that you think everyone else’s opinion sucks while yours is the absolute truth.

  7. The Galaxy games are in my opinion, quite comfortably the best games this generation. I’d go for the second over the first, but the first was obviously more revolutionary while Galaxy 2 was evolutionary. While every other game I’ve played this generation, bar maybe the Portals, has glaring flaws in it, the Galaxy pair stand out as being as close to perfection as I have seen in a game.

  8. “Why not throw in a video game joke that’s been three decades in the construction: an ice level that comes with a lava level clamped to its back?”

    Someone’s never played Banjo Tooie.

  9. I don’t know if the Galaxy games will ever be surpassed by any upcoming Mario games. They are the pinnacle of creativity in my opinion.

  10. Love him or hate him, Mario IS the face of videogames. And ever ingrained into the hearts of many gamers, including myself. Congrats, big guy!

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