Aonuma Says He Won’t Let Technical Difficulties Prevent Features Being Included In Zelda


Legendary Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has told GamesTM that technical difficulties with hardware doesn’t prevent the team from including new and unique features in Zelda titles. Aonuma cited The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as a prime example of this, as he says the team initially had difficulty making Link’s sword swings match the motion controls.

“Although there may be technical difficulties, we rarely let that be a reason to avoid adding things to the game. In Skyward Sword, it was a technical challenge to make Link’s sword swings match the motion controls completely and I was a little worried whether the users would be happy about this innovation. Enthusiast gamers often have strong attachments to traditional controls, but I believed that in the end many users would enjoy the unique gameplay and we went ahead with it.”

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  1. As long as the game is challenging and the controls are even better this time around then just go for it…

    1. Seems like you don´t enjoy Nintendo games as much as you think Commander because for the past few days now I´ve seen you bitch and moan about Nintendo games not being ´´challenging´´ for you. People say Nintendo games are easy and that´s weird because i don´t think they are easy. I guess that makes me casual but I think that 3rd party games are easier than Nintendo games.

      All I can say is if you don´t enjoy Nintendo games as much as you used to then give up on being the Nintendo Commander and buy a PS4 or Xbox One.

      1. The only thing I want is for bosses to be harder…

        I don’t have problems with anything else regarding Mario games or Zelda games…

        1. Yeah I agree some bosses could be more challenging but im kinda content with the difficulty, makes it less stressful and avoids gamer rage, i kinda thought the absolute final level of SMG2 was impossible, you gotta get through the entire level, with only one heart and its a difficult level at that, but other than that, i don’t mind the difficulty so much

        2. The only thing I want…
          Is for you…
          To stop writing…
          Like this…

          Please Santa. I’ve been a good boy this year.

        3. For the most part I agree. But that puppet Ganon thing on Windwaker HD kicked my ass. I had no clue how to fight it. The Arrow Icon made me think I had to hit his mouth. But I was supposed to shoot Light Arrows at its tail…There was no indication of that lol. I had to look it up. I had forgotten how to beat him lol.

      2. And for the record, I’d rather die than even touching an Xbox and both of those systems have even easier and dull bosses overall than our games…

  2. Sadly most gamers are stubborn to try new things. I like skyward sword’s gameplay it felt a little more challenging, more enemies would have been neat. I would suggest making a game zelda have pad control and montion, so we don’t have to hear people bitch

    1. i don’t know why everyone hated SS so much, i thought it was one of the best Zelda games yet, same goes for Twilight Princess, i thought it was a stellar edition to Zelda, it could’ve used a bit more colour though

      1. Everyone hated SS (not including me, I loved it) because the next Zelda game to hate on, isn’t out yet. Look how much people hated Wind Waker, and now it’s well received and loved. So when the new one comes out, almost guaranteed people are going to find every reason to hate it, and then start loving Skyward Sword. So on and so forth…

        1. THIS IS THE TRUTH! It happened to Oot and MM as well. People were like “Zelda should be 2d instead 3d” then mm came out “this doesnt have enough temples and its too dark as zelda game” WW comes “This isnt dark enough and not realistic” TP comes out “This isnt unique lookin like WW” SS comes out “graphical style isnt good, its too linear and motion controls arent good” WiiU Zelda comes out “Gamepad isnt used well enough and it feels tacked”

          1. I didn’t like SS but I loved OoT, MM, WW, TP from the moment they came out. The only Zeldas I didn’t love straight away were SS, PH and ST. It’s not nothing to do with hating whatever Zelda game is most recent. It’s because it was too linear and too easy (not just in terms of combat but in terms of puzzle solving and finding all the collectibles). It just felt like they didn’t use the world they made. It was a cool world but only one town. Clock Town was way better than Skyloft and yet MM had more towns. Stupid races. Not enough sub quests, not enough going on.

            I loved the controls, the combat, the story, etc etc, but overall it was lacking.

        2. Much like Halo. Halo Reach came out, people were like HALO 3 WAS SO MUCH BETTER. Then Halo 4, NOW HALO REACH WAS BETTER. Although Halo 4 is crap and every Halo is better then it.

      2. I didn’t hate Skyword Sword. The story and characters were superb. That boss battle with the many-armed thing was extremely fun. However, the controls were a bit lacking. When my motions aren’t being mirrored correctly in the game, it becomes quite frustrating. The only other problem was pacing. The start was a bit of a drag, then the constant “discovery” of items I had already collected previously just added sooooo much time to a relatively short game. I wouldn’t say it is a bad game, but it was the first Zelda (other than Spirit Tracks) that I easily could put down and come back to later. Whereas, my usual sessions last until an external source removes me from the controller.

  3. Im still amazed of how good skyward sword looks like. And on sutch old hardware. Just imagine how good i could look on wii u that is at least 10 times more powerful. Cant wait for the nexy zelda game :)

  4. Zelda Wii U has potential to be the best Zelda game ever. Not just because of the Wii U´s power but also because of what they could do with the Wii U Gamepad. I can´t wait to see the first trailer of this game.

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    2. It well could be, but for me it comes down to whether they continue on the path they started with SS. If they make it linear and claustrophobic again then it’ll be meh. SS felt like one really long dungeon. Basically a dungeon crawler

  5. i enjoyed them

    now make a neat open world zelda with the same control scheme and added gamepad functionality (i certainly hope they can make the gamepad and the wiimote work in tandem so it doesn’t get annoying) and i’ll be even more happy

    1. I could get behind that =) The controls of SS were pretty cool. Maybe just use the pad as a map and inventory and have it sitting in front of you. Then one or two specific items could use the pad, like the scanner in ZombiU

  6. Haha.
    “Enthusiast Gamers” being his polite way of referring to “Stupid little shits that have convinced themselves that they’re too stupid and disabled to let themselves adapt to better controllers, and feel entitled to hold the entire game industry back because of it.”

  7. I’m glad they didn’t give up cause the motion control was the biggest reason I bought this game. I hope it returns on the zelda wiiu as an alt way to play.

    1. Agreed, they only need to improve the motion even more…

      Otherwise it worked pretty good in SS…

      1. Yeah commader you tell em! You are always on duty which we can thank for you not having job but downprice is that way you cant afford Nintendo stuff, but yeah you are the figher of MNN!

  8. The motion control in SS were perfect in my opinion, I really don’t get why there’s so many people b*tchin about it. Seriously, learn to get used to something different and be willing to experiment, that won’t hurt.

    1. People always bitch about new stuff! Especially nowadays if its from Nintendo! THen they praise copy paste stuff like Assashitcreed.

  9. Okay, so Aonuma and his team won’t let hardware limitations hold them back. Cool. I like how persistant they were in trying to make things work. I hope they use the Gamepad in meaningful ways for Zelda Wii U. There haven’t been many games that have shown it’s potential as well as we’d all like. They should also make the game more challenging. I loved Twilight Princess, but the difficulty was a joke. I very rarely felt a real sense of accomplishment due to the tame difficulty level.

  10. I’m glad. I love Skyward Sword, and the motion controls really added to the game play. Ive played WW-HD, and I like how the gamepad was integrated. Zelda-U is going to be fun =).

  11. This what a proper video game developer would say. They will work until they they find a way of doing things. Good on Aonuma and his team!!!

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