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Super Mario 3D World Producer Says Open World Mario Game A Possibility, No DLC For 3D World


While New Super Mario Bros. U featured the DLC add-on content of New Super Luigi U, in a new interview with French gaming site Gamekult, Super Mario 3D World producer Yoshiaki Koizumi says that no DLC content will be coming for 3D World. While this particular news is a bit of a let down, Koizumi also said that an open world Mario game may eventually be a possibility on Wii U, if there is enough demand from Mario fans.

While admitting that 3D World is decidedly not an open world game, Koizumi stated that he believes Super Mario Sunshine fit that description, and future games could head in that direction as well. The development team felt, however, that 3D World should be accessible to everyone, and they used the location of the flagpoles as a way to tell players where to go. Here are his full quotes regarding Mario as an open world experience:

“I don’t know if we can consider Super Mario 64 as an open world game, but I think Super Mario Sunshine is more consistent with that definition because of the city and entire worlds to explore. Our main standpoint with Super Mario is to ensure that players always know where to go. It’s for this reason that we have given great importance on the placement and visibility of the flags, particularly in Super Mario 3D World .

Again, as creators, we want a large number of people to be able to play and enjoy the game, so it’s sort of our duty to ensure that the objectives are clear to everyone. However, if a very large number of players expressed the desire for a more open Mario, we would take that request very seriously.”

101 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D World Producer Says Open World Mario Game A Possibility, No DLC For 3D World”

    1. Actually, I sound sorta stupid. Sunshine was definitely more open than 64, like he said. Bring it back to the Mushroom Kingdom with an open world style, and I’ll live happy!

      1. I disagree. They are equally open. The fact that 64 takes place in a castle instead of a town is aesthetic, arbitrary. They play the same.

        1. “Nin does not wan’t their fans to have any DLC,” “agree, having 2nd thoughts about buying wiiu,” What the hell am I reading? Sooo, because Nintendo release full, complete and (mostly) bug free games, that’s somehow a problem? Unlike the other big publishers out there who release half a game based on hype alone, and then patch the crap out of it after the fact to make up for their short comings – then have the hide to say they’re giving you extra content? I hate that type of business model.

      1. Wow woow chill out, I loved that Cartoon and I love Cartoon Planet! You better chil out dood, hes just trying to spread the word for a great animation that could become a real show

  1. An open world Mario game could be interesting. Just the other day I was thinking about how I have enjoyed quite a few open world games this gen and most of the games I’m looking forward to next-gen so far are open-world as well.

    I would be down to play an (another?) open world Mario game if it’s done well. Less talk, more development, please!

    1. f i could pitch i idea to nintendo it would a mario game tyat i had in my head for a while. The game would be called ‘Super Mario Dimensions’
      This game would combine galaxy, a little bit of sun shine ,and 64. Bowser has stolen the The dimension Emblems and of course kidnap princess peach and seeks to rule all the dimensions. After chasing bowser to a strange mirror, mario is suddenly warped to the center of all dimensions mario loses track of bowser. After while mario lands at a entrance of strange maze, after exploring it mario finds girl who guides him through the maze and reveals who she is. Princess Elica the guardian of the the dimensions. Bowser stealing the emblems has caused the dimensions to fuse and become disoriented. Mario must go different dimensions and use the abilities they give. Each dimension can give mario a form or a ability. Mario can turn into a ball, metal mario, flame mario, ice, water, other forms. mario can also gain the abilities (in certain dimensions) such as super jump, flight, such as super jump, flight, speed, and gravity defining.Mario will find himself in Ecila castle that will help lead u to the other dimensions with dimension mirrors(similar to painting in mario 64). Will mario save the day….WILL THIS GAME BE MADE…….I DON’T KNOW

      1. Icezeama is a fake and a bitch

        If they do, you can sue ;) haha jk, but good idea tho! The only flaw I could find is that Nintendo aims to be family and kid friendly
        And idk if today’s kids are smart enough to understand a multi dimensional theory! However the reason I (an 18 year old) understand is thanks to Nintendo! So who knows!

        1. It wouldn’t bothers me if they used the idea, I don’t care for any credit. The dimensions are more galaxy in some design, like a metal dimension, fire or water, ect. A Nintendo dev did say they couldn’t use it due to legal issues, but they can use the idea if they want since i said i don’t care for any credit. I do plan on being a game artist I might try to work with them.

      2. I like my game better. Super Mario 64 2. No offense but no more meaningless characters like rosalina and the star things from galaxy, the ugly people from delfino island in sunshine, or any other dumb characters from the spinoff games. We only care about the mushroom kingdom.

