Wii U Hardware Was Downgraded Due To Overheating Dev Kits?


Reports continue to come in about the Wii U specifications, even though the console has been out roughly a year. These latest rumours come from a source on NeoGaf who claims that the actual Wii U hardware was downgraded due to overheating development kits. Obviously the current gen has had enough overheating issues with the original Xbox 360 which launched in 2005. Do you think Nintendo played it safe and downgraded the original specifications due to the overheating development kits?

Update: Shin’en says the final dev kit replacements actually ran faster.

Thanks, iceazeama and LordOcidax


  1. No, I doubt this is the case cause Nintendo is sure to keep sht like this from happening, all of their consoles have been tanks with good performance but I wont count it out

    1. You were the one replying to my comment where I wrote something about the power of the systems and if I am right then you asked about how I came to these conclusions, amirite ? … Let me explain:

      Don’t judge systems by 3rd party-cross gen-launch games, especially in the case of Assassin’s Creed IV and Watchdogs which are 6 platform – games.

      I’m not gonna go deep into each’s hardware until you (or others) want me to, I have evidence for my claims in store if needed….and I’m not one of NeoGaf’s or Beyond’s people who either falsely claim to be devs, long time super engineers or insiders. I know what I’m talking about.

      1. Will 3rd party support is the only way to freaking tell. Unless you heard 3D Mario World was coming to PS4 or something. Go ahead post those in accurate Wii U specs vs ps4 specs. Ignoring those results from Wii U are out doing those specs.

        1. Well then:

          You might know about the die photos from the Wii U’s hardware, results say that the Wii U has 8 Raster Operation Pipelines, 16 Texture Mapping Units and 320 Stream processors. There is also a secondary 32MBs eDRAM memory pool as well as two very small blocks of memory most likely used in Wii Mode. Counting away the memory and the “known” hardware there is still ~1/3 of the GPU unknown. There are two possibilities, either:

          the unknown blocks contain fixed function units like a tessellation unit


          there are more Stream processors, ROPs and TMUs than originally thought.

          Some people suggest that there are actually 480SPUs instead of 320, 24TMUs instead of 16 and 10ROPS instead of 8. You also have that big pool of embedded memory accessible by both processor and GPU. Shin’en says it is much more accessible than the 360’s. Now either way the Wii U’s GPU would be theoretically in the area of 3x the raw power of the older systems. Keep in mind that the Wii U also has more RAM, more modern and nore efficient technology as well as faster communication between the hardware parts. It is also fully supporting the Unreal Engine 3, something PS3 and Xbox 360 can’t do and it is capable of certain (if not most) DirectX 11 HARDWARE features like the developer of CANDLE proofed.
          These are the things that let me estimate its (theoretical) power as ~4x that of the current generation consoles. By the way some time ago there were reports of Nintendo signing a contract with “green hills software” and AMD’s first GPU to use “Green hills software” is the Radeon e6760 which is essentially a modern 4850…..

          1. About the Candle developer thing… that’s not true. He said that Wii U do not support DirectX 11. They will have to adapt their shadders to the system.

            Here, the user MichelV is one of the developers of Candle:



            “Ok, let’s see, there have been certain commotion about this.

            Wii U do not support DirectX 11 natively. But we took this serious and what we are going to do is adapt our shadders in order to make it work on the system. But forget about strange ideas about non confirmed supports.

          2. I don’t know what the hell you just said but I won’t to see that technology on Wii u turned all the way up vs a PS4. When will that happen?

        2. you have to ignore it on ac4 because its a cross gen port sure alot of things are improved in the ‘next gen’ version like dynamic foliage and fog effects which is not in the wii u version but it does have better textures. Anyways this game cant represent ps4 cause it does not push the systems to the edge and its still going 1080p 60fps so its not struggling at all. wii u however is running it at 720p and is generally under 60 FPS so its fair to say the wii u is getting to the edge but the wii u version looks great with ps4 esque textures but without all the fancy next gen stuff

  2. Nintendo consoles might be made from cheap plastic(in case of 3ds XL, 2ds, wii mini), but the stuff inside is good for many many years.

