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Digital Foundry: Call Of Duty Ghosts Wii U Is A Disappointment Compared To 360 And PS3


Respected technology publication Digital Foundry has produced a Call of Duty: Ghosts comparison for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U. The publication says that the latest instalment of the best-selling franchise runs best on the Xbox 360, with the PlayStation 3 not too far behind. However, Digital Foundry calls the Wii U version a disappointment with frequent frame-rate issues and problems with texture quality. You can read their definitive verdict, here.

“In the here and now, the current-gen Call of Duty experience is best delivered on the 360, followed quite closely by the PS3 version, where stable multiplayer performance is backed up by a campaign that still delivers a good slice of 60fps action, even if frame-rates aren’t quite as smooth as on Microsoft’s platform. However, the soft-focused look doesn’t represent the game in its best light in comparison to the sharper and cleaner 360 release, while the texture bugs are disappointing to see. The real letdown comes with the Wii U version, which sees owners of Nintendo’s console once again left with a sub-par experience marred by frequent frame-rate issues and some pretty striking texture quality problems that makes it hard to recommend when both 360 and PS3 offer up smoother gameplay and more enjoyable online play as a result.”

96 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Call Of Duty Ghosts Wii U Is A Disappointment Compared To 360 And PS3”

    1. They are so full of bull. There is a side by side comparison on Youtube which I have turned in a tip and previously left in the comments. It shows the Wii U version is much closer to the PS4 version in quality than the 360 and PS3. It runs as smooth as the PS3 and Xbox 360, but has a little bit better lighting and much higher textures.

      The only one not in the comparison was the Xbox One.

      1. Copy in to your web bar and compare for yourself and turn it up to 1080p cause it shows how much better the textures are. (I broke it before the www. cause embedding video I was turn off, cause of other reasons).


        1. Yeah, I understand there is a big leap in the amount of users, so I wouldn’t expect them to stop making games for the two systems.

        1. WiiU looks a hell of a lot better to me than ps3. Ive heard nothing but great reviews for the wiiU version. Ive heard framerate problems for the ps3 and 360 versions… not for wiiU.

          1. Digital foundry are Nintendo haters, and they’ve been proven to of made MANY mistakes.

            The PS3 version looks visually, considerably worse than the Wiiu version. It’s blurrier than the song Blury by Puddle of mud…

            Wiiu’s exotic architecture is posing some problems for lazy third party devs. Most of the time they design the game for the 360’s older archaic design and then expect the same thing to run on Wiiu, which is different in many ways…

            In short Wiiu exclusives should always look better than PS360, but third party games will only look better if the devs put the effort in and unlock some of the power.

            1. WiiU does not have an exotic architecture, it is very similar to 360, with a more recent GPU. They just made a cheap and quick port…

    1. I really hope that all Wii U owners come out and support Nintendos first party effort this Christmas season. I’m refering to Super Mario 3d world. If you’re going to buy a game this holiday season please make sure that game is the title you buy.

      1. unfortunately i’m not all that interested in that game (was hoping for an open world mario or at least something akin to mario galaxy) but i’ll consider it

        1. Heres to hoping a new galaxy type game is released. Im actually really surprised they didnt release a follow up of one of the best rated games out there, along with game ranked #1 of the current generation. FIgured this would be a insta-release with a new system trying to gain footing. Game delays have really plauged the U pretty badly. Nintendo is bad in their time management of games, but they rarely release a game that isnt fully polished. They need to spend some of their huge cash reserves in acquiring studios that are familiar with HD and just gaining talented manpower to push out games quicker and on time, but still to Nintendo standards.

        2. SM3DW is better than Galaxy. It is open World, all 3DMarios are lol. There are some clueless Nintendo “fans” here huh?

    2. Dude don’t worry… there is nothing wrong with the Wii U version. Just another day where bad journalism is treated like facts when it come to the Wii U.

  1. That’s funny, cause what I heard from people with the both PS3 copy and Wii U copy is that the Wii U version of the game is far more superior.

    1. probably because of wiimote controls? and i’d tend to agree.. the wii u version would already be superior for that single reason even if framerates aren’t quite as stable

    1. Yes, I agree. I have seen people that have PS3, 360, and Wii U version of Ghost, and they all agree that Wii U is better overall, but… Whatever.

    2. Digital foundry are completely anti-Nintendo.

      remember revelations HD comparison. The Wiiu version dropped to 28FPS a couple of times whilst the others stayed at 30. They made a huge deal about it even though it was completely irrelevant.

      1. yeah, you can play entirely on the gamepad. On blops II you could use the pad to see your kiil steaks and call in air strikes as well. I loved playing MP on the pad while my wife just watched TV.

        1. i was wondering: is it possible to play on the gamepad *while* using the wiimote? it does have IR LEDs built in after all^^
          it’s probably not very comfortable though unless you own a gamepad stand^^

  2. OK I just found an articles about the PS4 having frame rate issues. Because PS4 is Activision’s favorite console they forced 1080p on it and not giving it to Wii U and Xbox one. But Because Sony is not Nintendo you won’t find that. Developers are biased toward consoles now. Even if Bone is weaker than PS4 according to the spec sheet that console should handle 1080p as well and yet the PS4 can’t handle 1080p without frame rate issues. How quiet the media is on the PS4 though.

    1. They can all handle 1080p without framerate issues. It’s just that CoD games with their sub 2 year development time for more than 2 platfroms are generally bad on the tech and the gameplay side.

    2. Exactly. I find it hilarious that Nintendo haters talk all that shit, but ignore the fact that both ps4 and xbone versions have their issues, but just because they look SLIGHTLY better, the ride that sony/ms shaft like a $2 whore. Typical childish fanboys.