        1. actually only three main mario games take place fully in the mushroom kingdom. 64, lost levels and 3D world. Not counting the nsmbs. Mario has always expanded his universe. Rosalina had major role in both galaxy games just about. With out her Bowser’s galaxy would have killed everyone, mario wouldn’t have been able to save the day. Just because they don’t offer a experience like yoshi does not mean they are meaningless. I’ll admit the people from sunshine weren’t that great and didn’t offer much of role in game, while galaxy the characters offered more uses. In the end mario is expanding his world since about the beginning in his main series

        2. This mentality right here is part of the reason Mario games are too samey nowadays, they’ve all been relying on the same settings in every game since NSMB Wii, and that really keeps the levels from looking fresh. They need to try something different like they did in Sunshine and Galaxy.

  2. ok…… good?? fuck dlc on this, we all know we will end up getting another 3d mario and it better be an 3d open world one too. otherwise just dont make another. also if they do it should be original the last thing we need is super mario milk galaxy, maybe mario can wear a cow suite. is the perfect fit, he can squirt milk out of his blubbery man boobs.

    1. Icezeama is a fake and a bitch

      I clap for you. I clap for the thought of you burning in video game hell. A place where you belong, where you can suck penis all day and work all night and you never have to worry about Nintendo FANS playing Nintendo systems

  3. An open world Mario game is something very intriguing, a lot of Mario games have a feel of open world such as Paper Mario, Mario RPG, Bowsers inside story, etc, Sunshine, but perhaps a open world Mario game is just the thing Nintendo needs to innovate

  4. I’ve been asking for an open world Mario since forever… And how is not getting DLC a letdown? Most people who do DLC just remove stuff from the game beforehand to sell it later.

    1. Except it’s going to be wildly fun so I’m going to buy it????????? Sorry you can’t just enjoy a game, brah.

    1. I enjoyed it but definitely least of them all. Super Mario 64 is the game that needs a sequel far more than Sunshine.

    2. Yooooo, Honestly, I loved 64 as a child, but I can easily say that it’s my least favorite 3D Mario. Sunshine was great! It made everything about 64, BETTER! But It’s just my opinion. But we all have different tastes, huh?

    3. Sunshine is one of my favorite Mario games, personally, and I think a lot of that comes from its open world nature. To me, it feels like a whole vacation packed into a single disk, and it’s so much fun to explore.

  5. . However, if a very large number of players expressed the desire for a more open Mario, we would take that request very seriously.”….Didn’t the internet screamed for that…a lot

    1. No because we had galaxy and everyone was too busy loving how good Galaxy was and now they want it since they still somewhat skeptical about 3D world

  6. I’d like to point out that they said that it was not their ‘intention’ to create DLC for SM3DW, not that it will not ever have it.

    1. I adore Mario Sunshine, so they should definitely do a sequel. It’s environment was my favorite of all the environments in video game history. The beautiful beach, bright blue ocean, colorful folks living on the island, etc. Everything about Sunshine was just so nice to look at. It reminds me a lot of Wind Waker HD, but I still prefer Delfino Plaza.

  7. I would love a Super Mario Open World franchise. Maybe it could start off in the Mushroom Kingdom (which we STILL have yet to fully see) and maybe they could move on to other kingdoms like Sarassaland. Perhaps later they would add more kingdoms that are found around the Mushroom Kingdom and they can introduce more Princesses or maybe Princes?! :O

  8. Please Nintendo. I want a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine. If I had a wish, what the next Mario Game will be then it’s definetly Sunshine!!! (My favourite Mario Game).

  9. A truly open-world Mario game in the Mushroom Kingdom would be great. But I kind of liked how Super Mario Sunshine broke free from conventions and dropped us into a very different world from other Mario games; a huge tropical island to explore. The FLUDD device also opened up gameplay mechanics not possible otherwise, kind of like the gravity and planets in the Galaxy games. And then there were the Piantas, Noki’s, and other new characters. Maybe they could try something new like that again. Not necessarily an island, but, something foreign for the series. Either way, I’m sure the game would be awesome no matter what.

    1. Yeah, I did like how Sunshine had a different setting from the rest of the series, I really wish they’d do that more often as it could help the games not look like rehashes.

    2. I hated how Sunshine offered little to no variety on their levels unlike 64 that had sky, desert, lava, snow, underwater, the list goes on. Sunshine had just 1 underwater level (that I can remember) and it was a joke.

  10. They said the same about DLC for 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. In the recent direct they announced extra content for both games that will be distributed through Nintendo Zone. There will be DLC, we just won’t see it until a while after release, which is how it should be.

  11. Nintendo’s going to use my idea (which was theirs originally) to make Mario and Luigi a couple of plumbers just starting off in New York City.

    So here’s how it works: Peach is the brothers’ secretary, and she tells Mario where to go first. Every customer has a problem like their bathtub spitting out Goombas or a toilet that leads to a fantastic “Mushroom Kingdom”–different stages in different fixtures. That’s where the majority of the game’s platforming takes place, except for a couple fights with Hammer Brothers in a bakery kitchen or outdoor Jacuzzi, etc., and the order in which stages are completed depends therefore on what the Plumbers do to promote their business.