  3. I don’t believe this, as I think Nintendo would have thought of something different to cool it down.

  4. So for almost a year we just been hearing Wii U is underpowered and when a game that can finally be compared to 8 core consoles is finally released, they purposely avoid comparing. That’s why I won’t believe the Wii U is underpowered until I see it for myself.

  5. They sure as hell did it just like Microsoft downgraded the consumer 360 which was approx. 6x the power of the earlier development models……….

    You can’t tell me that Nintendo would downgrade hardware that is custom for the most parts, Sony’s system is most likely generating more heat but the PS4 isn’t that much larger than the Wii U.

    Also why should Nintendo handicap hardware that is far from overheating in the first place ? It’s like throwing 4+ years of hardware design and engineering out of the window…..

    P.S. Besides that, it’s from NeoGaf, a forum with people claiming that the unknown part of the Wii U GPU is just hot air…..

    1. Like I said the Journalist wants to keep the dumb stereotype going that Wii U is underpowered by word of mouth yet Wii U’s exclusives are showing 1080p 60fps. So why no AC4 video comparison to Wii U vs PS4 to back them up. I no longer believe Wii U is weak until I see same game comparisons. There is a reason why there is no AC4 Wii U vs PS4. If it was weak trust me it would have already been on YouTube.

        1. So, they compared AC 4 to PS3 vs Wii U and Xbone Vs PS4 and Xbone Vs 360 and Wii U Vs 360 and PS4 vs 360? So why not Wii U vs PS4 and Xbone? Therefore I won’t believe Wii U is underpowered until I see it.

          1. Maybe because Wii U’s, PS4’s, Xbox One’s and PC’s version of AC IV aren’t released in europe yet ?

            1. Yet its not released no where because the system yet out yet. But compared PS4 to everything but Wii U.

  6. Sorry but I think WiiU dont have any excuses … Shes not powerful and here comes ps4 and XboxOne !!! I was a great fan of nintendo … But now I have enough :-(
    And its not with a mario kart 8 that they Will win the battle !

    1. So you’re going to be the dumb ass to assume and believe word of mouth that Wii U is weak before you see a Wii U vs PS4 game comparison? OK who else wants to play dumb and believe something for a year and never seen it with their own eyes yet?

    1. See? That’s why I’m not going to be a dumbass and accepting Wii U is weak if I never seen its full potential vs. pS4. When will that happen?

    2. I was about to post this, I can’t believe that people were damage controling this as if it were true. Nintendo made the Wii U with the purpose of being the “greenest” console of the generation, it’s doesn’t overheat, besides, it uses very low wattage

      1. Yeah, I’ve played my 360 slim for 5 hours and it becomes the gates of hell, and I play my Wii u for 7 hours and it’s not even warm. Not even barely warm.

    3. I don’t think graphically it will be the same as the other 2, but thats not to knock the system. In fact I wont be buying either and just sticking to my Wii U. I don’t need extra graphical oomph in my games, just great replayable games in high definition that are innovative and fun.

  7. This article says its weak that article says it’s weak yet next weak it is handling Cry engine 4. So I can’t know where Wii U stands graphics until I see it. Fuck word of mouth. According to word of mouth Wii U shouldn’t be displaying graphics shown on Mario Kart 8 then. Too bad its an exclusive so I could compare that to PS4 because that’s the only way I can find out if Wii U is underpowered or not.

    1. You’d believe Wii U was weak even if it had more 1080p games than PS4 /xbone. You believe anything the negative the media puts out on Nintendo. You’re irrelevant.

      1. You don’t know anything about specs or hardware. Having more “1080p” games doesn’t mean anything when they are low detailed games like Mario. And if you did a comparison chart of Wii U vs ps4 specs the wii U will get blown away. Most of you fanboys here are idiots. Wii U is stronger than last Gen yes but compared to current or next Gen whatever you wanna call it aka ps4/bone its weak and considered underpowered by devs for today’s standards. Why is that so hard to except

        1. Why is it so hard for YOU to except that the Wii U IS next gen? I saw comparison videos of next gen to current gen. The PS4 is a fucking JOKE!!! Sony hyped EVERYONE into thinking it was going to BLOW PEOPLE AWAY and its done VERY little to show that… STOP thinking the PS4 is some sort of ALL GOD’S CREATION.

