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Wii Sports Club – Tennis and Bowling Now Available For Download On Wii U


The five beloved sports from the original Wii Sports game – bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf – are making a dramatic and competitive return on Wii U. Starting today, two of the five sports – tennis and bowling – are now available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

The sports are being released individually as downloads in the Nintendo eShop, and feature HD graphics, enhanced controls via Wii MotionPlus technology, as well as a much-requested online multiplayer versus mode, so users with broadband Internet access can face off against friends and family members online. Players can choose to associate themselves with various state or regional clubs and can send messages to one another via Miiverse. People can play casually against members of their own club, or take on members of rival clubs to increase their club rankings.

Wii U owners who download Wii Sports Club will get a free trial pass that will let them play any available sports for a 24-hour period from when the Wii Sports Club game is started. Once the trial period ends, players can purchase two types of passes exclusively available in the Nintendo eShop: a Day Pass for $1.99 to play all available sports for a 24-hour period, or a Club Pass to gain permanent access to individual sports for $9.99 each.

29 thoughts on “Wii Sports Club – Tennis and Bowling Now Available For Download On Wii U”

  1. Eh, not a great improvement over the original if you ask me. Undermines the original’s old-schoolish NES throwback casualness with needless statistics and other complications. If I wanna play Wii Sports I’ll just go with the original. Can’t really complain about the original’s graphics, either.

    1. Being online is an improvement. I travel for work and without online connectivity, I could not play with my friends.

    2. Nonsense…way better than original, been playing tennis all day, which is more time than I probably clock up on the whole of the Wii game. Controls way better, online is sweet unless playing against someone with poor connection (happens about once in 5 games for me..then have lag). I love the stats also…If you don’t like them, don’t look at them! How can the option be a bad thing?

    3. Online play. It will be a HUGE draw. Now if only Big N had the complete game ready to launch with a physical disk as well as a bundle option for the holiday… Sales would be through the roof.

    1. Who cares for the retail anyway? I for one would rather it on my SD card, as it is probably going to be played the most frequent of my Wii U games, and will save changing the disk all the time. Besides, I don’t particularly like the boxing, so don’t have to pay for that this way. You’ll be waiting a long time as well I’m guessing. They will want to release all the separate games for download before even thinking of putting together a retail copy, which btw has not even been confirmed as yet…its just speculation

  2. OH RIGHT NINTENDO this is the path U should follow!! ok its a remake BUT you are listening the customers!! we wanted online in first parties we are having it!! :) im so happy!! of they continue to listen to us but with new tittles nintendo will SMASH xbone and ps4 ;)

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  4. that’s rubbish!
    Motion controls are a disaster!
    It looks like the Wii, horrible graphics, it was supposed to be in 1080p!
    And do you want money for it, ma bravo Nintendo!
    This had to be free!

    1. say’s the commenter calling themselves ‘Mac’ lol…I’m guessing then you have played it and lost a few times so then the controls are a ‘disaster’ right? Noob

  5. Wait a minute..its separate? Not a whole package with options to download games in one place?

    This is gonna suck *not the game though*. X(

  6. when they knock it down to 5 dollars or less I’ll be on board. hell, a packaged version for 30 dollars or less would be ideal.

  7. PYT(pretty young thang)

    damn, i can’t wait to earn my next $20 eShop card using my Speedway points! that is such a killer deal!

  8. thenintendoreviewer

    I have to wonder if they’ll eventually include wii sports resort games for the is Wii Sports Club thing. That would be cool

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