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Ubisoft’s Child Of Light – Walkthrough

Follow Aurora in the Magical world of Lemuria and Brianna Code, lead programmer on Child of Light. She’s presenting diffrent aspect of the game such as the gameplay, the world and the skill tree. Child of Light is a reimagining of classic fairytales, inviting players on an epic adventure into the magical painted world of Lemuria. Players will uncover mysteries, participate in turn-by-turn combat inspired by classic JRPGs, and explore the mystical kingdom.

19 thoughts on “Ubisoft’s Child Of Light – Walkthrough”

    1. I don’t think she sounded so bad.

      This game. I quite like everything I’ve seen about it. The music, dialogue, grafikz, and the everything involving gampeplay. I look forward to more.

  1. Ubisoft getting everyday better, it’s the only western developer (in my opinion) that macth Japanese gameplay quality.

      1. Yeah, for me western mean Europe-America. Well, i know some SH, maybe not all but i can’t find so much really talented team in this part of the world. Warren Spector, some great game from Levine, one of the best: Phill Wright, and than.. I don’t know, most of the time occidental game feel so bad designed to me. They have a lot of quantity, a lot of effort for sure, but are nothing that special in the gameplay-core part. This is only my opinion! : )
        (Sorry for the mediocre English)

        1. To everybody his own sensibilities.
          If you’re asian, you may not like the same games as we like. The gap between our cultures is too big you won’t be able to enjoy our games like we enjoy them, and I guess the opposite is true too.

          1. Yes, everibody have his own sensibiliy like you said. I’m italian, actually, so I don’t know… maybe it’s because i grew up with Japanese games. Returning to the initial topic i know a lot of people don’t like Ubisoft (I’m not a fan either…) but i can really feel like they are evolving and showing a lot of design skill. Something they have less in the past.

            1. Oh OK, sorry I thought you were asian, ahahah.
              I feel the same way with Ubi’ too, but I always kinda liked them, or at least I didn’t hate them :p They have some very good franchises, and they do way better with their fans than these pigs of Activision or EA, that’s for damn sure.

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