Super Mario 3D World – Play Together TV Commercial

Nintendo of America has uploaded the first television commercial for the eagerly anticipated Super Mario 3D World which is exclusive to Wii U. The competent commercial focusses on the game’s super-fun local multiplayer mode, as the game disappointingly lacks online multiplayer. Super Mario 3D World is out on November 22nd in the US and November 29th in Europe. Have you pre-ordered Super Mario 3D World?

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          1. Only needs one person to blow into the GamePad, it looks like they’ve got that covered..

      1. Last night I was watching the Eagles game and during the break I caught the “Call of Duty:Ghosts” commercial…THAT commercial made me want to play that game! Friends with guns a’blazing and a cameo from Megan Fox! I watch this commercial and it makes me want to throw my tv out the window! Nintendo should FIRE whoever they have in charge of promotions!

        1. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, a tv commercial with not gameplay whatsoever made you want to play a game?, grow up kid

          1. Awesome commercials leave a lasting impression on consumers…unlike the commercial above. Hot celebrities also help!

      2. These ads suck, but they need to be seen since they’re better than nothing. Nintendo needs to realize that the people they’re aiming these ads at are gone and they aren’t coming back.

    1. I’m sorry, but this commercial is a perfect example of how out of touch Nintendo is with the times. Japanese old timers your days are up.

      1. Oh did you know my little eddy is a furry? ;) You two should organize a play date sometime.

    1. why are you so negative when it comes to Nintendo? it seems like no matter what they do you people are always complaining in some way shape or form

    2. Especially in this digital age where that will forever be on the Internet and in HD where she can be recognized without a doubt XD

  1. Gets the message across well so I guess it’s pretty good. They could’ve included a nod to the NSMBU Wii U bundle but I guess that’s for another time.

  2. I own every Nintendo system, but the Wii U has the least games and I will get this and play it, but I can not deny Nintendo Wii U is fast becoming irrelevant. I hope Nintendo executives figure something out before it is too late.

    1. Wiiu sales are climbing and with all the bad press the xbone is getting, I say Nintendo and wiiu will be fine.

      The titles are starting to come out and that has been people’s biggest complaint.

      Wind waker HD is number one on eshop for 4 weeks straight, that means the system is selling and people are redeeming the download code.

      When this Mario drops, you’ll see a jump in sales, when smash drops, you’ll see another spike, likewise for MK8.

      This will turn around, just like the 3ds, and everyone thought it was dead, and it will lead this gen at the end.

    1. It does. Go find a video showing the player select screen. It shows you can use either a Wiimote or a Pro Controller.

    2. See there if Dumbtendo advertised Pro controllers on TV one questioned sold. But Dumbtendo is too stupid to realize that.

    1. They just hired a newbfirm to handle their online adverts, I believe.

      The same guys that used to do sonys

  3. I’ll be spending my cold Canadian winter nights playing this game. The next 6 months look good lol

        1. I love them, its the summer that I don’t like.

          Warming up is easier than cooling off I think

  4. If the Pro controller can be used to play this, they really should’ve showed that off instead of the Wiimotes. I’m honestly thinking they should drop Wiimote support indefinitely. This will confuse consumers and won’t get the majority to invest in the pro controller.

  5. Were do these so called commercials air. Ive not seen one wiiu commercial since last christmas. The advertising to a small market? Or just to large cities. I live in a city that is the 7th largest in the us and havent seen one commercial in 2013. Were do they air, disney or cartoon network only?

    1. This weeks Target catalog had TWO different advertisements for the XBONE and PS4! One two pages in along side tablets and expensive cameras and the other in the videogaming section of the magazine! Nintendo’s WiiU was in the kiddie section! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

      1. That’s not Target’s fault!! Look at how Nintendo advertised 3D Mario World. Damn. Super Mario 64 wasn’t advertised all gay and kiddy.

        1. I never said it was Target’s fault…but you get my point! Nintendo need to wake up and realize that their promoters are totally advertising to the wrong audience! They have a skewed view of what the average western gamer is! You can’t base everything on monthly reports and numbers…we are not statistics…we are gamers!

  6. I really hope this helps Nintendo shift the scale some.

    I love the wii u. Even if it dosnt get all the 3rd party games.

  7. The commercial could be better, but it’s a lot better than nothing. I do miss the more creative commercials used during the N64/GameCube era though. I really want to play this game. Hopefully that is what this commercial will make other people think. Now they just need to make sure its heavily broadcasted on TV, YouTube–everywhere!

  8. There’s so much wrong with commercial. Why donlt dumbtendo advertise with Pro Controllers to let people know it’s a Wii U not a Wii. 2nd. Why don’t dumbtendo make the commwrcial more masculine? 3rd, Better they used the trailer to advertise not that gay ass commercial. Nintendo is stupid. It’s commercials like these that makes Nintendo seem kiddy.

    1. To fair to advertise a control like the wii u pro would be kinda pointless. but nintendo does need to advertise better but mario is okay since he is aimed towards everyone not just kids, though they should have shown that in the commercial. I think some people will find xbox one’s name to be confusing…which is self explain since it called one. Personal a simple commercial thats clear is that is needed people don’t need to over spend like sony did with god of war’s advertising in spring, they spent way too much

      1. What I find stupid is that people think Wii U is an add on for Wii. Where in Wii does it say anything about add ons?

        I do agree that more advertising is needed – especially the console in itself.
        I find it a bit silly that Nintendo have said they’ve not got the software/hardware sales for this year, but they’re partly to blame.

        1. Will if you are advertising Wii notes and hardly marketing the Wii U of course people will think its an add on. Dumbtendo. The reason why the new Fusion is a top 10 best seller is first Ford advertised and they thought about the 2012 optima at the time of development back in 2010 when the Kia was unveiled at the 2010 NAIAS.

    2. See the problem is the world is filled with idiots like you. So insecure about yourself that you care about how “masculine” things seem, and feel inclined to call things that are not masculine “gay ass” and “kiddy”. Get over yourself and realise that masculinity and kiddiness in games are societal constructs – in truth Mario is no more or less kiddy than say, Call of Duty. These are just (incorrect) stereotypes. Real maturity is knowing not to give a shit about what other people think. Sadly we live in a broken culture.

      P.S. Calling Nintendo “dumbtendo” – that’s really kiddiness.

        1. Calling me a dumbass? And yet ass kisser YO thinks its a great idea to make an under powered console that advertises all famine.

      1. So if its not kiddy why is it getting the relutationof “kiddy?” That commercial doesn’t do nothing but proves the trolls’s point. Ids not my fault the Wii U ain’t selling and dumbtendo didn’t think of the PS4 back in 2008

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