          Your going to be very sorry the day you pick yours up and you start seeing very little difference between current and next…

          1. you are one big stupid nintensheep arnt you??

            for example, cod ghosts. xbox one 720p, ps4 1080p, wii u…. sub hd HAHAAHAH what a joke!!!! it cant even handle that low detailed game. wii u is weak you clown, get your fanboyism out of your ass.

            1. @at Ice boy and that’s you: According to that’s you 1080p games don’t mean nothing. Funny how he replied to me but not to iceazeama about that.

        2. Why should I have to know anything about specs. I can look at a PS1 to N64 and know which system is more powerful. Yet show me Wii U to PS4 on AC4. Oh you can’t.

          1. @ crazy guy that’s name starts with an “m” and mr ignoring man if you don’t believe that ps4 is much more powerful than last Gen and Wii U then you are simply a dumb blind fanboy that’s in denial.

              1. @you thought: how can someone who never seen a comparison on YouTube with Wii U vs PS4 be blind when it’s not available?

            1. Besides who said anything about PS4 not bring more powerful than PS3. They did a comparisons on those consoles. But not Wii U vs PS4 dumb ass.

        3. That’s all you got That’s you a 9 month year old spec sheet? Can’t post an AC4 Wii u vs PS4 comparison huh?

          1. Wow im starting to think you’re a crazy dumb ass. A spec sheet alone show which system is going to be more powerful. Lol COD on Wii U can’t even get true 720p so it’s pointless to compare it to ps4. Wii U is weak next Gen man get over it

            1. yeah the funny thing is….. nintendo fans dont care about graphics yet look at all these hypocrite clowns!! look at all of the mad damage control!!! everybody knows that wii u is way weaker than ps4 and the xbox one. 8 cores or 2 cores. nintendo just had to have that weak waste of space gimmick pad instead of a powerful console and they apparently dont care.


              1. LMAO exactly I thought the fanboys here didn’t care about graphics but now they are bitching that the Wii U is underpowered next Gen. Fucking hypocrites. Its all because Nintendo wanted to include the gimmick pad over a stronger console and cut costs

                1. my gosh, the hate towards me is getting so out of control, these nintensheep cant handle facts towards their precious nintendo. HAHAHAH!!! they need to take a nap and need a nice warm bottle. my gosh i have stalkers and iceazeama is just a name and its consuming so much out of them its sad. they really are attached to a plastic box.

                  1. Ice you purposely had this article made so you could troll you fanboy :/

                    You didn’t dare appear on the Wii U sales page but you show up to an article that you gave to them which is ALREADY proven false

                  2. Damage controlling again I see and look at that, Shin’en just pwned your ass once again stating the final dev kits they got are faster…

                    You’re really failing at trolling if you rely on rumors to survive XD

                2. Also dumbass the spec sheet don’t say how one Wii U core out performs 3 PS4 cores. Spec sheet don’t even bring up Wii U has edram unlike PS4. Or it doesn’t say how Wii U cache us wayyyy shorter than PS4’s. The spec sheet don’t tell you shit like that. Unlike your dumbass who wants to obey by a sheet of paper I want to do an eye test.

                  1. Also spec sheet aunt bringing up majority of Wii U’s games ain’t even using all 3 cores. The spec sheet does not even say how 2 PS4’s cores are spared for the operating system. Hell it doesn’t even bring up how 3.5 gigs or ram are needed for the IS. All that spec sheet says is 8 cores vs 3 cores. Mario Kart 8 doesn’t even use all 3 cores but knack needs more than 3 cores to shows worse graphics than 3D World.

            2. Yeah you are right according to the spec sheet Wii U shouldn’t be able to handle graphics like Mario Kart 8 and Cry Engine 4. Yet it gas done graphics better than Knack with its Mario 3D World. Now why do your dumb ass want to base Wii U on just some spec sheet and not AC4 or 3rd party developer vs PS4? So if you want to believe a spec sheet that says PS4 is miles more powerful than WiibU even though some Wii U exclusives out did PS4’s visuals go ahead. I prefer visuals.

