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New Details Emerge About The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Hero Mode


A blogger who has already completed his review copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has confirmed that in Hero Mode, which is accessible after the game’s completion, enemies will deal quadruple damage as opposed to the normal double damage dealt in previous titles. He also went on to state that while he has finished the game in both modes, “there’s still something left to do, which will keep the game alive for a while”. This same gamer finished both modes in 44 hours, which further confirms the Dutch account we reported on earlier which stated that the game is about 18.5 hours long.


    1. Quadruple damage is a START!? I don’t think I could complete a Zelda game taking that much damage. I am all for a challenge and all, but I don’t like games that make you pissed at how hard they get. I play video games for fun, not to develop anger management issues lol!

      1. Well, an option is always an option…

        But it is fun watching others angry…

      2. I love games that are frustratingly difficult! Sure you can’t have all day gaming sessions like that, it gets too aggravating. But beating it is fantastic and it’s fun to hone the necessary skills. Sometimes games just feel like going through the motions, like reading a book, because they’re so easy.

    2. I’d like a return to the MAster Quest style of Hero mode. Keep the quadruple damage, but change the dungeons around a bit, too. And take away any fortune tellers or dowsing or what have you that tell you where stuff is.

      1. Backtracking.
        Lots and lots of backtracking.
        Of course, compared to the dungeon in the Lost Woods in ALttP, it’s tame.
        The music is also pretty awesome.

      2. heh, it just sounds weird when your picture is of Metroid, played it once allooooot of backtracking was required :-)

      3. The part of backtracking I hate is when I’m forced to collect the Master Sword after beating Hera’s Tower before I can get the Ether Medallion which is right next to Hera’s Tower!

  1. Man, these game reviewers must spend every waking moment playing games just to give reviews. I always wondered about that stuff even in game magazines. Like, all of the editors etc. already playing all the way through games even before they get released (just for the sake of giving a thorough review). I don’t know how they have the time, energy or patience to do that on a regular basis. Especially if the games suck. That’s why I would never want to be a video game tester. I wouldn’t want to be forced to play games I thought sucked.

    But back to the main subject, it’s cool that this game takes at least this long to finish. And for people who aren’t experts, it will probably take twice that amount of time to complete. I used to consider myself an expert. But now I’d say I’m just average.

    1. After all, I have never finished a Zelda game without a Player’s/Strategy Guide. There’s parts in every Zelda game that I would have NEVER got past without a guide to look at.

      1. I just don’t have patience. If I get too stuck in a game, I never want to play it anymore. That’s why (with all RPG’s), I buy the Strategy Guides for them (or look on YouTube at other people’s play-through videos if I don’t have a guide. That’s what I kept having to do with Tingle’s Rosey Rupeeland, because I didn’t have a guide for it. I was hopelessly stuck a few times in that).

  2. Without remapped/repuzzled dungeons, this simply isn’t as much of a challenge. I was really hoping for multi-item dungeons on hero mode. That way you have to rent more and risk losing more.

      1. Sure near the end of the game. My point was gearing more towards the 2nd playthrough. The OoT Master Quest had many of its revamped dungeons require side quest items (din’s fire/bomchus/etc.) before they could be completed. Instead of simply treading more carefully, you actually had to acquire the proper tools beforehand and complete brand new puzzles in every level.

      2. Well, it was mentioned that there’s a little something extra in the second playthrough that we don’t see in the first, so maybe you’ll get your wish in some form after all.

      1. Yea It would have been cool to change up the dungeons in hero mode but I guess they got lazy

    1. Luigi’s Mansion?! Really? What made it so compelling to you? I am legitimately curious, because I am not a fan of the game.

  3. So, if I’m reading that right, he’s gotten 100% in both modes and is saying there’s still more to do.
    I wonder what he means by that?
    It’s going to be interesting to see, I’m sure….

    1. Maybe they made Zelda playable after the main story line and you get to do extra quests using her and her awesome magic powers! :P It’s a dream, one I’d very much like to come true.

    2. Collect Bugs!!!! Collect Extra Heart Pieces!!! Collect Fish!!! IDK. This is what is usually left over for me at the end of a Zelda game. The left overs are generally not that exciting, but who knows, maybe this time is different.

  4. Considering there are enemies in Turtle Rock that take away two hearts per hit, in Hero Mode one hit would equal EIGHT HEARTS. i’ve seen all the gameplay footage available and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a cakewalk. hopefully certain dungeons are more difficult than others enemy-wise, so you have to be strategic about what order you tackle the dungeons in.

  5. Good! I want children to cry and grow beards before they can beat this Hero Mode. Maybe then we’ll have less Justin Biebers in the world.

  6. Great news for hardcore players like me that love a challenge. Most of you scrubs won’t be able to pass hero mode even though you’re going to get all the hearts you can lmao

      1. Damn good shit I did oot and MM 3 heart challenge. And yea it broke me to lol the stone tower temple was dumb hard with only 3 hearts.

      2. I would actually sit and watch someone succeed in doing that–which I should not have said because I’m sure there’s going to be a video of it on YouTube and I have plans this afternoon.

      3. Lol they were a pain in the ass to beat. Especially that grim reaper mini boss is stone tower temple (the one where you get the master key for beating him) and nooo not those memories again. Hands down I think the original nes Zelda was the hardest Zelda ever. Especially if you do the 3 heart challenge

    1. They think they are easy because they don’t look “realistic”…

      Other than that, overall these “Realistic” games are easier than our sacred games…

    2. If they think Nintendo games are so easy, then they need to play the final level in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

      1. It was really difficult knowing that anything can one-hit K.O you, but completing that last level and getting that last star was just satisfying.

      2. agreed, theres nothing like finishing an impossibly difficult level, it just feels invigorating

      3. Try using the second Wii remote to stun enemies (hammer bros) enough so that they fall off or stun them so that you (1st player) can defeat them.

        As for the boomerang bros, just crouch (the boomerangs won’t touch you if you crouch) when you get close enough use the spin attack.

        That’s how I beaten the level a second time. As for the first time, LOTS of trial and error.

      4. @Anubis i did it by myself the first time after MANY deaths, the second time (i beat the game twice cause when i did the system transfer to Wii U my galaxy 2 data didn’t transfer over so i had to do the WHOLE game over again :() my sister helped me with it (i’m sure i could of done it again by myself evetually though)

  7. Yet another superficial way of making the game difficult: Let’s add more damage.

    Master Quest was definitely the best way of making a Zelda difficult, instead of just simply adding extra damage and removing hearts.

  8. the thing that pisses me off is that people dont realize master quest was originally meant to be DLC. it never came with ocarina of time originally. nintendo was honestly being lazy packing it with 3d. heroes mode is just for expert fans who would like to unlock something interesting.

  9. 44 hours with “something left to do” doesn’t confirm 18,5 hours with (so declared) 100% completion.

  10. Quadruple damage?! My God, Nintendo is not fucking around. This will be a challenge for sure. I can’t wait! I love the introduction of “Hero Mode” into Zelda games.

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