    Earning payment allows you to put up a billboard or have Peach take out an ad in the paper or lets you purchase a van. If the woman across the street sees the billboard, she calls Peach, and Peach calls you (on your Game Pad), and you go see the woman to earn more money. If you use the money to paint the name of your business on your van, someone writes down your number and calls you when their family pet disappears into the lawn sprinkler.

    In other words, by the time the game ends, the Super Mario Bros. is an airwave-dominating business with an online presence and a mobile fleet. Its titular members also fend off an invasion from the sewer-dwelling Koopas, saving the city and maybe the world. Bowser had become aware early on of Mario and Luigi beating his baddies, and he sent Mouser to investigate. The gangster rodent kidnapped Peach, but she escaped with the help of some Toads who declared her Princess Toadstool and were protecting her to the best of their ability (Peach sends magical moving-picture messages to Mario on the Game Pad to explain all this and encourage Mario to keep taking on clients). Toad becomes the Brothers’ new secretary. Mouser removes and impersonates the NYC police chief to hinder their efforts on the surface.

    MULTIPLAYER! It’s too popular to scrap! Here’s how it works: One player is Mario, and the other is Luigi (seems counterintuitive). There are two ways to play–locally, where one player uses the TV and the Pro Control while the other plays on the Game Pad and both Mario and Luigi are restricted to the same stage… and Online where Mario and Luigi have their own Game Pads and Wii Us but effectively share a save file. At any time Mario or Luigi can take money out of the business account and garner business in the city, and they can complete stages independently of each other or while playing cooperatively. The game keeps track of who makes the most money, and maybe even Luigi can finally become President of the Company.

  12. Icezeama is a fake and a bitch

    Super Mario sunshine 2 super Mario sunshine 2 super Mario sunshine 2
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    Super Mario sunshine 2 super Mario sunshine 2 super Mario sunshine 2 FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME

    1. Ignoring you criticized Mario games as baby yet you shouting out “Super Mario Sunshine 2” like a child. Since when did Mario games have blood and guns icy? Exposed.

  13. THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS! I said it was going to be a “New Super Mario Bros.”-cover up. Why do they say:” if there is enough demand from Mario fans”? Isn’t Mario the biggest gaming character of all time? Shouldn’t it be so big that even a little percent of the fans would turn out to be a massive amount of demands? Mario became one of the greatest game of all time when he turned 3D, and still is my favourite gaming character, but not because of the “New Super Mario Bros.”-series. I want something like real “Super Mario 64” nr 2, or a Sunshine sequel, heck, even Galaxy 3 would do good. GIVE US OPEN WORLD NINTENDO! There you got at least one demand.

    1. Can anyone tell me what exactly “open world” means? And how is “open world” different from previous Mario games?

  14. in other words they like holding the player’s hand in mario games. no one cares about mario. we need an open zelda game.

  15. I’ll admit, I really liked 64 and Sunshine as a kid, and I still do, but the concept of an open world platformer has not aged well. Most of the open world platformers we got during the late 90’s/early 2000’s didn’t have much actual platforming to them, most of them overemphasizing the exploration while having very simple platforming. You could see this especially with Sunshine, the level design didn’t really use FLUDD in clever ways for platforming and more often than not it made the platforming easier and in some cases allowed you to reach areas you weren’t supposed to access. Don’t get me wrong, the games are fun, they’re just not Mario. Games like Galaxy and 3D Land are a bit more in line with what a 3D Mario game should accomplish, where platforming is the central focus of the level design.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another game like Sunshine, but I think it should be a spinoff. I also wouldn’t mind seeing FLUDD pop up again in a Galaxy/3D Land style game simply because it as potential for platforming, but it was pretty much unused in Sunshine.

    1. That’s funny, I find the platforming much more interesting and complex in 64 and Sunshine as a result of having more freedom. They’re not just mindless jumping in a linear direction, and it shouldn’t be. To me, that’s boring. Unfortunately, that’s what Mario has become.

      1. Where? I’ve never seen any open world section that didn’t nerf the platforming down to simple jumps, most of the complex platforming has only been in a linear section.

  16. Maybe nt a SMS sequel, but a new open world with nice music, great level design and the ability to explore and return to the start place, just like SM 64 and SMS!
    What do you guys think? Let’s open a place to sign to show our demand on a game like that! :D

  17. I want to see a villain other than Bowser for once. Even the RPGs are starting to fall into the “final boss has to be Bowser” mentality. Older platformers did it! Like SMB2 with Wart or SML with Tatanga and Wario. And the RPGs (except Paper Mario Sticker Star) have always had great villains. Can you say, “Dimentio?” Or Fawful? Bring some of these guys into the main series! Or bring back Wart and Tatanga! Wart would be perfect for 3D World, which seems to have many SMB2 elements. I personally think Dimentio would make an excellent final boss in a 3D Mario game. He could have an interesting battle, as could Tatanga, Fawful, Wart, or even DK (although DK would do better as a playable character alongside characters like Wario and Waluigi who I also think should be playable. Make a game with the WHOLE Mario cast for once! Come on, Nintendo, the Wii U has that potential!


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