        4. I accept that it’s not as powerful as the upcoming PS4/XBone, but I will not allow people to say that it is “current gen”, when in full view of all it is Nintendo’s 8th generation home console. Thus, placing it squarely in the “next gen” category with the PS4/XBone. I’m in no way stating that it is as powerful as the upcoming 2, but it is certainly more powerful than the Wii/360/PS3 generation. I understand the spec side of it as well and my concerns arise when Nintendo is so reluctant to give the general public the full breakdown of it’s innards for the Wii U. I would like to know what the “unknown space” inside the Wii U is used for, why is Nintendo so bent on hiding from everyone, what it is used for?? I have a Wii U and I enjoy it thoroughly, but it is not as powerful as the PS4/XBone, based on specs alone. A console’s power should not simply be based on it’s internal specs, but on it’s ability to captivate an audience and give us all enjoyable and memorable experiences playing the best games possible, framerate and processing power aside. It all comes down to the games and if they aren’t any good then the console isn’t any good… period.

          1. The point is did Activison not give Wii U HD because it couldn’t handle it or because they were more interested in the PS4? That’s the question. Its easy to give your favorite console the HD because you are going to put a ton of effort in it. I say the reason why Wii U version ain’t 1080p is because there not interested in the console. Because if you go by the spec sheet, the Xbone should have also got 1080p 60fps for COD as well. Activision will do anything for Sony.

            1. Therefore I got to assume the Wii U didn’t get 1080p 60fps in Cod not because its weak but because PS4 is Activisions best console. I want a fair 3rd party developer to work on allllll three consoles equally. And if Wii U can only get 720p 60fps while Xbone and PS4 are at 1080p 60fps and the journalist puts a comparison video on alllllllll three consoles, I can finally know where Wii U is ranked graphically. And if Wii U also got 1080p 60fps with the xbone and PS4 and I can see a little difference I will still know where Wii u is graphically as well as xbone and PS4. I don’t know where any of these consoles are ranked graphically. 3D World looks better than Knack. COD looks better on PS4 than Xbone and wii U. BF4 looks better on Xbone than PS4. All this tells me is which developer favor which console more than the others.

              1. Ubisoft favors Sony and Microsoft more than Nintendo. They took Rayman Legends away as an exclusive, they stripped down Splinter Cell version features and watch dogs for Wii U is a port from PS3. Where is a fair 3rd party developer at these days?

    1. Big deal so another person opened up the Wii U. Good for him now justify a graphics comparison video to PS4.

      1. Huh and what? I was only saying it complete bull that the system is overheating and they had to dumb down speed or cycle rates to keep running smoothly.

      2. Well they torn down a PS4 on Cnet….

        Gives you a good idea how compact those things are in there.

        I did post a couple articles back the comparison video for the graphics of Call of Duty Ghosts (not my own video), which has PS4, Wii, PS3, and Xbox360 in it.

        And by the way, ifixit opens up all kinds electronics. They do it so people can learn what it takes to fix them, it really is a super useful site. It helped me decided if it was worth it to try and replace a monitor on a laptop I had.

  8. Overheating? That’s why they used a GPGPU. The only reason they might have downplayed the specs, if they surely did, was because of the controller driving up manufacturing costs.

  9. How do we know PS2 was weakest in its class? Because WE SAW IT. How do we know Dreamcast was more powerful than N64? Because we saw it. How do we know Wii was the weakest? Because we saw it. PlayStation 1 is more powerful than Genesis but not N64 because we SAW IT. When are we going to SEE Wii U to PS4? Yet they will compare Bone to PS4 but not Wii U. So how am I supposed to know if Wii U is weak or not?

    1. That’s because they don’t want to explain more about the Wii U. They more its close to par and superior than PS3/360. Its because of some internal business issues or whatever BS excuse the 3rd party has got to spit out this time (been going on since N64 or GameCube days) for calling it weak without thoroughly explaining what the Wii U truly sports in its hardware or even touching the system long enough to test its limits.

      Believe me. I know Wii U is clearly between PS3/360 and PS4/One’s technical specifications. Its not as weak nor powerful but its better than nothing if its meant to keep the console price competitively low.