    1. Yeah I agree Activision doesn’t like Nintendo. I don’t want to support any developer who doesn’t really like supporting Nintendo. I was going to buy it too. Nevermind.

      1. well just don’t buy it then

        generally speaking: the more games a system has the better whether they’re poorly optimized or not

  3. That’s what they also said about Darksiders 2 for the Wii U. I played both on the Wii U and PS3 and the games was the same. Don’t listen to these guys. If you’re concerned, just borrow it from a video store for one night and see it with you own eyes.
    These websites are like today’s commercial TV. Nothing but rubbish.

  4. Oh my god.. another example of biased journalism. Im more concerned that the publisher never advertised all versions and that some retailers barely stocked it. The WiiU version wasnt given a chance to shine.

    1. That’s probably the most accurate description. The game itself is a mess no matter what platform you play it on, but because of the Code Red against Nintendo bought and paid for sites like Digital Foundry will focus on whatever specific issues the Wii U version has wrong and purposefully ignore everything wrong with other versions.

  5. The Wii U version looks better than PS3 and 360, and as far I can remember, I don’t see people (few people) complaining about frame rate issues… So… Yeah…

  6. Digital Foundry have been “found out” over this before, they’re not entirely a credible source.

    I don’t own Ghosts but from what I’ve seen it looks pretty smooth on the Wii U.

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  8. Will Activision is biased toward consoles
    They won’t advertise Wii U give it DLC or show off GamePad functions.

  9. Haven’t noticed any frame rate loss, and game hasn’t been boring enough for me to stop and check out every block and tile for its texture.

    Though I’m sure that treyarch could have done even better. Lack of motivation is what I suspect.
    I have heard that graphics are a little bit worse than on Black Ops, but wiimote controls are better.

  10. The visuals look piss poor compared to Black Ops 2, and I’m on the edge about the gameplay in this game.
    I’ll probably skip it.

  11. Worst retailer story I have for this game. A supermarket in Ireland were doing it cheap, and they generally don’t stock games, on just PS360. I would’ve got it on Wii U but….

  12. this article is a lie… i beat the wii u version and had no issues with frame rate. Yes, once in a while you see an ugly texture, but overall is a very good experience. On the other hand just by being able to use the wii mote and nunchuck is a close pc experience that for those who like pc games could easily enjoy.

  13. I don’t own the game but I’m curious if there was a day one patch for the game on Wii u. If so are their results before the patch? Many of the launch titles for WiiU had frame rate problems only to mostly be fixed a week or so after launch.

  14. Oh look at the babies trying to damage control this one lolol. The truth of the matter is that the underpowered Wii U running on 7 year old hardware can barely keep up with it’s 8 year last gen counterparts. what a joke. This game sold like 5 copies on Wii U lolol. And those 5 who got this game for Wii U thinking that the Wii U is “hardcore” would have to get on at the same time just to have an online game going lolol. The target audience of the Wii U is the babies and the casuals. Let’s go play Mario Party lolol. The only games the baby Wii U will get are baby games!

  15. Ehh i actually heard the opposite, that the Wii U is the one that runs smoothest with the least fps drops and a bit more fps the the other two !..

  16. Who gives a shit? Most Wii U owners couldn’t care less about this piece of boring depressing and pointless shit franchise anyway. I’d prefer they didn’t even bring it to Wii u….keep the sad little fucks to masturbate all over their new X-bone and Pure Shit 4 machines…..wonder if the warranties cover liquid ingress….???

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  18. barely any framerate issues that ive seen this far, but the textures and overall graphics disappoint to say the least, and that goes for all versions, i love the maps so far though

  19. I’m 26 hours in, and no framerate issues for me, big problem with the textures though, one in four, they don’t load up properly.

  20. *wondering out loud*

    I wonder if Digital Foundry did an article about how Batman Arkham Origins runs best on the Wii U? On how (which also is a Nintendo bashing site) actually went back to give the Wii U version a 7 out of 10 with the other versions having a 4 out of 10 because the Wii U version did not have the glitches the PS3, 360, and even PC versions had? Hmmmmm?

  21. Damage controlling at its finest. Even if the game had all the dlc and perfect frame rate the game still would have sold lime shit why ? Because you all say “we don’t care for 3rd parties” you only care for Mario so don’t expect 3rd parties to sell anything on wii U since its fan base is full of idiots.

    #dumb asses

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    1. Really? I found the PS3 one to be better, but the Wii U version isn’t bad. The graphics are better than the Wii, but it still can’t compete with the other consoles when they are at their best

  23. From IGN’s review (take it for what it’s worth)

    “On the current-gen versions Ghosts looks nearly identical, though I did encounter occasional framerate issues during the single-player campaign on PS3 and PS4…
    Graphically, the Wii U version is comparable to Xbox 360 and PS3, and overall, runs smoothly.”

  24. i think all the problems are from ps3 and 360 and just shifted them to the wii u so it makes wii u look bad. why hate nintendo so,much? is it that nintendo has more money in the bank than micrococks and sony? or is it that all the predictions of nintendo failing never came true and are pissed (just like the end of the world and we know how that went).

  25. 4 million Wii U owners, most Nintendo fans hate COD, there for this really isn’t a surprise. Though it goes to show that people would much rather pay to play online.

  26. Even if this were true, whihc it may or may not be…. It still isn’t bad news for Nintendo or the Wii U. It is really just bad news for the CoD development team and Activision, because their games suck.

  27. Target stores in my area (San Fernando Valley,California) dont even carry “Ghosts” for the WiiU, only available online! Cant support the game if we cant even buy it in stores!!

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