  10. HAHAHAH my gosh…. look at all these fanboys damage controlling and getting mad, and talking about the specs that you dont care about!! there you have it…. nintendo fanboys do care about graphics and you just showed yet again that your the biggest hypocrites.

    1. Dood, shut up, I hardly care about graphics but we can’t praise them? there is a clear difference between only caring about them and praising them when they look nice

      get lost ice, its almost sad how hard you trying troll, just stop and show respect for yourself

    2. That is all you have to say….I swear you would post the video of the house burning down with the comment look what the early DEV kits did. Such a missed opportunity.

    1. how boring and retarded can you be, your obsessed with me and your always calling me eczema. HAHAHAH what kind of insult is that you clown.

      1. I guess until you have a real paying job and lose your virginity after failing on dates for 30+ years, you won’t stop playing “big tough internet boy” for self statisifaction next to masturbation thinking about Lady Gaga right now…

        Pathetic troll is pathetic.

  11. Sickr, update this post because it has already been proven false, someone in the comments already put up a twitter post so make sure to update this

    unless your trying to attention whore :/ but ik your not..

  12. I don’t care if that’s the case I’m not a developer and if I where unless I was the one paying for the console design developers should neither.

  13. AAAANNNDD the hate mill spins again. B/

    Do you honestly think that anyone, besides graphic/power loving-hungry douchebag PS/Xbox fanboys, is gonna believe this? That Nintendo would be stupid enough to go the “Vita” route and not use any alternative solutions to design a tech that’ll reduce power/heat assumptions? lol

  14. The fact that ice and you thought were completely absent during the sales increase article makes every single thing they comment on or contribute from now on invalid. They define pathetic in their actions and words. All people with actual brains, PLEASE ignore these abominations. They don’t deserve any attention.

  15. Maybe if Nintendo didn’t make a expensive tablet to connect with the console they could have split the cost of the tablet device for two things: Upgrade the Console specs and increase the size a bit to add a new cooling system.

  16. I think the answer is obvious, look whats happening, they pay the price now.

    So I believe Nintendo played safe, just to earn some extra bucks as well, but they fall into their own trap. Nintendo always makes clever choices “for them” in the hardware, but the biggest mistake was the GPU, they choose something, weaker, but also past due!! They could implement dx11.1, they had so much plenty of time, but they avoided to do that and many developers now bypass it…. Lets hope it can support mantle.. if it can, it may survive, if not… I see a new wii U2 soon..

    If wii U supports Mantle, it may be able to use it against xbox one and ps4, that they avoided it!!!

  17. Typical Ice, spreading rumors like a typical damage controlling fanboy.

    If Nintendo did downgrade the hardware then why is the Anti Alising much better on the Wii U? Also, why is the V-Sync better?

    I feel like Iceazema or whatever kind of made up the rumor, trying to make fans jump ship to the already dead Xbox One and the soon to be weak selling PS4.

  18. Ohhh this is interesting… And… This has already been proven false… Nothing to do here, time to move on, but thanks Icea.


  20. You guys know that by arguing with trolls and giving them attention, you’re only giving them even more reason to stay on this site and talk shit? Trolls love attention, and they love to piss people off. So don’t give them attention and don’t show your anger towards them. Eventually they’ll get bored and fuck off to another site.

    Ahhh, who am I kidding?… You guys aren’t even going to listen to me. You’ll just keep on feeding the trolls and then wonder why they don’t leave from this site. Sigh…







  23. that rumor makes zero sense.. why would they send overheating dev kits to the developers.. do people seriously think the engineers working for nintendo are too fucking dumb to identify an overheating system? and if it wasn’t sent to any developers that rumor doesn’t have any reason to exist because no one would know about it

    sorry it just doesn’t add up

  24. Its a sad day when Trolls rule a website meant to get news about Nintendo. Excuse me while I actually care more about Nintendo, and less about people who want to make a scene just for the responses. I prefer -real- news, not Fox news 2.0

  25. Current Wii U Dev Kits (the only Dev Kits I’ve ever had) actually never become hot.
    They do make a lot of noise, but no matter how long I run the most complex Code on it, it remains cold.

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